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General Pencil Company Cedar Pointe No. 2 Pencil (ANG333-2)], 12-pack

  • General Pencil Company Cedar Pointe No. 2 Pencil (ANG333-2)], 12-pack

General Pencil Company Cedar Pointe No. 2 Pencil (ANG333-2)], 12-pack

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Box of 12 HB number 2 Pencils
  • Maintain their point for less frequent sharpening.
  • Made from top quality California incense cedar
  • Made by General Pencil Company.
  • Made in the USA.
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Customer Reviews

High quality, long lasting for those who use a lot of pressure when writing.I love these pencils, I write with a lot of pressure and most pencils they break at the point very easily (many times within minutes of sharpening). I do not have the problem with these. Its been nearly 6 months since i have bought the 12 pack and I still have some left. I'm buying a few packs more in case they are ever discontinued. I though the price was high at first but they worked much better than the $2 a 12 pack type pencils and end up cheaper in the log run. 5Excellent step up from more pedestrian pencilsI love pencils, and I really love unfinished wood pencils. It's hard to find quality pencils outside of art shops so I decided to try these pencils because I was interested in (1) high quality #2 pencils and (2) pencils that are made in the USA and specifically not China. I have been disappointed by the variable/low quality of most commercially available pencils, including Dixon Ticonderoga.First off, these are HB #2 pencils, so the lead is hard in comparison to softer lead pencils (like Palomino Blackwings, for example), but all the General pencils I've used thus far have been straight, center lead, ferrule firmly in place, and they sharpen well. At this price, they are "entry level" into the world of fancy pencils, so if you're looking for a step up from what you can buy at Staples, then mission accomplished. While I have lots of other pencils, I really enjoy using these because of the unfinished wood.FYI the New York Times Magazine has a wonderful photo essay of pencils being made in the General Pencil Co factory, which inspired me to buy these instead of Palominos. And while the Blackwing is an impeccable pencil, I really prefer the General Cedar Pointe for its humble charm and high quality. . 5Not my favorite but a solid optionIf you have a thing for natural finished pencils, then by all means get these very solid offerings. Personally, I find unfinished pencils a bit rough on the edges and ultimately not comfortable enough for extended writing sessions. The black eraser is one of the better erasers you can find on a pencil so, all in all, it's a very good option. Lastly, the graphite is a touch rougher than what you can find from other makers (ex. Palomino) but that also comes with slightly better point retention. 4The best on the market...I am an engineering student who solves 30+ problems a day on paper. I have tested several brands of pencils, Paper Mate, The Write Dudes, Palomino, Forest Choice, Dixon, and many more.Lead 4.5/5Eraser 4/5Grip 5/5 (Natural cedar!)General Pencil Company by FAR has the best product (Made in USA as well!). After trying all of these brands, I have concluded that GPC is the only brand that will do the following:*Holds a point for long durations of writing*Feel and smell good (natural cedar wood, no chemical coating)*Have an eraser that lasts almost the duration of the lead*Sharpen smoothe every timeAfter trying virtually every brand of pencil and reaching an informed conclusion, I bought 12 dozen of these and will probably never need to purchase a pencil again... unless I give too many of them away!Remarks:ForestChoice did have a SLIGHTLY better eraser than GPC, however the quality of the lead was only a 2/5 (will NOT stay sharp)Palomino had equally good lead, however they also have a glossy unnatural feeling coating, and a terrible eraser.The Write Dudes were good mid-range pencils with 3.5/5 lead, 3.5/5 eraser, 2/5 on feel. (Usually contain a chemical coating which does not grip as well as cedar)Dealing with GPC's customer service is horrible. 5Quality PencilsSo my son is doing his homework and about every two minutes he stops to sharpen his pencil. . . I'm thinking he is just procrastinating and losing focus so I get on him about it and he shows me that his pencil keeps breaking and the lead just falls out. I tell my wife we need to purchase Dixon pencils because those are the best . . . surprise, surprise all his crappy pencils are Dixons. They just don't make them the same anymore. So I do a little research on what the best pencils are and not to my surprise I find a bunch of posts by school teachers saying they lose so much time because Dixon pencils along with so many other poorly made pencils force the kids to keep sharpening their pencils when the lead falls out frequently. Most of them had similar recommendations so I decided to purchase a few different brands to see which ones worked best for us. And so far we have been really happy with the quality of each of the following types that we tried. -Write Dudes USA Gold Premium