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Ceruleanhome 2pc 100% Velvet Flannel Pillow Shams, Solid Color, No Inside Filler (2pc Pillow Cases, Pink)

  • Ceruleanhome 2pc 100% Velvet Flannel Pillow Shams, Solid Color, No Inside Filler (2pc Pillow Cases, Pink)
  • Ceruleanhome 2pc 100% Velvet Flannel Pillow Shams, Solid Color, No Inside Filler (2pc Pillow Cases, Pink)

Ceruleanhome 2pc 100% Velvet Flannel Pillow Shams, Solid Color, No Inside Filler (2pc Pillow Cases, Pink)

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SG$ 132.00 SG$ 220.00 You save: SG$ 88.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Woven from 100% velvet flannel, the duvet cover is exceptionally soft yet durable.
  • 2 Pillow Covers - 20" x 30"
  • Shams are envelope closure.
  • Machine washable gentle cycle with Washing Bag Separately in cold water.
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Customer Reviews

It isn t velvetThis item is not velvet it is velour. It is soft but if your are looking for velvet then this isn t it. 1soft, cozy, washes well, looks greatI ordered this set for my daughter, she has a full size bed, so I ordered the full size duvet. We have a full size down comforter from Ikea (size perspective.) This duvet has lots of wiggle room, an additional 4-6". The pillow shams are cute, quilted on one side, and velvety soft on both sides and has white fringe/balls (they do not have a fuzzy side.)The duvet and shams arrived in 2 days. The CE box was deceivingly small. It would be easy to travel with the CE box.I washed it right away in cold, delicate...then dried it on cool then warm (takes a few of cycles on cool/warm, this is a relatively thick duvet.) It washed and dried well, looks like new. Almost nothing in the dryer vent. Don't worry if the duvet makes a giant ball in the dryer, I had to pull it open/apart several times. It's just so soft and silky that it kind of folds into itself in the dryer. 5Fabulous duvet!Absolutely love this duvet!! It s incredibly soft and silky. I washed it (cold, gentle cycle in a mesh laundry bag) and dried it (alone, low heat with two tennis balls to help fluff) and it held up great. It s a thinner material, and when I put my comforter in it, I worried I might snag the inside. I tried it without the comforter first but felt it looked too flat & uninviting. The comforter adds dimension.There aren t any mentions of how silky the backside of the duvet is! It s the perfect contrast to the shaggy front (photo included). While I don t think it will hold up terribly well to a lot of washing or abuse (I m positive my big dogs would quickly tear a hole in it snagging a nail), I think it is a beautiful addition to my master bed and well worth the cost. I ll definitely add to this review after several months to see how it wears. 5Buy it right now!!This is the most comfortable/soft blanket ever!! I couldn't wait to get it on the bed! As soon as I did the dogs jumped up and snuggled in. I love it and will be buying more!! 5Unexpected findI was so pleased when I found this duvet cover completely by accident. It's a bit pricey considering most covers also comes with matching sheets & pillow cases. But it's worth every penny. It has a good weight to it, yet the material doesnt have you feeling hot and smothered. The coloring is just as advertised. I've already washed it and it held up fine. 5BEAUTIFUL!!Way nicer than I expected. This duvet is so pretty and plush. Very nice. Really happy I bought it. Below my dog Sir Elton John III is trying his paw as a new Amazon Duvet model 5The best kind of excessive, but also in need of a little bit of help.Sometimes you look at your life and go, "Man, what did I ever want but never got from the 1999 Delia's catalog?" This duvet cover might not have explicitly been in there but holy to heck it definitely belongs there.Is it classy? No. Not in the slightest. Look at this thing. It's like you skinned Sweetums and dyed his fur. What it is, is absurd in the best ways possible. This duvet was told it needed to do one thing in life and it said "Sweetie, hold my drink. I'm gonna do it fabulously."On a base level, I love the heck out of this duvet. I like how fuzzy it is on the back and how fun it is to play with the shag on the top. You might be asking yourself, wait a minute, my good sir, why are you only giving it 4 stars?Well, like others have said it...it's a bit lacking in the construction department. The corner ties gave up on life almost immediately, though for the time I've been using it, my duvet has actually stayed more put than it ever did in the Target duvet cover so I suppose ymmv on that front.It's, well it's more a problem with the shag side, you see. Yes, it sheds some, but that's just kind of what happens when you're dealing with fuzz. I'm not fussed about that. My issue is that the seams that involve the fringe side seem weak because there is no backing (fabric, interfacing, anything at all) between that big ol' sheet of fluff and the underside. For the price, it's a big, big downside and the whole thing should be knocked down like $20 