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KNIPEX Tools - Pliers Wrench, Chrome (8603150)

  • KNIPEX Tools - Pliers Wrench, Chrome (8603150)
  • KNIPEX Tools - Pliers Wrench, Chrome (8603150)
  • KNIPEX Tools - Pliers Wrench, Chrome (8603150)
  • KNIPEX Tools - Pliers Wrench, Chrome (8603150)
  • KNIPEX Tools - Pliers Wrench, Chrome (8603150)
  • KNIPEX Tools - Pliers Wrench, Chrome (8603150)
  • KNIPEX Tools - Pliers Wrench, Chrome (8603150)

KNIPEX Tools - Pliers Wrench, Chrome (8603150)

SG$ 210.00 SG$ 126.00 Save: SG$ 84.00
SG$ 126.00 SG$ 210.00 You save: SG$ 84.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Mini 6" version excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending work pieces
  • Fast adjustment by pushing a button directly on the work piece and replaces a complete set of spanners
  • Parallel jaws allow infinitely variable gripping of all widths to the specified maximum size
  • For careful installation of finished-surface components and also tile breaking
  • Lever transmission greater than 10-1 for strong gripping power
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Customer Reviews

Worth every penny I am an A&P Mechanic, and these are the go-to tool for fluid lines/fittings around the shop.Whether you are a homeowner, DIYer, shadetree mechanic, or professional tech- YOU WILL GET EVERY PENNY OUT OF THESE TOOLS.Every Knipex product is some top-notch quality stuff (they sell along side a very well known brand of tools on the local tool truck) and this line of 'pliers/wrench' is no exception. I used to be very reticent of anything "one size fits all" but then I saw these "pliers" in action and was blown away. They use geometry and such to ensure that they are the correct size for what every they're up against (vs a traditional pair of channel lock pliers)These are some quality tools. Like I said before you can just as easily buy them off a tool truck (at inflated prices) but trust me, these will not disappoint you.I am so glad I have these in my box, wouldn't trade them for anything. 55-inch model REALLY tiny.. But very powerful ! I got the 5-inch model. I was shocked by how small they are when I opened the package.At first I was thinking "These look like little toy pliers... Maybe I'll give them to my 3 yr old son"But, Immediately after using them for the first time, I have realized that this is NOT a toy!These tiny pliers are incredibly well built, and the leverage makes it possible to grab things really tightly. I was able to easily smash the edge of a nickel. (See my included picture.)I can't wait to add the 10" set to my collection.Highly recommended! 5Just Buy Them Crescent wrench is now collecting dust forever. I love it. Wish I bought more sizes and/or doubles. (read the last line)I read all the reviews and was critical just like you; $50ish for a an unfamiliar tool is a leap; all the reviews said the same thing: "thought they'd have a weak lock-up". Of course they aren't weak at all and work fantastically. My Crescent wrench is collecting dust somewhere; who cares it sucks, this is new technology and is awesome; keep up with the times or you'll be like your old man and never try anything new.There is a learning curve as with any tool; I bet you weren't always so handy with a Crescent wrench when you picked one up for the first time. No, I'm not going to stop referring to the Crescent wrench as a Crescent wrench; read your history, it's a Crescent wrench just like channel-locks are channel-locks. Speaking of channel-locks, Knipex makes a superior replacement for those too; I recommend them as well.PROS (compared to a Crescent wrench):-no adjustment screw to slip and constantly readjust; it locks in place where you leave it.-no need to adjust perfectly; just compensate by opening or closing the handles to fit-no need to adjust between slightly different sized fittings/nuts/etc.; your hand does the adjusting (up to a point of course)-light weight; just as their replacement for Channel Locks are strangely light in the hand; i believe these are too-work well on small fittings-fast adjustment-deluxe ratcheting actionCONS-pricey, but it only bothered me between hitting the "submit order" button and the time they touched my hands-wish i bought more for a back-up wrench-takes some getting use to, but if you're a tradesmen you have plenty of opportunities to do that.-everyone fingering your tool; but it's short lived because you tell them they're $50 and they're too scared to use them. those are dinosaurs....don't worry about those guys; just walk away in the middle of their story about walking to school in the snow without shoes.....dinosaurs.Seriously on the last point I went for the 250's not because I work on large things frequently, but I didn't want to be undersized. They work beautifully on small things too, minus the large handles sometimes interfering with range of motion in tight spaces; or this a small set would be nice. I would recommend the 250's as the initial purchase for anyone unless they KNOW they'll never touch 1-1/4"Just hit "add to cart" get it over with; the pain will go away when they arrive at your door. You'll thank me later. 5It's Okay It is okay. I have owned the 10" and 12" versions for quite a while. Perhaps they raised my expectations too high. The action is not smooth and apparently one of both of the lobes has a high spot which I feel as I fully open /close the jaws. Does it actually affect the use of the tool? No.The casting and finish are not as nice as my other two. The wrench definitely does not look as good as the sales pictures posted on Amazon. Does it actually affect the use of the tool? No.Do either of these "flaws" matter? Yes.When you pay a premium for a premium tool, you expect 5 star workmanship in all areas. Even more importantly it concerns me if Knipex is taking shortcuts with quality in order to increase productivity. We all have seen so many tool manufacturers go down that path and it is very disappointing when they do. I own many Knipex cutters, small pliers & large wrenches because I appreciate quality tools. I wish I could have given my most expensive Knipex hand tool 5 stars. 