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Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 3000K, White

  • Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 3000K, White
  • Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 3000K, White
  • Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 3000K, White
  • Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 3000K, White
  • Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 3000K, White
  • Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 3000K, White
  • Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 3000K, White
  • Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 3000K, White
  • Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 3000K, White
  • Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 3000K, White

Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K MW M6 13W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 3000K, White

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SG$ 69.60 SG$ 116.00 You save: SG$ 46.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • EASY AND SAFE INSTALLATION - innovative, slim design allows for easy retrofit, remodel or new construction installation from below the ceiling. Only need 2" clearance for install
  • HIGHLY RATED FOR MULTIPLE LOCATIONS - CSA, IC, Airtight and Wet Location listed make LED Wafer ideal for indoor and outdoor residential, hospitality, commercial and multifamily applications and safe to contact insulation.Tips: Customer should verify that fixture is wired properly and verify that the line voltage at the fixture is correct
  • EXTREMELY BRIGHT DIMMABLE LEDs use 13 watts to provide 1,020 lumens with an 80 CRI, close to 80 lumens per watt. Dims down to 10% and compatible with select Lutron, Levitron, Synergy and Sensor Switch dimmers
  • ULTRA THIN LED design only requires a 6 inch ceiling hole and 2 inches of ceiling space are needed to fit LED wafer recessed light and UL recognized driver.
  • SAVES MONEY AND TIME changing bulbs - Energy Star rating provides high light output with minimal power usage and will last 36,000 hours or +16 years when on every day for 6 hours/day.
  • Connect directly to 120V power supply via provided UL recognized driver
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Customer Reviews

