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Household Essentials Hinge-It Spacemaker Double Hook, White

  • Household Essentials Hinge-It Spacemaker Double Hook, White
  • Household Essentials Hinge-It Spacemaker Double Hook, White
  • Household Essentials Hinge-It Spacemaker Double Hook, White

Household Essentials Hinge-It Spacemaker Double Hook, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Double-hook towel hook with two hooks that takes advantage of unused space behind the door
  • Behind-the-door storage mounts on a single hinge
  • Saves money--air drying conserves energy and extends the life of your towels
  • Easy installation at door hinge: pop the pin and drop it in!
  • Fits most standard doors and swivels for easy access
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Customer Reviews

Sturdy, small/unobtrusive, and effectiveWhile this hook is small, it's very sturdy and can hold larger/heavier items. The quality of the materials is great, the metal feels sturdy and resists bending. Although it does swivel with the door (all of the hinge-it spacemaker hooks do), it doesn't really bother me with this hook as much because it's small size means it won't scrape up against anything or protrude and be highly visible. I like that one of the hooks is a different length than the other - which means it's easier to distinguish between various items that are hung.I do wish these came in other colors, and that the balls on the ends could be made rubber or something a little more grippy, but overall these are quite effective and useful.5Handy little hook that doesn't get in the way and so easy to install! I wasn't expecting too much from this little Spacemaker Handy Hook, but it's really been helpful to have. I attached it to my front door so that I can hang bags there to remind me of things such as purchases I need to return on my next shopping trip out on weekends. I much prefer that than hanging the bags on the doorknob which would get in the way throughout the week.It was so easy to install only taking seconds, and when nothing hangs on it, it's low profile and doesn't mess with visual aesthetics. Another benefit is that it is very portable so that you can easily move the hook to another location since it's not a permanent fixture.Other helpful uses could be hanging keys there, your dog leash there if you have a dog, purses and backpacks...anything you use frequently that you need daily before leaving the house. Hanging stuff on these hooks on your door hinge doesn't restrict opening the door unless you need to open the door extremely wide. This would be good for bedrooms and closets as well. 5Great item! This little item added a towel bar where I didn t think to look. I wasn t able to add an over-the-door bar because there wasn t enough clearance. 5Bends under the slighest weight.The arms themselves are fine but the Sheetmetal bracket that attaches to the hinge is thin and bends easily. The bracket is attached only at the top, the bottom of the bracket is a C shape that rests against the hinge. This in itself is not a bad design IF they had used a sturdier metal for the hinge that bends from the slightest pressure.2Clever towel rackLiving in a tiny space required ideas to hang bath towels and with limited wall space (and being a renter) I immediately liked this bar that mounts on door hinges. Arrived in package undamaged but as shown in photo, one of the bars had adhesive from the mailer. It was not a big deal and I cleaned it off. Installation was straightforward and I appreciate having a place to dry my bath towels. Only downside is how short the bars are. As shown on the photo, a third of my bath towel are hanging off the bar (5 - 6 inches wider than the bars).4Great for hanging towels or clothing in bathroom without putting holes in wallJust had bathroom remodeled and didn't want to put holes in wall. Closed door, removed top hinge (door stays in place), put hinge through hole in top of hood and reseated pin. Will move if it meets resistance as it should and works great.5Great solution when over door hooks fail My doors look standard (mid 80s house) but I never can find over door hooks that work-always seem to hit molding at top of doorframe. This solution let me add hook without drilling. Took me a little time to set it on hinges (needed to look back at pictures) but works just as expected. Perfect for hanging bathrobe. 