4Not a gimmick. A better Crescent wrench Think of this as a substitute for a Crescent-type adjustable wrench, only a much better design. The ratcheting adjustment system together with the ability to squeeze the handles together like pliers results in a rock-solid, slip-free hold on your bolt or fitting. No jaw slop when turning. Way more secure than any conventional adjustable wrench I have used. I can't find an easy way to adjust the opening one handed, but that's a small price to pay for such a solid grip.In tight spots where you can only turn a few degrees, you don't have to repeatedly remove the wrench and put it back on the nut as with a conventional adjustable wrench. You simply let up on the handle pressure and turn in reverse. The jaws gently glide over the nut without rounding it, and you're set for another turn. Saves time.The 7" version is good for 90% of household and automotive tasks. Length with jaws fully closed is 7 1/4 inches; with jaws open widest, 8 1/8 inches. Maximum jaw opening is 1 3/8 inches.$44 for a hand tool? That's what I spend in one week on beer and smokes, and the wrench will last forever and not kill you. 5Burn In Hell Crescent Wrench! Tell your trusty thumb-detecting-nut-rounder to visit your grandpa in hell, and drop a chunk of your rent on these in a 10" and a 7".You'll be the envy of your job site. Your ex girlfriend from high school will call you and tell you she messed up. Your mother might finally quit her drinking. Well, probably not, but she'll be mighty impressed with how quickly you fixed that plumbing under her sink.Anyway, this is a beautiful and excessively useful wrench that has launched me into a lifelong relationship with Knipex. If I ever lost this tool, I'd replace it quicker than my tears would dry. It's that perfect. 5Top Quality and Function - but better prices on other sites I carry this tool in my pocket every day -- it is very useful, tough, and does not damage hex fasteners. This is a wonderful tool, and would get a solid 5 stars IF it were sold on Amazon for a competitive price. After my purchase, i found the same tool on other tool sites priced in the mid thirties with free shipping -- i will be much more careful in the future to shop around and not just assume Amazon has the best price. At this point i feel a little ripped off by Amazon/Knipex. Also the tool requires quite a bit of break-in before it adjusts smoothly to different sizes -- the pin/button sticks during the first few days of use. 4Best adjustable wrench and decent pliers The knipex pliers wrench is a really useful tool. I'd been eyeing them for years but never bought them due to their exorbitant cost. This year I received them as a birthday gift. The Knipex Pliers Wrench are very much better than a conventional adjustable wrench in that they grip the fastener tighter as more torque is applied to the handle in one direction, exhibit a ratcheting action in the other, have a larger jaw capacity than a conventional adjustable wrench of the same length, and are lighter than similarly sized adjustable wrenches. The Knipex pliers wrench are also a decent pair of pliers. The smooth jaws grip surprisingly well thanks to the 10:1 compound leverage although this does make adjustments a bit fussy. They're also slightly more ergonomic than the much cheaper Knipex Cobra pliers I already own. Their only negative is their cost and that was a deal breaker for me. This was made even worse by the availability of the much cheaper and similarly useful Knipex Cobra Pliers.The Cobra pliers are also better than a regular adjustable wrench. They have the same adjustment mechanism, range of adjustment, and also grip tighter with increasing torque one way and ratchet in the other. They WILL engrave aggressive teeth marks in whatever they're used on, although they can be used and adjusted so that this is minimised by making sure the toothed sections of the Cobra plier's jaws are close to parallel and engage opposite flats of a fastener.I still think the use of an adjustable wrench, pliers, or pliers wrench on a fastener is only acceptable due to the necessity of a task combined with the lack of a better option.I see the Knipex Pliers Wrench as a small incremental improvement of the Knipex Cobra Pliers. I would've bought them myself long ago had they only been a small increment more expensive. If you NEED a lightweight adjustable wrench that doesn't slip or mar fasteners then I'd say they're worth it. If not, the Cobra Pliers are less expensive and more versatile. 4A league of it's own! The 12 inch pliers wrench is in a league of it's own! I am a plumber by trade, and hobbyist mechanic. I find the 10/1 leverage ratio to be extremely helpful, specifically when making connections on CSST gas lines which require an immense amount or torque. There's nothing quite like exerting as much torque as you're capable of knowing the jaws won't slip or mar the surface. Well worth the investment! 5Set complete! This was the last pair of pliers wrenches I needed to complete my set of all the sizes of pliers wrench available! This is the smallest one of the bunch and while extremely cute, it is also very handy. The jaws on this set have been ground down much narrower than all the other pliers wrenches, which makes them extremely handy for grabbing small things in tight spaces. These also still open up to nearly an inch wide, so even though they're tiny and can easily fit in your pocket, they can still be used to take some big things apart.I cannot recommend the Knipex pliers wrench series of pliers enough. You really can't have too many of them! Once your'e done with them, you might as well get the cobras while you're at it. With those two lines of pliers, you can fix almost anything! 5
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