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Aqueduck Faucet Handle Extender. A Safe Fun and Kid Friendly Hand Washing Solution. Connects to Sink to Make Washing Hands Fun and Teaches your Baby or Child Good Habits (Single Handle Faucets. Yellow

  • Aqueduck Faucet Handle Extender. A Safe Fun and Kid Friendly Hand Washing Solution. Connects to Sink to Make Washing Hands Fun and Teaches your Baby or Child Good Habits (Single Handle Faucets. Yellow
  • Aqueduck Faucet Handle Extender. A Safe Fun and Kid Friendly Hand Washing Solution. Connects to Sink to Make Washing Hands Fun and Teaches your Baby or Child Good Habits (Single Handle Faucets. Yellow
  • Aqueduck Faucet Handle Extender. A Safe Fun and Kid Friendly Hand Washing Solution. Connects to Sink to Make Washing Hands Fun and Teaches your Baby or Child Good Habits (Single Handle Faucets. Yellow

Aqueduck Faucet Handle Extender. A Safe Fun and Kid Friendly Hand Washing Solution. Connects to Sink to Make Washing Hands Fun and Teaches your Baby or Child Good Habits (Single Handle Faucets. Yellow

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Fits most Single Handle Faucets. Easy to remove for cleaning, top shelf dishwasher safe.
  • Works right out of the box. No tools or assembly required. Simply attach to handle and watch the good habits start to form.
  • Patented designed ducky wings is a safety feature that will prevent children from turning the hot water on.
  • Made from long lasting soft durable plastic that contains no BPA , PVC, phthalates, or any other harmful dyes.
  • Integrates a brightly-colored unique design which encourages good hygiene and promotes independence for ages 3 or older.
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Customer Reviews

