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Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Lounger, Pink Pin Dot

  • Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Lounger, Pink Pin Dot
  • Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Lounger, Pink Pin Dot

Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Lounger, Pink Pin Dot

SG$ 672.00 SG$ 404.00 Save: SG$ 268.00
SG$ 404.00 SG$ 672.00 You save: SG$ 268.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Sling style seat provides customized support based on baby's weight
  • Adjustment tabs create a cozier and more secure surface for smaller infants
  • Deeply contoured sides help keep infants in place and provide a cozy caress
  • Adjusts to provide sit up support for growing infants.Removable and washable cover
  • Do not machine wash inner lounger
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Customer Reviews

My kid isn t crazy about it.I was so excited to get this but unfortunately my 9 week old less so. I got the sage and it is beautiful, lightweight, and seems to be well made. The first couple times I put her in it she was not having it at all. I ve been persistent and now she will sit in it some if she is propped up and tired, and she s taken one nap in it after watching me clean. Hopefully she grows to like it more because I love how versatile it is and how easy it is to move her from room to room with me. It looks cozy to me but she is already set on sitting straight up most of the time. 4Don't think twice, get it!!My 10 week old loves this! I spent a lot of time researching options for my baby. He has acid reflux and wasn't happy laying on his back. He was fussy and only liked being held. I went back and forth thinking I should get a co-sleeper instead but wasn't sure I wanted to fork up 100+ for something he may not like. He won't even stay in the other 5+ items we got from dream glider to bassinet. He will stay in the rock and play but the doctor said it was giving him a flat spot. I researched other lounger chairs by other brands that were slightly cheap but settled on this one. I do not regret it. My baby loved it from the minute we put him in it. It's amazing. We've been able to have him on the couch with us in the lounger, in our bed and just about everywhere else. You can't leave the baby alone in it and have to be watching him. We get out baby to sleep then put him in it and he stays still resting. he can probably roll out of it when he gets bigger because he's strong already but even if we only get another month or two out of it, it will still be worth it. The material is comfy and easy to take off and wash. It has a carry handle that makes it great to transport. The dip where the seat is works great and is perfect to put my son in an upright position to help his acid reflux. He's 13 lbs and 23". 5My favorite purchase so far for babyprobably the most used product that I have purchased for this baby. My son was 3 weeks early and a tiny little peanut but I just tighten up the Velcro and place him backwards in this, his head where his feet are intended to go, and it supports him perfectly. He appears totally comfortable and secure. Also this seat is really easy to move from room to room with me as we keep my 3 year old entertained all day :) 5This does NOT work for Acid Reflux!Our NB started to have very bad acid reflux since about 2 weeks old. He would vomit big ones 3-5 times after every feeding especially the ones during real bedtime. Because of that, he s always not feeling well, looks like in pain constantly, arching his back, tightening his fists, crying screaming a lot, and wants to be held all the time coz that s the only way he feels somewhat better from the bad acid reflux.So I was hoping this pillow would help him sleep better when not being held, especially aster reading all the raving good reviews about this helping with babies acid reflux.Well, it doesn t work At All! If anything, it makes it even worse! He wouldn t even stay in it more than 5 mins before crying screaming arching his back wiggling struggling waving his arms and legging trying to get out of it. And he seemed even more miserable in it than being in our old regular boppy pillow. At least when he s extremely tired, after I burp him for a long time and make sure everything s ok, he would sleep in the old boppy pillow till he needs to feed again. But with this pillow, nope, even after I put him to deeper sleep then put him in it, he would wake up crying and very uncomfortable in less than 5 mins. It doesn t matter how much I adjusted the size either, smallest or biggest, it just doesn t work at all. And I even tried this pillow more than 5 times just to rule out other reasons, but nope, it s just this thing doesn t work at all for acid reflux, period.Maybe this is another hit-or-miss thing for babies since every baby is different. But no doubt is that, this