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Glad Food Storage and Freezer 2 in 1 Zipper Bags - Gallon - 36 Count - 3 Pack

  • Glad Food Storage and Freezer 2 in 1 Zipper Bags - Gallon - 36 Count - 3 Pack
  • Glad Food Storage and Freezer 2 in 1 Zipper Bags - Gallon - 36 Count - 3 Pack
  • Glad Food Storage and Freezer 2 in 1 Zipper Bags - Gallon - 36 Count - 3 Pack
  • Glad Food Storage and Freezer 2 in 1 Zipper Bags - Gallon - 36 Count - 3 Pack
  • Glad Food Storage and Freezer 2 in 1 Zipper Bags - Gallon - 36 Count - 3 Pack
  • Glad Food Storage and Freezer 2 in 1 Zipper Bags - Gallon - 36 Count - 3 Pack
  • Glad Food Storage and Freezer 2 in 1 Zipper Bags - Gallon - 36 Count - 3 Pack

Glad Food Storage and Freezer 2 in 1 Zipper Bags - Gallon - 36 Count - 3 Pack

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SG$ 84.00 SG$ 140.00 You save: SG$ 56.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ZIPPER 2 in 1 GALLON PLASTIC BAG: From freezer to fridge to pantry, BPA free Glad Freezer and Storage Bags with a zipper closure are essential for a busy kitchen - 108 Count
  • DOUBLE SEAL LOCK ZIPPER: With a quick glide of the Yellow and Blue Make Green Seal, these one gallon plastic bags provide an airtight zip seal
  • LASTING FRESHNESS: Keep food fresh with Glad 2 in 1 Storage and Freezer Bags complete with pliable plastic that eliminates foods' contact with air
  • FREEZE AND STORE WITH EASE: Glad 2 in 1 plastic zipper freezer bags include plastic grips above the zipper to prevent rips and tears after freezing, and conveniently fit into most storage and freezer bag holders
  • ZIPPER 2 IN 1 GALLON BAG: A kitchen staple, you can zip, freeze and store these versatile freezer bags knowing they are BPA free and microwave safe
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Customer Reviews

Not happy about these Glad bagsThe bags have a strong plastic/chemical odor, are thinner than the local grocery chain's generic brand and have a weird bumpy texture.1Read the Information Look at the pixThis product is advertised as a zipper bag which it is not at least what we may consider a zipper. It is just the same old press and seal bag with some word hype that if you did not look closely enough you would miss it.. I did not look closely enough and thought I was getting a zipper bag which uses a zipper stem to seal the bag which is much quicker. Both the Quart and Gallon size carry the same advertisement.2Work well!Just as described and work well! I bought them on Prime day and was able to save some money!I usually do not buy name brand ziploc bags, but these are awesome! Work well for freezer as well!5Split along the seams frequently!I thought I would be moving up in quality when I went from store-bought generic to Glad storage bags. But these bags, which are more expensive than the ones I bought generic at Target, are a definite downgrade! These bags are terrible! They tear along the seam very easily. Many of them tear right when I try to open them. I've tried to be very careful, but it still happens frequently. I'm currently just trying to get through these as soon as possible, so I can upgrade for a better quality. I'm using them frivolously and for crafts and everything I can think of just to get through these and buy some new ones.2Wrong delivery ! Gallon size shrank into quart sizeI bought Glad Zipper Food Storage Plastic Bags - Gallon - 50 Count - 4 Pack, but what arrived are 50 quart-medium moyens. What a dreadful mistake! The bags are shrunken four times! I cannot find any other place to complain. So paste it here.1Best for sous vide.We actuall tested many brands for suitabilty for sous vide, whch must stay waterproof for several hours when quite hot, by sealing in saltine crackers and subjecting to sous vide temps for 24 hours. Glad was demonstrably better than other name brands.5Great Freezer BagsGlad Freezer Storage Bags... where to start... We all know GladLock has the blue and yellow make green when you slide your fingers across it, that's how you know it's sealed. But I accidentally cut my fingertips off when I was younger so that feature is difficult for me to use. So my favorite and by far the easiest for me to use has been the SLIDER bags with the white plastic slider on the top that does the work for you. These are NOT the slider ones, but the ones that turn green. We bought the Glad sandwich bags with the SLIDER instead... You'll see why below.These bags are a gallon in size and can hold about 5lbs of ground meat. They are freezer safe too. So what the wife and I do is buy a 5lb chub of ground meat on sale and break it down into 5 portions. We put each pound of meat into a sandwich bag and date it. Then we put all 5 into the freezer bag. The freezer bag never gets messy and since the dates are on the meat you can rotate stock inside the bag if another sale comes around. If you don't use freezer bags, you'll get freezer burn... So spend the extra $$$ and get these. You won't regret it. You don't just get 1, you get 36. If you use 3 per month, you have a years supply. Just so happens the way we use them makes them re-usable. :)5They stink! Horrible plastic odor!I have not seen this product before: combination freezer/storage bag. It came is a three pack and is soon as I open the first package the horrible smell of plastic engulfed me. Food storage bags have never smelled like this to my knowledge. I will not put food in these bags. I Will use them for craft storage and nonfood stuff. They stink.1above average seal holding bagduring a sale around $3/46 shipped these quart glad's became as cheap as the Boulder Twin Lock at Aldi's which do a poor job holding a seal. I stopped buying ziploc sales at Costco when they changed the opening to plastic zipper or oversize tab as these interfere with my ability to suck the air out of the bag with a bubble tea straw. I like how glad simplifies the storage:freezer marketing nonsense into a single hybrid product. I hope to catch more good sales on Amazon so i can buy glad's similar design sandwich and gallon size bags too.5Can't tell if it's zipped or notThese bags are weird. Usually, when you seal a zip lock bag, you can FEEL that the seals are engaging. With these bags, you can't feel it zip closed. You don't get that tactile (or even visual) feedback. So you have to pull at the top to test the seal every time. About half the time the bag is sealed; the other half of the time it's not. But it feels exactly the same as you zip it. This may sound like a minor issue, but it's surprisingly annoying.Also, these bags don't seal easily and usually take numerous attempts across the seal.I've never had this issue before and wonder if the whole box is defective.2
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