Perfect for Potty Training Toddler!This product is perfect for a toddler potty training and a child who wants to be independent. Our 2.5 year old is now potty trained and he could go potty all alone, but needed help when it came time to wash his hands as even with a step stool, he was too short to turn on the faucet. I figured there had to be a solution and found this. Wow! It works great. He can turn on and off the water with no help at all. Even our 5 year old loves to use it. We are likely going to get one for every bathroom in the house until he's bigger and can reach on his own!5Just a temporary productIt worked great for 6 weeks and if I would have reviewed the item in that much time it would have been 5 stars for sure. Our 3 year old daughter loved it and she loved being able to wash her hands on her own while potty training. But after 6 weeks the handle broke. It was used multiple times daily, but I think there are issues if it breaks in 6 weeks.Update: I was contacted by the seller and a new product was shipped. We are using the replacement and it works great. I must have gotten a lemon for the first one.Newer Update: After using the replacement for approximately two months, the new one broke in the exact same spot as the old one. I believe this to be a design flaw. If you are looking for a temporary product, then this one is okay. I have become proficient in sanding the connection areas smooth and gluing them which gives me about two more months of use.2Awesome product and customer service. Awesome product and even more awesome seller. I received my package last Tuesday and when I opened it I realized that I had order the wrong faucet extender. I emailed the seller requesting an exchange and received a response the next day. The seller offered to replace the single extender for the double extender I needed and asked me to either keep or donate the item i already had. I received the replacement today and couldn't be more excited. My son loves that he can now wash his little hands all by himself.Thank you for the great customer service!!! 5Not perfect, but the best solution out there.This is an awesome concept. We try to set things up at home so that our two year old has maximum independence, and this faucet handle is a big part of our bathroom set up. He loves it - we often find him in the bathroom with the water running, filling cups and spilling them out (though when he just dumps the water all over himself, it can seem like a little too much independence!).As other reviewers mentioned, you have to make sure that you have the right kind of faucet for this to work. It clamps onto the handle, and will only function if your handle is round-ish and moves back to front. Also, while he has an easy time of turning on the water, turning it off is a bit harder - we often come into the bathroom to find the water on and him long gone. The disappointing thing is that the clamp doesn't exactly grip as tightly as one might hope, so there is a bit of slipping as you use the product. It's not perfect, but we're yet to discover anything better.It looks a little cartoon-y, but it's not a terrible eyesore. We thought it might be annoying for adults when we first set it up (we only have one bathroom, so this is our sink, too), but we got used to it pretty quickly and it isn't a big bother. All in all, it's a great way to foster independence in the bathroom - our son begs to brush his teeth multiple times a day now!4Waste of moneyThis is cute but a waste of money. Unless you have a thick faucet handle, the handle extender is useless as the foam slowly starts to give away after only a few days and the whole piece just slides around rendering useless. Also the handle is so flimsy it s hard for me to even use it so it s no wonder my child has problems with it. The faucet extender is useful but I ve wasted $24 on this product for only half of it to work. I could have purchased two or more faucet extenders for this price of this.Update: The handle broke in less than 2 weeks.1Rubber hands can help with a slippery faucet handleUpdate: Rubber bands were the trick for me to deal with the clamp not being strong enough to stay on our handle. My daughter had been using this for a few weeks, but it started to frequently have issues. Either the clamp would slide too much to the left, making it hard for her to have the right leverage to open the faucet, or it would slip off completely to the right, at which point she would call out for me to fix it. Since the goal of this was to eliminate barriers for her to independently use the bathroom and clean up, it was starting to lose its appeal.I grabbed some large, wide rubber bands and wrapped a bunch of them around the faucet handle, then placed this clamp on top of it. Now the handle hasn't slipped or budged from its ideal position in weeks. It makes the bathroom a go-to place for her now to also wash up after eating or going to the playground.Original: Works exactly as i would have hoped. My daughter is 3 and a half and had no issues with it, despite my worries that it seemed difficult to push back in.5Doesn't providing the independence I was looking for.We bought this hoping it would make it easier for our toddler son to reach the sink and turn on the faucet. He can reach it well enough, but this thing is SUCH a hassle that I finally just took it off and threw it in a drawer. There are two main problems with it. First, the foam inside the clamp that grips your faucet handle isn't grippy enough to keep a tight position on the handle. No matter how much I tried to tighten it, after one or two uses, the long yellow handle would fall into the sink. Second, there isn't really a good way to turn the water off with it. As an adult with an adults understanding of how things work I can 'finangle' it around to get the leverage needed to push back the handle, but this is made for toddlers, not adults. My son was frustrated that pushing back on the yellow handle wouldn't simply push back on the faucet handle and as much as he tried it just became an exercise in frustration and calls for help each time. If I have to help him turn it off, I might as well just not use the thing to begin with. Not worth my money.3Faucet extender is great, the handle extender is not greatThe faucet extender is great. It fits our sink and works as it should. However the handle extender is not great. The handle extender rotates at the connection to the duck/handle, so my daughter is able to turn the water on but not off because there's not enough leverage for it to move the faucet handle back into closed position. This really defeats the purpose of why we got it. She still can't wash her hands alone. We have to turn the water off for her. We're still using it because she likes being able to get started by herself.3Our toddler hammered on this thing for over a year ...Our toddler hammered on this thing for over a year... I don't know how it survived! The foam bit slid off the handle a few times... if the faucet handle was too slender I would have just added a little bit of additional rubber or foam to make it up.5Great for kids, easy to useFinal update (July 2019): I randomly came across this review again so I thought I'd give one final update. I ordered this product in November 2015 and finally passed it along to a friend in May 2019. It was still in excellent condition even after being used regularly by 2 kids and young guests for 3 1/2 years. It's a great buy!Update from the original review below: I've had this for about 5 months now and it's holding up well. I was initially concerned about how the handle would hold up over time with a toddler who eagerly pulls it up, down, and side to side, but it's still as good as day one. It's also easy to keep clean and hasn't left any marks on the faucet knob. I've upgraded this to 5 stars. I love it!--This product is serving its purpose well, was easy to connect to the knob, and is easy for my child to use. My only concern is how well the plastic handle will hold up over time because it doesn't feel very sturdy. Overall I'm very happy with it so far.5For Senior Adult IndependenceI ordered this product for an elderly woman that I work for. She was struggling to reach the bathroom faucet handle from her chair. Between the risk of her falling from leaning to far and the strain on her shoulder, we knew we had to do something. I looked through all her Senior Health catalogs and searched on line and this is the ONLY faucet handle extender I could find.When it came in I put it on the sink right away. It was very easy to install and seems to be quite sturdy. Mrs. J is very happy with it and has expressed to me more than once how helpful it has been to her.The only downside for her is that while the duck is quite adorable, she wished there was one that didn't look so juvenile. I won't drop a star for this because she isn't the products intended audience but if you wished to come out with one more geared to seniors we would definitely buy one and I am sure others would as well!Thanks for a great, helpful product!5
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