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Fiskars 196920-1001 Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer, 12 Inch,Blue

  • Fiskars 196920-1001 Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer, 12 Inch,Blue

Fiskars 196920-1001 Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer, 12 Inch,Blue

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Ideal for all your scrapbook page trimming needs
  • Patented TripleTrack System interlocks the blade and rail for cuts that are straight and steady, never curved or wobbly
  • Swing-out arm extends the measuring deck to 15 1/4 inch to cut extra-large scrapbook pages accurately
  • 12 inch cut capacity
  • Lifetime warranty
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Customer Reviews

I don't think it's user error :pI don't know if it's just bad luck or what, but this is my second trimmer that doesn't produce a truly straight line. Well, the line IS straight, it's just not even. When I line it up and cut a page down the middle one side is bigger on the bottom. I really like the Fiskars brand, so I'm considering purchasing another one... third time's a charm, right? The blade is very sharp, but mine falls out of the track sometimes because I store it upright. I like the fact that it comes with a replacement blade, too.Update: Jan. 11, 2015. This trimmer is a lot better than what I initially thought. Some of my previous issues WERE due to used error. I've found that as long as I slightly push the blade to either the right or the left (one or the other) as I'm running it through my paper, then I get an even cut. Before I was just sliding it down without paying attention and the slight difference in play can cause the blade to float over. The only reason I didn't bump it up to five stars is because the black measurements are nearly gone in some areas. I've just ordered the Fiskars 12 Inch SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer (152490-1004) which has the measurements under the surface so they won't ever wear off.4Very good paper cutter. Sharp and easy to useLet me start by saying I do have a silhouette cameo for all the paper cutting work but every time I just want to cut a straight line of a bunch of paper placing it in the cutting mat and going through the software to cut is just too much work.It is also a pain to pull them out of the mat.So for basic card making or even school work for the kids this a quick and easy solution to cut the corner of the paper you. It is very precise I did not have any issues with movement of the paper while cutting or incorrect measurements.Very good buy . Highly recommend5LOVE THIS!This cuts great. Traditional paper cutters don't work for me. The difference with this one is that there is a ditch that shows you exactly where the blade will go and the ruler (paper guide) helps to keep the paper in place. With this trimmer I have gotten exact cuts, which I love. With traditional paper cuts I would sometimes have different cuts depending on the size of the stack, and papers would be cut different lengths, albeit pretty close together. Sometimes I would have stray strips of paper, which is irritating. With this cutter, depending on the size of the stack and thickness of the paper, yes, I sometimes have to cut twice, which traditionally would have create the different lines/cuts. The way this is made with the paper guide holding the paper down you don't get little stray strips of paper. It's been worth it. Hassle free cutting!It's also beautiful with the cute flower design.The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars was because the cutter (orange part) came off when I held the cutter at a 90 degree angle, but I was just as easily able to put back on, which is good in a way because you get a free replacement, but still, it was surprising (and unsettling) that blade just flew off. Needless to say, I keep this 180 degrees.4Beware! Packaging left sticky residue & alcohol removed the surface markings!This is not my first Fiskars paper trimmer, but my old one was outdated enough that finding replacement blades was tricky. I'm not happy with this one, and haven't even been able to use it yet!Unfortunately I waited too long to open mine, and I'm past the return date. Upon opening to use it, there was a piece of cardboard packaging taped to the cutting surface. When I removed it, the tape left sticky residue that I was unable to remove with the tape itself. So I used my "go to" method of Goo Gone on a cotton pad to remove the tape, followed by alcohol on a fresh cotton pad to remove the oily residue of the Goo Gone. Sadly, the alcohol removed not only the residue, but also removed, or lightened, the markings, the light silver color, and the flowers!I'm not sure how else I could have removed the sticky residue left by the packaging, but beware! This could be a problem for others.2 stars because it still cuts as intended, but now it's ugly and the faded markings won't hold up as long.2Accurate and simpleThis is an easy to use, accurate cutter. Not all trimmers are, and especially at this price. My last trimmer was off by just enough to prevent a 90 degree angle; this one isn't. The swing out arm means it can measure far more than you could otherwise, and the markings on the surface are very helpful for measuring common sizes. They, too, are straight and accurate. The only two criticisms I have are fairly minor: 1, I wish that the numbers were marked at both top and bottom, because it can be hard to see the top markings when the paper is covering them up. 2, the blade (which is replaceable, and it comes with a spare!) is a tiny bit too easy to come out, and has fallen out without my realizing, so that I had to search for it. If you are more careful than I was, this shouldn't be an issue; and the flip side is that it is very, very easy to replace. The bottom line is that I suspect this is the best trimmer you will find for the price.5Must have for crafters!This thing is a life saver! I was working on a project where a lot of cutting was involved and not only am I horrible with scissors so the lines weren't coming out even close to straight, but my hands were killing me! We have a gigantic paper cutter in the house but I was not even close to interested in lugging that thing around. So I found this. It's such a perfect size! It is super light and easy to move. The cutter works really well! Over time the blade became a bit dull and I had to change it out but that's to be expected with a lot of use. I was able to cut a few pieces of card stock at once. The