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Hikenture 4-in-1 Camping Utensil Stainless Steel Fork Knife Spoon Bottle Opener Set with Storage Case (Blue)

  • Hikenture 4-in-1 Camping Utensil Stainless Steel Fork Knife Spoon Bottle Opener Set with Storage Case (Blue)
  • Hikenture 4-in-1 Camping Utensil Stainless Steel Fork Knife Spoon Bottle Opener Set with Storage Case (Blue)
  • Hikenture 4-in-1 Camping Utensil Stainless Steel Fork Knife Spoon Bottle Opener Set with Storage Case (Blue)
  • Hikenture 4-in-1 Camping Utensil Stainless Steel Fork Knife Spoon Bottle Opener Set with Storage Case (Blue)
  • Hikenture 4-in-1 Camping Utensil Stainless Steel Fork Knife Spoon Bottle Opener Set with Storage Case (Blue)
  • Hikenture 4-in-1 Camping Utensil Stainless Steel Fork Knife Spoon Bottle Opener Set with Storage Case (Blue)

Hikenture 4-in-1 Camping Utensil Stainless Steel Fork Knife Spoon Bottle Opener Set with Storage Case (Blue)

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SG$ 72.00 SG$ 120.00 You save: SG$ 48.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 4 IN 1 CAMPING CUTLERY: Detachable fork, spoon, knife and bottle opener
  • POCKET MULTITOOL: Lightweight, sturdy, compact,rust free, and durable stainless steel material.
  • EASY TO CARRY: This eating utensil set is lightweight (5 oz) and fully portable,as it comes with a fine nylon pouch,so that you can bring it when you go camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing.
  • A MUST HAVE FULL-SIZED UTENSIL: Separates for use of the knife and fork at the same time, perfect solution for students, scouts or travelers eating with flimsy plastic cutlery.
  • BRAND QUALITY & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : Being confident about the top quality of this flatware, we accompany this travel silverware with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, so your shopping will be worry-free.
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Customer Reviews

