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Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover, Opens for Easy Cleaning, Aerodynamic Design, Easily Mounts to RV with Included Hardware-Smoke (40453)

  • Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover, Opens for Easy Cleaning, Aerodynamic Design, Easily Mounts to RV with Included Hardware-Smoke (40453)
  • Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover, Opens for Easy Cleaning, Aerodynamic Design, Easily Mounts to RV with Included Hardware-Smoke (40453)
  • Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover, Opens for Easy Cleaning, Aerodynamic Design, Easily Mounts to RV with Included Hardware-Smoke (40453)
  • Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover, Opens for Easy Cleaning, Aerodynamic Design, Easily Mounts to RV with Included Hardware-Smoke (40453)
  • Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover, Opens for Easy Cleaning, Aerodynamic Design, Easily Mounts to RV with Included Hardware-Smoke (40453)
  • Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover, Opens for Easy Cleaning, Aerodynamic Design, Easily Mounts to RV with Included Hardware-Smoke (40453)
  • Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover, Opens for Easy Cleaning, Aerodynamic Design, Easily Mounts to RV with Included Hardware-Smoke (40453)

Camco Standard Roof Vent Cover, Opens for Easy Cleaning, Aerodynamic Design, Easily Mounts to RV with Included Hardware-Smoke (40453)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Allows Fresh Air Ventilation and Light: Allows you to leave the vent open rain or shine
  • Easy to Clean: Features removable louvers for easy cleaning; Includes built-in insect screen
  • Aerodynamic Design: Aerodynamic styling offers high flow ventilation with a design that allows you to keep it open when its raining, or even when youre traveling
  • UV Stabilized Construction: UV stabilized resin for years of rugged use
  • Hardware Included: Mounting hardware included; Mounts to existing 14 x 14 roof vents. 40453 (Camco Roof Vent Cover-Smoke) fits all 14" x 14" roof vents. On some powered vents, it may not allow the vent to actuate to the maximum open position
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Customer Reviews

Small problem, good quality, works as advertised: I purchased one of these for each of my three RV roof vents and am very pleased with each one. It's been five months since I installed them and they're showing no signs of wear, despite some rainy, windy, freezing, snowy weather. They function very well, letting in no-to-harmless traces of water even with the vent lid cranked fully open. I chose this kind over the Camco 40431 and Maxxair models because I heard that, concordant with the company's claims, they do in fact let more air in than the others. While I can't testify to that (this is the only kind I've tried), they let in enough air to satisfy me, considering I could now leave my laptop under an open vent during a thunderstorm if I felt like it. They were very easy to install. If you can put IKEA furniture together you're smart enough to follow the included instructions. I docked a point for two reasons: (1) a missing hex nut in one of the packages, (2) an issue with the seating. The cover comes in two plastic parts: the bottom one is bolted onto the RV, and the top one "clips" onto the bottom part, and then gets secured with two screws. The first two vents I installed were fine, but the third one's top-part wasn't matching up with the bottom-part either because the plastic was being strained from a poor fit, or because the holes were too small for the screws. I eventually got it on by pushing the screws in very hard with a screwdriver while pinching the top and bottom parts together with the other hand, being very careful not to crack the plastic. If you have the same problem, I wouldn't recommend trying to drill the holes larger, as you'd likely make them too large for a secure fit (remember you'll be flying down the freeway at 60 mph with this thing). Just take your time carefully screwing it in by hand. It wasn't a huge problem, but the company does claim that these vents are easy to clean because of the accessibility that the removable top-part gives. However, because of this defect, I'm not planning to fiddle with it any time soon, no matter how dirty it gets. I think this is overall a great product and the issue doesn't detract enough for me not to enthusiastically recommend it because truthfully, I probably wouldn't have cleaned it anyway and neither would you. 4Easy to installVery easy to install. Seems like solid built product,,,but we will see how well it holds up to West Texas wind, heat and hail. The vent will not open all the way after installment but it will open about 70% of way. The smoke cover does make it a little darker but considering the advantage of protection and being able to open vent while it's raining is great. Comes with all the screws and brackets needed for install.4Seems to be a good value for the money. Easy to install. Black does a good job of restricting some of the early morning light.The price was right but I did see several reviews that indicated that the buyers were disappointed with the longevity of the product. The Camco RV roof vent covers are made out of a