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Lithonia Lighting FMMCL 840 S1 M4 4000K LED Flush Mount Closet Light with Pull Chain, White, 7"

  • Lithonia Lighting FMMCL 840 S1 M4 4000K LED Flush Mount Closet Light with Pull Chain, White, 7"
  • Lithonia Lighting FMMCL 840 S1 M4 4000K LED Flush Mount Closet Light with Pull Chain, White, 7"
  • Lithonia Lighting FMMCL 840 S1 M4 4000K LED Flush Mount Closet Light with Pull Chain, White, 7"
  • Lithonia Lighting FMMCL 840 S1 M4 4000K LED Flush Mount Closet Light with Pull Chain, White, 7"
  • Lithonia Lighting FMMCL 840 S1 M4 4000K LED Flush Mount Closet Light with Pull Chain, White, 7"
  • Lithonia Lighting FMMCL 840 S1 M4 4000K LED Flush Mount Closet Light with Pull Chain, White, 7"
  • Lithonia Lighting FMMCL 840 S1 M4 4000K LED Flush Mount Closet Light with Pull Chain, White, 7"

Lithonia Lighting FMMCL 840 S1 M4 4000K LED Flush Mount Closet Light with Pull Chain, White, 7"

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • SAVE ENERGY & REDUCE POWER CONSUMPTION: These ENERGY STAR certified 4K LED light fixtures save energy and power all at once
  • 50,000 HOURS OF LIGHT: These LED lights are designed to provide lighting that lasts for up to 50,000 hours of lifespan or 45 years if on for 3 hours a day
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this product is backed by our limited 5-year warranty policy
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Included mounting hardware and installation guide makes installing this LED light to a wall or ceiling an easy Do It Yourself project that can be completed within minutes
  • ILLUMINATION: This integrated LED closet or utility room light provide 570 lumens and 4000K bright white temperature for smooth light everywhere
  • ON/OFF PULL CHAIN: Fixture includes an on/off pull chain that will turn the fixture on
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Customer Reviews