because I'm a little worried that I'm going to have to replace it sooner than I'd like.Other people have commented about weirdness with the zipper closure, that theirs was poorly attached or the tab felt too small. Mine was fine. I was actually much happier to have a zipper instead of those massive buttons it seems like most duvet covers have. I'm much less concerned now about which way the duvet is facing because there's no way I'm going to end up somehow snagging myself on buttons or worrying about them falling off in the wash. (Side note: Target, please get less terrible about attaching buttons to things, what is wrong with you?)Speaking of washing, maybe avoid using detergent pods if you happen to use them. I washed it immediately after getting it only to find that the shag/fringe/fuzz had decided that part of one of the pods belonged to it now and had a lovely corner of matted (though very nice smelling) fuzz where it happened. It took a bit of hand washing to tease most of it out. Again ymmv. Just a head's up.Shipping was pretty quick and like most others I was impressed and delighted at how small a box they could make it.I don't regret buying this. Honestly, if I had the energy I could probably just line the dang top myself. I might after the holidays when the fabric store is less of a nightmare hellscape, but again, something I'm gonna have to put that much work into making as it should be isn't exactly worth that kind of sticker price.I've also noticed plenty of people asking about if it's warm or if you can use it as a regular blanket. Here's my response to that:1 - I'm a person who likes to sleep as cold as physically possible. Even with the duvet in it, it doesn't retain a whole heck of a lot of heat. It looks like it should. It does not. This is great for me. It might not be for you. This is likely due, again, to the lack of anything backing the shag layer.2 - It isn't gonna be much good as a stand alone blanket. When you get comforters and duvets and quilts at the store they have all that extra stitching up and down to help keep things stable and contained. Obviously you can't do that on a duvet cover because the duvet needs to go inside of that. Without the stability of a duvet, the whole thing just kinda slides around on itself. It will probably slide right of your bed/couch/chair and it's not a good look. No one wants a completely deflated muppet pelt.HOWEVER, solutions exist!If you want this to both be warm and be a blanket instead of a duvet, Amazon sells fusible (ie - iron on) quilt batting (the inner fabric that helps with the bulk heat trapping to keep your butt warm under the quilt, I know these are terms a lot of people know already, but just know I'm listing them for people who don't and not trying to be sassy at other folks what do fiber arts.)Now, in theory, you could get some of this, turn the duvet inside out and carefully follow the package instructions to attach it to the fringe side, flip it back right side out and just as carefully (you'll want to avoid melting the shag or any part of this,) adhere it to the other side in a glorious proper blanket sandwich. This'll make washing it even more complicated, since there are some fusible battings that are only temp holds until you get the final stitching in place. You'll want to look around and see what would work best for you.I'm not saying this will completely work as I haven't tried it myself (though hey if someone wanted to donate another duvet cover to the cause, I'd be happy to take a stab at it and report back,) but it's the best solution I could come up with for turning the duvet cover from just a cover into a fully functional, warm blanket on its own. 4This is Amazing! Amazingly soft and just as seen in pictureThis is Amazing! Amazingly soft and just as seen in picture. The only reason people have given it bad reviews is because they didn't read the inscription. It is just the cover it doesn't have the stuffing in it because it is just the cover. 5Delightful!Omg. I am in love! I love getting In my bed and hate getting out of it!!! One thing I will say although it hasn't been a problem, is that my duvet slides down a Tad inside the cover.... No big deal, it just caught me off guard at first... Now that I know how to fix it, it's all good! 5Adorable but needs careful cleaning. Learn from my mistakes.Out of the box this was fluffy and gorgeous and super soft. I always wash things before using so washed this on delicate/cold and dried on delicate/low heat with balls to help with the fluff factor. I don't have the option to line dry something of this size in the winter. End result was disappointing as some places matted terribly while others remained intact and silky/fluffy. Since I have already washed it I am not returning for a refund but the look is just not the same. I took a brush to the matted spots and that helped but the overall length and fluff of the fur side is completely uneven. Hopefully line drying would avoid that problem but I'm not going to purchase another to find out. :( 3
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