Great lighting solution! This is a proper solution, the other similar products lack a termination housing and trying to cook one up yourself isn't worth the hassle. Yes I bought the cheaper option first and quickly returned, thanks amazon! First time to work with Waygo press in connectors, they work but limit you to daisy chaining these together one to one down the line, the box is a bit tight when you come in from the left and right knock outs to chain them together. I will buy these or one of their other color temp options again on my next project. I wish they offered a larger driver that could power two or more of these for easier installation! That would mean less termination boxes and 120v runs. 5A revolutionary light from a terrific company We not only love these wafer-thin lighting (we installed 9) we also love Lithonia Lighting. These are made very well and engineered brilliantly. But while installing one in the shower one of the spring clips 'sprung' never to be seen in the rafters again. I contacted Lithonia's customer service to see if I could get a replacement part. Because this is a pretty much sealed unit, parts are not available. They offered to send one to me on warranty if I gave them some photos, numbers, etc. I complied via a simple email submission and they responded that a new light will be mailed to me at no charge. All this is less than 24 hours. I'm pinching myself that there is a company out there that is this responsive. They have my loyalty forever. I highly, highly recommend the product and the company. 5Dimmer Selection Requires the list provided by Acuity Tested, but haven't installed these yet. Didn't come with safety cord/wire between light bezel and driver box as implied by photo. Looks easy to install. Most will want a dimmer for this 75 Watt Equivalent. Potentially, a great unit if LEDs and driver electronics don't experience any early failures prior to rated 36000 hr. life; the associated Acuity Warrantee is good for 3 years assuming the driver module is replaceable.Acuity Brands Support (owner of Lithonia ) recommends the dimmers shown in the attached "photo" (very different than the list provided in the Amazon Lithonia description "Specification Sht" PDF)Successfully tested a "Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 40K MW M6 13.6W Ultra Thin 6" Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light, 4000K, White" with the following dimmers:(1) Lutron MACL-153M RHW-WH kit including two(2) 3-way dimmers with faceplates fully controlled from 2 locations ( includes: 1 MACL-153M-XX, 1 MA-R-XX, and 2 CW-1-XX); see https://www.amazon.com/Lutron-Incandescent-Single-Pole-Multi-Location-MACL-153M-RHW-WH/dp/B008X3CH70/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1534705027&sr=8-4&keywords=lutron+macl-153m-rhw-wh , curently for ~$40. (No "buzzing detected)(2) Lutron SKYLARK CTCL-150H dimmer from a single location, currently for ~$19.00 (very minor buzzing - must hold driver enclosure up to ear to hear anything)Will try to provide a future follow-on rating following installation of 12 fixtures. 4Contractor-recommended! Holy crap, I love these lights! As a contractor, I recommend these to my clients all the time. Why? Because in addition to being brighter and more efficient than incandescent fixtures, the ceiling layout isn't affected by the joist spacing. A HUGE plus, especially in older homes. You can literally install these right on top of the joist because the fixture part is only a half-inch thick, the same as a sheet of drywall. The wiring box is user-friendly too, with push-in connectors (though I wish the connectors could accept more than two incoming wires), and the spring clamps are sturdy with just the right amount of tension to keep the fixture flush with the ceiling. Highly recommended! 5Compatible smart dimmer Bought 11 WF6 30K LED lights for a project with minimum ceiling thickness. They work great for that purpose and look good. The only downside, and I should have looked at the compatibility list on Lithonia's website, is the availability of compatible dimmers. I tried both the Leviton DZ1KD and Leviton DZ6HD, neither of them worked and produced flickering lights at almost all dimmer levels and in all programmable light modes (incandescent, CFL, and LED). What did work, right out of the box, was Lutron Caseta P-PKG1W-WH-R. 5Use the right dimmer (ELV) to eliminate all buzzing Great bright lights. Used 4 of the 4000K whiter lights in my kitchen to provide the equivalent of 400 watts. Looks and function perfectly. However, I tried the recommended dimmers in these reviews (and as noted on the box as compatible), but found only the "ELV" type to completely remove buzzing. I used the Lutron DVELV-300P.ELV's look the same as others, but cost more (~$70 vs ~$30), and have an active line to electronically compensate for the buzzing that is otherwise evident in all conventional dimmers to varying degrees (by design concept).It sworth the extra cost for silence. 5Excellent Product! We recently completed a basement and put up 15 of these (+2 of the 4in type). These are phenomenal! The light portion is incredibly thin and only relies on the spring loaded side claps to hold it in place and the brightness is pretty intense. They also work well with our dimmers and I was ecstatic not to have to install huge recessed canisters. A couple of thoughts/pointers:- Unlike canister-style lights, if you re putting these up with new construction or full ceiling tear-out, you won t have a canister in place to guide where to cut around. This will necessitate some creativity to keep track of where the base unit is (up in the ceiling) so the cord from the associated distribution box will reach the light fixture- If you re doing a remodel and replacing canisters, work space will be tight to finagle connections in the associated distribution box- There are no replaceable bulbs . The units have a 36k hour estimated lifespan but you still may want to purchase some entire-fixture spares in case you end up with a dud after the warranty period expires and they are no longer produced in favor of whatever the next new ceiling-light hotness will be. 5Great lights but the instructions leave a couple things out. These lights are just what I needed. After much research and luminosity calculations, I decided to go with the lower lumen lights based on the quantity of lights I wanted and the square footage of my kitchen. The write up claims that the lower lumen lights put out 940 lumens. This is incorrect. All of the ones I received clearly stated an output of 850 lumens on the box. However, I padded my calculation thinking that if it were a bit too bright, a digital LED dimmer could soften it for me. Even at 850 lumens each, my kitchen is plenty bright. Amazon and Lithonia need to ensure the information advertised is accurate. Also, the circle template that comes with each light will work ok. However, the fit is a bit more sloppy than I like. I cut the holes a bit smaller to ensure a tighter fit. Not a show stopper, by any means. I daisy-chained 6 of these lights together and put them on a 3 way dimmer system using a Lutron Maestro CL dimmer and companion switch. This set up works perfectly with absolutely no buzzing. Lastly, the knock out holes are just a bit on the large side. The standard romex strain relief clamps I installed had a bit of a sloppy fit. 5Super Cool in a Good Way I really love these lights. When they say ultra thin, then mean ultra thin. It s kind of amazing that a light this thin can emit so many lumens. They are really bright, and they dim perfectly without flickering. I first installed two in my laundry room which is about 6 feet by 5 feet. I also installed a motion sensor switch so they turn on when you enter the laundry room since it is likely you might be holding a basket of laundry upon entering.But here is where these lights are really amazing. I wanted to install three in the hallway leading from the garage. Previously, there was a single fixture that didn t do a great job of illuminating. When I took down the existing fixture, I became worried because the floor joist from above ran down the middle of the entire hallway where I wanted to install these lights. But these lights are so thin...in fact, thinner than the thickness of the ceiling drywall...they installed without a problem. That is when I was very impressed. One thing I will say is that they are really bright to the point that if you are looking directly at them it seems a bit too bright. But the light they put off is not too white and not too yellow, and having them on a dimmer makes them pretty amazing. 5Crisp clean white light. Bought these because I wanted a good recessed light to modernize my hallway lights but I didn't want yellow dingy lights. The 4000k appeared to be what I was looking for, however upon installation it turns out the lights gave a sterile hospital like feel. Not good in terms of coziness. They're a good bright light, just not the proper color I'm seeking. 5
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