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iSpring F7-GAC for Standard 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Systems 1-Year Replacement Supply Filter Cartridge Pack Set

  • iSpring F7-GAC for Standard 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Systems 1-Year Replacement Supply Filter Cartridge Pack Set
  • iSpring F7-GAC for Standard 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Systems 1-Year Replacement Supply Filter Cartridge Pack Set
  • iSpring F7-GAC for Standard 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Systems 1-Year Replacement Supply Filter Cartridge Pack Set
  • iSpring F7-GAC for Standard 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Systems 1-Year Replacement Supply Filter Cartridge Pack Set
  • iSpring F7-GAC for Standard 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Systems 1-Year Replacement Supply Filter Cartridge Pack Set
  • iSpring F7-GAC for Standard 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Systems 1-Year Replacement Supply Filter Cartridge Pack Set

iSpring F7-GAC for Standard 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Systems 1-Year Replacement Supply Filter Cartridge Pack Set

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Individually wrapped 1-year high capacity filter replacement cartridge pack for most standard 5-stage RO systems
  • Experience clean, safe, and good-tasting water every time you turn on the faucet. Enjoy crystal clear ice cubes, fresher tea and coffee, better tasting foods, healthier baby formula even better than most bottled water
  • 7 pieces of 10" x 2. 5" replacement water filters included: 2x sediment filters, 2x granular activated carbon filters, 2x carbon block filters, and 1x post-carbon filter
  • This filter pack does NOT include an RO membrane
  • Updated FT15 post-carbon filters are built with a secure push-fit quick connection, which allows faster filter replacement. If you have trouble installing the filters, please refer to the user manual or contact us
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Customer Reviews

Changed the design, did not provide the connector Please be aware that the design of FT15 stage 5 filter has changed , there was supposed to be an L shaped connector TO FIT the NEW DESIGN ( as in the picture that was in the box), but the was NO connector which made the replacement pain the neck. moreover, because we had to move around the whole structure while figuring out the best way to connect without connector , another connector cracked....VERY DISAPPOINTED !!!! I bought the same set last year, the new set looks different and cheaply made... 1Best Tasting WaterI have tried a few different water systems including a professional monthy service.The cost of the monthly service was the price of ONE replacement pack ( that would last 12 -18 months) and the quality of the water was better.I would not sacrifice taste and quality for monetary reasons but the savings and the convenience definitely was a no brainer. Replacing the filters takes a little elbow arm, But I can definitely do it myself. I love this product. I have 2 children and feel confident that our family is better quality clean water for drinking and cooking.5Affordable and Effective! The iSpring water filtration system has been incredible! Our water has never tasted better and the customer service is top notch. Nick contacts us regularly to check in and see that we are satisfied. I knew these filters must be working but I didn't realize how well until we did our first filter change. Wow! Gross! I've included a picture of the first stage filter that is now completely Brown and yucky and was bright white when we first put it in. I can't believe we went all those years ingesting all that nasty water! If you're like me and don't want to have to use water bottles constantly (major environmental issue and expensive!) But also don't want to be relying on City tap water, this is by far the most cost effective and wonderful solution I've found. The system is very affordable and replacement filters are too. Highly recommended! 5All in one kitJust installed the filters. Everything went well. I knew ahead of time that I would need different fittings for the polisher filter than what I was currently using. With that being said, future replacements will be a snap.5Wonderful seller and product, highly recommend!We were buying gallons of drinking water, about 10-15 a week, and decided to check into one of these systems. We've researched and through this found that our community water is supposed to be great drinking water and I can't say it's bad at all out of the tap, but old habits die hard, still like my filtered/bottled water. Been using the iSpring Reverse Osmosis system for about 8 months, love it! The faucet looks very nice, simple clean look, was easy to install. Watched a video on how to install, probably wasn't necessary but