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Heimish All Clean Balm, 120ml

  • Heimish All Clean Balm, 120ml
  • Heimish All Clean Balm, 120ml
  • Heimish All Clean Balm, 120ml
  • Heimish All Clean Balm, 120ml
  • Heimish All Clean Balm, 120ml
  • Heimish All Clean Balm, 120ml

Heimish All Clean Balm, 120ml

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • This cleanser balm is hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin type.
  • White flower complex improves skin balance and skin tone.
  • Shea butter, citrus herb oil, and coconut extract helps to moisturize, soothe and soften skin.
  • Gently removes even the most long-lasting makeup and leaves skin feeling soft and protected
  • Please keep in a place where there is no direct sunlight below 100 F
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Customer Reviews

Great for face - Eyes not so muchSo, I'm fairly easily impressed by K-beauty. This was fairly hyped up as THE cleansing balm to get. I was just kind of disappointed when it comes to its lack of eye-makeup removing properties. Now, to be fair, it has never broken me out and does a good enough job as the first step in my cleansing system to get rid of my face makeup.To be clear, when I say it doesn't remove my eye makeup, we are not talking about Red Light District-type eye makeup here. Everyday makeup - work makeup. Coconut oil melts that away. This one does not. It kind of just smears it around. If you let it sit for a bit, you'll end up with really blurry eyes. But let's face it. Who stands in front of the sink with their eyes closed for 2 minutes? So, either purchase this for the face (like me) and use a different eye makeup remover or have oily/foggy vision for a good 20 or so minutes after cleansing.4Not thorough cleanse!!!Nov. 2019 edit:Because this is not a positive review, the company flagged it and took it down. BUYER BEWARE.***I honestly do not understand how or why this product has such a high rating and so many good and reviews. I got this after I went through my Clinique Take the Day Off and to say the quality shift was drastic would be an understatement. This cleansing balm just does not do a thorough job of cleansing my skin from sunscreen and makeup. While I use it with a cleansing cloth and follow it with a second cream cleanser, of course, I always end up seeing remnants of eyeliner and mascara on my eyes. Not to mention no matter how much I do the circular motion with the cleanser, emulsified or not, I still find myself having to try and physically rub off my makeup because it s not melting away or dissolving. This was never an issue with my Clinique cleansing balm or my Lanc me balm. Even if this product were cheaper, to me it s not worth the money because it s not doing it s one job adequately. Call me crazy, but I want my cleansing balm to actually completely clean my face of makeup before I do a second cleanse to make sure I get rid of any leftovers and residues, etc. This is a hard pass for me. I m getting rid of the rest and switching back to an oil-based first cleanser balm.1Older version bought from store vs Amazon new versionI previously bought this product from a store with the older packaging and I also bought one from Amazon. I'm not sure if the one I got from Amazon is counterfeit but the quality does not seem as good as the one I originally bought. In the pictures the old version is on the left and the new version from Amazon is on the right.I am no expert at packaging but the Amazon one that I have had for 2 months seems like it's made of cheaper materials and also the shiny rose gold portion is much more easily scraped off than on the older version which I had for around half a year. The lid also doesn't seem to close all the way down so I would say the other version is more secure. Inside both products have a spoon but the older one has a nice little grove to stick it in while the new one does not. Also when I compared the formulation the Amazon version had a mushy consistency and some portions were a little oily and not balm like. Notice that on the lid of the new version the oil is liquified while the old version is still balm like. The original that I purchased wasn't mushy or liquidy at all even in the summer months. The smell of the original also smelled better in my opinion it had something like a fresh botanical scent to it while the Amazon version with the new packaging smelled maybe fruity? or some kind of oily scent but the smell isn't as strong. Both turned milky when I added a little water when washing my face and I think the cleaning power is around the same. Neither of them broke me out but overall I still prefer the older version since it had a nicer smell and nicer consistency in my opinion.Overall i would give the old version 5 stars and the new one 4 stars. I hope that they bring back the old formulation and packaging if the one I bought was actually real. If anyone could confirm that the one I got from Amazon is legit that would be great.4Great Basic Balm CleanserEDIT: After using this cleanser for a while I noticed that I was getting small regular breakouts all over my face and I started getting a lot of congestion/large visible pores around my forehead. I tried to identify alternative reasons for this (diet, supplements, stress, etc.) and paired down my skincare routine to see if anything was irritating my skin. Funnily enough, as soon as I stopped using this cleanser the issues slowly went away. My skin isn't very reactive so I was quite surprised by this. I looked into the ingredients and the first ingredient - Ethylhexyl palmitate (a palm oil derivative) is highly comedogenic. That certainly could be why my skin didn't get on with it. For this reason, I've removed an additional star from my initial review. Clearly, this ingredient isn't an issue for everyone but it should be taken into account before purchasing the cleanser.