Great product that will EXCEED your expectations!!! This product has done nothing but exceed all expectations in terms of quality, reliability, and ease of use. As you can tell in the attached video it's easy to take apart and clean with a simple one hand method of breaking it down. The entire product is made of a high quality, heavy metal, that contains no plastic parts. The polished coating on the utensils makes it non-stick, easy to clean, and it will not rust on you. It comes in a black pouch that has a belt loop for those of you who choose to wear this handy gadget at your waist. There is also a key ring attached to it so you could put it on a key ring if you so choose. (also shown in the video). I thought that the nice dark green color to the outer casing was a nice touch. Overall this product gets a 5 star rating and I would recommend it to everyone.5Great for Camping. Hiking....not so sureI think this is indeed a great little tool. The design and convenience are great. Really sturdy! I hope it stays that way in the long run. Still new to my pack. Let me also add that I think this is a luxury item when it comes to hiking/camping.If you are tossing this in your car or camper by all means use it all the time. I do have it in my hiking pack but I will only be using it on trips where camping is a strong part of the trip. If I am primarily hiking then my food will be simple and a $10 titanium spoon will be much lighter and more reasonable. I know it is only 3.2oz but that is creeping up on a 1/4 pound. When hiking, weight shedding is everything.I harp on this all the time but I have basically two load outs one for camping and one for hiking. Lots of gear is in both, but some is only for shorter hikes and longer camps while others are for long hikes with camping only being used for resting over night. This group even sells a 2oz long aluminum set that might be worth considering if you really wanting all your utensils. Anyway, just know this feels weighty if you are wanting to save the ounces. If not or just worth it to you go for it! Like I said, very well made product and when my focus is camping I will probably bring food like steak and sausages which will be nice to eat with a knife and fork.5THIS SAVED MY LIFE!!So this one time in band camp I got stranded out in the woods. I was supposed to meet this girl to make out but that s besides the point. what should have been a 20 minute walk led to a 2 week survival of my life! And fortunately I had my Hikenture fork and spoon deal.So there I was, eating some peyote when I see this giant rabbid polar bear with black spots! Instinctively I drew my trustworthy knife/ bottle opener and was ready to spring as he moved in for the kill. Within 40 minutes of chasing this lil bugger down I finally finished the job and an hour later was cooking this chubby bear utilizing the spoon and knife listed above.I survived the gruesome nights by wearing this bear s coat. The knife is very sharp and the bottle opener does wonders.Eventually after a lot of peyote and bear meat, I end up back in band camp where I m expected with open arms but instead I m called a panda killer and was kicked out of the camp.OVERALL:Turns out it was a pandaPeyote is radThese utensils are essential10/10 would recommend12/10 would do it againThanks for coming to my TED Talk.5Outstanding Value and quality!I purchased the Hikenture 4-in-1 stainless steel utensil set to use with a simple cook kit while hiking. Upon delivery I was struck by the quality of the utensil(s). I love that the fork is detachable, making it easy to use both the fork and knife (or spoon) simultaneously. The stainless steel has a high polish that cleans up well and the heft, size and durability of the components are comparable to standard kitchen flatware. Additionally, unlike other hiking utensils, the spoon in this set is NOT flat or shallow, so it actually holds a decent amount of food (or) liquids well. After use, the utensils easily reattach and fold compactly to fit in the nylon sheath. I did replace the original "key ring" with a heavier version and added a simple paracord lanyard as shown in the photos. So glad I came across the listing for this product! I will be buying additional sets and highly recommend it to others.5I can't see children using this very well when all the weight distribution would be at the other end of the utensil when using iI bought three of these for a camping trip coming up and they came in looking the way that they do in pictures along with its own carrying case. It is heavier than I thought it would be when I placed it in my hand. I can't see children using this very well when all the weight distribution would be at the other end of the utensil when using it but the weight does make it sturdy for adults. The utensils snap out and back in place nicely and securely. Bottle opener, works! However, I have to make note for anyone who intends to use the bottle opener to not fold out that piece when opening a bottle while using the color end as a handle. The bottle opener will only try to snap back in place where your hand is and could cut you. So definitely use the bottle opener when its folded in. The knife part is not all too sharp. It could be sharper but that does not mean that it is dull. I pressed it against my arm at an angle and scrapped up the way an old school barber would give a fresh shave and it did cut what little arm hair I had. So quality for use, this product is great and I can see my self just using it for work lunches even before/after the camping trip. I Have not tested if the metal is good quality but after a few washes we'll find out soon.5Broke within the first minute!I received this today. After opening the package, I first deployed the spoon. I heard a *snap* and part of the spring fell out - with a very obvious break in the steel. I don't know if this was a fluke or if these are all poorly made. I'll reorder and give it another go. I'll update this review after spending some time with the replacement.EDIT: Hikenture was kind enough to send a free replacement. So far the replacement has been working fine. Changed from 1 star to 4.4Great Travel Tool - BUT DON'T TAKE IT TO THE AIRPORT UNLESS YOU CHECK IT IN BECAUSE OF THE NON-REMOVABLE KNIFE Excellent quality for the price. Very happy. They should consider offering a version where you can remove the knife so it can be placed in a "carry-on" bag through the airport. I had mine confiscated by TSA because of the knife. As it's currently offered, this item CANNOT BE TAKEN IN A CARRY-ON BAG THROUGH AN AIRPORT!Other than this issue (which the manufacturer should address), the item is great. 5Quality 4 piece foldable/detachable utensil set for under $10.00? Really like this Hikenture 4-In-1 Stainless Steel Camping Utensil Fork Knife Spoon Bottle Opener Set with Storage Case. The fork and spoon are the same size as regular silverware. The handle feels beefy in your hands, not flimsy or small, but good feel and good size. It comes with a fork, spoon, and a knife that is pretty sharp. On the knife is a bottle opener. I use it for work. Toss it in day bag, and use it for lunches.Conclusion: For less than $10:00, I was shocked how well this is made. We have tried a lot of the REI style sporks, plastic utensils and what not for camping and backpacking, this is one of the better ones we have tried. Would definitely recommend this product.Update: Seller contacted me and told me that the set comes apart. The fork comes off so you can use the fork with the spoon , or fork with the knife. The spoon and knife do not come apart. It's really easy to do. I added a short video for demo. Basically you unfold the fork and have it pointed up. Push up on the spoon and it should dislodge at that point. Do the opposite to reconnect. Place pieces together in the tounge and grove with fork out pointing up, then pull down on spoon. It should lock in place.Note: We did receive this product at a discount in exchange for test/evaluating/review. Was this review helpful? Please click yes or no below.****UPDATE**** 9/9/18 Over 2 years later and still as good as new. Love the this utensil set and still recommend it.5Good utensil purchased for workI purchased this 4-in-1 utensil for work since I am located away from a kitchen. I chose the Hikenture 4-in-1 because you have a full fork and spoon instead of a sport. The implements on this utensil are also made of stainless steel which offers durability that other plastic camping utensils do not have.When you fold out the fork it will detach from the spoon/knife but will lock back into place when you fold the fork back into place. At first, I thought something broke but when you look at the locking groove you can appreciate the simplicity of the design and operation. The utensil does come with a sheath which is a nice touch.5I don't like eating off of plastic, this is a great solution.I work in TV and film production and the catered food is understandably served on disposable everything. Eating off of metal utensils makes me feel a bit more like a human being and less like I am in a low rent cafeteria! The knife on this is decently sharp and has the ability to actually cut meat as opposed to hacking away at it with a plastic knife. Given the number of meals I eat at work, it also helps reduce waste (albeit in a tiny way).On the more extreme oddball end of things I am also not a big fan of eating or drinking from plastic, the idea of petrochemicals leaching into my food and drinks is not appealing to me.Yeah, I'm the weird guy who brings his own utensils, but it makes my meal a bit more enjoyable and toxin free so it is totally worth it.5...and Dishwasher SafeThis product earned 5 stars, 1-each as follows:Design: Offers spoon/fork/knife and bottle opener in a remarkably compact package. The utensils separate with relative ease yet remain reliably together while not in use.Function: The fork is a real 4-tine fork (not a 3-tine trident like some other models). The spoon is generous in size compared to other models, making it suitable for cooking/stirring as well as eating.Quality: The stainless steel has lived up to it's name: Stainless. The aluminum handles are actually superior to more costly bone or wood: They're dishwasher-durable. That's right: I separate the unit into it's separate utensils then pop them into the dishwasher for cleaning.Bonus: Mine came with a nylon holster that slips onto a belt (or shoulder strap). Did I miss that in the advertisement?Value: For years I have used knives like this at a near-daily rate. I've paid more for less, and can say from experience there's no sacrifice with this model in form, fit and function. A 5-star product.A note about the dishwasher: If, after dish-washing, you find the operation stiff at the hinges, a 1/2-drop of vegetable oil does an excellent job of restoring flexibility.5
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