made me feel more confident. But as it's been 8 months, the flow has slowed and decided it's time to change the filters. Very easy to do, and this procedure made me VERY glad we installed the system, added pictures. I highly recommend this product. Seller was great, came quick, and WORKS wonderfully!5So far, so good I bought this replacement set for my iSpring 5-stage Reverse Osmosis system. It comes with 6 pre-filters (2 sets of 3), which you are supposed to change every 6 months, and 1 post-filter, which you are supposed to change every 12 months. What that means is you have enough pre- and post-filters to last you a year. The RO membrane does NOT come with this replacement set because it should only be changed once every 2-3 years.Replacing the filters was relatively simple. First, you need to get on all fours under your sink (or wherever your RO system is installed) and turn off your water supply both from the tap side and the storage tank side. Then find each of the three housings containing the three different pre-filters and remove one at a time by turning each counterclockwise. It may require some oomph to get them going or you can just use an adjustable pipe wrench. Don't forget to lay some towels underneath because each housing is filled with water all the way to the top, so some spillage is expected. Once disconnected, remove the used filter by simply pulling it out, clean the insides of the housing with a paper towel, make sure the rubber gasket is still in place and replace with a new filter, making sure to match the appropriate filter to the appropriate housing. Screw the assembly back on to the system by turning clockwise, turn on the water supply and you are all set.I have not changed the last post-filter as it's not time for it yet, but I've learned from some other reviews that iSpring has apparently modified its connection tubing such that it's either a hair too short or too long now and requires the purchase of an $8 connector piece from your local hardware store. Not sure if that's going to be the case, which is why I called my review "so far, so good." Can't complain about the three pre-filters, which took me less than 30 minutes to replace. Next on my to-do list is to buy a TDS meter to test the effectiveness of the RO filtration system as a whole. 5iSpring has great products and systems iSpring has great products and systems. I have the 5 stage iSpring RO system on hard well water. My setup has 20" filters all the way down to 0.5 micron and a softener before distributing to the house and this system takes the TDS after all my other filters from ~410 to ~23. The 6 month filter replacement is an exact fit and I prefer the taste over bottled water. If you go to contact the manufacturer for anything Nick from iSpring is great! 5iSpring Under-sink RO 5 FilterThis is a great resupply kit for my RO under-sink 5 Filter. My only concern is the fact that the included FT15 filter is only sold with the 1/4 inch tube quick disconnect end fittings now. The kit however does come with a Tee fitting and a 90 degree fitting to use at each end. The fittings worked, no leaks after a week. I am giving this review a 5 rating due the excellent customer support. They replaced the FT15 filter for free after one of the end quick disconnect fittings broke. Will purchase again.5Great value and customer serviceI was replacing the filters from the ispring water system, first of all, I LOVE this system, cleanest water, and works. The filters are also super affordable which is key to keeping it maintained. I saw the new reviews about the change of format for the 5th stage filter, the company has fixed this problem by shipping new valve fittings which are easy to connect. I had my ice maker line hooked up to it and needed two double ended valves, trying to add the old valves to it, I damaged to filter ends. The company responded super quick to my emails, and are sending me a replacement filter and the 2 double ended valves I need. It was easy and a show of great customer service. I ll update to let you know if the new 5th stage filter leaks (the other new stages have not leaked since installation)...which I saw some complain about. It is key to make sure lines are not angled or bent going into filter connections, something totally easy to adjust, I ve never had my system leak on me. I ll continue buying these Filters. Also, I m just a mom doing everything by myself...so it s easy.5Post Carbon Filter - Comes with Adaptor READ MORESo, these filters work great. They replace the originals perfectly. Other reviews mention that the post carbon filter is different. They are correct.The original filter had a t-adaptor that screws in. That much is true. The new filter takes a single 1/4 tube. However, it comes with a T adaptor in the box.I wish I had known this before I ran to Lowe s and bought one myself. Oh well. They provide the needed parts in the box. I assume