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Coffeevac 1/2 lb - The Ultimate Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container, Green Cap & Clear Body

  • Coffeevac 1/2 lb - The Ultimate Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container, Green Cap & Clear Body

Coffeevac 1/2 lb - The Ultimate Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container, Green Cap & Clear Body

SG$ 94.00 SG$ 56.40 Save: SG$ 37.60
SG$ 56.40 SG$ 94.00 You save: SG$ 37.60



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Europes # 1 coffee container - Maintains aroma and rich, full coffee flavor
  • Patented system creates a partial vacuum seal and keeps Coffee - Fresher for Longer
  • Multiuse - Allows products to breathe and degas, without letting oxygen in
  • NSF - Tested and Certified, FDA Approved Food Grade - Airtight, Moisture free and recyclable
  • Coffee grounds or beans 8 oz. / 250g / 0.8 liter / Dimensions: 5 -1/4" tall x 4-1/8" diameter (13 cm x 10.5 cm)
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Customer Reviews

Good yummy coffee for me! I can't say that I keep coffee in this for very long. I really only grind and store enough to keep for a week. But I will say that it seems to get the job done. I like my hazelnut coffee, and it seems to be just as good the first day it is ground through the end of the week.The only thing I have an issue with is not that the lid is hard to get off, but sometimes it is hard to put back on. If it is not exactly perfect it wont go on. Oh well, other then that, which I can fiddle with as the coffee is brewing, I find that I like the button on the top, it is a lot easier then some of the other ones I have seen where the button is on the top in the middle, I dislike that, so here it is on the side of the top, which makes it easier to push and open. 4Waste of money - it is just a canister with a good seal I have three of these.Pros:1. They are not ugly.Cons:1. They do not product a vacuum in any way shape or form.2. If you don't pull the lid off straight, it jams and becomes hard to remove.3. Two if the three of these that I have developed cracks in the side of the top. 1Convenient and affordable This is a nice bargain for the price point. It's well made from a thick plastic, operates easily with only one moving part, and cleans up easily with soapy water.A partial vacuum is created when you push the top down onto the canister and most of the air is expelled automatically as you depress a small button on the lid.This size easily holds 1/2 pound of coffee, ground or whole bean.The only reason thing I would change if I could is that the manufacturer should have had the foresight in the design stage to make these stackable, so you could have your sugar container (and whatever else you want to stack up on your shelf or counter) neatly stacked with your coffee. I mean they will stack but not snug into each other so they don't slide around or knock over too easily.I did pack this in a travel bag the other day for a weekend trip to the beach. Had no problem with it staying securely closed either.If that last point doesn't matter for you then it's a 5 star review!! BTW - I paid full price so you can know this is an unbiased review. 5great container excellent solution for coffee whole or ground with the one way exhaust valve it creates a gas outlet that greatly extends coffee freshness this container does not vacuum as in negative pressure per-say it is that you press the button to let air in to pull the lid off and also to put it back on so the vacuum effect comes from it being a very precise fit to be air tight. I can say I am pleased with this purchase the quality is very good to excellent and so much better than a traditional bowl or jar with a press or screw on lid 5EXACTLY what I needed! I love everything about this, including how easy it is to open and seal closed.The 1/2 LB size holds quite a bit of coffee and leaves room for my scoop. It doesn't take up a lot of my counter space and I can actually keep it right next to my mini coffee maker and still have room for other things.I'd been looking for something like this because I either grind my coffee or buy it with chicory and leave it out in small quantities to use each day. This keeps the coffee from absorbing fridge smells and it keeps the coffee fresh when I leave it out on the counter throughout the day. Great price and now I am thinking of buying more in different sizes to store other things. One other nice feature is that I don't have accidental spills - like today when I knocked the canister over. 5It is exactly what it looks like, but not a very durable product I don't know if this actually helps the beans last longer, but it it is well built. The two parts do seal well and require the button to be pressed to open. It doesn't create a vacuum inside until you pull it apart.If CO2 is pushing O2 out and if that improves the life of coffee that's good. I roast my own coffee so I rarely have beans beyond 3-4 days old anyway.Update 8/14/16 - This is pretty thin plastic and despite taking care while using it the lid cracked all the way through one side Other reviews mention the thin plastic and I dismissed them but it is made of a brittle thin material. I'll seek out a sturdier container. I'd expect a tougher product since it is made to be in daily use. 3Airtight for the freshest coffee in your cupboard. I found the Tightvac Coffeevac is the first container I have used that actually does what it says...it will keep your coffee fresh till it's gone. I was kinda doubtful, spending over $10 for something to put coffee in, but it is actually worth every cent. I've tried everything, from using the freezer, other air-tight containers, using 'sealed' canisters, but nothing worked like the Tightvac Coffeevac. I will consider purchasing this as a gift for someone, highly recommended. Can actually hold 11 oz of coffee, the normal size of the coffee bags these days. (what ever happened to the 1#?) 5Good for coffee storage I am a home coffee roaster and also supply coffee for an area at my work. I bought this for the work area. It keeps the coffee I provide fresh and ready for grinding.I have needed to explain to some folks to press the button to release the valve and open it - I thought it was intuitive, but maybe not :) 5Almost too simple, but works as advertised I almost want to give it a 4 since it is almost too simple. But that would not be fair as it works as advertised. Before it, I could start to tell my bean freshness was dwindling by the end of the bag with my espresso creama suffering and flavor starting to get bitter. This last bag, the last espresso shot was as good as the first.I get my beans from a local roaster that has been roasted withing 3 days of purchase. First thing I do is dump my beans in this container, take a nice whiff (cant help myself with fresh roast) and seal it down. A bag will last me 3-4 weeks. No more putting a portion in the freezer either.The only thing about it is that its function is directly related to the maintenance of a precision fit of the top over the bottom container. Being they are plastic, there is the potential of wearing that could cause slow decline in performance with time. 5NO vacuum, just a mediocre quality airtight container. "The Ultimate Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container". Blatantly false advertising. Creates NO vacuum. Air valve merely allows the air in the cap to escape when the cap is pushed on. Same volume of air in canister remains.Very thin plastic. Way over priced for a mediocre quality canister. Immediately returned.Note to manufacturer: It needs a small air valve in the cap that would create a vacuum if pressed repeatedly. So a proper valve and thicker plastic and you would have a good product. 1
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