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Intermatic EJ600 120 Volt Indoor Digital Astro In-Wall Timer, White, med

  • Intermatic EJ600 120 Volt Indoor Digital Astro In-Wall Timer, White, med
  • Intermatic EJ600 120 Volt Indoor Digital Astro In-Wall Timer, White, med
  • Intermatic EJ600 120 Volt Indoor Digital Astro In-Wall Timer, White, med
  • Intermatic EJ600 120 Volt Indoor Digital Astro In-Wall Timer, White, med
  • Intermatic EJ600 120 Volt Indoor Digital Astro In-Wall Timer, White, med
  • Intermatic EJ600 120 Volt Indoor Digital Astro In-Wall Timer, White, med
  • Intermatic EJ600 120 Volt Indoor Digital Astro In-Wall Timer, White, med

Intermatic EJ600 120 Volt Indoor Digital Astro In-Wall Timer, White, med

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Astronomic feature auto adjusts to sunrise/sunset, Can be used for 24 hour or 7 day applications
  • Timer requires Neutral Wire.
  • Single-pole or 3-way compatible.
  • Controls CFL and LED lights
  • Please refer the User Manual before use.
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Customer Reviews

Great features, but don't lose the instructions!I had been using a Leviton LT112 digital timer for about a year and a half, to turn on a kitchen table lamp at dusk, and turn it off at midnight. This type of timer plugged into an outlet, then a lamp plugged into the timer. The Leviton had some good features, like battery backup, automatic daylight savings time adjustment, and automatic dawn/dusk time computation as the seasons change. Unfortunately, a power resistor inside the Leviton burned up and ruined the circuitry, but luckily nothing else was damaged (the damage was contained inside the timer case).I looked around to find a similar digital timer from another vendor, but didn't find an exact equivalent. I liked the feature set of the Intermatic EJ600 timer, but it is designed for mounting inside a wall switch box to control a hardwired light. I am very comfortable around electrical wiring, so I mounted the Intermatic timer inside a surface mount plastic outlet box and wired it in the middle of a three-wire (grounded) 16-ga extension cord. The instruction sheet that came with the timer was very clear, and everything was done very neatly and safely (see the attached photo). Now the extension cord gets plugged into an outlet, the kitchen table lamp gets plugged into the extension cord outlet, and the timer controls the light. Since this light is on for hours a day, I am using a 60 watt equivalent LED bulb that uses only 10 watts of electricity, and the timer has no problem controlling the non-dimming LED bulb. Note that you don't get a wall plate with the timer, you have to buy that separately.The instructions were very detailed and pretty clear about how to program the timer. The first part of the programming is to reset the timer, then configure the date, time, DST setting, and latitude zone, which you only have to do once. The second part of the programming is to configure the on/off events for your light. This has lots of options, such as what day (or days) of the week, use sunrise and/or sunset or specific times, random times, etc. It's complicated, but if you have a straightforward application, and you follow the instruction sheet carefully, you should be able to program it fine. Because I had a very simple application, I only needed one on/off program: for every day of the week, turn the light on at sunset, and turn it off at 11:59pm. During the configuration programming, you can adjust the sunset time so the timer activates a short time before actual sunset, since you usually don't wait for it to become completely dark before you turn on a light. I'm sure it's possible to get bollixed up in the programming, but for me and my simple application, it worked perfectly the first time.The manual on/off feature is pretty nice, since you don't have to look closely at the tiny buttons to figure out which one to push. Instead, you simply press the plastic panel that normally covers the programming buttons, and this toggles the lamp on and off.I thought the three-way switch feature was also pretty nice, although I didn't need that feature. Lots of home lighting circuits have two separate wall switches set up as a three-way switch, and you can replace one of the switches with this timer, and continue to use the other switch, too. Plus the manual override feature lets you manually use the timer switch also - pretty sweet.I am quite satisfied with the Intermatic EJ600 digital timer, now I just hope it lasts longer than the Leviton timer.5Good switch - keep that post lamp glowing!Replacing the Honeywell equivalent (which has failed twice, and required a 60watt load). This one fired right up and is working (on) as I write this.It works, and doesn't need the 60watt load. Programming complex, but got it on the first try, following somewhat strange and convoluted instructions. No backlight (the Honeywell was backlit, and had kind of a cheerful glow, letting you know it was working - until, of course, it wasn't) and this display is really miniscule. Programming buttons are also small - I used a pencil eraser to push them - and the printing on the buttons is also really small, but not quite as small as the size of portions of the screen display. I sat a chair right in front of the switch, and used an LED flashlight to help my eyes read the screens.All in all, it works, I was able to program it on the first try, and I hope that it will outlast my remaining Honeywell switch.5Great product, features, instruction, and you can install yourself with a little patience.I'm a 50-yr old female homeowner, average handy, and installed 4 of these myself - love them! I picked this particular in-wall timer for the unobtrusive aesthetics (did NOT want the green glowing digital readout of another brand). Also love the versatile features - I