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Home-Complete Vacuum Storage Bags- 15 Multi Size Space Saving Air Tight Compression Organizers for Closet Clutter, Clothes, Linens- Pump Included

  • Home-Complete Vacuum Storage Bags- 15 Multi Size Space Saving Air Tight Compression Organizers for Closet Clutter, Clothes, Linens- Pump Included
  • Home-Complete Vacuum Storage Bags- 15 Multi Size Space Saving Air Tight Compression Organizers for Closet Clutter, Clothes, Linens- Pump Included
  • Home-Complete Vacuum Storage Bags- 15 Multi Size Space Saving Air Tight Compression Organizers for Closet Clutter, Clothes, Linens- Pump Included
  • Home-Complete Vacuum Storage Bags- 15 Multi Size Space Saving Air Tight Compression Organizers for Closet Clutter, Clothes, Linens- Pump Included
  • Home-Complete Vacuum Storage Bags- 15 Multi Size Space Saving Air Tight Compression Organizers for Closet Clutter, Clothes, Linens- Pump Included
  • Home-Complete Vacuum Storage Bags- 15 Multi Size Space Saving Air Tight Compression Organizers for Closet Clutter, Clothes, Linens- Pump Included

Home-Complete Vacuum Storage Bags- 15 Multi Size Space Saving Air Tight Compression Organizers for Closet Clutter, Clothes, Linens- Pump Included

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SG$ 126.00 SG$ 210.00 You save: SG$ 84.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • SPACE SAVING- Vacuum storage bags are a convenient solution to reduce clutter in your home and save space in your closets. They are a great storage and organizational solution for apartments.
  • PROTECTS BELONGINGS- The bags are air and water tight to protect everything you put in them. Keep your belongings protected while being stored safely and securely in vacuum sealed bags.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE- This set includes jumbo, x-large, large and medium sizes and also includes small and medium roll up bags for suitcases. They are ideal a variety of items like seasonal things, clothes, sweaters, comforters, blankets, towels, and more!
  • PUMP INCLUDED- Not only are the bags compatible with vacuums, they come with a pump included! The pump removes the air from the bag, which compresses and shrinks them down, reducing the amount of space they take up.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS- Set of 15. Sizes: 1 Jumbo-35x48, 3 XL -26x39. 5, 4 LG-21. 5x33. 5, 4 Medium Large-18" x 22. 5". 2 Suitcase Medium Travel Roll Up- 18" x 22. 5". 1 Suitcase Small Travel Roll Up 13. 5" x 19. 5". BagMaterial: plastic. Includes Travel Pump.
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Customer Reviews

Great space saver bags for travel with limited storage! We purchased the Home-Complete Space Saver Bags while preparing for a deployment. We were on the hunt for a variety of sizes that would fit a multitude of different items. We are very pleased after putting these bags to use!The bags and pump are as shown in the picture. You get ten bags and a manual hand pump when you purchase this product. Four medium, three large, two x-large, and one jumbo. I found these were a great price point for the amount that you receive. We even had some to spare!We were very happy to see that many items were able to be used in these bags. From uniforms, jackets, blankets....you name it. All items that we needed to fit, were able to fit. We can also attest to the fact that keeping these items in the space saver bags kept them smelling as fresh as when they were packed up. Big plus when working/living in an environment that has very distinct smells!The manual hand pump that you will receive will suffice and get the job done, but we used our vacuum cleaner which sped the whole process up.The travel pump was a great extra for my husband though and served the purpose while traveling.The only hang up you may have is that you need to make sure the latch on the top of the bag is closed completely. There is a white plastic clasp to help you do this, but I have found that sometimes you have to go back over the zip-lock to make sure it is sealed.We would repurchase these Home-Complete Space Saver Bags again. A great value for a great product! 5Amazing Product Used these bags for the first time last night and they are fantastic. The price for the number of bags you get is amazing and they actually work. They are replacement bags for the "original space saver" bags I purchased over 10 years ago. Those bags did not work as well in recent years so I decided to switch and I'm so glad I picked this product. The key is to seal the bags well, you will want to use the zipper 3 or 4 times after filling the bag. Using multiple bags, I was able to condense 1 twin electric blanket, 1 queen electric blanket, 1 comforter, 2 decorative pillows, 3 blankets and 25 or so swimsuits, and fit everything on the top shelf of my linen closet. Using the old bags I had to use 2 shelves. The travel bags and mini pump will definitely come in handy too. 5High Quality, even for the low price I was afraid that these vacuum bags would be poor quality since they are cheaper but they have been WELL worth it. I'm saving 2/3 the space with each bag than I was with the zip locks and trash bags I was using before!!! I was able to fit 3 bags in the place of one of the old ones!The purpose for my purchase: We are moving across country and have 3 little boys who have SO many clothes. Plus my "fluffy" clothes, skinny clothes, maternity, breastfeeding, etc. Add that to all the bedding and we needed everything to fit in the truck. Weight wasn't an issue, space was.Pros: The zipper hasn't come open at all as I move them around and get them packed up. I havent ever used vacuum packs and wasntvsurevif my vacuum would be good enough but it worked great. The bags are definitely big and hold a lot of stuff. I put a fireman hat in one and some pants with the zipper exposed in another and was worried that it