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Intermatic K4027 347-VAC Fixed Position Mounting Photocontrols

  • Intermatic K4027 347-VAC Fixed Position Mounting Photocontrols

Intermatic K4027 347-VAC Fixed Position Mounting Photocontrols

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Provide dusk-to-dawn lighting control
  • Thermal Type eliminates loads switching OFF due to car headlights and lightning
  • 5205 Watts Tungsten
  • 2880 VA Ballast
  • 15 Amps Tungsten and 8. 3 Amps Ballast
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Customer Reviews

Great replacementI was fairly certain that I needed to replace the old sensor on the side of my house. The lights were staying on day and night without ever going off. After checking for any problem with the wiring, etc., I checked the make and model number on the old unit and found the exact one I needed on Amazon. It took me approximately 15 minutes to replace the old sensor, and after waiting about 30 seconds the lights went off. That has been a couple of weeks, and the lights come on at dusk and off when the sunlight reaches the sensor each morning. I couldn't be happier. Great replacement. Also best price.5Driveway Lights Turn Off AgainI noticed a few weeks ago that the lights on my driveway were staying on much longer than they should have. The time on gradually increased until they were on all of the time. I determined our electronic eye was shot so I ordered this one. I literally installed it in about 15 minutes. That included time determining which breaker serviced the lights, getting out the ladder, taking out the old eye and installing this one. I ordered Intermatic as I am familiar with the brand and they offer a multi-year warranty. There are other cheaper brands available on Amazon but I could not find warranty information on any of them, so I opted for this one. I'm not disappointed. The lights now work as they should and should they fail in the next couple of years I'm covered by the warranty. All in all a good deal.5Hooked it up and it turned on at first power ...Hooked it up and it turned on at first power up then it shut off and I could not get it to turn on again. I waited over 5 mins and it didn't turn on even with the sensor covered. It was only controlling 6 low voltage lights so definitely not too much current.1This is the one you need for CFLsWas burning out CFLs like crazy on my garage lights, where is the alleged energy savings when your CFLs only last a couple of months? This control works with CFLs, they come on quickly, none of the flickering when turning on and off that I had before. No bulbs burned out since I installed this. One glitch, the instructions say to wire this in before the switch. Since my lights and sensor were already installed, I had to put this controller between the switch and the lights (load). I would have had to completely re-wire the lights to do it the way the instruction diagram showed. It worked perfectly fine as you would expect, but just be aware that the provided wiring diagram might not look right when you are installing it. No complaints.5DIY Dusk-to-Dawn Retrofit of Outdoor Light FixtureBought this to replace dusk-to-dawn bulbs that kept burning out. It is attached on the inside of an outdoor garage light fixture (see photos). Since the light fixture base was a bit too thin, I added a home-made wooden ring to the base (which can be seen in two photos). Then simply mounted it to the garage stucco (nailed with 2" brads via nail gun, caulked and painted). Once I am confident the unit works consistently, I will run a light coat of clear caulk around the fixture base to the wooden ring and spray paint the screws. Venting was not added because the inside outlet box vents to the garage. NOTE: I did not use the cover plate.If all goes well, we won't be buying anymore dusk-to-dawn bulbs, and I will add another unit for the other garage light. Total cost w/o the cover plate $10 and my free labor.5Exactly what I needed. W0rks great even with LED bulb.I have a ceiling mount front porch light I like to keep on at night. The problem was I would either forget to turn it on at night or forget to turn it off during the day. Initially I was planning to buy a whole new light with a photo cell already integrated into the fixture. To my surprise I found out no one makes a ceiling mount porch light with an installed photo cell. They make them with a motion sensing cell, but that's it. On my fixture there is about an inch and a half base all the way around the light, then the glass dome underneath. This was the smallest photo cell I could find, so thought I would give it a try. When the cell arrived, I pulled down the light fixture and saw there was barely enough room to mount it in the light. With a small hole saw I drilled out a hole in the base the size of the protruding light sensor, I mounted it inside the base by pushing the protruding sensor through the hole and installing the included threaded nut. I re-installed my light fixture, wiring as per included instructions and put in a 60 watt equivalent LED bulb. Very happy, works great. I leave my porch light on all he time, but now it comes on by itself at night and turns off at dawn.5Quality not what it used to be?First one installed by the builder worked for 13 years. So I replaced it with the exact same brand and model (this one). Lasted 3 years. Replaced with the same again. Lasted 11 months. I am going to try 1 more time and see if the 11 months was a fluke. Then I'll pay an electrician to put in a commercial grade one or perhaps move it to an inside location and replace it with a timer.I am not a handy man so I need one that fits the exact same spot and has the rubber seal and face plate (could reuse the old face plate).The instructions say NOT to install in direct sunlight so, of course, that is exactly what the builder did. So this time I am going fashion a shield out of foil or something to allow plenty of light but not direct Arizona sun on the sensor tube. I will be changing two factors (new device and adding sheild) but what the hey.When it works, it works fine. The circuit has supported incandescent, CFL, and LED bulbs with no problem.3Excellent Photo-cell For Light Control.The Intermatic brand has proven to me to be one of the better photo-cells. They seem to be most sensitive to daylight and my post lamp is one of the last to come on in the evening and first to go off in the morning, in my neighborhood. The K4021C is a neat & compact unit that I have installed directly in the lamp post. If possible, aim the lens as close to due north as you can, for best sensitivity.R.E.W.5Outdated technology. Quick to fail.Purchased this switch 5 weeks ago. Now only switches if you bang on it. I had purchased this to replace an identical switch which lasted about 2 years. Took apart and found that the mechanical contacts are pitted and corroded. the switching of power is by mechanical contacts, not an electronic switch like a triac. I'll look for a switch built with more advanced technology.1Perfectly unobtrusiveI really like this photo-electric cell. I had considered a motion detector, however, during the winter when the bulbs are COLD, CFLs take so long to warm up that actor that triggered it would be long gone. With this device, the lights are on all night, but I'm using CFLs (maybe LEDs) in the future, and the cost of the electricity is minimal. It also helps that I have a completely SOLAR electrical home and I can't use enough electricity to raise my monthly bill above the $2.50/month service charge.Also, I removed the photo switch from the cover plate and inserted it in an available home on an existing light box. All I can say is that it goes on and off as I would expect. It is totally unobtrusive and doesn't draw anymore visual attention than the normal plug for the unused hole would.For reference, four large CFL floods (each 100W equiv) on the line and this is well within the limits of this device.I will buy additional cells as needed.Good product5
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