use the sunset on feature (which auto-links to the changing times throughout the year) and the programmed off, but you can set it up any way you want to from fully programmed to fully auto. I was tired of using expensive malfunctioning auto sensor bulbs in my exterior light fixtures, and really didn't want the lights on dusk 'till dawn anyway. This in wall timer is such a perfect, economical solution. I found the installation and programming instructions to be very clear. KEEP the programming instructions somewhere close, because it is not intuitive and you will need to refer to them every time you make program changes. Like other reviewers mention, there are a couple tricky installation parts, mostly fitting all the wires and wire caps back in the receptacle. But a little patience tucking them all in like a puzzle and it works. Also, I would recommend to other DIYers that you buy an inexpensive ($4) AC voltage detector so you can easily tell the load wire from the line wire. And frankly the most time consuming part was figuring out which breaker in my house turned off whatever particular switch I was working on! (Tip - when you locate the right breaker, label it in your breaker box with a black Sharpie so you will always know in future.) Oh, and figuring out how to release the wires from the existing push-in standard switch? Let me help you with this because it drove me nuts till I figured it out - you have to insert a TINY little thing (I used the tiny tip of a letter opener) into the rectangular hole slot next to the wire and push - then the wire pops out. Lastly, this product comes with white neutral and ground wires - my home was built 12 years ago and has both. BOTTOM LINE: Great product, and you do not need to pay an electrician - if I can install them, you can too.5No problems, turns lights on at dusk and off at dawn regardless of the season. Exactly what I needed./Update: 3 months later, it's still working fine. I've pretty much forgotten about it to be honest... which is exactly what I wanted. It's on when it's dark, and off in the daytime. I never even need to manually activate it. No issues what so ever. Great product. /updateI use this to turn on patio lights at dusk, and turn them off in the morning. It does this reliably, without a light sensor, any time of the year. And if you want to use those lights at any time when it's off, you can manually override it by simply pushing on the switch. (The door covering the buttons, acts as the switch if pressed)It was easy to wire into the wall, and I've had absolutely zero problems with it. Note that this version does require a neutral wire, which most modern construction houses will have present in the wall.It also has a built-in rechargeable battery that will keep the time and programming in the event of a power outage.Overall I found the actual programming it to be a little goofy, but it really didn't take long, and the instructions were written well enough to figure it out without too much difficulty. Just save the instructions or you might have a hard time figuring out how to re-program it in the future.I'm using it in a dual switch gang box, and had no trouble fitting it in, or making the wires fit. It also comes with the wire nuts and screws needed to mount it in the box.It does not come with the cover plate, if you are retrofitting this, no problem, just use your old one. If you are doing new construction, be prepared to spend a whopping $.50 to $1.00 on a new plate at your local hardware store.If anything changes, I'll update my review. But really, I expect this to be one of those things you just forget about while it continues to do it's job.5Reliable and flexible timer that can control LEDshttp://www.intermatic.com/Products/Timers/InWallTimers/Electronic_Timers.aspx has Intermatic model differences and MUCH better programming instructions than printed instructions that come with the timer.The EJ600 replaced a EJ500 model which was still working well after 15 years. Replacement was necessary to properly use LEDs in outdoor lights. LEDs on the EJ500 model would briefly "flash" when off. I like the astronomical feature which allows lights to be turned off or on precisely at sunset or sunrise. Longitude and latitude is "automatically" determined by the EJ600's cleverly designed program when the owner enters the time zone and then manually corrects the displayed sunset time to the time of that day's actual sunset time. This corrections is only required once- at initial setup. My lights go ON at sunset and OFF at 11:00 pm and then ON at 7:00AM and OFF at sunrise (if sunrise before 7:00AM, the lights don't go on at all). One star taken off because the programing instructions were more complicated than necessary because they were written to save paper. PS: The EJ600 does need a neutral wire whereas the EJ500 does not. Most homes will have a neutral wire in the switch box . Intermatic does sell a timer (EI600) that does not need a neutral wire but it is a few dollars more expensive (and can handle larger electrical loads required by motors, etc), The EJ600 has an internal rechargeable battery whereas the EJ500 and EI600 has replaceable batteries.5Easy to install; a challenge to program - but worth it.I replaced one EJ500 switch that I had with an incadescent spot light so that I could use an LED light buld instead. The EJ 500 switch is not compatible with LED or mercury (CFL) bulbs. I also replaced a standard toggle switch that I have been using mercury (CFL) bulbs that had built-in photosensors. They are no longer available since photosensors for mercury (CFL) bulbs are now available. However, the photosensor that I purchased to work with the CFL bulb added 1-2 inches of height and did not fit correctly into our fixture.I have had the EJ500 for about five years and since I installed it and programmed it, I have not touched it since. We have