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Fit and Fresh Charlotte Insulated Lunch Bag for Women, 9" x 6" x 8", Pink Aqua Paisley

  • Fit and Fresh Charlotte Insulated Lunch Bag for Women, 9" x 6" x 8", Pink Aqua Paisley
  • Fit and Fresh Charlotte Insulated Lunch Bag for Women, 9" x 6" x 8", Pink Aqua Paisley
  • Fit and Fresh Charlotte Insulated Lunch Bag for Women, 9" x 6" x 8", Pink Aqua Paisley
  • Fit and Fresh Charlotte Insulated Lunch Bag for Women, 9" x 6" x 8", Pink Aqua Paisley
  • Fit and Fresh Charlotte Insulated Lunch Bag for Women, 9" x 6" x 8", Pink Aqua Paisley
  • Fit and Fresh Charlotte Insulated Lunch Bag for Women, 9" x 6" x 8", Pink Aqua Paisley
  • Fit and Fresh Charlotte Insulated Lunch Bag for Women, 9" x 6" x 8", Pink Aqua Paisley

Fit and Fresh Charlotte Insulated Lunch Bag for Women, 9" x 6" x 8", Pink Aqua Paisley

SG$ 142.00 SG$ 85.20 Save: SG$ 56.80
SG$ 85.20 SG$ 142.00 You save: SG$ 56.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Quick & easy packing: The Charlotte has a flat, sturdy base and a wide frame opening, which makes packing your lunch super easy!
  • Keep your food fresh: interior features thick insulation to keep food and drinks cool and fresh and features easy to clean PEVA in case of any accidental spills
  • Keep the cool in: lunch bag features a full-length zipper closure that locks in the cold so your lunch stays fresh until it??s time to eat
  • Grab and go: two top handles make this bag easy to grab when you??re headed out the door for work
  • The perfect size: This durable, 12 oz. Cotton exterior bag measures 10? x 7? x 9?. ice pack not included
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Customer Reviews