different material than the more (much more) expensive vent covers. So at a fraction of the cost, I don't have the same expectations, as if I had purchased the more expensive ones. However, I did wipe them down with a UV protectant before installation and I plan on reapplying that product several times a year to try to get a bit more longevity out of them. I live in the southwest, were the UV is very intense. The installation was easy. It is MUCH easier to understand the installation instructions if you watch the Camco video vs. trying to read the printed instructions. With that said, here are a few tips to make your installation easier and quicker. They list the few items that you will need for installation. A pencil is one item. You will also need a marker (not on their list). Trying to mark a grey metal vent frame with a pencil that has grey lead, makes it virtually impossible to see the mark (for drilling). They recommend the use of a small crescent wrench. If you have the appropriate sizes of open-ended wrenches (2 sizes of nuts), you will find those much easier to use than the recommended crescent wrench. Also, you may find it easier to first drill a small pilot hole (in the frame of the roof vent) and then drill the final hole (optional step). I also peeled the logo sticker off of the sides of the vent covers. I don't need to be a traveling billboard for Camco. They peel off very easily. They also warn you not to over-tighten the hardware. However, the 2 screws that hold the louvered vent cover on the flat side of the cover are VERY easily stripped (metal screw into plastic). So just barely tighten those or you will find them completely stripped. After drilling and mounting the brackets to the roof vent frame, I covered the screw heads with a small dollop of lap sealant (again....optional and not in the directions). I purchased the black one to go over the bed to diminish the amount of light coming in during the early morning hours. It seemed to do a fairly good job of doing that. I also saw a couple of reviews that indicated that the covers restricted how far you could open the vents. I found that I can crank them wide open. Eventually you can hit the top of the cover but at that point the roof vents are wide open. I don't see that as being an issue. So, overall (at this point in time) it seems to be a good value for the money. The only reason that I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was due to how easily the screws stripped, which hold the louvered cover in place. The one thing that all of the vent cover manufacturers talk about is of course, air flow. On that subject....I don't know.4Was an easy install, you don't drill into the roof at ...Had to replace my vent window after it disintegrated after only being a 2 year old one. Ordered that and ordered this to protect the new one. Was an easy install, you don't drill into the roof at all, just 4 small mounting holes to drill under then vent window for the brackets and stays water tight. With the mounting system you can tell it's a break away system in case you hit a tree branch or something else the vent cover will brake away, rather than damage your camper and it's less than a $30 repair, compared to a roof repair. I actually scored mine on amazon warehouse deals for $13 brand new with a scuff on it, its on the roof so no one notices or sees a cosmetic scuff. I've been wanting one for my camper and it will protect my new vent window, which btw takes 15 mins to replace, so I'm very happy now ...5Absolutely love it!We weren't quite sure about the sturdiness of this topper, but it didn't take long to figure out that it's just what we wanted. It is lightweight but sturdy, completely protects the contents from elements. We've experienced no condensation inside which has been a huge blessing. We were initially concerned about slight mis-shape and closure lineup but that resolved itself once installed and exposed to warm weather. I suspect it was just slightly tweaked in packaging and needed to readjust itself. The lock seems effective, it has lots of room inside, and seems made of quality material. Installation was not complicated even though we had to drill some extra holes. Love it, love it, love it.5would buy them again We purchased three of these for the three vents on the roof of our RV. Mounting and securing to the existing vents was easy per the included instructions. Hardware included allowed for different types of mounting on the different vents that we had. One vent was a Maxaire fan, which had a thick plastic housing. The other two vents were thinner metal frames. The included machine screws worked for the metal frames while the included sheet metal screws worked well in the plastic. The brackets were easy to position and mount the cover base on. After assembly, and during the rain storms that happened shortly afterwards, we were able to leave our vents open for the first time, and keep air circulating through the RV with the vent fan, instead of needing to run the AC unit. I really like these roof covers and would buy them again if we needed to cover any other vents. 