frequent power outs and surges due to storms/lightning and in all of that time the program has worked without any input from me.This time, when I installed the EJ600, I told it sunup and sunset were 30 minute earlier and later, respectively. When I gave it the exact sunup/sunset times (in the EJ500 that I have been using), the bulbs came on a little later in the evenings than my wife liked and went off a little earlier than my wife liked.Installation of the switch is fairly straightfoward except that they must be connected in the so the electricity flows through the switch in a particular direction. Since both of my wires that were to be connected to the switch are black (instead of black and white), I had to put them together and then switch them if (when!) they were wrong. They were both backwards and I had switched them both after I connected the switch and found that the light bulbs did not respond to pushing the front panel which is essentiall on/off if you want to control the lights at other than the programmed times.I had some trouble (with both the EJ500 and EJ600) in programming the lights. There are six separate buttons with dual functions for most to control the programming. I use the switch in the SUNUP/SUNSET mode. When programming the switch, I needed my readers and a magnifying glass and a good light (and a third hand) to be able to see what I was doing. That may be just my age; but even when I could see what I was doing, I found it hard to follow their directions for programming the light. I ended up reprogramming it each afternoon until the program finally worked.Overall, I would recommend the switches. I would get the EJ600 because it can handle LED and mercury (CFL) lights. Once they are installed (fairly easy) and programmed (a challenge for me), they will work for years without any thought to them. It was worth a week of aggravation to program them. I had to purchase a new face plate for the large switch size.5Great Product. Hang onto the instructions.Purchased this to replace a similar GE in-wall timer which died suddenly after a few years of use which control 3 outdoor lights in the front of my home. Wanted this model for it's support of incandescent, CFL and LED lighting which don't always work with these types of timers. Installation was straight forward in my single-pole setup. Note this model also supports 2 switches but the red wire is capped in single-pole mode.Opening the instructions for the first time is daunting! Do as they advise....read through them completely. I was used to a set time on and time off, and would adjust the time every season for the change in sunrise and sunset. Now this automatically adjusts for sunrise/sunset and turns on at dusk and off at at sunrise, or in my case, around 1:00am. NOTE: The on at sunset and off at a time is on the BACK page of the instructions, so look for the mode you want before starting from the first page.My ONLY complaint so far, is that I'm in Boston and the ZONES for the sunrise/sunset split directly in the middle of Massachusetts. I can't enter in the EXACT sunrise/sunset time when it's set for Central or North zone. You can adjust the sunrise/sunset manually for each zone, but for me the closest I can get is about 20 minutes of sunrise/sunset. I figure close enough.5Excellent design and perfect performanceThis Intermatic timer is ideal for my needs and has eliminated all four photocells on my outside security lighting. The photocells had previously eliminated the original Intermatic mechanical timer. I simply cut an old single gang electrical box into the wall where the timer used to be, removed and discarded all four photocells, replaced the outside flood-lamp holders and bases and then installed this timer.The old photocells had to be removed. As for the lamp holders and mounting plates, I replaced all of them as they were too old to waste time reinstalling.Remember, this model timer requires a neutral connection to operate. Intermatic makes several models of in wall electronic timers. It us your reponsibility to know which one you need. The Intermatic web-site has all this information. Don't rely on Amazon to provide the technical details.I have mine set to use the astrologic time settings with random. The lights come on around dusk and go off around dawn. I should never have to readjust the timer each season ever again.Another great thing: if I want the lights off, I just operate the rocker switch and it resumes program operation the next cycle. It also maintains it's programming if there is a power failure. We have many service interruptions where we live.All in all, I wouldn't change/improve anything. They got it right.5perfect timer for meI bought 3 of these timers and installed them myself. Very easy. I am a handy woman who doesn't mind tackling household projects. There are some excellent You Tube videos describing how to wire this timer as well as how to program it. The programming was the trickiest part, but I used my iPad to play and pause the programming video I found on You Tube while I was programming the timer. Programming was a snap with the help of the video. Love that I come home at night to a well lit home exterior. Do yourself a favor and buy this timer!5Failed after 2 yearsIt worked great for ~2 years and then failed. It cannot turn lights on anymore, not manually or via the timer. The switch was only controlling about 50 watts total (a few LED bulbs). I had it programmed to turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn. It was barely ever used manually. Something in the electronics of the item failed. I tried resetting and reprogramming, but it simply cannot switch the lights on anymore. A quick replacement with a conventional manual switch had the lights working, so the failure is with this unit. My multi-mter also confirms that.1
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