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Family Life Resurrection Eggs - 12-Piece Easter Egg Set with Booklet and Religious Figurines Inside - Tells The Full Story of Easter

  • Family Life Resurrection Eggs - 12-Piece Easter Egg Set with Booklet and Religious Figurines Inside - Tells The Full Story of Easter
  • Family Life Resurrection Eggs - 12-Piece Easter Egg Set with Booklet and Religious Figurines Inside - Tells The Full Story of Easter
  • Family Life Resurrection Eggs - 12-Piece Easter Egg Set with Booklet and Religious Figurines Inside - Tells The Full Story of Easter
  • Family Life Resurrection Eggs - 12-Piece Easter Egg Set with Booklet and Religious Figurines Inside - Tells The Full Story of Easter
  • Family Life Resurrection Eggs - 12-Piece Easter Egg Set with Booklet and Religious Figurines Inside - Tells The Full Story of Easter

Family Life Resurrection Eggs - 12-Piece Easter Egg Set with Booklet and Religious Figurines Inside - Tells The Full Story of Easter

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Send your children on a hunt that will lead them to the treasure of Easter
  • Read the story together, open each egg, and find the surprise inside - each a symbol of Jesus journey to the cross
  • Great way to connect while reliving the events of those history-changing hours
  • Also a wonderful children's Sunday school Catholic or Christian religious Easter activity
  • Includes 1 egg carton; 12 plastic eggs with improved symbols inside; 1 beautifully illustrated,bilingual storybook; and 1 set of colorful stickers
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Customer Reviews

