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EShine 4 Panels 12 Inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Cool White (6000K)

  • EShine 4 Panels 12 Inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Cool White (6000K)
  • EShine 4 Panels 12 Inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Cool White (6000K)
  • EShine 4 Panels 12 Inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Cool White (6000K)
  • EShine 4 Panels 12 Inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Cool White (6000K)
  • EShine 4 Panels 12 Inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Cool White (6000K)
  • EShine 4 Panels 12 Inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Cool White (6000K)

EShine 4 Panels 12 Inch LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Cool White (6000K)

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SG$ 153.60 SG$ 256.00 You save: SG$ 102.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • HAND WAVE ACTIVATED! The Sensitive IR Sensor of our Under Cabinet Lights turn ON/OFF with a simple wave. Great for Busy Days in the Kitchen. No pesky remote control that gets dirty and bothers you while you work.
  • TOUCHLESS DIMMING CONTROL ! Hold your hand under the sensor to adjust brightness of all lights. No remote needed.
  • ECONOMIC AND ECO-FRIENDLY. With a low energy consumption of 18W, EShine LED under cabinet lights will save you money and are environment friendly.
  • STURDY AND ELEGANT. Our EShine Under Cabinet Lights are made from high quality, sturdy materials. Available in two colors: Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K), for a homely or professional light.
  • EASY TO INSTALL. Two Installation Methods Included: Typical Screws and 3M Sticker (no damage option). Includes wire clips for comfortable installation.
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Customer Reviews