would tear the bag with the suction/pressure but it's been sturdy. It comes with a manual pump that worked just fine (a vacuum gets more air out because it gets harder to manually pump it once suction is stronger) which I used to not wake the kids.Cons: After suctioning the air out of one with the vacuum, it started sucking it back in after I put the lid on. I took it off and suctioned more out and then it stayed. I think the little flap over the hold just got crooked. But my kids were pushing on it. I only had the problems once and have found no quality issues besides that temporary one. The Jumbo bag seems a little too big and I'm not really sure what to do with it. Once it was flat, it seems like its be a bit awkward to move around but I'm sure I'll use it anyway. They have some roll up ones that are to be used in suitcases but I found that I usually have an issue with weight when flying, not with space. But it could be useful, still.Great product! 4My linen closet looks so good! Heck This is an extremely effective kit! I bought 2 and there were enough bags to do all the winter clothing, the ski clothes, the summer clothes, extra curtains, blankets, table cloths and sheets that I am not using. I also bagged up all of someone's stuffed animals. They are still around just not laying on the floor! My linen closet looks so good! Heck! My clothes closet looks so good! These bags will shrink the biggest down comforter to an almost flat, manageable package. It remains handy and ready for any use that I may have and, when you take it out, it fluffs up to original size as you remove it from the bag! I don't know why everyone doesn't have these bags! I was NOT compensated in any way nor did I receive a discount for my review. 5Best purchase of my life! Overall, the reviews were great considering how many were left, but it's always still a little stressful when many still had complaints or issues with the product. Did they get a lemon? Are they just idiots and don't know how to read the simple instructions printed on EVERY bag? You just never know. I bought these for the sole purpose of moving because between my linen closet, and my coat closet I knew I didn't have enough boxes, yet alone large enough boxes to fit what I needed. Let me just tell you, I'm seriously so sad it took me this long in my life to buy these! My exploding, tiny linen closet fit nicely into about 7 or so bags (mediums and larges) and we have TONS of huge fluffy blankets, fluffy towels, and sheets and it wasn't a problem for these! The instructions are easy to follow, and are on every bag in case you forget or have questions. Now, I do have a dyson vacuum, so it took about two seconds to deflate each bag, BUT I did try the hand pump on my coat closet (napping baby) and it did just as good as the vacuum. It took a few minutes rather than seconds, but considering its manual and I have no muscles since giving birth, I was very pleased. I even left all the plastic hangers on them as it stayed below the stop line and it will make unpacking a breeze! (Hello camping solution for bulky bedding/things you want to stay dry and have no vacuum) the hand pump did take a handful of pumps before it looked like it was doing anything, but I also didn't mess with getting out any air before sealing the zipper. I was so excited at the life changing product that I took to social media and chewed them all out for never telling me how necessary these things are to live life. Someone commented every brand they tried didn't hold suction and would re-inflate after a few days. So I waited to leave my review for about a week so I could be sure they worked. Needless to say, here I am. I'll be the one to tell you to stop hesitating and get these! You won't be sorry! I ended up ordering another box because of all the possibilities I now saw I could use them for. Hunters, wash your hunting clothes with non-scented detergent, throw them straight into one of these suckers with some scent blocker and seal it up. They'll stay clean, dry, scent free, and compact until the season rolls around. Sleeping bags are a pain because they take up so much room, throw a few, or four into a jumbo bag and call it a day. Seasonal clothing in the way? No problem. Seasonal blankets, towels, table clothes taking up too much room? Problem solved. Own a boat, go camping or fishing a bunch? Use these to keep things waterproof. Use them in your 72 hour kits for waterproofing flashlights and other items. I'm telling you, the list goes on. I even used these for my kid's stuffed animals for the move because she has way too many. What would have taken up a giant long plastic bin bursting at the seams, is now nice and neat and nearly flat for packing. They all worked, I ran into no issues with any bags, using a vacuum, or the hand pump. I'll update the review if I run into any issues down the road. First picture is huge king blanket that barely fit onto my shelf, second shows how compact it went. Third picture is my ENTIRE linen closet. Fourth and fifth picture is my coat closet, using the hand pump (4th pic had third bag not yet pumped) and I even left all the plastic hangers on because it fit below the stop line. 5ACTUAL non-paid customer review!! Let me begin by saying I DID NOT receive these discounted or for free. I paid for them and took a chance despite a bunch of useless reviews from paid reviewers.That being said...it turns out in this case that the paid folks were all right. This is an excellent deal on some great vacuum bags. I have a used a number of them and so far I have had zero issues and no leaks a month in. I am very pleased. The bags don't feel cheap, but I was expecting/hoping that they would feel a little more hefty like our old ones. Considering how poorly those functioned in comparison...maybe this is the better way?I have used 5 of the bags so far, and all of them have worked perfectly. With a regular