5A good idea that just wont last... Initially, I was pleased when i opened the box and saw these two vent covers packaged very nicely. The fit and finish was nice. I immediately got on top of the roof of my Bigfoot camper and was able to install one of the vents before i had to go back to work on Monday. Moderate sun with snow beat on it throughout a week and i got back up on the roof on the weekend to find that the vent that i had just installed was already turning yellow (only the removable screen on back). I couldn't remember if the original looked like that when i installed so i grabbed the newer one (stored in the box) and put it on top to find two completely different looking units. The only thing i could think of was the grade of plastic must be different between the removable screen and the vent cover itself... The vent cover may be alright but the screen cover is definitely not UV stable as it yellowed within a week. It'll probably get much worse with time. I'm a little frustrated now because i'm stuck between taking the time to uninstall this and send it back or just remove the cover and paint it to match.... either way, it's a huge eye sore on a polished white camper. I'm hoping this helps someone before they take the time to install. I did email Camco and asked for a solution. I'll update this review if I get a response.Update 5/1/2019 - CAMCO did email me back (within a week of writing the initial review) and took my issue seriously. I gave them the information on my order and they immediately sent me out two new screen covers to replace the already yellowing covers i had. The original covers did not yellow any more than the initial pictures i took in the months they've been installed now but the new covers also yellowed the same amount which leads me to believe that the compositions in plastic must, in fact, be different between the two pieces of the cover. I removed the screens and sanded/painted them to match and was done with it. I probably wont order these again when they need replacement and instead I'll opt for the slightly more expensive maxxair units and see if i have better results.All in all, i gave this review an extra star for the great customer service from CAMCO but ultimately, the product just doesn't cut it and i would personally recommend that you look elsewhere for a longer lasting cover. 2Cost effectiveThe Camco Aero-Flo cost less than the Fantastic Fan vent cover, so I chose to go with it. I am happy with how the product works and looks on my teardrop camper. It was easy and quick to install. The vent opens a little less than 3/4 of full with this cover, but this is more than enough for the size of my camper and I prefer the lower height on my small camper. The mounting kit does not flush mount the cover to the roof of the camper so there is a small gap between the roof and the bottom of the cover. I just wanted to be able to keep my vent open when it is raining so this is not an issue for me. However, if you want to be able to open your vent fully and prefer a flush mounted cover on a Fantastic Fan than I would suggest using their product instead. The Camco Aero-Flo does everything I needed it too and I think it looks better on my small camper than the other covers would have. Had I had a larger camper I would have gone with the Fantastic Fan cover.5Good idea, bad choice!I purchased two of these fan covers for our new motorhome and thought everything was fine. I leave our roof vents partially open to exhaust the hot Florida heat.This past weekend we had a visitor to central Florida in the form Nestor the tropical storm. I went out on Friday morning to close the vents and the sun/heat had warped the cover so the vents would not close .I missed my return date to Amazon by three days, so I guess I will trash these and go to my local camping store and buy another brand.2DON'T Unless you need that inch at the top for clearance reasons, don't get this. No screen for bugs. It is lower than the others so the vent can't open as far. Sorry I bought it. 3Easy install. Good product.Bought this to cover the pop up vent on the front of the camper. There rear had a much beefier cover from the factory so I was a little skeptical when I first got this one. Install was super simple and didn t require drilling into the roof, just the putter lip around the pop up vent. Took maybe 30 minutes start to finish. To get it centered just right be sure to raise the vent before you drill any holes as I initially had it too far forward, centering only on the frame, which would have only allowed the vent to go up half way. There is room to move it around once the brackets are in place, but it is best to get it located just right before drilling. We drove across country this summer with both vents open and it really helped keep the temperature down inside. I was a little worried about dust & dirt getting sucked into the camper but we didn t have any issues with that. We got the smoke color and it allows us to keep the front vent open at night without lights shining in and hitting me in the eyes! I would definitely recommend this cover.5Just what i neededShipping was prompt. Item is as described. As far as mounting to the frame of the RV vent, it was harder to get on top of the RV than it was to install. Be sure to not drop / lose any of the washers ETC., They give you the exact amount to install and nothing more. On that note, only one screw, lock washer, flat washer and nut is for each mounting bracket. Personally, i think two on each would more stable, but it is an