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BeauT Magic Adjustable Clothes Shirts Folder Board

  • BeauT Magic Adjustable Clothes Shirts Folder Board
  • BeauT Magic Adjustable Clothes Shirts Folder Board

BeauT Magic Adjustable Clothes Shirts Folder Board

SG$ 136.00 SG$ 81.60 Save: SG$ 54.40
SG$ 81.60 SG$ 136.00 You save: SG$ 54.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • High quality PP material, durable in use.
  • Fit thin, medium and thick clothes.
  • Reusable and adjustable folder, environmental protection.
  • Time saving, easy folder.
  • Perfectly folded shirts, pants, towels, etc.
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Customer Reviews

Poor quality, get another brandAfter my flip-fold (that's the brand) finally broke after years of use, I decided to get another one of these shirt folders. The flaw in the design of the Flipfold was that the part that bends is just a thinner part of the plastic that wears down after repeated uses and eventually breaks off - imagine folding a piece of paper in half forwards and backwards repeatedly until it breaks. So I thought I'd give the BeauT a try since it has hinges. When the product came, it was thin and flimsy and made it actually a pain to fold clothes. Some of the pieces were off the hinge and required me to snap them back in. However, the plastic tabs looked stressed and ready to break. I returned it and paid a fee - that's how much I disliked this. Now I'm back with some tape and still using my old Flip-Fold. 1Nice folderThis is my second tshirt folder. The first one did not incorporate a flexible hinge adjustment so I was expecting to find some wow factor in this model. That was not the case: the product works pretty well, but the adjustable hinge does not make too much of a difference, since you would normally use it to fold Tshirts, which are always pretty much the same in terms of 'bulkiness'. Also, I had a little bit of a hard time putting it together - I had to ask my husband to snap the parts to assemble it properly. But it might be just me...That said, I must say I'm very happy with this folder - it's made of sturdy plastic and does exactly as advertised (instructions are pretty clear and fully illustrated, fool-proof type of thing). The greatest value for me is not so much saving time but the fact that Tshirts are *always* folded the same size and that makes it so much easier to pile them up and organize your closet! Some other great features are that it folds flat and saves space in your laundry and it's also very easy to clean. 4The smart way to fold your t-shirtsI purchased this clothes folder after seeing Sheldon use one on the Big Bang Theory (never seen it? Watch an episode or two, you'll thank me). After getting married, I started doing laundry for both my husband and I. Most of his clothes are hung, but all of his t-shirts and folded and they are a bit larger than mine (I fold mine a little different because they fold width wise quite easily). I promise I get through a stack of his shirts in like 5 minutes with this little gem, and there is so much more room in his drawer. I love that you can also adjust the widths of the flaps for larger or smaller sizes so you could customize this for the whole family. I LOVE this and it was so very affordable. 5We re-watch all the Big Bang Theory's episodes pretty regularly and he always says "OhHonestly, I bought this for a gift for my husband not really expecting him to use it. We re-watch all the Big Bang Theory's episodes pretty regularly and he always says "Oh, that's neat!" "Isn't that cool?" or "I'd use it if I had it" type things when he sees Sheldon doing laundry. So, I bought it. It got here fast and in working order and I'll be damned if my very messy, anti-cleaning husband hasn't been folding everything he can get his hands on since it got here. Very pleased with this purchase. 5Easy to use, great productPROS:At first glance, and before you open the folder board up all the way, you might be a little confused as to how this thing works (and later you'll feel stupid to even have felt that way), but the instructions included are very simple and straight forward and same goes for this folder. Although I haven't folded any thick sweaters yet, I appreciate that I have the ability to do so once the time comes. The little hatches on the side slide upward and allow for more room, if you're folding anything that has thicker material (it actually has 3 total settings). Those hatches are easily slid back down, so you can switch from one type of thickness to another. Also, it doesn't hurt that it's kind of fun to use. I don't know about you, but I'm not too crazy about folding laundry and this definitely helps! Even my husband, who was initially making fun of this folder board, uses it (that says a lot, believe me!). It's also very compact (as compact as something like this can get) and I just stash it away next to the detergent until its next use.CONS:The only downside that I can think of right now is that you can probably not fold any toddler clothing, so this folder is only limited to big kid / teen / adult sized clothes. 