doesn t work for our baby s acid reflux at all, nor is it comfortable to just sit in while awake to relax in.I don t recommend this thing if you are buying it for acid reflux. You can try. But you will probbly just gonna return it at the end like we did. 1Great for Reflux Babies!!!!OMG! My baby developed bad acid reflux around the 3 week mark and sleeping flat became just difficult and painful for her! I spent $300 plus dollars buying stuff for her to sleep on an incline, yet nothing but this $40 pillow would work! She started sleeping in it from 5 weeks and still does now at 16 weeks! PLEASE NOTE the manufacturer suggests no sleeping and yes I understand SIDS but sleeping flat for a baby with acid reflux is almost impossible. I find it to be secure and comfortable (I put it in her crib) and it actually limits her ability to move too much. She is getting big and I have no clue what I will do once she outgrows this lol! 5Perfect for reflux problemsThis is wonderful.Very well made.I bought it for my baby girl who it's severely delayed. She has no trunk control and very little head control. She spends a great deal of time laying reclined.She also has severe reflux and is tube fed 24 hrs a day.This was perfect. It puts her at a good angle and keeps her snuggled in.I only wish I bought it a long time ago because she is too long for it now. Her legs hang off the end. We rolled up a blanket to keep her legs up. That works fine as she does not move around.She is 12 mos and 29" long. So you have an idea how it fits.We will donate this 1 and buy her the toddler/child size soon. 4This Lounger/Bed is AMAZING!!!We live on a sailboat and needed something that could work for us in a small space. We bought this for Baby #3 and it has been almost the BEST thing we have purchased. Aside from my Ergo Carrier, and Cloth Diapers!!! It still works GREAT for my now 4 month old, and we have been using it daily since birth. I think we will have many more months of use out of this! Just maybe less frequently as our babe grows. It is super comfy, and IMO better than a Boppy pillow. (I used that with my first two.) It can be taken out of the cover and is the same shape as a Boppy and can be used that way to nurse babe as well! The Velcro bottom I think would be BETTER if it was snaps, as the Velcro seems to be not as good as it was a few months ago. (Thought I would mention it for the company to consider upgrading their product.) :) But it hasn't failed so that is a plus! Love the Gender neutral color, and babe sleeps for hours in this thing! We don't do over night session, as we co-sleep. But This cradles baby VERY well, and is SOOOOO comfy! I would actually use blankets with a Boppy and tried to Mimic this style for years with my other kiddos, and low-and-behold this company MAKES exactly what I was Needing/Wanting all along! The stitching for the inner stretchy portion is holding up VERY well, even with bigger kids sitting and jumping on this thing. (Something I was worried that would rip if too much pressure was on it.) So very happy about that! I would definitely recommend this to ANYONE, and will be doing so!!! <3 <3 Thanks for the great product! 5Wish I'd Bought it a Month AgoAmazing place to dock baby even for a few minutes while I cook or clean! He even napped in it beside me on the couch yesterday, allowing me to get some work done on my computer. Since he will usually only nap when I'm holding him, this was a huge breakthrough for us! I will say that when he's awake he'll only tolerate being in this for a few minutes at a time, and then only if I'm talking to him/playing with him/ etc., but he's like that with his swing, his floor mobile, etc. so I think that's just his temperament. I love how portable this is - I can easily move it with us from room to room, and I feel like he's pretty safe and secure it in at the tightest setting. I love that I can expand it to grow with him. I think it'll be great for movie watching when he's a bit older. 55 starsLoved this product!! Only thing my infant would sleep in for his first 2.5 month! & I felt safer sleeping @ night because it kept his head slightly elevated for us so he never spat up after feedings. Our Yorkie even loved it!!!! 5Must have for new baby!This is a must-have! I know the product says not to use for sleeping, but my son started sleeping in this early on and our pediatrician approved. We secure it safely in a bedside bassinet so it doesn t move and there s no fall or tumbling risk. It s nice because it keeps him elevated slightly after eating and also cradles him. My son also had to have surgery and it was perfect for post-op because he needed to keep his head elevated to help with swelling. Family members bought us this as a gift and we ve already gifted one to someone else. This definitely goes in our Top 5 must have items for a new baby! 5
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