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Highwave moJOEmo Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 22 oz, Gray

  • Highwave moJOEmo Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 22 oz, Gray
  • Highwave moJOEmo Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 22 oz, Gray
  • Highwave moJOEmo Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 22 oz, Gray

Highwave moJOEmo Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 22 oz, Gray

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Holds 22 Ounces
  • Double Wall Vacuum Stainless Steel
  • Keeps your liquids Hot or Cold for 6 plus hours
  • 22 oz
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Customer Reviews

gimmicky lid jams frequently and is hard to cleanI really wanted to like this mug, but the finicky top is driving me crazy. The double wall steel bottom works great and keeps my tea or coffee hot for hours. The spill-proof top uses a weird internal clicky seal mechanism. You're supposed to click down on a button in the middle of the lid to open it and drink. Unfortunately, this mechanism frequently jams and I have to disassemble it and put it back together to make it work again. You also need to disassemble it to clean it (important if you use cream or sugar or other moldy substances). Disassembly is not an easy or obvious process, so I hate each time I have to do this.Desktop mugs really do not have to be spill-proof. The wide bottom on these mugs already reduces the risk of spilling. Why couldn't they use a much simpler lid that just keeps your drink hot without being so complex to clean or even keep working smoothly? For the price of this mug, I expect a better design.2They call me button hunter.You don't need the aggravation. If it wasn't for the lid it would be 5 star. My assumption was it designed for fairly rough use. Boating, etc. where you might bump the cup and you don't want it to tip over. Well it doesn't tip over but the lid parts come flying out and you find yourself chasing a button and a ring across the boat floor,etc. And that's if you notice they have left the building. If not you end up retracing your steps hunting a little black button and a ring. In the dark. Uphill both directions.1Simply the Best mug available!Before I buy anything, I do my homework, review and read all I can, weigh pros and cons of different brands/product, and order the one which fits my needs the best. Usually they live up to expectations but rarely over-exceed them and delight me.This is one of those rare products that accomplishes the latter. So much so, I am giddy about having it and am telling everyone I know about it. Yep. It's that good.For reference, in November 2008 I purchased a Timolino 20oz @tanium II which I was happy with knowing it had two faults; the top sipper mechanism was not leak-proof and, although advertised as 20oz it really only held about 17-18oz with the lid on. I lost that Mug in December ... likely a victim of being set on the car roof or left in a meeting room. The drawbacks were more significant to me than I thought they would be so I decided to not order another. Instead, I landed on the moJOEmo mug as it seemed to address the two flaws of the Timolino 20oz @tanium II.And it does.It is indeed leak proof. You may get a couple of drops from the remnants withing the top, but it does not leak the coffee at ALL! It also holds the >20oz I was hoping for. And it does so while keeping it HOT HOT HOT. I use the Krups Moka Brew which makes very hot coffee. When I put it into my moJOEmo, coffee remains only "sippable" two hours later! I end up keeping the top in the "open" position just to make it drinkable in the first 15mins. Amazing! It actually keeps it hotter than my Stanley Thermos!Lastly, the craftsmanship and thoughtfulness is simply outstanding. You will appreciate all the little "simple" things; the easy, one handed open/close top; the right-size, sturdy handle; the large rubber base combined with a bottom heavy design that keeps the mug in place w/o moving or tipping; and the screw on cover for the top perfectly designed so it "closes" the top as you put it on in case you forgot ... although I am still wondering why you would ever need to put this cover on (maybe inside a purse or gym bag so something doesn't accidentally "push" the moJOEmo button?).If you are a coffee drinker and need something on-the-go that holds more than those 14oz drink-holder mugs, don't hesitate. This is the perfect mug. My hats off to my moJOEmo mug and Highwave!5One word: GREAT! I did a lot of research here to purchase the best insulated mug for coffee and I chose this one, and I was not disappointed.First, it's capacity is just right. Other reviewers mentioned it doesn't hold the advertised 22 ozs., however, it does. Of course, if you place that amount of your coffee or tea in there and add milk, sugar, etc., it will become overfilled.Second, some reviewers stated that there was residue from their coffee still remaining in the lid after it was washed. Knowing that, I took the lid apart and cleaned it out. I forewarn anyone that if you attempt to do that, just remember how it came apart even though it was only 3 pieces. If that may give you second thoughts, then I would suggest that you allow the lid to soak in hot water, a dash of bleach and detergent for a few hours.Third, and in regards to it retaining a beverage hot, or at the least, an acceptable drinking temperature for several hours. I filled my cup with hot coffee at 0630 and it was still at a reasonable (warm) temperature about 9 hours later, WITHOUT placing the most upper lid on. The