easy fix, just add more to it. There is three holes on the bracket for you to add more screws if you want too. My vent is the standard vent size for a 14 by 14 opening and once i put the cover on to mark the holes, i noticed very little room between the RV vent and the add on vent cover. My guess is about an inch and a half all the way around which is enough for the vent to open, but you may want the larger one. I did go ahead and install the small one and checked the opening and closing of the vent, it worked perfect. I do highly recommend this product.4Looks Great, Works GreatI have problems this thing can't solve--like my vents don't open because the previous owner rubber roofed them shut? Nevertheless, they both leaked! This mounted easily, we caulked it in, and there has been no more leaking whatsoever. The ceiling is torn apart for repair and insulation, so this has been verified in driving rain repeatedly. It looks nice on the roof. My only complaint is that the silver is too dark. I used to have a wonderful skylight in the kitchen even if I couldn't open the vent. Now, it's so dark that I don't even bother to take the insulation pillow out of it anymore. :( These were a temporary fix until the roof could be redone, but I'm not sure how temporary it will really be.Look Fantastic, works as intended, buy white if you still want light, though.4They must suck my wife tells me I bought three - $30 total? Are you crazy? They must suck my wife tells me.I have been looking to put vent covers on my new RV since I purchased late Spring 2015. I put several different brands, colors, types in my Wish List and Shopping Cart for that day when I wanted to spend $30+ each. That day came after I was on www.thervgeeks.com and see their suggestion as their favorite products - this Camco 40421 Vent Cover. So I go look - on sale, $10 each.. sold.Installation - watched a few youtube videos, not sure why after I started.... one would have be good enough... the biggest and hardest part... getting all the stuff to the roof... suggestions 1. buy a little silicone not dicor (mainly because your wife thinks you need it). Since you are not drilling into an exposed area you wont need, but always good to silicone over the screws bolts etc to hold them a little more secure 2. use the self tapping screws and make sure to add an extension to your Philips bit. You can do without but the clasp you are attaching has a bolt sticking up about same distance as the chuck on your drill. 3. If you don't go self tapping screw - drilling the hole will take a while (make horrid noise that will make your wife think you dont know what you are doing), putting the bolt in and then trying to tighten the bolt on the inside is tough especially while its cold outside and the vent is wide open. Use the self tapping screws - trust me.Last Tip - make sure wife is tall enough to open up the vents from inside... you will need the vent wide open when you install. If its 30 degrees outside you will want her to open when you are ready... trust me on this.... get her the step stool out before you get on the roof.I like this product a lot... they are wider and shorter than the others. But there is more venting in 3 directs, worth it. They are white and allow light in, I would have liked a darker on for the bedroom, but I can live with the fact I can now leave a vent open while RV'ing in the NW and not worrying is it going to rain. Well the price.. amazing. I installed all three - I am handy but not that handy - from start to finish - in 40 minutes. 5They don't last, purchase the Maxxair units! This unit would rate higher but there are two Camco Vents the 40431 & this one the 40433 that sells much higher. Per Camco e-mail both vents are exactly the same although this one, the 40433, makes it look like it has a screen where the 40431 does not mention one. So save yourself the money that cost me and purchase the 40431 and get the same item. (the 431 sells from Camco in lots of 10 & the 433 lots of 5. They use different part numbers instead of the same part number with -10 or -5 at the end.)Update, 10/24/2018 from three to one starI purchased these in 2015 but did not install them until 2016. This year 2018 I noticed that one of them was gone. After reading some of the current reviews I believe that the one unit came apart and blew away. I will be replacing with the Maxxair units. 1Great productGreat purchase for my fifth wheel. Although it was on my list of items to do, I didn't install this until I had to start paying for electricity in my trailer. I could immediately feel the difference in the bathroom, the dark cover definitely dropped the temperature during the sunny parts of the day. The exhaust can also be used when it is raining outside now as this blocks any water from entering the trailer.It was fairly easy to install, my trailer was set up to install one of these so I didn't have to drill any holes. It was a small space and a little difficult to start the hardware but other than that, simple and quick.Definitely recommend for every trailer, whether or not you pay for electricity.Update: This has been in use through the summer, about four months. I have left it open many times during rain, some very heavy. I have not noticed any rain enter the RV at all.5
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