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Defender Security E 2496 Mortise Keyed Lock Set with Glass Knob Perfect for Replacing Antique Lock Sets and More, Fits Doors with 2-3/8" Backset

  • Defender Security E 2496 Mortise Keyed Lock Set with Glass Knob  Perfect for Replacing Antique Lock Sets and More, Fits Doors with 2-3/8" Backset
  • Defender Security E 2496 Mortise Keyed Lock Set with Glass Knob  Perfect for Replacing Antique Lock Sets and More, Fits Doors with 2-3/8" Backset

Defender Security E 2496 Mortise Keyed Lock Set with Glass Knob Perfect for Replacing Antique Lock Sets and More, Fits Doors with 2-3/8" Backset

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SG$ 96.00 SG$ 160.00 You save: SG$ 64.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • NEW INSTALLATION FIT This lock set is perfect for interior doors with a 2-3/8" backset. INSTALLATION TIP - Use of thread locking adhesive on the set screw will keep knob from slipping
  • BEAUTIFUL, TRADITIONAL GLASS KNOB LOCK SET - The E 2496 glass knob set is the perfect choice for replacing or updating interior door hardware. With a satin nickel trim and beautiful glass knob, its the perfect choice for your next project.
  • LEFT OR RIGHT HAND INSTALLATIONS The steel case mortise assemblies can be used for left or right hand installations, and can easily be installed on new and vintage doors.
  • REPLACE ANTIQUE LOCK SETS This E 2496 Mortise lock set is the perfect choice for replacing knobs on old doors. No matter what interior door youre fixing, this classic lock set will add the perfect finishing touch.
  • LOCK BOLT KEY This door lock set is perfect as a privacy lock on bedrooms, bathrooms and other interior doors - the lock bolt is key activated from both the inside and outside.
  • WARNING: Glass knobs can break under pressure or accidental impact. This product is not recommended where young children are present.
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Customer Reviews