flavor wasn't that great though, and the cup did not affect that, but I drank it anyway.I love the 360* lid, the good and firm handle and even though my coffee is always very hot, the exterior is cool to the touch. I don't use it for commuting, so its size isn't an issue for me, but it's great for use on a desktop or table.I highly recommend this mug and I'm certain it will fulfill your requitements for a great mug for your morning coffee or tea. 5Every cup has it's limitations, overall a really good cup.This cup is nice as it has a large capacity. The only drawbacks that I have found are:1. Getting the last of the contents can be a bit of a challenge.2. The lid has leaked a couple of times (from the seal around the threads). Taking the lid off and putting it back on corrects the issue even though there was no signs of the gaskets being out of place (or any other cause of the leak).3. This is just a personal issue, the flow through the lid is a might slow. (I am used to being able to tip up the cup and get a mouthful quickly, due to the limited size of the opening in the lid it takes a bit longer.)4. The lip of the cup is quite thin making drinking from the cup with the lid off a might unpleasant (but then again, it is a travel cup and should have the lid on it when you are drinking).My previous cup I had for more than 5 years and I got quite accustomed to it. I am sure given time this will seem insignificant).4Almost GreatThis cup keeps my coffee hot for hours, it really works well, and unlike most other insulated spill proof cups this one is actually made for use outside of a car. I had some other great cups but the narrow bottom design had me knocking them over constantly (I am a klutz). This design solves that problem, and it is the most effective anti spill cup out there.But here is why I only gave it three stars, the bulb design makes it very difficult to get the last 1/4 to a 1/3 of the contents out. I have to tilt my head back and turn it almost upside down to get the rest of the fluid out. Considering how much effort went into engineering this design, I was really surprised that this factor was overlooked.3Updated From One to Five StarsI had this mug several years ago and it was 5-star excellent. Kept my coffee hotter than any other mug I had owned, and 99.5% leakproof. I lost that mug, so I ordered another one in July 2015. This one wouldn't keep my coffee hot for even an hour. I thought maybe I just got an anomalous lemon, so I sent it back and ordered another one. This one was no better regarding heat retention. I will send this one back and try one more time. Very disappointed, especially since I had such a good experience the first time.UPDATE: So I ordered three of these that were sold by Amazon, and every one of the mugs was defective. Did not keep my coffee hot at all. But I had loved this mug so much when I bought it back in 2012, that I thought I'd make one last-ditch effort and purchase one from another seller. The mug I ordered from the Amazon vendor called "Kitchenova" turned out to be a winner. Now THIS is the mug I remember. Keeps my coffee hot for hours, and is leakproof. Amazon must have gotten a bad lot, but Kitchenova's was good.5Best Coffee Cup Ever!Keeps coffee hot, especially if you 'season' the cup with hot water before putting the hot coffee in.Button on top keeps liquid in, even if you shake the cup upside down or the cup takes a tumble. I even carry it in the trunk of my motorcycle or a backpack. No leaks.Also makes a great container for cold beverages. I put a bit of ice and water in it for my nightstand (it's very dry here in CO). Next morning the water is still cold and ice doesn't melt.Only con I have is the button sometimes gets stuck open. Probably should take it apart when this happens and soak it in dishwasher soap. That melts/removes buildup in coffee pots and thermal coffee pots. You know, the brown buildup in the bottom of the container. I keep a bottle of liquid dishwasher soap just for this purpose.Once while driving my bus the MoJoe took a quick trip to the floor and the guts of the top came out. Tried to put back together with no joy until I finally figured it out. In the meantime I purchased another of these beauties, which came to my doorstep in two days. By that time I figured out how to put it back together, so now I have a brand new backup cup :o)UPDATE 5/2/16Well, that rubber antislip cushion ring on the bottom of the cup has fallen off the cup many times. Good thing I have a spare as the cup slips and slides w/o the ring. Problem is there doesn't seem to be a replacement available, even on their website. Guess I'll give them a call and continue searching for the missing ring.5Good mug...top could be betterI was looking for a good insulated desk mug and after reading the reviews I decided to try one of these out with the notion that if it worked well and I liked it I'd purchase a couple more despite the rather high price.No question, the insulative properties of this mug are outstanding. It kept my coffee piping hot for hours at work. The lid assembly works quite well keeping coffee from spilling or even leaking.However...The lid assembly is the weak spot for this product. In order to properly clean it, one must disassemble it into multiple parts, a couple of which are small and easily lost. Also each time it is disassembled, one particular part has to be "popped" out which puts wear and tear on the portion holding the part in. After several cleanings, that vital part became loose and the lid assembly no longer was as leak-proof as it was when I initially obtained it.I think a slight modification