--------------------------------------------I liked this cleanser - it emulsified well, the packaging was hygienic (which I appreciate), and it did a good job cleansing light makeup/SPF. When taking off anything more than that, however, was a bit of a struggle. I felt like I had to follow the balm with an additional separate cleanser to make sure I'd properly cleaned my face. I don't wear heavy makeup on a regular basis, but even so, it seemed a bit pointless to have a cleanser (even one intended to be the first step in a double cleanse) that couldn't take off something stronger than an SPF. I tried working with it (letting it sit to dissolve the makeup, using a makeup remover beforehand, rubbing gently) and no matter what it just needed more than one round in order to take everything off. All this additional cleansing meant that I breezed through the product quite quickly (while relying on additional supplemental products). I also admit that I didn't love the smell of this cleanser. When I read the reviews I knew that it was going to be slightly herbal (which is fine, I like botanical cosmetic ranges like Aveda) but it really is quite distinct and not really to my liking. Taking all of these factors into consideration I wouldn't repurchase it again. Don't get me wrong - it's a great gentle cleanser and on no-makeup days I feel like it cleans my face well. I just think this balm would probably be best suited for someone who doesn't wear makeup and enjoys herbal scents.3Great stuff but don t purchase from amazonI love heimish and their all clean balm. Perfect for the double cleanse method. This is my fourth one. The packaging is different on this one. Which is fine. What isn t ok is the fact that the smell is off and the consistency is that if slightly melted coconut oil. This used to be an almost solid balm. I think maybe it s fake. I certainly hope they didn t change the formula Bc if so I ll be looking for another cleansing balm. I ll be ordering from yesstyle, wishtrend, glow recipe, style Korean-from now on. It s worth the wait to get the real deal.It s frustrating that amazon has become so saturated with fake products and fake reviews.3Not a dupe for CliniqueI bought this balm hoping that it would be a good dupe for Clinique Take the Day away. It is a good cleansing balm - but it is not Clinique. I have to work much harder and with much more product from this balm to remove the same amount of makeup that I only needed a little bit of Clinique to remove. It is not as thick and thins out quite rapidly when you start rubbing it in because it doesn't warm and melt consistently; no matter what I do, I end up with random solid chunks that fall off of my fingers or face. Additionally, the lid is prone to leaking; when I pull the pot out of my cupboard to use, it leaves a ring of oil on my counter every single time, despite wiping it off every time I use it.I will say I am very sensitive and allergic to a lot of face products, and while I don't think this product claims to be hypoallergenic, I have not had any reaction using it, nor have I had that blurry eyed/fuzzy vision side effect that some balms can give you. I don't think I would buy this again, but even though it doesn't quite work for me does not mean it wouldn't work well for someone else!3Generally love K-beauty, this one is just mediocre. No scent that I notice and love the packaging and that it has a little scoop. Makes for easy application. Instantly turns to an oil when you rub between your hands and apples nicely. Have to rub a little harder than I would like to remove waterproof eye makeup, and does get into the eyes a bit. Would be appropriate for all skin types. Emulsified with adding water and didn t leave my skin tight or a residue.Doesn t sting, but makes vision cloudy for a while which annoys me greatly. I ve used better cleansing balms, but for the price, this one is just okay in my opinion. If you don t wear waterproof eye makeup, you just might love this product. 