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Bosch HB100 1 In. Bi-Metal Hole Saw

  • Bosch HB100 1 In. Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • Bosch HB100 1 In. Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • Bosch HB100 1 In. Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • Bosch HB100 1 In. Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • Bosch HB100 1 In. Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • Bosch HB100 1 In. Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • Bosch HB100 1 In. Bi-Metal Hole Saw

Bosch HB100 1 In. Bi-Metal Hole Saw

SG$ 88.00 SG$ 52.80 Save: SG$ 35.20
SG$ 52.80 SG$ 88.00 You save: SG$ 35.20



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Progressor tooth design cuts faster and lasts longer in wood and metal applications
  • Reinforced shoulder for added strength and longer life
  • 8 percent cobalt alloy for longer life and higher heat resistance
  • Works with standard or Quick Change mandrels (Quick Change requires adapters)
  • 1-Inch
  • Wood cutting
  • Quick change
  • Use on: Natural wood; hardwood; plywood; woodcore plywood; chipboard--raw, veneered and laminated; fiber-reinforced composites; sandwich materials; plastics; thin sheet metals.
  • Use Bosch Adapter: AN01
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Customer Reviews

Inaccurate Listing DetailsI use the Quick Change Bosch Arbor for all of my Bosch Hole Saws. This item, 1 inch hole saw, does NOT fit the quick change arbor as the arbor hole is WAY too small. Therefore I placed this item in the return system. I wish that people would proofread their listings so us consumers would NOT waste the time and money in purchasing stuff that doesn't work.1... blades and they are junk for notching tubing the worst I ve ever used bought 5 or 6 These holesaw blades and they are junk for notching tubing the worst I ve ever used! Maybe ok for wood but doesn t do metal. 1Bosch hole sawThis hole saw works very well for the price ,I used it a lot ,it maintained its sharpness ,I use it with a variable speed heavy Hilti drill ,I let it cut without too much pressure ,I let it cool down and I clean all the debris ,I don't like the paint they spray on these bits as it burns up and serves no purpose other than a burn smell that the customer hates ,otherwise let it work it will cut a lot of holes5Bosch HB125 1-1/4 In. Bi-Metal Hole SawUsed this hole saw to drill hole for leg vise in workbench. The teeth cut well but needed to be cleared frequently. I do not lay blame on the saw but on the wood. Just the nature of the beast. The fit was fine, hole fairly clean in fir. One nice thing about the Bosch is the quick mandrel mount and the quick plug release. I would purchase again.5Bosch has a reputation for making good tools, and this hole saw is also a ...Bosch has a reputation for making good tools, and this hole saw is also a good tool. I had to cut 8 holes in 1/4" steel plate on a job site, and this saw did the job well and quickly. I had an assistant squirting cutting oil on the bit, but we drilled all 8 of the holes in less than a half hour. We brushed off the hole saw, and it went into the tool box for the next time we need it.5Good productThis saw worked well and is just as good a product as other more expensive hole saws. The one thing this hole saw and other competitive brands need is an escape route for chips. If these saws were made with a few holes above the teeth around the perimeter, with slots between the teeth that lead to these holes, the chips could escape. As it is, the operator has to constantly back out from the cut and clean the chips out.5does not include the drill bit adapter This is exactly what we needed but note that you need the drill bit adapter (not included) in order to actually use it in a drill. Luckily we already had one from another hole saw we previously bought for another project. 4Impressive Much better quality than my other hole saws for the same price and it uses the same drill assembly mechanism as my previous millwakie hole saw. Very high quality and utility, would buy again for sure. 5Great for peep hole drilling I couldn't find this size at any of the local hardware stores. Needed it to install a 5/8 in peep hole in our metal door. Since I already had a hole saw, I just screwed this on there and drilled away. Was very easy to use and worked faster that I thought it would. 5The name is better than the productThis hole saw works very well if you need a rough hole drilled. It is definitely not for finished work. As a finish carpenter I have been using hole saws my entire career, so I am well familiar with them. I have many Milwaukee hole saws but a couple of months back Amazon was selling a complete Bosch hole saw kit with quick change mandrels and carrying case for a great price. Even though I am now retired, that set was too nice to pass up. The set only goes up to 3" and I needed to drill three 3 " holes. This would be the first time using a Bosch hole saw that large. I used the 1 " saw from the set to drill a couple of holes a few weeks ago and it worked just fine. Then I used this hole saw to drill the three holes in a finished product. WoW! This saw ran true until the teeth touched the wood. It wobbled so bad that I pretty much destroyed the piece I was work on. I had to make a new piece. I was not happy. What I wound up doing was making a template using my drill press and this saw. I laid the template over the finished piece and clamped it in place. This restricted the hole saws lateral movement allowing me to drill clean straight holes. I should not have had to to do this. I wouldn't have had to do this with one of the Milwaukee saws, which I didn't have in that odd size, either.All I am say here is that you need to be really careful with this saw. If your drilling into a finished piece such as a door, you would have the luxury of replacing what you damage as I did with what I was building.2Good saw; hard to make strait cut with power drill, worked better with slower cordless Used this hole saw on a drill, to cut a round hole in a pine door. It's used with a mandrel (I used the Bosch PCM38AN).I got a lot of kickback using this with a power drill, and it was impossible to make a straight cut. It seemed like it might work better on a drill press.However, I switched the saw to a less-powerful, 12-volt drill, and I had much better success at lower speeds, and was able to finish my project.Saw still seems sharp. It's probably a good bet if you need a 6" hole. But don't expect to make as clear of a hole as with a smaller saw, or a forstner bit. 4Works!I had to drill some holes for a dryer vent installation and this fit the bill. I had to cut through some 1.5" pressed chipboard and man this thing started smoking I thought it was going to catch the floor on fire! It finally went through, though. These hole saws can only work so well by design and this one works as good as any others I've used. Might be easier to cut with a jig saw or recip saw if I had to do it again. I just wanted it to look nice.4It will work in a bind.I ordered this one because it could make it to me in two days and I needed it fast. It worked on plywood just fine but I don t think it would make it long in steel or anything harder. I usually purchase Milwaukee hole dozer hole saws and those things are the best hole saws I have ever used. This Bosch hole saw doesn t really even compare but it will get you by in a bind. The tooth construction tells me it s only made for softer material. Also, this hole saw likes to slide off the hole saw chuck. I don t have that problem with the Milwaukees.5it looks like it sustained very little wearI am re-building a trailer for a friend, and I purchased 2 bits to drill 7 holes based on prior experience with hole saw bits in my professional, and personal life, these Hole saws usually live a hard life and dont last very long.I was surprised at the longevity out of this bit, I drilled all 7 holes in 1/4'' mild steel 2x4 tubing, and only needed 1 bit. After the 7 holes, besides the paint being removed from the teeth, it looks like it sustained very little wear.The negative of using this bit in a drill press is the Noise, the noise this bit made was ungodly loud and horrible. Use your hearing protection.I included photos of new vs used, and a photo of the drilled tubing for reference to longevity.5Good sawI use this on my pipe notcher from harbor freight. Really last along time. This is just the hole saw not the arbor you ll need to read the description and order that with it if you don t have one. The pipe notcher doesn t use one. I cut sc 40 1 1/4 inch pipe and have a modified notcher for square tubing and they cut a lot of steel before wearing out. I use moly D Castrol while cutting I recommend that as well for cutting steel you need oil.5
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