Love these lights. These lights are amazing. The motion sensor works great and the ability to dim the lights by just holding your hand in front of the sensor works flawlessly. Once you dim the lights then turn them off they stay at that same setting when you turn the lights back on, nice feature. Now the most important part...they are very bright when not dimmed. We have tried several different types of under cabinet lights and these by far are the best and the brightest. Easy to install with either double sided sticky tape or with screws which is what I chose to use. They also include little plugs that install into the holes you use to mount them with the screws, nice touch. I hope they last for a long time because we really like them alot. The other thing to note is they are really thin and when installed under our cabinets you cannot see them at all. 5Only lasted 2 days. Worked for 2 days now it won't turn on unless it is unplugged for a while then plugged back in.Update: contacted customer support and they determined it was a faulty sensor. Handed very well upgraded my original star to 4 stars. 4Superior under cabinet lighting I'd previously purchased two of the 20" LED panels and was AMAZED at how easy they were to install and how bright and crisp the light is (I got the "cool white" version, so the light was about 5,000K). This set was no different, except I had to plug the four panels together. But here again I was pleasantly surprised. The set comes with two different methods of connecting the panels: one is by using a small adapter so you can plug one panel directly into the second panel; the other is to use a short cable supplied to join them by cable, which allows you to mount the lights further apart or at a different location (up to the length of the cable). As before, easy to install and magnificent lighting. 5They are easy to install and come with all the hardware you ... OK folks, I don't write many reviews and when I do it is not before or just after receiving merchandise. With that said, I am going to give these lights a very high recommendation after two weeks of use. The lighting they provide to the counter tops below my kitchen cabinets is satisfactory at the least. They are easy to install and come with all the hardware you need. I don't think that you could ask more for what these are designed to do. At this point, I am more than satisfied. To be able to turn on the lights with my full or dirty hands without actually touching a light switch is great. LED lighting should last a very long time and I only hope that these lights as well as the IR switching device provide several years of service. If they do, then I would suggest that this is one of my best purchases ever. 5Excellent - highly recommended It's extremely rare that I would write a product review, but I am so pleased with these lights I felt they deserved the recognition. We moved into a new home a few months ago and I was very disappointed that it did not have under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. Having a professional install hard wired LED lights would have been pricey ($1200 or more). I bought two of these 4 pack lights, one for each side of our kitchen, and an extra bag of the adhesive cable clips. The lights have performed flawlessly and have transformed the feel of the kitchen to very warm and inviting. Lighting is important to me as it can so impact the mood of a room. The motion sensor and dimmable features are fantastic. There are no indicators to let you know the precise level of the light intensity with the dimmer, so you just have to go by sight. It can be a challenge to get them at the precise level you like sometimes. The only other down side is I have two power supplies showing with a wire running up to the lights from the outlets, but we've managed to hide them pretty well. A small issue. They are very bright at full intensity and soft at the other end, so there's a good range to suite your taste and mood. They also give off virtually no heat. Make sure you get the correct number of panels and power supplies for your application, and get some extra cable clips if you want to hide the wires really well - you'll need them. We use these lights every day for several hours and have not had any issues with them so far (about 3 months). Very nice product! 5WELL MADE EASY TO INSTALL LOW ENERGY LIGHTING. Lights arrived on time. Had everything in the package and in good shape. Easy To install and put off plenty of light but LED's lights ten to lose lightas they become older. But still should be OK. Don't use to much tape . The tape holds well with about 3 one inch strips per light.This way shouldyou need to move the light it won't brake them . Use alcohol and a cotten ball to clean both sides. To get oil a dirt off all parts. If you can start behindthe Frig. it's a good place start , to hide the large plug. Put light with the sensor close't to the plug so it will turn on/off all lights. I bought 2 sets4 light strip per side. I have plenty of light even if they become dimmer . I'm very happy with these lights .My kitchen was dark in the day time . Now Ihave low cost lighting there to brighten up the area. Good Luck and I hope this helps, Richard Alfonso 5Perfect under-cabinets lights These lights are very well built and are an excellent addition to kitchen. I chose the warmer version which looks just right for my purposes, and surprisingly I use the dimmer more often than I thought I would to adjust for daytime and nighttime. This was a fantastic alternative to hard wired lights and the cord is easy to run discretely with various lengths available.If I had A complaint, it would be that you can't add the sensor unit farther down the circuit, but I understand why it can't work in this set up. 5These should be more than five stars! We have an "L" shaped kitchen with two areas where, when standing in front of the under-cabinet countertops, my own shadow almost entirely blocks out the the light from the ceiling mounted 48" fluorescents-in-a-box-with-a-plastic-lens. When we first moved in it seemed the only solution was to install four--one in one area and three in the other area--under-cabinet halogen fixtures. That worked leaving only two problems: One, the backs of my wife's hands suffered sunburn and two, cold food on the countertop became warm food within 20 minutes. We opted for the halogen lamps not because we wanted sunburned knuckles or warm food but rather back in those days eight inch fluorescents didn't provide any useful light. Well, really the halogen gave us three problems: The carrier for the halogens seemed to have been designed for use on a battleship as they were large, operating-room white and therefore pretty much ugly. Then, there was lamp cord running to 110v outlets. Functional but not so beautiful.My wife got used to the burned knuckles, warm food and ugliness (sorta) but then one day--thank heavens--a lamp burned out prompting me to look on Amazon (really, where else would I look?) not for a replacement lamp but for replacement fixtures. Oh, there are so many; it was hard to choose. Because of less heat--which means a lot less electricity use--and a much more compact design, the only possible solution was going to be LED's. Yeah, but that still left a whole lot from which to choose.Then I found what I believe to be the only brand which included not only "wave your hand to turn on or off" but also "hold your hand under the "switch" and either dim or brighten the LEDs." Neat! And, they were so sleek and clean, they'd be all but invisible when looking at the area... what a great solution to getting rid of ugliness. Oh, one more thing: These countertops are work areas and therefore "daylight" lighting (6,000 Kelvin... pretty close to sunlight as opposed to kinda yellow light) would work best. So, I ordered one 20" eShine panel and one kit of four almost 12" panels, 6,000 K. Two days later I was holding them up trying to figure out how they'd look and how best to attach them to the bottom of the cabinets.The included instructions were clear and useful. The connectors and the over all design and manufacture of each component was obviously triple A quality. The inter-panel connectors came in both a "solid" strip, i.e., one continuous strip version and in a-chain-each-panel-by-wire (each about 36") version. And, I could attach the panels by screws (supplied) or by two sided (3M, no less) tape (supplied). There was even a goodly number of stick-up cable managers, supplied. eShine thought of everything; perfect!I attached all five panels using screws. Putting up all five panels took me about 90 minutes (I tend to be both slow and careful having graduated from the Measure Twice, Cut Once School) but that includes taking down the old fixtures and taking then out to the landfill can, aka. the trash can. Sad. Very.The finished job looks great. The fixtures work great and they cast truly excellent light. A perfect solution. I am very pleased... so's my wife and, around here, that really matters. These eShine panels get at least eight stars, for sure.(Notes: Hard to get a good image. The lights overexpose the image. What actually shows is aluminum but what you see here is reflected cabinet color. One image tries to demonstrate 6,000 K.) 5Good product, poor manual... Nice lights, look nice, but the manual caused problems. I made the mistake of installing all four units before I plugged it in. The motion sensor didn't work. The lights came on when plugged in, but wouldn't go off until unplugged, and, of course, there's no switch. A rep from EShine helped me solve the problem. The first bar must be plugged into the transformer on the end that has a sticker saying "power," Mine didn't have a sticker, so I installed it backwards, which disables the motion sensor. This information is in the 3rd step of the instructions, which I read after I had the bars installed. After I swapped ends with the plugs, everything is OK. It's a good product, but they need to pay more attention to clarity of the manual. I would recommend purchasing these lights.... 4Installation was relatively easy. Installed a duplex electrical outlet inside the overhead ... Installation was relatively easy. Installed a duplex electrical outlet inside the overhead cabinet with a 5/8" drill hole down thru the cabinet bottom shelf for both 12V power cords. After a short worm-up, both 4 panel units operate as advertised. The dimmer feature is really cool! Plan on ordering another 4 panel unit very soon. BTW - I used the 3M adhesive strips & the miniature #0 screws to secure the panels to the underside of the cabinet bottom.05-05-2017 Update: Have purchased an additional 4-unit set for the overhead cabinets left of the Range & Microwave. Expect these units to last a very long time. Thank you. 5
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