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Harold Import Company Brix Original Easy Jar Key Opener, 5.62-Inch, Colors may vary

  • Harold Import Company Brix Original Easy Jar Key Opener, 5.62-Inch, Colors may vary
  • Harold Import Company Brix Original Easy Jar Key Opener, 5.62-Inch, Colors may vary
  • Harold Import Company Brix Original Easy Jar Key Opener, 5.62-Inch, Colors may vary
  • Harold Import Company Brix Original Easy Jar Key Opener, 5.62-Inch, Colors may vary

Harold Import Company Brix Original Easy Jar Key Opener, 5.62-Inch, Colors may vary

SG$ 102.00 SG$ 61.20 Save: SG$ 40.80
SG$ 61.20 SG$ 102.00 You save: SG$ 40.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Brix Original Jar Key is the World??s easiest jar opener for stubborn vacuum-seal jars by gently lifting the handle without any strain to hands
  • Made in Denmark; sturdy and durable; measures 5.62-inches long
  • Specially designed for simple and easy use by anyone, even kids and people with arthritis and carpal tunnel; no sharp edges or moving parts
  • Compact for easy storage in the kitchen gadget drawer; keep a spare in the garage, boat, camper, and anywhere jars need to be opened easily
  • Jar Key (formerly Jar Pop) is endorsed by arthritis associations worldwide; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
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Customer Reviews

