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CLOVER 507079 Pen Style Needle Felting Tool-

  • CLOVER 507079 Pen Style Needle Felting Tool-
  • CLOVER 507079 Pen Style Needle Felting Tool-
  • CLOVER 507079 Pen Style Needle Felting Tool-
  • CLOVER 507079 Pen Style Needle Felting Tool-

CLOVER 507079 Pen Style Needle Felting Tool-

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • For creating 3 dimensional designs and appliques
  • Pen style grip
  • Easy to handle
  • Can use 1,2 or 3 needles
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Customer Reviews

Very happy to find this on Amazon!A versatile needle felting tool which allows you to use 1 - 3 needles and an easy to hold pen style, and it has a cover to keep the needles (and your fingers!) safe. I can't find these where I live so am happy to see them available here. I still have my original tool but needed more to be able to teach others how to needle felt. The tool will last a long time, only the needles will need replacing with they get dull or broken (felting needles are very fragile). It uses standard felting needles which you can order from the company of choice, although I believe Amazon also carries the Clover brand replacement needles as well.5makes felting so easy This is a wonderful tool! I am a starting out felter and was just using single needles and holding them. It was taking forever. I read reviews and saw this in use by others and selected this tool. It holds the needles close together which is very good for detail work. It is also easy to change out and adjust needles. I recommend this tool. 5Replacing broken needles harder every time; pen screw cap strips easily I really want to like the Clover pen. Its design makes felting projects in the early stages so much more efficient than the single-needle-and-handle most basic kits come with, and its ergonomic pen-like grip makes working on projects for long periods of time so much less daunting for hands/wrists. It's so helpful, it's arguably among THE most essential and recommendable tools for any felter's kit, regardless of skill level. The Clover pen's design is ideal in every way... except for durability.Felting needles are generally fragile and breaking them eventually is to be expected, so I have no complaints about needing to replace them. However, what I notice most dont mention is the pink plastic screw cap on the back end of the white/gray bit that holds the needles. I have only had the pen for less than a month and opened the casing only a few times so far to replace needles. Already, the pink plastic screw cap's material has been grinding/stripping so badly every time that I now cannot even open the pen to replace future broken needles without considerable force. If I do manage to unscrew it, the piling up flakes of stripped plastic just make it even harder to do the same next time.Maybe it's just the pen I got that happened to be faulty, and I'll likely update this review later if/when I get a replacement, but I was expecting an investment in a tool like this to last at least a year or two - not less than a month. 3One StarWorked for a little bit but then it broke the first day I got it.1Worked PerfectlyThis was my very first time felting. The pen worked perfectly throughout the entire project. I didn't have any issues with needles breaking or the cap getting stuck, as some users have complained about. If you put the cap on properly (there are two channels to line up), I can't see how that would ever be an issue. The pen was very easy to unscrew to remove or add needles. For smaller details, I stuck with 1-2 needles. If I was covering more area, I used all 3 at the same time. The pen style makes it easy to control and it felt very comfortable in my hand.About my project: this is a crocheted dog with acrylic yarn that's been brushed out to look like fur. The extra fuzz that results from the brushing is then saved and used as roving to felt on details (the mouth, for example), hide knots, etc. As you can see, the pen worked beautifully on the acrylic yarn and adhered it to the single crocheted body perfectly.5Good Quality Needle Felting Tool -- read re: needles includedThis is the first pen style needle felting tool I have used, and am very glad to have it! I have a wider tool (also by Clover) that holds five needles, but that isn't good on smaller or 3-D projects (I use it on cookie cutter ornaments and wall hangings). For smaller projects and 3-D items, I have been using a single needle alone, without a holder. I decided it was time to ramp it up a bit and try some pen style holders. I chose the Clover brand 1-3 needle pen because I have liked other Clover products, including some for needle felting.The needle holder is a good size and shape, and works very well. So far I have just used it with three needles, but I sure like how much faster things work up doing so. The needles are placed close together, so it is easy to control the area being worked on.NOTE: The three needles included are "fine" (Clover needles only come in two sizes) and are best for finishing work, details, and small pieces. You will want to use lower gauge felting needles for working up cores. Clover does not number their needles, but these are maybe 