I would order this againI purchase this item in August and finally got around to installing it this evening (11/11/18) and a side from the instructions not really giving enough detail on the ground wire (like any good DIYer I just googled to get the answer when there is no copper ground wire) it was an easy installation overall. It was installed in a utility closet and work perfectly. I have a video of it but unfortunately I can't seem to get it to upload to Amazon. If I ever figure it out I'll certainly add it to my comments but if I were asked if I would order it again the answer would be yes!5Great for wall mount, so-so for ceiling mountI installed two of the 7" pull chain versions, both in spare bedroom closets. One went on the wall above the door, the other on the ceiling. They disperse a cool white light and illuminate the closets perfectly. The wall mounted light has a very smooth pull chain operation. However, because of the placement of the chain, the ceiling mount is a bit clunky. The chain drags against the side of the light as you pull down. Had I known this, I probably would've opted for something else--the motion sensor version maybe.Installation note: These are a breeze to install. But if you're like me and skip the instructions, here's a quick tip that might save you a minute. The first step is to remove the faceplate from the light. DO NOT attempt to unscrew it. Those screws are permanently mounted. Simply pop off the plastic cover and loosen the nuts by hand. This is spelled out in the instructions of course, had I bothered to read them.4Nice bright light for closets!I've installed it in my closet and it works great! The installation was easy and only took about 10 minutes. I mounted on the ceiling where there was a previous light mounted. This light is very bright an lights up the closet very well. The only slight problem was the string that connects to the chain that activates the switch. The problem was that I couldn't get it to stay attached. I just went to the local hardware store and bought a chain used for ceiling fans and all was well.5Excellent light, but not for me.Bought 2 to replace 60W incandescent lamps in a large double closet. Each light is equivalent to ~75W bulb, the light is whiter (4000K) and each consume 17W. It worked really well in the closet with one exception. Because our light fittings are about 9' above the floor, facing toward the back wall, the motion detector spread is not sensitive enough identify anything below ~5'6'' unless you reach for the second rail or raise your arm. For me the problem is the closet design not the lamp. If the electrical fixtures were on the ceiling this would not have been a problem.We returned the lights and bought the same model without the motion sensor. It works great.4Pleasantly SurprisedAt first I thought that I made a mistake in my purchase because the whole light fixture was so small. I thought its never going to light up my closet. Wrong. Admittedly, the closet is less than 4'x4' as its an historic home but the light is much brighter than the previous light fixture and one half the size. That's because there isn't an actual light bulb in the fixture. taking up space. What? Crazy technology but it works great. Unfortunately, the screws provided didn't match the size I needed to mount it to the steel box in the wall and so I was one screw short because the old fixture only had one screw in it holding it up. Luckily, I had more screws in the garage. I am a DIY'er, and I was scared to tackle this as I do not like electrical projects and usually call an expensive electrician. But, this was so simple; just reconnect the three wires to the wires in the wall and mount the bracket against the wall to the steel box in the wall. I mounted the steel bracket backwards of course and had to redo the wiring, but you learn as you go. The prongs face you so that the finial cap screws can hold the fixture to the wall bracket. I also marked the wires to make sure I knew which white wire connects to the black wire on the fixture. Why they make both wires white, coming out of the wall and one of the wires black on the fixture, I'll never know. But I just copied the old light fixture to make sure I did it right. I recommend the light, even for a larger closet. Love the design.5Remove the diffuser to get to the crossbar attachment.Bought this to replace a 12in fluorescent fixture in the entry closet. The old fixture had been wired-in, so power was available. It does exactly what we wanted and is a good bit brighter than the old one (575 lumen with a color temperature of 4000K, bright and white).Installation was not hard but there were a few points not well documented in the process. Everything starts with the instruction "Remove Crossbar from Housing." The diagram shows well enough what the two parts are, but doesn't say you need to remove the snap-in diffuser and remove the two acorn nuts holding the crossbar in place to remove it.After that, everything was great. There was a hole behind everything through which the wires to the old fixture passed and it was plenty big enough to shove all the wiring back behind the wall.There was some reports that it used microwave sensors in addition to IR sensors and sometimes turned on when someone walk by the closed closet, but that didn't happen.So far so good; we'll see what happens.5Outstanding performer One never quite knows what to expect with packaged LED light fixtures, but I have to say this one far, far exceeded my expectations both in brightness and quality. I bought this for a closet to replace a couple wimpy battery powered LED push lights and WOW what a difference. I know the rating on this light says 60w equiv, but in my estimation I'd put it at at least 75w to 100w. Just perfect for a closet. Unfortunately I have to get the vacuum out as I can now see the dust that was blissfully in the darkness previously.I'd have no problem highly recommending this light to others. (It even impressed my electrician)RandP.S. I don't believe that the product description mentioned that it is the part of the light adjacent to the chain that is the lens cover (ie where the light emanates) ...which is good because it is a large surface...but it wasn't clear (at least to me) from the picture. 5Nice lights.My wife asked if we could get some kind of automatic/motion closet lights after seeing them at our relative s home. I first tried some little battery operated stick on lights... but they didn t light up much so looked around for something wired to 120v. Installed 1each ceiling of 3 rather small ( 15 square feet ) closets. They throw plenty of light. Sensor is nice and sensitive so light comes on with just a minimum of motion. They stay on about 30 seconds or so after leaving.NOTE : The units I received did NOT have on/off switches, some of the website pages say the units have pull chain on/off switches. Since I actually didn t want units with pull chain on/off switches I was glad these didn t have them, but if you are expecting switches,,, don t count on these being your answer.5Pass on this one, great idea just doesn't work as expectedLight works great if you wave your hand in front of the motion detector, in a closet with sliding doors never comes on...would make more sense for the motion to be on the bottom. I even flipped it with the motion on the bottom and still have to wave my hand in front of it to make it work. Installation was easy except after 4-5 attempts of trying to snap in the light cover on, which ended up in 3 pieces and in the garbage, I would say its a great idea they just failed in the design aspect of the light.1The new frontier in closet lighting.Installation process needs improvement, but once installed the light is very good. I replaced a pull chain 60W bare bulb fixture on the ceiling with this. Lots of light (lumens), the color temp is neutral (4000K), the color appearance of the clothes in the closet is accurate (CRI=85), motion sensitivity is very good (turns on as soon as the bifold doors open), and times out after approximately 30 seconds of no motion. I will use this product in new homes to eliminate the need for closet light switches. The motion sensitivity is so great that the light will turn on from foot traffic through the bifold door louvers outside of the closet.5Fantastic 7" led light for the closetAbsolutely love this. Mounted on walk in closet ceiling where the pull chain bulb was. Turned the censor toward the door. Doubt I had to, but I wanted the light to fill the closet not blind me upon entering and it works perfectly. Comes on instantly and stays on while we are in the closet. Turns off quickly too when there is no more movement or you shut the door (30 seconds). Forgive the one tiny spot that hasn't been cedar lined in my closet yet. Lol.5
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