the 1-Star Reviewers were just careless and didn t notice the part.5The carbon filter is different and not the same as the original and leaks because the original fittings are not compatible. The carbon filter does not fit the fitting. The threads are not tight enough and the fitting sinks to far down without getting tight plumbers tape doe not fix it.You can see the water beading around the fitting, tightening it any more is going to bend the fitting.8/25/18 - UPDATEThis is the second time I ve received an incompatible carbon filter with the connectors having some sort of issue.See the first pic which is the original system carbon filter fitting. The original iSpring system, the input hose is connected to a T joint fitting because two hoses combine into a single input into the carbon filter.In the second image you can see that both ends of the carbon filter is pre-fitted with a clip connector fitting to connect the actual hose instead of the original T fitting adapter.I tried using pillars but its sealed in there. See two new pictures, 1FT15 (fifth stage) Filter Connection Changed - Couldn't Use There is nothing wrong with these filters, really - They qualify for 5-Stars - If they work for you. They didn't for me, despite being a DIRECT REPLACEMENT for my existing iSpring system. This is because they changed the connector on the end of the FT15 filter from a screw-out end to a fixed, snap-in connector. To use it with my system (which includes the Alkaline filter on top) I need a U-Shaped connection. I HAVE a U-shaped connection, but it doesn't work with the new FT15 filter (as many reviews on that filter indicate) without a 90 degree elbow piece (which this kit did NOT come with). I had to order a two-pack of them from the iSpring website for $5.50 PLUS SHIPPING. Unacceptable. But alas, I'm stuck and have to do what I have to do to keep the system working. 1For us it was easy to see the benefit of these when you remove ... Have had our iSpring filter system for a year with no issues and it was time for some new filters. This set contained 7 filters (3 you change every 6 months and the inline which is once a year), it does not contain the actual RO membrane (much longer replacement period).For us it was easy to see the benefit of these when you remove the first filter, in just 6 months it had gone from white to reddish brown (eww!). The water quality on this system is great and much cheaper than alternatives. 5Good quality.easy installEquipped with all the adapters needed (even for thread like hoses- just make sure to cut out old threaded female fitting and to insert all the way in the adapter until click sound appears and attach locking ring.)Also installed in my grandma house 5 stage filter system...no any trouble detected...Just for a case keep old threaded fittings...5Don t buy, water explosion. Installed the new 5th stage filter in December, today 5 Feb the 5th stage fitting popped out and luckly enough I was standing right next to it. The original 5th stage was a screw in type and the first set of replacement filters were the same. The one I received in December had a new fitting that pops into the filter. If it somehow locked into the filter or came pre-installed from the manufacturer that does not come out it would be better. Do not buy this product unless it has the screw in fittings learned that lesson the hard way after being soaked. If you have purchased these and just want to deal with it I used a lot of box tape over both ends to try and ensure it doesn t pop out again. 1Good result after adding them to my existing RO system.As I don't have 10" x 1.5" filter housing, I couldn't install these when I received them a few months ago when I replaced the RO filter. The water output measured 40 ppm at the time. I recently ordered three housings for the three filters of the first three stages and finally installed all of them. (The last stage filter doesn't need a housing), the water output is 0 ppm now. Will use the same filters next time.5iSpring Continues to ImpressThis company continues to impress w/thier products. The latest filters I ordered, 5th Stage Filter came w/permanently mounted push connectors which meant I did not need to swap out the old connectors from my old 5th Stage Filter, which saved me time and did not need to pull out the teflon while swapping out 6 filters. Thanks iSpring!! 5Amazing product, Amazing SeviceFirst and foremost the product and its value is amazing. Second I had an issue with one of the filters where it was damaged, and I sent an email to ispring water systems, with a picture of the defect and requested assistance. Ispring Water Systems did an amazing job in getting my issue resolved by replacing the filter and making sure it happened in a timely fashion.I have to say that Nick at I Springs Water Systems is an outstanding representative and very helpful.5
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