39/40?If you need the needles to go further in the project you are working on -- like a larger 3-D animal -- the top pink section is removable. Just beware the needles could break more easily (and is not recommended with the included needles), especially if using 2/3 needles. Twist the white ring off the pink handle to change out or replace needles. The clear needle cover has ridges in it that fit over an indentation in the pink top of the tool.5High quality, comfy designMy kids received a Klutz felting kit this past Christmas and have become quite enamored of the felting art. The cheap little tool that came with the book recently broke and when I came out to Amazon to look for a new tool I was a bit overwhelmed at all the options available! I went with this Clover one because I have a number of other Clover products and I've always been happy with their quality.I'm glad I chose this pen! It is very easy to grip. It is nice and light weight, and a good size for little hands. It comes with a safety cap and medium gauge (38 mm) needles. I like that you can choose to use either 1, 2, or all 3 needles at once depending on the level of detail on your felting piece. This pen looks sturdy and I'm hopeful it will hold up well to love from the kids. Two thumbs up!5Needles are total garbage. They broke within a couple hours of using ...Needles are total garbage. They broke within a couple hours of using them. The tool itself seems handy, but I tried ordering different needles for it (from a different company) and they are too long to use the cap piece. So all the needles are exposed. I still use it this way, but something should be fixed in the design of these flimsy needs.2Don't poke your fingers!I'm writing this review as a first time needle felter who has only used this on 2 projects. I used this to make a hamster and a penguin. I didn't have any problems aside from poking my fingers a few times. My projects worked up pretty fast and I haven't had any needles break. It's my first needle felting tool and it seems like I'll be able to use this for all my projects.**If you find my review helpful, please let me know by clicking the helpful button! :) **4You need this if you're feltingThis needle is the only one you need. You're able to choose how many needles you're working with (I've found that 2 is optimal) and adjust the length of needle / depth of puncture by removing the end, exposing the white interior. If you wanted to use the needle without the casing for some reason, you can remove and use them individually too.I personally haven't broken any needles but knowing that it could happen has made me cautious. If you have a densely packed area, find ways to fasten the felt, maybe by directing the needle at an angle instead of head-on. Forcing it beyond its capabilities is a fault of the user, not the product so feel free to disregard those types of reviews :)5Breaks easily, I don t recommendI loved using this for my felting projects. But the part that you need to unscrew to change needles is crumbling apart and it was very difficult to unscrew. Now after 4 times I cannot get it to unscrew at all. I am 9 days past my return window. Would definitely not buy another one and would give 0 stars if that was an option.1This tool makes felting much faster and I love that Amazon will deliver it to me so quicklyFirst off, all felting needles are brittle, and they will eventually lose their sharpness, or break. This little tool saves me so much time because I'm getting 3x the work with one motion.What I've learned:I snapped one of the needles when I was going through an already dense part of my piece. = With this tool, I don't have the same type of feedback like when I use a single needle. I couldn't tell that the density was too much for the needle.I took out the broken needle, and then proceeded to continue working with just two needles. (I probably should have went to bed after I snapped the first needle.) Well the piece I'm working on does have a wire armature, but I got so use to going through the wool so easy, I started using more force than I would ordinarily use with a single needle, and I hit the wire, and broke the second needle.Conclusion:I can either work super fast, which can sometimes lead to carelessness, and I will snap needles, or I can recognize that because I'm getting 3x the work with one motion, I'm still ahead of the game if I go slower, and am more cautious. Sometimes I'm not going to care, like when I'm trying to add a piece, and I have it in place just right, and I'm going to felt with a stupid level of force to just get it on there. I'll probably break the most needles when I'm tired, and it's late, and I should have been sleeping an hour ago. I'll most likely be the most cautious when I don't have backup needles. (This is similar to reckless abandonment when dispensing shampoo when it's a new bottle, compared to when you just have 1/2" left at the bottom of the bottle.)I'm going to order a second one so that I can have a higher gauge needle, and not have to change the needles out. This will most likely lead to less needle breakage because I can move to a finer needle when I feel I've reached a certain level of density.4
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