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Grace USA RS-7 - Steel Roll Spring Punch Set - RS7 - Gunsmithing - Steel Punches - 7 piece - Gunsmith Tools & Accessories

  • Grace USA RS-7 - Steel Roll Spring Punch Set - RS7 - Gunsmithing - Steel Punches - 7 piece - Gunsmith Tools & Accessories
  • Grace USA RS-7 - Steel Roll Spring Punch Set - RS7 - Gunsmithing - Steel Punches - 7 piece - Gunsmith Tools & Accessories
  • Grace USA RS-7 - Steel Roll Spring Punch Set - RS7 - Gunsmithing - Steel Punches - 7 piece - Gunsmith Tools & Accessories
  • Grace USA RS-7 - Steel Roll Spring Punch Set - RS7 - Gunsmithing - Steel Punches - 7 piece - Gunsmith Tools & Accessories

Grace USA RS-7 - Steel Roll Spring Punch Set - RS7 - Gunsmithing - Steel Punches - 7 piece - Gunsmith Tools & Accessories

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SG$ 123.00 SG$ 204.00 You save: SG$ 81.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Roll Pin Punch: Made from the highest quality High Carbon Molybdenum Tool Steel and properly heat treated to ensure long life of the punch
  • Roll Spring Punch Set: This high-quality hardened steel 7-piece punch set is designed to easily remove roll pins from firearms
  • Steel Punches: Features a balled tip which helps locate the punch on the pin and protects pin ends from damage during removal or installation
  • 7-piece Punch Set: Set contains one 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32" diameter punches
  • Grace USA Gunsmithing Tools: Made in the USA
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Customer Reviews

Use these as intended and they work perfectly!These are great punches for the money, especially for gunsmiths. This is a replacement set because I loaned mine to someone who said they knew how to operate these-big mistake on my part. These are to finish removing the roll pins once you use the short set to knock them out with force. These are not to be used to remove roll pins with force! They will bend if you do. I have removed extremely difficult pins with the short set and they still look new. Only use this set to finish getting the pins out. Also, do not use these to reinstall the pins or you also run the risk of bending them. 5Quality made, but problems with one punchWhile the machining quality seems to be precise and of high quality, there are problems elsewhere. As other reviewers have said; I received the punches with one, just the 1/8, bent so badly I didn't want to use it for fear of damaging the pin/receiver. The damage doesn't appear to be from shipping, since the damaged punch was in the center of all other punches and was the only one damaged. I've included a picture of the bent 1/8 punch (next to a larger undamaged punch), although the picture lighting doesn't show the actual severity of the bend. 3High Quality Punch Set - Buy These, Not the Cheaper Sets, Save Yourself Some Money!I probably did what everyone else has done, bought a cheap set of roll punches, hated them, and then bought these. Save yourself some grief and some money, buy these first. They are tough, have an accurate diameter, and are much more resistant to bending. Given that they are hardened, there's less flex in the shaft of the small punches. This is very important when driving out small diameter roll pins: Since the punch isn't flexing with every hammer tap, more energy is going to the driving force on the pin (instead of bending the shaft of the punch). This makes it easier to drive out those tough, small pins. These are high quality hardened steel. I'm sure you could spend more and get something even better, but for the majority of the work I do with guns and small machines these work extremely well for me. I'm sure you will like them. 5A Man Needs Good ToolsI agree with the first review. These tools are the top of the line. Some time ago I made the mistake of buying a $6.00 punch set and shortly thereafter spent big money for a smith to drill a busted punch. Had guns lose who knows how much value from marks left by cheap tools slipping, sliding etc. If you're looking to buy these sorts of tools, you probably know what I'm talking about.Maybe skip a box or two of ammunition or a couple of pounds of propellant and invest in your tolls. It's much less expensive in the long run. 5Great punches, great customer service - if you need a good set, but USA!!GREAT set of punches. Went through several other cheaper sets that would fail only when i needed them most.Checked them with a micrometer and they are all well within tolerances, tips seem nice and well formed. The full set comes in a plastic case that keeps them all together and not damaged in your tool box- but i prefer to make a block and store them safely on the bench.On item of note - if you have a seized pin, dont beat it to death with these punches. They sell short shank punches you can start to drive it out with, and follow that up with the larger shank to drive it home. All to often i see reviews where good punches are bent to no return over a stubborn pin 5Thanks to Grace USA for quick replacement of bent punch!!When I received the punches yesterday, I noted the 1/16" punch had quite a bend in the tip. I immediately went to the Grace USA Web site and asked for a replacement. Within a very short time, I received a message from the president advising me the replacement is on the way! No one can do better than THAT! He also said the bent tip could be straightened (which I was initially reluctant to try due to the hardness of the material) and used as a second. It straightened without issue and I will keep for a spare. 5Grace More like GREATI just love Grace USA products; super strong, high quality construction, straight as can be. I have used them on the ARI5 and my Beretta pistol; I can t imagine not having Grace USA when working on my expensive firearms. Plus they are guaranteed for a lifetime (I had a screwdriver break about 6 years ago, and sent a picture of it and they replaced it no questions asked!) and Made in the USA. Very happy and highly recommend. 5This is a great set!!!WOW, what a great set of roll spring punches. Grace USA s reputation as the world s premier gunsmith s tools have never disappointed me, and the RS7 roll spring punches are no different. The tolerances are tight, the tips perfectly centered, and they are made from hardened steel so there is less flex when hitting with a hammer (I use Grace USA hammers as well). They are Made in the USA and Grace USA has Forever Guarantee. I have tried imported, low cost punch sets before, and as they say, you get what you pay for. Very pleased with this purchase. 5Somewhat 'OK'Don't even bother with the smallest punch - take it out of the pouch and throw it away before you scar your project due to the punch bending or breaking. ('Yes', I realize that it is small and can't sustain high forces, but several other brands selling this size punch can do it without bending just fine.)The larger punches are 'decent' or above. If I was looking for a 6 piece punch set and didn't actually need the smallest one, I'd be a lot more satisfied. 2Just what the amateur gun smith orderedAnd I suspect what the armor's and those that make a living working on weapon systems have in their tool boxes or the equivalent there of. Grace USA has put together for the good price a usable long reach roll pin punch set I'll be using for the rest of my gun care needs for a long time. I've used the 1/16 roll pin punch already on a stubborn pin that has taken out two other punchs bending and breaking them with no signs of bending or breaking what-so-ever itself. I was not kind with the second strike either so I'm satisfied immensely with the tool and that I can finally clean an area previously denied to me. Thank you Grace USA for a quality tool set and thank you Amazon for your part in hooking me up with great deals and cheap, reliable, even fast, standard shipping. 5
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