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Discraft DSSB Beginner Disc Golf Set (3-Pack)

  • Discraft DSSB Beginner Disc Golf Set (3-Pack)

Discraft DSSB Beginner Disc Golf Set (3-Pack)

SG$ 150.00 SG$ 90.00 Save: SG$ 60.00
SG$ 90.00 SG$ 150.00 You save: SG$ 60.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Includes (1) driver, (1) mid-range and (1) putter.
  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • PDGA approved
  • Models and plastic blends may vary
  • High performance disc golf gear, makes an excellent gift for the disc golfer in your life.
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Customer Reviews

Good Set,Received the discs on May 4, 2018. Good beginner/Intermediate set, received the Elite X Heat driver, Elite X Buzzz midrange, and Magnet putter. Happy with the Buzz and Magnet, time will determine if the understable Heat is a good for me. My first understable driver so will be nice to compare.EliteX Heat - 175g (9, 6, -3, 1)EliteX Buzzz - 170g (5, 4, -1, 1)Soft Magnet - 175g (2, 3, -1, 1)If you have no idea what the numbers in parenthesis means then go to MarshallStreetdiscgolf and look at the "Flight Guide" tabOverall nice set for $20, might buy again to have more practice discs5Perfect for beginners! Love this beginners set, reasonably priced and perfect for anyone just getting into the sport. Comes with a mid, ranged and putter disc which is the base discs needed to play. They are durable and handle scruffs and bad throws well. Buyer be warned, the colors you get are random but at less than $20 a set they are cheap enough to order multiple sets with a chance of getting a great color scheme. My first set was black, yellow and orange, the second set I just received was more of my style pink, purple and aqua.I highly recommend this set 53 awesome discs for a great price!This was a great deal and I am really happy with the 3 discs I got. First I got the soft magnet in orange which I am really excited about. I played with a friend's soft magnet and loved it so I was happy to see it was a possibility to get it in this set. I really liked the green I got for the buzzz too, beautiful color. The thing that surprised me was that I got a heat instead of the avenger as that others have gotten. This is great because the heat is a little more stable and since I almost still learning that should be a big help to me. Overall this is an amazing deal though and all 3 discs are awesome!5Perfect starter set & GREAT price ...For the price, you cannot beat this set for starting out. The Buzz disc alone is worth $13. My set included an Avenger SS driver (145-150 grams), Buzz mid-range (175-176) and Magnet putter (170-172). I'm happy with the combo and varying weights. The Avenger is light and flies much farther than the Buzz. They took some abuse on their maiden round (plenty of direct tree hits) but held up well ... even with my pup tracking down my errant tosses.5Not as described at all...very dissapointed...not 1 disc as described.....buy INNOVADidn't like much of anything with this purchase..read all reviews was ready to get my soft magnet or magnet.buzz midrange and avenger....recvd focus/comet/crank....not 1 of the discs described or pictured with a completely different package....the comet was obviously a larger diameter and completely different plastic...going back to INNOVA....not a good transaction....amazon getting shakey lately......not even close to a beginers set not even a set with all different plastics and skill levels.....junk1Perfect set for a beginner, great quality! This is my first set ever for Disc Golf and I love it. My friends that play more than me were surprised with the quality of these discs, so I know I got something good here. I can't recommend these enough and are bright enough that I haven't lost them yet on a course, and they fly great despite my throwing style, which is still more suited for Ultimate Frisbee. 5Worth picking up for Beginners to Intermediate levels.I got the Avenger SS(Hot Pink), Buzzz(Light Blue), and the Magnet(White) which seems to be pretty standard. Apparently you can get either the Magnet or Magnet Soft from the other reviews I had read. I'm definitely happy with what I got, but was hoping for the Magnet Soft. Other than that only complaint, these discs hold up well and are great for beginners. Both the Buzzz and the Magnet are top notch discs and are staples in the game. The Avenger used to be a really popular mold but is outclassed by other molds and brands, but that doesn't mean it's not a great disc. Don't be discouraged by people comparing Discraft set to the Innova set, both are great brands and each disc is meant to do something different jobs. I would say buy either or buy both to fill up your bag. This is an amazing buy at a great price.5Best value starter