Cedar No. 2. (Great all around pencil) -Write Dudes USA SIlver Wooden #2 (Great all around pencil) -Staedtler Rally Graphite #2 (Top notch) -General Pencil Company Cedar Pointe No. 2 Pencil (Very well priced and still great quality) -Paper Mate 12 Count #2 Mirado Black Warrior Lead Pencils, Medium Soft (Great pencils, nice darker color)I'd purchase any of the above again as long as they continue to make them the same way. I found a few other reviews by teachers who recommended others, but those few were in a much higher price range. Keeping it in a realistic price range the above 5 pencils are awesome. They write well and the lead does not break every two minutes. Perfect for keeping kids focused while doing their school work. 5Do you want a pencil that does not smear on ...Do you want a pencil that does not smear on your hand while writing? Do you want a pencil that needs not be constantly sharpened? Do you want a pencil with a lead that does not break when the pencil is dropped onto the floor? Do you want to see a person s eyebrows raise when he/she writes with one for the first time? 5Great pencils for a school studentI usually don't leave reviews often unless I really enjoy something. Then, I leave a review right away. Well.....These pencils are absolutely fantastic. My current favorite pencil was the Oriole 287 with the silver head. They write dark enough and well enough that I enjoy them. They don't feel like plastic China-made pencils. The Oriole 287 has found a second place trophy though.These General Pencil Cedar Pointe's are absolutely fantastic. They write even darker, and erase much better than those Oriole vintage pencils. I didn't imagine a little pencil top eraser could erase such a dark print, but it did with ease. The eraser is also black which is unique. I will definitely be coming back to these pencils for a long time if they continue performing this well. I'm a school student and I like to have nice pencils with me at all times. 5I'm Super Sad.I wish I could say that this is the end of my pencil hunt. I love everything about this pencil... except the graphite. You see, I love a nice dark smooth #2 pencil. I was really hoping that is what I would find here with the General's Cedar Pointe #2. However, I find the graphite to be disapointingly light and scratchy. It is not horrible, but it isn't as smooth as my Dixon Ticonderoga or especially my Palomino Forest Choice. That being said, I love the lack of finish and the amazing eraser. I also love that it is made in the USA out of high quality materials. I would buy the #1 version, but I need a pencil that I can use for standardized exams! I have yet to find the perfect pencil... the Palomino Forest Choice has great lead, but a light finish, a bad eraser, and is made in Thailand, and some Write Dude USA Gold pencils that I tried were just no good. Pencil hunting! 3Fantastic, Quality Pencils!!!I wanted to find an American made pencil that was also natural feeling without any weird coatings.I absolutely love these. My kids love them too!As a home-school family, we go through pencils quite a bit, and they get used and abused besides. (My toddler likes to bite off the erasers of any unattended pencils, but these are so nice that my older kids actually put them away without my asking so their little sister will not ruin them!)I can tell these are excellent quality pencils and they are very sturdy. They sharpen well and write smoothly.These will continue to be the only pencils we purchase.My eldest daughter's reaction when she first held one of these and wrote with it: "Oh WOW! These are SO NICE!"She has never cared about pencils before at all, but she enjoys these and actually looks forward to being able to use them daily.I love the natural feel and smell. They were sanded smooth, no rough edges or splinters. "Lead" is all great quality and doesn't break off in the sharpener or break off right after sharpening when you go to write with them, like so many other pencils do.I could just go on and on about these. Buy them... they are life changing!I imagine if you like to sketch, these would be nice for that too. Just some really, really nice pencils.(I never thought I would have so many great things to say about a 'lowly' pencil!) 5Amazing!Everything about these pencils is excellent except for how they feel in my hand, but that's just me being nitpicky. I'm simply used to the way the Staedtlers handle since I've been using them exclusively for the past 15 years. Bought these because I had a coupon for half off and the truth is these are amazing and have what I consider to probably be the best on pencil eraser I have ever used. Most companies cheap out on this one and use low-quality ones but these work just as good as my Staedtler plastic erasers and I'm comfortable using it for precise jobs when the task is too small for the latter, like in plotting graphs or erasing a period from an "i."I did notice that my hand sweats much less while using these compared to the Staedtler's so I guess time will help me get used to them and if the quality stays the same when I run out of these, I will unquestionably get some more. 5
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