Can be used on modern doors!The finish on these is not as dark as I would like, the distressing is much heavier than ones I have seen at home supply stores so they are very copper looking around the edges. But they are less expensive so I hit them with a coat of spray paint and problem solved. For those wanting economical glass knobs that fit modern doors use these and swap out the mortise lock with a regular latch and problem solved! They are just wide enough to cover the hole and screw into the door itself. My doors are white so I will be putting a little black paint in the keyhole once I am done to hide it. I got the glass knobs I have always wanted on a very limited budget.4Excellent door lock/handle Solid mortise door latch/lock. The handle is solid and had a nice feel when turning the handle. The door latch, itself, is also a solid click when the door shuts. The key turns freely and operated the lock as it should. I used this to replace the original style Mortise door handle and lock in our 1926 Chicago home. It fits the design and style of the house properly yet works excellently. I'm happy with the product 5They are really nice and not very difficult to install but you have ...I bought two of these to put on my bedroom and bathroom door in my house. They are really nice and not very difficult to install but you have to read the directions because they are interchangeable when it comes to which side of the door your knob is on. The reason I didn't give it five stars is because I have to constantly keep tightening the actual knob. I know this type of knob needs to be tightened periodically but I have to do it way more than another one that was already in the house. That one I only have to tighten about once every couple of months. These I have to tighten every couple of weeks. Other than that though... great lock set...4poorly made , cheap junkpoorly made. 1 screw holds the lock set assembly together but the other side of the screw set is pressed in..well supposed to be..now screw holds nothing and lockset guts and springs fly everywhere...wife thought it was funny as all getup.. should of known for 30 bucks.. if that pressed in thread would of been pressed in and secure it would of been fine.. did not match the existing so had to wood chisel out doorway and a little on the door. other then that? sure is a purdy knob and lock set.. all they had to do was put a screw on the other side instead of a pressed fit? how much would of cost for another small screw? i hope i can find something that will fit it in my coffee cans!1Set screws cause issues, **Update** they are solved now.The product looks great and installed easily. The set screws for the knob dowel strip to easily and aren't quite up to the job. Use a higher quality screw here and the product will last for years. Anyone know of a replacement for the screws?** UPDATE ***I used lock tight on the set screw and it hasn't loosened up since. Hint to the manufacturer to supply a packet of this with the product.4Satin nickel finish mortise lockset This product came on time and as adverised. I should note it also comes with two keys which I don't think is mentioned in the product description. It was easy to install as all I had to do was remove the old lockset and re-install this one in it's place. I did have to open the lock's box and reverse the latch as it was turned the wrong way for my door and it didn't come with instructions on how to do this but it was easy-peasy. The knobs screw onto the spindle instead of the old fashioned holes you have to line up with the screws, so you can tighten the knob assembly to your liking instead of having the knobs feel loose and shaky as on the originals. The finish is nice as well. The only part I was at all unsatisfied with was that the cover plates seem a bit flimsy because if you tighten their screws to what I consider snug, the covers start to bend a little. I plan on ordering 2 more of these locksets for other doors in my house, now that I know I'll be satisfied with their look and quality, for their price, you just can't go wrong with these. 5Good replacement for old but nothing beats the original A great replacement for the originals I had from the 1920s, only downside is that the knobs themselves screw on and are ment to be kept in place with a tiny set screw. If you do not get the screw tightened enough it can slip when turning the knob and strip the threads that the knob screws onto. If you are installing this make sure you have enough of a loose fitting door that you do not havev to twist or yank hard on the knob. The pair of skeleton keys that come with it seem strong and are an tad bigger than what the 1920s style were, so do not buy assuming the key will also work in old original ones. 3which is fun and practical My husband and I are replacing all the old doorknobs in our old house. Old can be cute but not when its entirely impractical because none of your doors latch properly and the handles always fall off. Also none of them had the keys still. These not only cover the whole area so we don't have to putty any holes and paint, but they also have keys that work, which is fun and practical! Each one comes with two keys, so we are keeping all the doubles on a spare ring so we'll have them should one go missing. These are clean looking and tasteful: perfect for replacing tarnished and defective ones from decades ago. 5Looks amazing - mechanically not greatThey're fantastic in appearance. You can't really tell from the pictures, but they're sort of "weathered" - there is a more bronze color showing through on the sides/edges.Although they look amazing, mechanically they do not seem great. The knobs themselves do not seem to spring back into place like you would think they should. I spent a lot of time adjusting the tension of the screws on the knob and with how tight the knobs are on the middle shaft. and the knobs just don't seem to turn smoothly and spring back into position like it should. That just means you might have to manually turn the knob into place when you want a door to close and latch. Other works well, including the locking mechanism.4You're better off going to antique store and finding the real deal.I was originally going to give this 4 stars. But, as use of this door knob continues the worst it is. Installation was a breeze. But, that's where the good ends. You could not secure the knobs all the way onto the rod, the little screw was not long enough, so the knobs just kept spinning. Also, the 'crystal knob' is poorly placed within the knob. And due to the spinning from the knob, the crystal part fell off the knob. I tried forcing back in there & gluing it back in. It worked for a while, but it kept getting worst and ending up 'locking' a guest into our bathroom. I had to buy a whole NEW knob set from the local hardware store. This knob only lasted us for about a few MONTHS! This knob was placed on a guest bathroom, that rarely gets used. No children to mess around with it. You're better off going to antique store and finding the real deal.1Wow wow!I have old doors in my house that use skeleton keys. most of the keys have been lost or had to break down to locks getting stuck. I found these replacements here on Amazon and purchased 2 sets, 1 for the washroom and the other one to my bed room. Easy installation looks great and works great. 2 things I don't like but can live with is that the key needs to be used to lock the door from the inside so this means the key must stay there at all times. 2nd issue is the keys are the same for both sets. Which means if I lock my bedroom door someone can remove the key from the washroom and open my room.all in all for me was a great buy for me.4Falls apart. Not safe for kids.After barely two months of use both the glass knobs fell off. I didn t write a review them because customer service was very nice about it probably being a defect and sent us new knobs. It s barely been 3 months later and the knob has stopped working well and this morning my two year old got locked in her room because turning the knob did not release the latch. I had to run and get a screwdriver to disassemble it and get her out. No amount of rejiggering can get it to function correctly. Would NOT recommend this for a door you actually plan to use and definitely not a room with children in it. Total safety hazard. Decorative use only.1Worked great at first, but now is just stuckWorked great at first when I installed it. Then after a month it started getting loose- I tightened the screw that attaches to the axle (?) inside it. It continued getting loose about every two weeks and I have to keep tightening the screw. Now however, maybe after so many tightenings it just has gotten stuck and doesn't latch at all when the door's shut. I bought two of these and the other one I haven't even been able to install because it's completely missing that same screw. I tried contacting the company, but never heard back. The actual doorknob looks great, but don't waste your money.1Excellent value for the priceI am very pleased with the quality of the set - really attractive and definitely passes for an original antique glass door knob and plate in pristine condition. We did have a little trouble with the locking mechanism, but that was due to the condition of the door and frame, which have deteriorated over the years and are buried under layers of paint. Nothing to do with the product itself. I like the look of it so much, I just purchased another set for a closet door so it will exactly match the entrance door to the room.5
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