set on Amazon! But will be outgrown very quickly...I ordered two of these. Here's what I got:X Heat (172 grams) 1 magenta, 1 hot pinkX Buzzz (155 grams) both yellowMagnet (170 grams) both sky blueThese are fantastic starter discs at great weights. Hands down the best DX starter set out there--and yes that includes Innovas. The Buzz is a little light for my tastes and tends to get pushed around in the wind but it is versatile and holds whatever line you give it. But the magnet and the heat are heavy enough to throw in any wind situation (though the heat works best with a tailwind). The Heat gets HUGE distance and turns over easily which makes it great for beginners. But once you get decent arm speed it turns over too much turns hard right. The magnet I love as a putter but it isn't the straightest approach disc so I don't really use it outside 50 feet. It's also a really deep rim so not the most comfortable to drive or make long approaches with.So yes, insanely good value for $20. All 3 discs are great for beginners. That being said, the plastic will degrade quickly. Had these for 2 months and all of them have ripped up edges and fading decals. Though I will say I play several times a week with them... So if you want to eventually play in tournaments and take your game to the next level, I would just make the investment in an Innova G-star or Champion grade plastic set right off the bat.TL;DR: If you're playing casually and just getting these discs, it's the best starter set on Amazon. But if you plan on improving, get a G-star or champion starter pack instead.4Two thumbs up!Very good beginner disc golf set. I bought this originally 2-3 years ago when I first started disc golf and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Ieven bought as set for my brother as a gift. They are well made and fly true. They have held up well to use, abuse, and those pesky trees. They are reasonably priced as well. Bright colors make them much easier to find, especially if you're playing in the fall with leaves around. I would recommend these discs to the novice or the veteran player. I actually just re-purchased them since I lost my original ones while moving. The second set is as good as the first.5Nice set to start with!This was my first disc golf set that helped me to learn. They're pretty good! They've all taken a beating from hitting various things and landing on concrete, yet they seem to fly just fine. Although, if you can spend a little more on amazon, buy the Innova set. They're much easier for a beginner to throw straight and they seem to be better shaped for grip. The only reason i got these was because it was the cheapest well known set here, but the innova set can be found for the same price in stores if you can get to it.5Well thought-outI ordered 2 sets, one for me and one for my son, both brand new to disc golf. We each got the X Heat driver, the X Buzzz midrange, and the Pro-D Soft Magnet putter.The midrange and putter are both very well-regarded, and I can see why. We both love throwing the Buzzz, it gets great distance, doesn't fade early, and is just really forgiving given its performance. Our putting game is still weak but the soft magnet seems pretty great overall. The X-blend Heat driver still fades hard for us both, I guess we have to work on our power, but from what I've read it's a little more understable than the Avenger SS some have gotten. Still, I doubt you can go wrong with this set no matter what you get, and from what I've read, us beginners should probably start with the midrange and putter before moving up to a driver. Looks like everyone is getting a Buzzz of some sort which will stay in your arsenal forever, a Magnet of some kind that is easy to learn on, and a good driver of some kind to grow into.Discraft makes consistent high-quality discs and you can trust the brand (though I'm an old Ultimate player so I may be biased). For the price and the thought that seems to go into this set, it's a no-brainer. FYI colors and specifics may vary, but my son and I have two sets of the same discs with different colors, which is perfect for us since I carry them all.5Great for beginners (like me)I got the Orange Avenger SS, Puke Yellow Buzzz, and the Pimp Purple Soft Magnet.Love the set I received. I ve been using the Innova starter set and they are a bit too hard for my small hands. The softer material of the Discrafts is perfect for me. The only negative I d say with the softer material is that after a couple of shots to the trees they scuff up pretty bad.All in all, I m VERY happy with this purchase. I did deduct one star because they originally sent me an individual disc instead of a 3-pack but amazon rectified that situation quickly. Love this set and it s perfect for beginners!4
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