This was the most exciting presentation of the Easter message ... This was the most exciting presentation of the Easter message! My grandkids, ages 6 and 7, were so excited to open each egg and to hear the explanation of what was inside. They peeked at the empty egg before it was time, and could hardly wait to hear why there was nothing inside. After they heard me tell the story, they repeated it back to each other over and over. This was so worth every penny that I spent!!! 5Very pleased with both the item and our experience We have a tradition of creating a scavenger hunt for my daughter each Easter morning. This year, I came across the resurrection eggs, and I purchased these to create a Christ-centered scavenger hunt for my daughter. The eggs themselves are just standard plastic eggs, as one would expect, but I was surprised by the toys inside the eggs; the quality of those was much better than I expected. The case that the set comes in is also quite nice. I did not give my daughter the included book as part of our scavenger hunt, but typed the scriptures included in the book on slips of paper, followed by my own explanations of each scripture and by a clue as to where to find the next egg. This allowed me to explain the significance of each scripture using diction more suited to an older child (the set is meant for younger children) and to tailor the explanations of each scripture and symbolic toy to be in keeping with the specific teachings of our church, which sometimes differ from the teachings in the book. My daughter was pleased with the activity, loved the set of eggs, and, having stowed them away in the included plastic carton after her scavenger hunt, pulled them out more than once to read the scriptures and explain the significance of each symbol to several of our guests at Easter dinner. All in all, I'd say it was a hit, and I'm very pleased with both the item and our experience. 5This was the best $17 I have ever spent This was the best $17 I have ever spent. The eggs are so durable, not the cheap flimsy kind. The pieces for the inside of them are well made too. The plastic box is durable as well. The story book it came with was well put together and described the story very well. My 6 year old and I very much enjoyed it. And I love that I will be able to keep this for years and years. Much better than trying to put together a DIY one off of Pinterest! I would recommend to anyone!! 5Great product These are awesome! I bought them for my preschool Sunday school class. The little figurines inside the eggs are perfect! They are solid and large and detailed. The eggs are really cheap and one cracked the first day, but they re easily replaceable. And the booklet walking through the Easter story for kids is written very well. It was really helpful to have that template for the story time. Great purchase! 5Eggs are great but materials relevant to the egg set don't actually match up!! The FamilyLife Resurrection Eggs are very nice, but I wish the book that comes with it had a hard cover - it's a small book that will likely be damaged with time and use, and I probably won't let kids play with it. More importantly though, I also purchased "The Story of the Resurrection Eggs Benjamin's Box" (ISBN 97803107155054 Zonderkidz 1997/updated 2008) as the book was clearly advertised and "designed" to be used with FamilyLife's Resurrection Eggs. I'm happy that I made that purchase because the soft-cover book that comes with the eggs is not story-like at all but rather instructional with an accurate color-coded page per egg. That said, although it's easier/nicer to use the story told in Benjamin's Box with younger kids, please/please/please note, Benjamin's Box does not/not tell the story in a way that matches up perfectly with the eggs, which presented a bit of a challenge when I read this to children for the first time (I had not reviewed the soft-cover book prior to reading Benjamin's Box - big mistake). I made it a game and we talked about what object we thought should actually be in each egg and also originally thought that maybe an object or two were missing as the objects nor the color of the eggs matched up exactly with Benjamin's Box. I later looked at the soft-cover book and found that the egg set was actually complete as per the egg product description - it just doesn't match Benjamin's Box. As Benjamin's Box is again advertised and states inside the book pg 7, "How to Use This Book, While Benjamin's Box can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story, it is designed to be used with FamilyLife's Resurrection Eggs" -- it would be nice if FamilyLife would again update either the book or the eggs so that these products actually correspond and work together. At a minimum, stop advertising that they go together - they really don't at this point. Comparison below for reference.Resurrection Eggs //// Benjamin's Book:1. Blue egg, LITTLE DONKEY //// same2. Light Pink egg, SILVER COINS //// same3. Light Purple egg, CUP //// same4. Orange egg, PRAYING HANDS //// same5. Green egg, WHIP //// Green egg for THE LEATHER STRAP (confusing for kids as the objects don't look alike at all)6. Yellow egg, ROOSTER //// (confusing here - there nothing anywhere in the book about the rooster, or the yellow egg at this point)7. Light Orange egg, CROWN OF THORNS //// shows WHITE EGG with green writing for THE THORN8. Light Green egg, NAILS IN THE CROSS //// shows YELLOW EGG with gold writing for THE NAIL (confusing as book shows three nails in a pile not a cross)9. Purple egg, SPEAR //// shows a BLUE EGG and a PURPLE EGG for THE DIE & THE SPEAR (confusing as there are no die in the egg set and no third blue egg in the set, which would be needed here to match the book)10. Light Blue egg, LINEN CLOTH //// shows a WHITE EGG with blue writing for THE CLOTH (confusing as kids are looking for the white egg here, which is actually empty in the egg set - kids originally thought an object was missing and had to open other eggs till they found the cloth)11. Pink egg, STONE //// same12. White egg, EMPTY //// shows a BLUE EGG with blue writing for HE IS RISEN! (very confusing for kids as they are looking for a blue egg and a DOVE as is pictured in the book; the book doesn't indicate in any way that the egg they find at this point should be empty - there is no DOVE in the egg set, but there is a CHICKEN in a yellow egg that makes no sense here but the kids tried to substitute the CHICKEN for the DOVE...)Overall, I'd still recommend the set, but you'll have to do some work in advance to make this work well if using the Benjamin's Box story! Otherwise, get ready to be creative while you're reading... and explain the chicken that magically makes it's appearance as the kids discover HE IS RISEN! 4Simple and Engaging Way to Share the Resurrection Story My son LOVES these Resurrection Eggs! He loves tiny hints anyway, and these figurines inside are sturdy (various parts are plastic/metal/rock/cloth) and give a hands-on way to share the story of Jesus s crucifixion. The book is wonderful and I believe will grow with him as he grows. He uses he book to identify the order of the eggs and to put the pieces away when he s finished. The story inside is short, but still well-illustrated and written. It includes the associated Scriptures and commentary/questions to help engage the child.Also within the booklet is a spread about how to explain salvation to your child and the key questions and conversations. Such a great tool for parents as they lead their children to a saving knowledge of Jesus.I would HIGHLY recommend these to every family! It has given our 3 year old son a preliminary understanding of Easter and has actually made him more aware as he sees local churches with crosses. Each time we pass a cross he points and says, Jesus. Hurt. Die. It s good to know that the message is translating beyond the eggs and that he is able to identify and engage with the story in a real way. 5The kids really liked these as a fun way to learn the Easter ... The kids really liked these as a fun way to learn the Easter story and have asked to do it multiple times since buying them. The only think I did not like about them was that it was advertised on here as going with the book Benjamin's Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs (or maybe visa-versa?) which did not entirely link up. Several eggs were the wrong color or in a different place in the book or had an entirely different treasure (these had a rooster for Peter that the book didn't mention). There is a small booklet that comes with the eggs that is nice but it wasn't our original plan. Overall we're enjoying them. 4My 6 year old loved it! They ve really tapped into the whole blind bag craze with this. Everyday after school my daughter would beg to open the next day as soon as she walked in the door. I liked the short stories, but I wish they were more engaging. My daughter can remember what some of the symbols represent, but some are forgotten as soon as we read the story.All negative things considered I would still buy it again a and I would recommend it to everyone as an introduction to Easter. 5Family treasure for years to coms This year I really wanted my toddler to understand the story of Easter and what Jesus did for us. My 3 year old became really involved, she loved opening the eggs as I would read the story that coordinated with the prop.This is such a treasure I hope to bring out year after year. 5I am so glad I did I didn't want to pay this much on plastic Easter eggs BUT, I am so glad I did. My daughters are 3 & 5 and this is the time when we're setting the foundation for our children's faith. They both really love these eggs & the figures that came inside. The figurines are well made & will last. The book included was a nice addition! 5
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