5Sturdy, Simple, not effectiveWe bought this to hang our towels on to help dry them and save space. Simple install: take hinge pin out, then put it back in through this, then the hinge. It's also surprisingly sturdy, not flimsy at all. That said it doesn't work for our intended application, our towels still remain damp even after having all day to dry so keep that in mind when buying3I like itI really like this hook.Pros:It is sturdy and supports plenty of weight.The lower end of the hook has a brace that rests against the hinge, supporting the hook and preventing it from wobbling unattractively from side to side.It doesn't interfere with opening and closing the door.Very easy to install and doesn't require you to put holes in the wall to mount.Cons:It's not as attractive as other hooks (unfortunately the more attractive hooks that I've tried don't function as well).It squeaks/creaks when the door opens and closes and I hesitate to use WD40 on it because I worry that the clothes that hang on the hook will get oil spots.4A must have These are a must have-- especially with children. It is the perfect height to hang a towel or robe for a child and keep it out of the way. I keep buying more. I almost have one on every door in my house now. Great invention and storage solution!I have many of these and haven t had issues overall. I have had the white ball come off one of them but I just put it back on. Probably a little glue and it would be better. They do swivel sometimes but if they are on tight at the top it helps some. Overall I love this product and am ordering more for a new door. Recommend. 5Super easy to installThese are super easy to install: Pull a hinge pin, place the towel bar, replace the pin. Done. Sturdy, simple, holds a towel. I do wish they were a little longer, but a great buy none-the-less.5My least favorite of the spacemaker hooksThis is my least favorite of the hinge-it spacemaker hooks. The quality of the materials is good, and I love the originality of the idea, but otherwise I'm not a fan of this particular model.All of the spacemaker hooks to some degree, do not stay stationary, but swivel with the door if there is not something rather heavy attached to it. The upwards angle of the top hook makes this more of an issue because it can scrape against the wall - the ball does prevent it from scratching somewhat, but not enough for me to feel confident opening the door quickly. This same upward angle is also not ideal for slippery items, nor does the ball provide any sort of grip/friction, so items will just slide down the length of the pole and end up touching the door hinge.The bottom hook feels like kind of an afterthought and the attachment does not feel super sturdy. Overall, I also feel that the hook is too large and cumbersome to use. I recommend trying the much smaller model instead Household Essentials Hinge-It Spacemaker Handy Hook, White.2Effective towel bar for tight spaces!This inexpensive little towel bar fits on a hinge on a door. My mother s bathroom didn t have a towel bar for a regular size bath towel and was very small. This fit perfectly and we could have put both in there if they hadn t painted the hinges in place. It definitely solved her problem of where to hang her bath towel.4Works as advertized Easy to install and very convenient. For the longest time we had been using an over the door towel rack as extra towel-hanging space. Problem was that, because of how far out it stood from the back of the door, it would bang into the wall behind the open door- even with a door stop on top of the door. In other words, the towel rack had become the doorstop. Also it had started to rust. So we saw this one while shopping around and it looked ideal. Because it can turn on the door hinge, it closes up snug against the door- even holding a towel or two- so it can't bang up against the wall.Only caveat: It isn't the most over-built piece of gear ever. So it pays to be careful when yanking a towel off of it. The flange that anchors the rack to the door hinge could stand to be a touch heavier gauge.Otherwise it works as advertized and looks very nice. 4Great concept, a few functional annoyances, but good quality overallGreat for those in a small apartment with limited space! It fits two regular-size towels folded in half, but I actually ended up using it for bath mats. I would say however, that this bar is not a good place to hang a towel after using it - since the two towels touch/overlap while hanging on the bar, it prevents efficient drying. This bar would have been much better if one of the prongs was angled slightly to prevent this overlap. I also found that this would swivel with the door as it opened and closed, rather than staying stationary in one position - so I constantly had to re-adjust it to where I wanted it. I tried using sticky tac as well as glue under the parts that touch the door hinge to prevent movement, but that only helped minimally. If this had been just a few inches longer, it would fit a regular towel without the need to be folded - but I would imagine the extra length might make the bars weaker.Despite those flaws, it's still a great concept. The bar is also of good quality, it feels sturdy and I've had no issues with paint flaking or bending, and my towels/bath mats have never fallen or slipped off.4
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