of the lid assembly is in order with emphasis on making it easier to disassemble and decreasing the number of small parts. Just a suggestion. I would have given a higher rating but for the lid assembly issues.3Contigo fan here!I literally JUST opened the package after it was delivered. Out of the box, you immediately notice that this is quite a cup. It is big (just like i wanted) and quite sturdy. The lid(s) fit on very nicely, and are simple to operate. The main lid does in fact seal the cup so that it will not leak for coffee on the go. There is also the secondary screw cap that you can secure to the main lid for more added protection on the go. With both lids in place, i would easily feel comfortable with putting this cup, full of piping hot coffee, in a backpack or bag or motorcycle saddle bag. And you cant accidently leave the main lid open if you put the second lid on. When you screw the second lid in place, it will automaticall disengage and close the main lid. Easy easy. The toggle button that opens/seals the lid is easy to operate. It just toggles open and closed with a push. It is spring-loaded and operates like a "click" retractable ink pen does. The lid also comes apart very easily for deep cleaning when necessary. I have been a "Contigo autoseal" coffee cup fan for a long time, and just felt it was time for a change. I really like that this cup seals tight, but also like that the lid can be torn down and is easy to clean. Contigo makes a nice cup, but those lids will go rotten since you cant truly get in there and clean them. You can bleach and boil them, but after awhile, that doesnt last...5If It Doesn't Hold the Temp Like Everyone Says, It's Got to Be a Defective One... There are so many reviews of this product and yes, it really DOES retain temperatures as well as many people say. In researching this product, I read every single review and it does seem like there may have been a bad batch of them around the 2013 time frame. Additionally, almost all products have a small amount of defects, so if you get this mug and it doesn't hold the heat or cold like everyone else here says, you likely got one that has an improperly working vacuum seal and you should return it and try again.It's my new favorite mug. And I love that new tops can be ordered for it. An extra top makes it easier to have the mug at the ready if you have one top that's clean and one that's soaking.I can't understand people who downgrade their rating because it doesn't fit in a cupholder, ie, in your car. It wasn't designed for this. It was designed to not fall over, which is exactly what I was looking for. All of the mugs that will fit in a cupholder fall over so easily that a cupholder is the only place you CAN use them. I wanted something I could use when I'm sitting at or next to a table or desk. My dog can't knock this one over! I use it in my car under my legs on the floor and it never tips or slides. I don't even need a cupholder with this mug.Finally, some people say the screw-in top is redundant or unnecessary. I disagree. While I don't always use it, I appreciate having the choice because it will aid in temperature retention. Also, it's what truly makes it a travel mug. Can you say "leak proof"? (The drinking top is leak proof too, though, so this is extra protection.) I don't want them to stop providing the screw-in top. 5Tops break down quicklyThe large bottom shape drew me to this product. But the lids break easily. I've been extremely careful with the three Highwave MoJOEmo coffee mugs I've purchased. However the original lids to all three broke within a year. The lids have a button you depress to open it up so you can sip from the lid. When I say broke, to open or close the lid you press in the middle and the lid pops open. This does not work after a while as the internal parts break down quickly. I purchased extra lids but my most recent purchase of three lids demonstrated the futility of replacing them. I went through all three in six months. At first I thought this lid breakage was due to the heat of the coffee, so before screwing the lid on to the mug, I left the top off so that the coffee would cool down a bit. Then I'd put the lid on, but only in the open position to give the lid time to adjust to the heat. Finally, I'd seal the lid. However, even doing it this way the lids began to break. I have ordered 8 extra lids over the four years I've owned these mugs, but the failure of the lids is frustrating and annoying. Needless to say, I won't be buying the MoJOEmo ever again.BTW - I've tried a handful of these types of travel mugs. My favorite is this one:https://www.amazon.com/Zojirushi-SM-SC60HM-Stainless-Slate-Gray/dp/B01BTX5006/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=A44WSCEZ9RPQXQ0SMZC3Unlike the MoJOEmo, the top does not have to be popped to open. There's an external button you press and it opens. The lid remains covered at all times - not like the MoJOEmo, where the lid remains exposed (so if you've finished your coffee and it tips over in the car, the place where you put your mouth comes into contact with the carpet in the vehicle). Plus, when you push on the center button to drink from the MoJOEmo, you get to touch it with your fingers (that may not be clean). To use the Zojirushi , you don't have to touch anything that your mouth touches. Best of all, it keeps your coffee hot for hours. I've poured coffee at 7:30 a.m. and sipped it hot mid-afternoon. You can also clean it much more easily and you don't have to worry about damaging the lid (like you have to do with the MoJoemo).1
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