5Feels cheapThis does the job, but takes a bit of practice to get the positioning of the clothing right so that it folds correctly. I haven t tried any other similar products, so I can t speak on behalf of the quality and ease of use of other models, but this seems to be very cheaply made. The plastic is rough around the edges and the boards don t fold down very neatly, but since I m only using it to fold T-Shirts it doesn t get caught on the material. I would be very wary using this on more delicate material, however. 3Very nice productI got this because I was folding my t shirts but not getting the wrinkles out. The first few would be folded very neatly, but then my attention span would wander and they'd get sloppy. With this, everything folds to the same size, every time, and it takes very little attention and/or work to get things looking good. A few of my shirts from when I was bigger don't really like it (the body of the shirt is too big for the center panel) but it folds men's Large and Extra Large easily enough. For a while I had it popped out to the second size, but I didn't like the way it folded. It became a little clunky when not in the first position. But that's just fine, since it still folds well. Good product, I'm hoping to keep using it for a long time. 5Easy to use and comes with a convenient storage bagAs soon as I got this out of the delivery box I tried it out on a t-shirt. There are video demonstrations online so be daunted by the word-less printed instructions. I wear 2x and 3x tees and the folder board handles them beautifully. I like the storage bag for when I need to take it on trips. It will make re-packing much more efficient. I would think this would make an excellent tool for Space Bag users. By the way, I too saw Sheldon Cooper, sorry, Dr. Sheldon Cooper use one on Big Bang Theory but I already knew about them. I think Will Truman, sorry, Will Truman, Esq. used one on an episode of Will & Grace. 4Inconvenient, Frustrating, Wish I Could Give Zero StarsI have no idea why everyone else seems to worship this thing.The assembly took about 20 minutes to figure out, which is a big strike against it (the instructions were an unintelligible attempt at English).Apparently this thing is great because you can fold both thick and thin garments with it, but you've got to figure out how to make that work out on your own because again, the instructions are just total comedy.Once the piece was put together, the folded clothing didn't stack neatly because the joints were wobbly and the boards were not flat. Yes, I put it together correctly, both of the men in my house had a look and confirmed it. :PMaybe you have to be Sheldon Cooper to operate this successfully, but I don't think so. If your IQ is under 140 and you don't want to work that hard to figure out how to operate a laundry folding board, this is not for you.I have used a product like this before that worked much, much better, so I don't recommend that Sheldon put his name on this particular brand. Perhaps he can invent another, better one - until then, I'm going back to my old brand.And I want 45 minutes of my life back! 1HOW DID I LIVE WITHOUT THIS?!?!I've been ordering from amazon for YEARS... but this has got to be one of the most useful items I've purchased yet. My Sister has 3 nephews and they go through tshirts like crazy, and all she does is wash and fold. Shes gonna love this. I got it today and ripped my closet apart and got all my tshirts off hangers (cause I cant fold them worth a crap), and in like 10 min I literally had 40-45 tshirts and other long sleeved shirts looking like they came from a professional cleaners! All of them folded the exact same size, and it was like I was so estatic I wanted to run up and down the neighborhood and yell out with joy to all the neighbors on my perfect folding abilities! lol.. no joke!If you want your shirts to come out like a pro did it, just invest in one of these. They are sturdy, and are made to adjust to accomodate even heavy sweaters and towels. Wow.. just amazed.What prompted me to buy one of these in the 1st place was an episode of the "Big Bang Theory" where Sheldon was using one of these... and low and behold I searched for it and here on Amazon they had it. If your a perfectionist or do not have time to fold and fold and fold by hand, purchase urself one... you will LOVE it like I do!UPDATE: IM STILL LOVING THIS PRODUCT! I FOLD EVERYTING WITH IT NOW! EVEN MY JEANS.........I've gotten so creative with this item. :) GET one! 5
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