Not As Functional As I Had HopedThe lunch bag is great quality, sturdy, and cute. But the size is deceiving. The bag looks big and when it s open you can fit a good amount inside. But when you close the bag, all that free space goes away. The top lining has a metal rod that comes together when you close the bag. The good thing is that this is what makes it so incredibly sturdy, but the bad thing is that it compacts everything inside. I can fit a small food container on the bottom and an apple or two on top, but it doesn t hold more than two small apples or so closer to the top of the bag. So if you want to stack two food containers for different types of food or add an apple and a juice box, or something similar, this is probably not the bag for you.3Great if you're only packing a couple of snacks and a small lunchNeeded a lunch bag for work and I only chose this because it already comes with its own ice pack. When I bought it, it looked small but upon opening it, there's a whole bunch of space! Another customer mentioned this as well in a review and I agree at the fact how all of the extra room you get upon opening it gets eaten up by the support bars on top where the zipper is.It's a tease really because the bag is large and you fit a lot of things in it but as soon as you close it, it's a whole other story. One day I found myself having a hard time closing it so I had to put things like my cereal and chips in my book bag to make room in the lunch bag for things that were temperature sensitive. The whole point of me getting a lunch bag is to put all of my food related things in one bag whether it need to be chilled or not. If you don't mind the bulky look of things, I'd recommend a bigger lunchbox. Might not look cute but at the end of the day, you can carry your meals for the day comfortably in one bag. I attached a link for the lunchbox I ordered if this helps with some of you who want more space. MIER 16 Can Large Insulated Lunch Bag for Women, Soft Leakproof Liner, OrangeAlso i'm not too sure about the insulation quality of this bag. It's probably due to how small the icepack is that you get. It melts so fast it's ridiculous! I have this larger ice pack and I packed it in the bag today and so far my food and drinks have been staying cold when normally by now, the smaller pack would have been melted down and leaving my food at room temp.Hopefully this review helps some of you in making a decision.Also if it helps, with this lunch bag, I could only fit a small 10 ounce thermos, a bag of popcorn, two sandwiches wrapped in foil, a cliff bar, small plastic bag of cereal, and a water bottle. I saw someone post a picture of how they can fit Tupperware in theirs but I can't fit mine in it which is why I need a larger one.3I love this bagI love this bag! It opens wide to hold a lot of items. I can pack a fairly large square tupperware container, yogurt, fresh fruit, utensils and still have room to spare. The little icepack works great. It keeps my items chilled enough that I don't have to worry about leaving the bag in the car when I'm at the gym early mornings and then go straight to work. I also like the design. Worth the price and I'm glad I purchased it.5Four StarsGreat size. I love the style too4Worth itI bought this for my mother, we both love this thing. It s not bulky and it s cute. The inside is extremely durable, she has forgotten a few sharp butter knives and forks in the bag and it the lining inside has yet to be punctured. I love the wide mouth and how much can be fit inside (you d be surprised) because of her job she s mostly driving around so I try to pack her with as many snacks as possible to keep her going, I can fit the following in the bag at one time; a small Tupperware container (as in a 6x6x3 container) a banana, 2 small bags of chips, a container of oatmeal yogurt, a fruit cup, a granola bar, and a nutty butter bar.4This lunchbox is great, and I was so surprised to find that ...This lunchbox is great, and I was so surprised to find that it came with an ice pack! I place my ice pack in the freezer at night and put it into my lunchbox in the morning. At lunch, my food is still cold without putting my lunchbox into a refrigerator. I was most worried about being about to put a frozen meal in the bottom of this lunchbox, laying down, and one fits perfectly. I also love that this lunchbox opens so wide to be able to fit more into it. My 9lb cat even crawled herself in and layed down, so the lunchbox opens much larger than your would expect upon seeing it!!5Great bag Great, inexpensive lunch bag. I like that the top opens up completely with wire to give you full access to the bag. It fits everything I need, including a one liter Aquafina bottle (the cap sticks out about an inch, but I don't care about that). The color spots are a little bit more of a green-blue than turquoise. I've never left food in it all day, but when I can't get to the break room right away at work my food is still nice and cold after a few hours. 5Great design and can hold a lot. Great lunch bag. Daughter loves design. We love the size. Looks small but can hold a lot. (16oz water bottle, two bags of snack chips, juice box, jello with spoon, sandwich, sandwich bag filled with fruit, and still room for more) 5Surprisingly roomy!Surprisingly roomy! I love the pattern, which is definitely teal and not green, but it is not as light blue as the photo. I've included a photo for reference. I like that it is sturdy and zips closed. Fits everything I need for breakfast and lunch.5bought on a whim - SO glad I didOh my gosh I LOVE this lunchbox. I searched forever for a good size lunchbox to bring to work (at a hospital) that didn't look like I took it from one of the toddlers I work with. This is nicely insulated and came with an ice-pack which was an added plus. You can spray the inside with cleaner and wipe clean so easily. It holds waaay more than it looks like, and holds it's shape due to the bars along the zipper so my food doesn't get crushed. Fabulous.5Perfect sizeUpdate: December, 2019Purchased this bag back in July, 2018. Today, about year and a half later, this bag is giving in. The straps are beginning to tear. If you ask me, the little over $15 bucks spent on this lunch bag was well worth it. This bag has seen use 5 days a week since the day I got it. I would surely consider buying this brand again. This is good stuff.Initial review:Not too big nor too small, just perfect. Insulation on the inside is great and the material on the outside is very nice. When food or liquids accidentally spill inside, u can wash the inside and it's as good as new again.Bright colors. Well built. Love it that it comes with an ice pack, it really works!5Awesome lunch bagVery awesome lunch bag. The top opens wide to fit the Fit & Fresh container that I purchased a few years ago but wasn't able to use much because it didn't fit in my old lunch bag unless I turned it sideways. Also, if I put a frozen lunch in this it stays frozen until lunch time even without an ice pack.. :)5
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