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Bstean Tea Filter Bags Disposable Tea Infuser with Drawstring for Loose Leaf Tea with 100% Natural Unbleached Paper and 2 Free Clip (100 PCS x 2)

  • Bstean Tea Filter Bags Disposable Tea Infuser with Drawstring for Loose Leaf Tea with 100% Natural Unbleached Paper and 2 Free Clip (100 PCS x 2)
  • Bstean Tea Filter Bags Disposable Tea Infuser with Drawstring for Loose Leaf Tea with 100% Natural Unbleached Paper and 2 Free Clip (100 PCS x 2)
  • Bstean Tea Filter Bags Disposable Tea Infuser with Drawstring for Loose Leaf Tea with 100% Natural Unbleached Paper and 2 Free Clip (100 PCS x 2)
  • Bstean Tea Filter Bags Disposable Tea Infuser with Drawstring for Loose Leaf Tea with 100% Natural Unbleached Paper and 2 Free Clip (100 PCS x 2)
  • Bstean Tea Filter Bags Disposable Tea Infuser with Drawstring for Loose Leaf Tea with 100% Natural Unbleached Paper and 2 Free Clip (100 PCS x 2)

Bstean Tea Filter Bags Disposable Tea Infuser with Drawstring for Loose Leaf Tea with 100% Natural Unbleached Paper and 2 Free Clip (100 PCS x 2)

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SG$ 80.40 SG$ 134.00 You save: SG$ 53.60



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 200 medium size empty bags, perfect for single cup, travel mug, glass, or small pots.
  • Natural wood pulp filter paper, unbleached, burlywood color, processed by UV sterilization and infrared drying, enjoy your pure tea safely.
  • Filmy paper make the tea seep through easily and quickly to get more strong tea.
  • No worry the string will slide into the cup with free cute clip, and easy to add tea into.
  • Sealed package by plastic bags internal, and wrap with a nice box outside, good choice for gift, make your own organic tea bags.
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Customer Reviews

I was skeptical, but...My favorite non-coffee morning beverage, Coffig, was out of stock on individual brewing bags. When I contacted them they suggested buying Coffig in bulk pouches and using these tea filter bags. I was skeptical. Would taste be compromised? Would the bags be easy to fill and then not leak the contents? After brewing a dozen cups of Coffig I am happy to report great success! I really like these tea bags. No flavor, except what I am brewing. Very easy to fill and secure with their drawstrings. Quite economical! By buying in bulk and using these bags, my per-cup cost has gone down considerably. This is now my go-to method of brewing! What a great product these little bags are! Two thumbs up!! 5String works great, strings don't tangleI couldn't find the #2 sized bags that I used to use and these sounded like a good bet.I'm very happy with these bags. I was concerned that the drawstring wouldn't fully close, but it does. It cinches up nice and close and even when the bag droops into the water, no tea is flushed into my water. I was also worried that if I pulled too tightly, it might break the drawstring or rip the bag. I wasn't disappointed. I think these are as good as a #2 bag, although not as deep.In all, I found this a very good and inexpensive bag. They even include that little clip that you'll see in the picture. I'm pretty sure it's to hold your string in place. Nice touch. 5Great for Spiced DrinksI needed this to mix spices in for a spiced apple cider. I loved that the flavors seeped out but the contents didn't. That said, it did hold liquid. More than the usual, the bag was puffed up with liquid. I had hold the bag over the cup and push on it a bit to drain the liquid that got trapped in the bag back into the cup. As long as you are okay with that extra step to get back some lost liquid, these are fine. The strings were strong and the closed perfectly tight. 4Tea HabitThis product is for our tea drinking grandson living with us while in college. He is disdainful of our coffee habit and is always making us try various teas. He is extremely happy with the quality of these bags, no leaking and easy to fill. He uses them singly or in batches of 3 or 4 to make a teapot or thermos full for long nights of homework or test prep (grandparents aren't deaf, also long nights of online gaming). We will definitely purchase these again, maybe sooner than expected judging by the piles of used teabags on the cooktop by the teapot. 5Great for brewing larger quantities of loose leaf tea whether hot or cold!In the summer, I enjoy making iced tea in the fridge or sun tea outside. Normally, I use regular tea bags, tie them up and place them I a tea container. However, I discovered some loose leaf tea that would be great in iced form. But, I only had infusers that are designed for cups of tea. I decided a large bag would be the easiest to use without the fuss. I bought these based on reviews.The bags are not as large as I thought so for a quart of iced tea, I used three of them, but they are thick enough not to tear. I filled them up with a small batch of loose tea, closed the string and threw all three of them into my glass quart container. They worked fine with no leaking of leaves. I have not used them for hot tea, but imagine they would work just fine. For brewing large batches of tea, these work great! 4Great for many uses not just for tea leafs!I like this tea filter so natural, took me awhile to find one that i wanted without all the chemicals. I use it for loose tea leaves, foraging toys for my parrot, used it yesterday for soup spices, i mean you can use it for alot of stuff. I am planning to use this for air freshener for my car just adding orange peels in the pouch. 5Thin Paper Tea Filter Bags/Nice StringsThese disposable paper tea filter bags are nice. They're fine for what they are, but they're not particularly durable for bagging various tea blends. I usually use natural cotton teabags because they're about 50X more durable and stronger than these. They never, ever tear apart. Although these paper teabags are okay for their purpose, they're far from being my top choice, as a formulator of herbal tea blends. They can rip so easily and you have to handle them with care. However, they're not a bad product and I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying these if it's your preference. I particularly like the smooth, tightly woven white drawstrings on these bags. They're of even length on both sides, and they dont shed any fibers or allow any liquid to leak. 4A good buyOverall, this is a great product! I purchased a loose leaf tea that was too fine for my regular tea strainer and left residue in the bottom of my cup. Not with these bags! They steep the tea well and leave nothing behind in the cup. The clip listed that comes with the bags is a miniature clothespin. It works well but I could see it getting lost easily.The reason for not giving it a full 5 Stars was due to the packaging. The tea bags were vacuum sealed in plastic and there was little extra room which made it really difficult to get the first few tea bags out. Even after using about 10 or so bags, I still have trouble with multiple bags coming out at once.I would purchase these again and recommend them to anyone else. 4The drawstring closes tight and stays closedI recently bought a new loose tea, but the leaves are so tiny that they escape through all of my tea infusers. These tea filter bags work perfectly. I haven't had any issues with tea leaves escaping through them. I got it in the medium size, which easily fits the 2 to 3 teaspoons of tea that I use. I especially like that the drawstring closes tightly and stays closed so there's no need to tie it off at the end.The filter bags are also 100% unbleached, which means less chemicals are used to process the bags. And I love that it includes a cute little clip so I can hang the string on it and not have to worry about it falling into my cup. It comes with 100 tea bags, which will last for quite a while. 5Great little tea bags!These are great little tea bags! I use them for a fine powder supplement and have had zero problems with the powder seeping through the bag. They have held up really well to boiling water and have not come apart. This is particularly important since these are paper tea bags that feel a bit crepe-y and I've had other brands come apart on me after steeping for a while. The drawstring top is really easy to use as well. At first, I almost tossed the clip but realized it's perfect for keeping the tea bag string from accidentally falling in the tea so now I'm really glad it was included.The only issue I had was after 30 minutes of steeping, I tried to squeeze out the water with a spoon and ruptured the bag immediately. I chalk that up to user error and being to rough with these. The bags are a bit delicate but if you're careful, they're durable!Overall, these are fantastic. I'd say I would buy again but with 100 bags in a box, it might be a while :) Great product and for the price, I highly recommend giving them a try. 5
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