thicker the material, the more room for error so be careful and make sure that you are holding the paper securely in place.This is definitely one of my favorite new toys! It has been such a help for my crafting projects. I really don't know how I went so long without having one!5Excellent for Trimming Photo's or DVD CoversPurchased this for Trimming Photos, DVD covers, etc... My worries were the unit was not going to be able to handle professional use - at this point I have trimmed several thousand Covers and hundreds of Photo's, mind you one at a time, I am using 50 to 75 lb stock so they are fairly thick and to this point it has been perfect. Attached to the base unit there is a clear plastic ruler that lifts up, you slide the Photo underneath it, aligning the top and bottom with a groove, then slide the orange blade piece down cutting the photo, then you lift up the plastic piece again - spin the photo to the other edge and run the orange blade piece back the opposite direction of what you just did - upwards or downwards. The resulting trim is straight and precise, continuing this motion until all edges are trimmed. There is a limit to the thickness that you will be able to cut, the Orange cutting piece that you see in the picture, contains a small corner of a blade, I would imaging this is going to need replacing and procedures are included in the directions telling you the name of the replacement blade. I have not replaced the blade as of yet, and it comes with two of them of the shelf in the package. Item works great and for the total price delivered being less than the cost of having one ream of paper cut professionally you would be hard pressed to beat it economically. For the small business owner ( meaning your own hard working self) this is one less problem you have to worry about.5Easy to use, works well, great priceThis is a great trimmer for the price. I purchased it to cut down some oversized Tarot cards. It took a few minutes to get used to lining up the card, moving the blade, etc. But after a few tries, you will get comfortable with it quickly. I trimmed all 4 sides of some medium cardstock cards and the blade is so far like new. It does come with a replacement blade. The blade works in both directions, so I could position a card, cut it from left to right, position the next side, cut that from right to left, etc. On a very few occasions, I had to re-trim an edge; this is avoidable by applying a slight downward pressure to the blade as you move it across the paper. There is a fold-out ruler for measuring and lining up larger projects which I have not had occasion to use yet. My daughter tells me she can't wait to get her hands on this for some art projects. It's even pretty, with a floral design.5This cutter has all the features I've grown to love about my previous cuttersI have been a fan of Fiskars cutters from the day I started scrapbooking. I already have a couple different styles of their cutters but couldn't resist getting this one because of how cute it is! This cutter has all the features I've grown to love about my previous cutters...the swing arm for measuring, the gridlines to guide paper placement, the good quality blade that produces clean cuts every time and it's lightweight and portable. You won't be disappointed with this cutter! I do have to comment that the swing arm which holds the blade seems backwards to me on this one. On the two Fiskars cutters that I already own the swing arm opens by lifting it to your right and this one opens by lifting it to your left. This is going to take some getting used to on my part. However, I did not dock for this on the review because my girlfriends who have other cutter brands say theirs open the same way this one does...so really it's just all what you've gotten used to. I'm sure I'll be used to it in no time!5Please Just Buy This OneIf you are about to buy a paper cutter just go for this one. I use it to cut up to 4 sheets of 24# paper at a time, one slice of the blade and they are all clean cut. My trimmer has been under VERY heavy use for over 6 months and all parts still look great. I've bought replacement blades maybe 4 times (that's 8 blades total) due to very heavy use and needing a very clean cut. The accuracy on this cutter is phenomenal, with precision down to 1/8." I love the fact that the cutting guard is clear. It's really easy to use, cuts straight, and it does not shift around during use though it is lightweight. THE BEST PAPER CUTTER EVER.Seriously, I have recently attempted to replace this trusty trimmer with a couple different more expensive rotary trimmers. I thought making the investment one of these trimmers might help me get more work done quicker. Well, I was wrong. This review comes after another FAIL by the 2nd rotary trimmer I've purchased within a few weeks. After these bad experiences with supposedly better trimmers I'm ready to purchase more replacement blades for this awesome little trimmer!!!Do not be dazzled by the claims some trimmers out there are making, they suck. They have "cutting mats" which are just pieces of plastic you end up slicing into every time you make a cut, and dull the blades. And, on these other trimmers you have to press down really hard- and they don't always cut through! To be fair, there's tons of rotary trimmers out there and maybe, just maybe *cough* or not *cough* there is a good one. It just makes me realize how wonderful this trimmer is.Update on 6/1/2013It's still working perfectly after over a year now.Update on 2/25/2015I have had the same trimmer now for 3 years and it still works great. The only change is some spots on it where the lines and design are have rubbed off. However that's just due to the way I use it. And it still works for me after daily use for 3 years!!These are the replacement blades:Triple 196870-1001 Track Refill Blade For No.98935It's annoying I bought this to replace the one my toddler broke and I'm glad I got this but I have some negativesCons*the blade pops out all the time on the side with the gap to get it out. You can't always use just one side. It is so annoying* the line where the blade cuts it quite thick so when you're trying to cut something small or precise you're guessing. Also annoying*the blade misses the beginning of your paper if it isn't exactly at the edge. Also very annoying.Pros*nice big size* the measurements are nice in the base* it cuts cleanly, where it actually cutsI wouldn't buy this again. If but a different one. But it's cheap so that's why I got it. 3
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