3Melted, but fixed. Still awesome.I have oily skin and have been using this balm as the second step in my nightly cleansing (makeup cloth; then oil/balm; then foam; etc.). I really love the herbal, slightly medicinal scent of this balm. And the packaging is just gorgeous, which I didn't expect.I feel like this does a slightly better job than the Banila Co sherbet cleanser, but honestly, that might be due to the scent and the packaging (I am susceptible to form over function). The ingredient lists do differ, though, so maybe I'm not imagining it. In general, I would prefer both balms over any other oil cleanser, since they travel a lot easier and are less messy to use.Note: like many other people, I got a "melted" balm. Several other retailers besides Amazon suffered from this batch as well. I removed all the product from the jar and microwaved it 2 or 3 times for 30 seconds at a time, until the balm was completely clear and liquid. I stirred it with a clean spoon and then placed it back into the jar and let it freeze overnight. The resulting balm was back to perfect condition and has not turned back to liquid (I even took the jar on vacation recently, and it is still solid after 2 days of traveling in an air conditioned car). A totally fixable issue.5Affordable and love the flip-top - not quite as good as Banila or CliniqueThis cleansing balm is ok, but I can't say I love it. I prefer both Clinique's Take the Day Off and Banila Clean it Zero. I do really like the packaging of this product. The flip-top is very convenient! What I'm not crazy about with this one is that it has a strong odor to it. I wouldn't call it unpleasant (mine is just an herbal smell - I don't have the chemical smell that some have complained of.) I just prefer my products to be free of scent completely. Also, I feel this balm doesn't melt down to an oil state completely. It stays kind of thick and sticky even after emulsifying. It does clean, but I don't feel it cleans as well as the other two brands. If you're looking to save money, however, this one is definitely more affordable. It's about half the price, per ounce, compared to Clinique and that is certainly a reason to consider this brand. Banila's balm falls in between, price-wise. I'm on the fence as to whether I should continue with this brand to save money, or go back to Banila. I feel Banila is a good compromise between this and Clinique's more expensive product. I do like Clinique the best, but Banila is a close second, so I'll probably go that route. I use the Purifying version of that product, as it is free of scent.Update December 2019: I have grown accustomed to the fragrance of this product and it isn't really bothering me anymore. Even though it's highly fragranced, there is no irritation even in the eye area. The product is doing a good job of cleaning my face, is lasting a nice long time, doesn't break me out, and I really do love that flip-top! In light of all of these things, I have decided to stick with this product for now, since it's a good savings over the other brands. I increased my star rating, and I do recommend this cleanser, as long as you are okay with fragrance.4Great ProductI was in search for something to help ke clean off my makeup. I was viewing a similar item for a bit more money, but under customer also viewed this was this particular item. I like the reviews and so I decided to try it. Let me tell you, I'm so happy I did! Its so smooth and when i put it on all the makeup comes off. I know I read many reviews that theirs came liquefied, but mine came solid. There was some liquid on the sides but overall it was all solid.The one thing I dont particularly like about this product is the smell. Its an odd smell to me, but my sister tried it out with me and she enjoyed the smell, so it could just be my nose.I do like that it took my waterproof mascara! !! I have tried wipes and cleaning oils but they always leave my eyes so red and burning. This burn didnt do either. I will definitely buy this again when I use it up.4Excellent Makeup Remover, but Drying :(I was pretty skeptical about this product. I have generally used makeup wipes for most my adult life and I was used to tugging at my skin to remove the last remnants of makeup. When I was introduced to the oil cleansing method, I felt like my world turned upside down! No way could some balm remove the layers of my makeup.And then I tried this product and IT DID JUST THAT! I'm someone who wears pretty much medium to full coverage everyday-- primer, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, and mascara. Generally speaking this removed most of it, at least visible traces. For people who complain about still finding makeup when you use another cleanser or toner after this product, well that's pretty normal. Generally speaking, there are few cleansers that are going to remove every trace of makeup. That's why Korean Skincare is all about double cleansing! Two forms of cleanser should remove everything.Anyway, I'm giving this only 3 stars, because while it did remove my makeup, it didn't do much else. I was looking for an oil-based cleanser to also moisturize my face as I have dry skin. However, this somehow leaves my face feeling very dry and tight afterward which is pretty odd since this is an oil-based cleanser. It should not be drying. Overall, I really do appreciate this as a makeup remover and will keep using it untilI finish my tub but I wouldn't buy it again. It might great for you if you have oily skin though!3
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