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Basting & Pastry Pinceles (Yellow, Set of 3)

  • Basting & Pastry Pinceles (Yellow, Set of 3)
  • Basting & Pastry Pinceles (Yellow, Set of 3)
  • Basting & Pastry Pinceles (Yellow, Set of 3)
  • Basting & Pastry Pinceles (Yellow, Set of 3)
  • Basting & Pastry Pinceles (Yellow, Set of 3)
  • Basting & Pastry Pinceles (Yellow, Set of 3)

Basting & Pastry Pinceles (Yellow, Set of 3)

SG$ 110.00 SG$ 66.00 Save: SG$ 44.00
SG$ 66.00 SG$ 110.00 You save: SG$ 44.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Lengths of brushes are 7.5", 8.5", and 14.5"
  • Widths of brushes are 1.5"
  • Made of heat resistant silicone
  • Silicone heads can snap on and off handles for easy cleaning
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Customer Reviews

Great for the kitchen guruI love the three different sizes. I can designate one for pastries and one for meats and still have one left for the grill - yes, it can withstand that heat. You don't wanna go touching the grill parts or anything, but it'll handle a barbecue sauce slathering. I also like the feature (and it's hard to see in the picture) that the brush is actually "S" shaped so you can scoop up bits of stuff in whatever you're brushing, so the fresh garlic I crush into my garlic butter can get picked up and placed on a piece of bread instead of getting wasted at the bottom of the dish. 5Great ProductI love these basting brushes. They hold a lot of liquid for spreading (I have had brushes that just don't carry enough to baste anything). They are also a snap to clean. I put them in my dishwasher and they come out like new. The old bristle brushes we used to use never seemed to clean up as well as I wanted and took forever to dry - these are dry and ready to put away straight out of the dishwasher. The three different sizes are great too. The long handle one is great for basting on the BBQ, The narrow one fits fine in the small cup I use to melt butter and the medium one was great when I basted my ham. 5YUUUSSSThe brushes you have been waiting for. They cover the food nicely. The sauce doesn't get stuck and wasted in the brush. The silicone is so quick to clean. I'm in heaven. 5If You Use Cast Iron, You Need These Brushes!If you own cast iron, you NEED to order at least one set of these brushes. I keep them in constant rotation when I bake, whether to grease my cast iron gem pan molds, butter my Plett pan before I make silver dollar pancakes or to season my cast iron with peanut oil. I started out using a regular basting brush and before long, the bristles were burnt and ruined. I can't say enough good things about these silicone brushes and how EASY they are to clean and they're virtually indestructible. A cast iron kitchen should NEVER be without them! 5A five star brush I give three stars because the brush heads leap off at any opportunityThey lose two stars because the damn heads fall off all the time. I'm considering trying to superglue one and see how that works out.I started at five stars, though. These are great brushes, they hold a good sized load of brushable stuff and are easy to clean afterwards. If it were not for the darn heads falling off at any sudden movement (say tapping the brush over a bowl, or shaking it over the sink) they would be top notch. Perfect for brushing pizza dough with olive oil. 3Not a Reliable ProductThe description of the products has 3 different sizes of brushes and the picture shows 3 different size brush heads. The three brushes that I received had 2 different size brushes and all the brush heads were the same size. One of the smaller brushes was useless, the brush head fell off every time I used it. The other two brushes have more securely fastened brush heads. Product description says brush heads "snap" on and off for easy cleaning. They don't really snap on or off, they pull on and off. Where the handle attaches to the brush head, it has two "teeth" on each side that are meant to hold the brush heads on. If the "teeth" were larger, the brush heads would stay on more securely. I did figure that at $6.25 for the brushes, the quality may not be that great, but based on all the 5 star reviews, I was hoping they were better than what I got. 2Great replacement for the old school basting brushesLooking for a replacement for the old school bristle basting brush I decided to follow the advice of the reviewers. I must say that these basting brushes are a great size and value. If you brush pastries or dough with olive oil or egg wash, these brushes hold enough liquid to perform the task well. They also spread thicker BBQ sauces with precision and ease, not just dumping all of the contents as soon as you apply pressure. The holes on the ends are great for storage and the long handled brush is the right length for use on the grill and is rigid enough not to flex too much when applying pressure. The best part is that they clean up very well, which is VERY important to my wife and I. 5Great value. Able to brushes between handles.I would buy these again in a heartbeat. Great value, only a couple buck per brush. These are the cheapest best reviewed brushes I could find on Amazon and there is a real reason why that have good reviews! The handles are all different lengths but the brush heads are all the same size. About 1-1/2" wide and 1/4" thick they hold enough sauce to do a chicken breast and get good coverage. Larger pork steaks might require a couple dips of sauce to get enough sauce on them. The longest one is best used for a grill where the shorter ones would have your hand too close to the hot grill. I'll probably end up using the longest one the most often. Another good thing is that the brushes are removable and you could bast with different sauces with the same handle, just swap out one of the brushes from the shorter ones and you are good to go. They are secure when you are basting, however, they would be easily removed to put in the dishwasher if you so desired. 5They look the part, but they don't perform.The heads of these brushes come off after one run through the dishwasher. The bristles are just push-on type, and it must warp or expand in the heat enough to make them come off easily. They can still be used, but you need to be aware of this possibility if you have something you are basting that may tug on the bristles a bit. They were inexpensive, and the factory could have easily made these correctly by making sure the tooling or materials used in the manufacture were made to tighter tolerances. 2Love the idea of three sizesI'm ready for summer and I'll use them when I get my grill set up. Love the idea of three sizes. I had bought a similar brush (black handle and red silicone brush) and it is still as good as the day I bought it a few years ago. I sent my first gift yesterday so anxious to find out how my niece likes it. She lives in FL and uses her grill on occasion. 5
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