vacuum, I am able to compress these down in seconds. I haven't yet tried the pump...maybe later. If you aren't traveling with these, then a vacuum is definitely the way to go. I especially love it for our memory foam mattress that we bring out to put on the blow up mattress when we need an extra bed. The memory foam is huge and unwieldy, but when you throw it in a vacuum bag it shrinks up to the size of a flattened pillow. Fantastic! I also use it to store winter/summer socks and other clothing items I don't wear very often.The only cons I can come up with for these are that the plastic clasps that make it easier to seal the zip-lock style tops can just pop off. You get 15 of them, so it's not a huge deal, but I KNOW I am going to be losing those guys. My older bags didn't have these though, so I'm still appreciative. I also noticed that the largest size bag has the vacuum valve right near the zip-lock end. This makes this bag a little harder to use because you have to make sure that whatever you are putting inside the bag stays underneath the valve. If you don't, then it just sucks up the plastic on the other side of the bag and then nothing happens. The other bags that I checked all had the valve centered, so everything you put inside the bag naturally stays underneath the valve where you would want them to.FINAL RECOMMENDATION: Definitely a great buy. I bought these when they were less than $20, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy them for twice that. They are great.UPDATE (4 months later): Happy to say that ALL the vacuum bags I've used so far are still holding their seals. There are no leaks whatsoever. Very happy with my purchase :) 5I am very happy with these bags I have three daughters close in age so I use these a lot to keep clothes safe and out of the way when a size isn't in use. I have done Ziplocks space bags (the worst ones I have tried so far), Just seen on TVs space bags (which were the first ones I did and they lasted four years until I had toddlers start to climb on them. I haven't had these ones for that long yet but I can tell you they feel sturdier than the ziplock ones did, not as thick as the original ones were but still feel like they will last me a long time. My gripe is with the bag sizes, their mediums are what I am used to as smalls, their larges are what I know as mediums but their jumbos are way larger than my old larges, I do wish they had ones that were the same size as my old larges in addition to their jumbos. With as much as I use these that would be very helpful indeed. The hand pump that came with it is amazing. I use the vacuum to suck out the bulk of the air but I can get it even thinner with the hand pump. I like that the valves (the silicon pieces that keep the air from coming back in) are not super easy to pull off like they are on the ziplock bags and the screw style outer closure is excellent (did I mention I have four kids running around this house?) It makes it harder for the kids to open up and tamper with and the flip top styles have been known to flip up when you're moving stacked bags around the top of the closet. I am happy with this set and depending on if I used up all of them after my deep house cleaning I may buy myself another pack either of the 10 or just do the 6 jumbo as I think I may need them for blanket storage... 5Great quality bags and pump, you get plenty of huge bags. Never new these things existed and after researching through the feedback while shopping for them, i landed here...and i did diligence. You get a great selection of very Good size bags made of great quality. The pump that ships with it works like a charm, no need for vacuum at all...but i did a couple and they go super fast that way. I had only a couple lose pressure because i didnt seal correct or i surmised it could have been drastic weather change going from Connecticut to New York. Bags and pumps are reusable. I would buy again and have referred them good freinds. When you use the first time on comforters, pillows bedding, ordinary clothes, you will be amazed with the time is saves. 5Space saver I used two boxes to pack linens, blankets and clothes for a cross country move. Anything to keep arterial free of mites and dust, especially when stored. I compressed all sheets, winter and summer blankets into two large boxes. They reduce packing material. When I finished packing, I had a dozen small, and many large boxes left over I attribute to vacuum sealing.I normally drop a dryer sheet in each vacuumed bag to ward off musty smell. I didn t have time to do this with a hectic packing schedule and time limits. I may regret it when I unpack our clothes. 5No warranty and doesn't last long I used a combination of overall Amazon ratings and fakespot to try and find a set of vacuum bags that had a good legitimate rating and decent value, since many of these are filled with junk reviews. That lead me to this bundle, which also had a great warranty as well.When the bags arrived, the first few worked reasonably well, but soon after the problems started. I had one bag tear at the zipper, so I went to reach out to the seller and I went through the warranty registration. The site that you register with looks a bit shady and puts you on a mailing list. Since I had registered, I went to reach out to the support address and the e-mail address provided bounced. I then reached out to the home complete site that messaged me when I registered and I never heard back from them.The next week I left for vacation, and upon returning I noticed the bags were starting to fill back up, especially those with pillows. The last kick in the pants was that I noticed this particular bundle is more expensive than the larger bundle they offer. Overall, I would strongly suggest buying another brand that has a real warranty and a trustworthy company behind it. 1
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