The Greatest!Absolutely the BEST! It actually works every time. I had one several years ago and during my 4 moves over the past 3 years, I do believe one of my family members absconded with it at some point, so was pleased when I found them on Amazon. I have arthritis in my hands and as it has progressed with my age, opening jars is next to impossible.Who would have thought that just breaking the airtight seal would have been the answer to all my years of searching for a simple, easy, lightweight gizmo like this that I don't have to use a death grip grasp to open a jar.5Vacuum is the wordI have done a lot of research and settled on my first jar opener. I figured out that it's so hard to open is because of the vacuum seal. And that all the usual jars in the supermarket are of the same design. It's like opening a glass beer with a metal cap, but much easier.I have to disclose that I brought a battery powered twister first. Because all other types work by turning the cap, I figured out that you must hold the jar firmly and turn at the same time. Only the battery type did this. Unfortunately, I bought it cheap in some unknown malls. It was DOA but I got a full refund. The design may still be good but I don't see how the thing work if you have a tapered jar opening; the cap is smaller than jar body by a lot and the jar has a long "neck".Other turning types destroy the cap somewhat. One design gives you a rubber mat so you can hold the jar steady too. Another design is mounted under the kitchen cabinets so you just need to hold the jar body firmly. This gives away that you have to hold both the cap and the body firmly to work. And that to hold the cap firmly with low-cost, you have to damage the cap a little. For these reasons, I settled on this alternative method, and works great.5The price point was perfect too, since if she ever breaks itOrdered this for my elderly mother. She sometimes has trouble opining jars. I had contemplated getting another style where it gives you more leverage to turn but that seemed a bit more unwieldy than this style. The price point was perfect too, since if she ever breaks it, I can simply order another one for very little. Turns out she loves it and has told me several time how well it works. Definitely a mother approved purchase.5A must have for those with hand injuries/arthritis I bought these Jarkeys for my mom who hasn't been able to open jars in months due to a hand injury. I've had one myself, following a broken finger. They are a must have for anyone who struggles with opening jars. They've doubled as a bottle cap opener a couple of times, too. I like buying them in doubles because it's a major bummer to lose one, once you know how well they work! 5Best jar opener!Awesome product. I got one of these years ago at a local kitchen store then lost it, and was glad to see them on Amazon. They work great, better than any other jar gadget I have tried - the bottle top action breaks the vacuum in the jar but does not damage the lid, and jars open easily. (Hence, they address the problem with opening a new jar, but will not help with, say, reopening a honey jar. )5A Must Have Opener!OMG, I had a Jarkey but was told they do not make them anymore. I was so sad when my favorite spaghetti sauce went to the thicker lid. On a chance i did a search and saw they still indeed make the jar opener and now in the larger size. THIS is an amazing gift to give to someone who struggles with opening jars. Heinz pickle jars are impossible for me to open, but not with the smaller key. Now I have this larger key and will be heading to the store to buy my favorite spag sauce. Thank you Jarkey for making such a simple but AMAZING tool for those with weak hands and for those who want to use it for convenience.5Pop goes the jar lid!Don't know what to get your grandmother for Christmas? How about the key to her independence? Yes, folks, the Jar Key will help old Aunt Esther finally open that jar of maraschino cherries without having to call you. It even works with extremely arthritic hands!But seriously, this thing works like a charm. It doesn't damage the metal lid, so your glass jars can still be resealed tightly for safe keeping. This thing is handy or basically anyone who wants to open jars. I highly recommend it!5End FrustrationHere is a scenario: I have arthritis. I have a jar I need to open now. Nothing is working - not hot water, tapping, pliers, the rubber gripper. I am ready to hit it with a hammer and transfer contents to a zip lock bag hoping I don't end up with shattered glass or a huge mess. Frustration? That is an understatement! Okay, I bought the Brix Maxi Jarkey Jar Opener. No more frustration. Simply lift up (easy) and the seal pops, making it a breeze to turn the lid. One of the best products for arthritic people that I have found! Love it.5Sounds Good - Doesn't Work for MeThe only jar I bought it for and it will not fit under the lip of the Spaghetti Jar lid to loosen the vacuum. Tried it on another Jelly jar as well...stupid me. The width of the area that catches is to thick to fit into the area it needs to catch so a complete waste of drawer space.1Opens glass jars of tomatoes or applesauce with zero effort!I am a huge fan of Jovial tomatoes, but the glass jars are super hard to open, perhaps because of the organic bottling techniques. Someone on the Jovial Facebook page recommended I get a jar key opener, and this one works like magic! The opener pulls the lid away from the bottle a tiny millimeter so air can go rushing in. Once the pressure is equalized between outside and inside the bottle, the lid turns like nothing. The lid is not at all damaged. I'm going to order these for my friends, especially since so many of us are trying to purchase things in glass jars, rather than plastic.5This Brand works the best. I had a Jar Key Opener and loved it. After a couple of years the plastic did deteriorate and it finally broke. I tried two other similar openers but neither of them worked at all and I threw them away. Finally ordered the Jar Key Opener again and I love it. If I have to replace it every two years that's OK. 5Bought another wireless headphone for a second smart TV These are not only very efficient, they are easy to use and attractive. Removable and exchangeable batteries in both the headset and charger base is a perfect touch to assure availability at all times. The seller had advised that a special type of adapter was needed for smart TVs and immediately sent one out to me free of charge when requested. It works perfectly. I've ordered another wireless headphone unit for my other smart TV at another location. The devices and seller are first class! 5Handy little gadget Now that I am getting old and feeble (now where did I put those dumbbells?), some jars are getting very difficult to open. But the jar pop makes it a breeze. It doesn't work on all jars, but if the jar has one of those "buttons" in the center of the lid that pops up once the jar has been opened, then this thing will work. Once you have "popped" the button, the jar lid opens super easily! Weaklings of the world unite -- and get yourself a JarPop! 5Greatest kitchen tool ever!I've had to figure out other things to make when my husband wasn't home during dinner prep and I couldn't get a jar open, so this is the greatest invention of all time!! I even suggested it to my friend with MS since anyone would be capable of using this. You just pry up the lid until it pops, then it twists off like it had just been screwed on loosely. This was my best purchase of 2018, easily... I'm so glad it was a two pack, I keep one at work in case I forgot to open the jar before I leave home, I keep PB&J fixings in my desk drawer.5
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