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LittleHippo Kelvin Color Changing Nursery Night Light, Customizable Room Thermometer and Hygrometer for Children/Kids

  • LittleHippo Kelvin Color Changing Nursery Night Light, Customizable Room Thermometer and Hygrometer for Children/Kids
  • LittleHippo Kelvin Color Changing Nursery Night Light, Customizable Room Thermometer and Hygrometer for Children/Kids
  • LittleHippo Kelvin Color Changing Nursery Night Light, Customizable Room Thermometer and Hygrometer for Children/Kids
  • LittleHippo Kelvin Color Changing Nursery Night Light, Customizable Room Thermometer and Hygrometer for Children/Kids
  • LittleHippo Kelvin Color Changing Nursery Night Light, Customizable Room Thermometer and Hygrometer for Children/Kids
  • LittleHippo Kelvin Color Changing Nursery Night Light, Customizable Room Thermometer and Hygrometer for Children/Kids
  • LittleHippo Kelvin Color Changing Nursery Night Light, Customizable Room Thermometer and Hygrometer for Children/Kids

LittleHippo Kelvin Color Changing Nursery Night Light, Customizable Room Thermometer and Hygrometer for Children/Kids

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SG$ 81.60 SG$ 136.00 You save: SG$ 54.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ? COLOR CHANGING ROOM THERMOMETER - KELVIN changes colors depending on whether the room temperature is too hot, too cold or just right! Red = too hot, Amber = just right, Blue = too cold.
  • ? ROOM HYGROMETER - KELVIN also displays the room's humidity so you can be vigilant in keeping away congestion, stuffy noses and dryness!
  • ? CUSTOMIZABLE TO YOUR NEEDS - Customize KELVIN's optimal temperature range based on your physician's recommendations with KELVIN's easy-to-use interface. You and your family decide what's best.
  • ? DURABLE AND SAFE CONSTRUCTION - Comprised of child safe ABS, KELVIN is FCC, CE, RoHS, CA65, REACH and CPSIA approved.
  • ? 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE AND ONE YEAR WARRANTY - LittleHippo stands behind its products. If you are not happy, contact our customer support team!
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Customer Reviews

Flips between red and yellow too oftenThis is great as an adorable night light for a baby's room, except it constantly flips between red (too warm) and yellow (just right), every minute - all night. I don't think this is working anymore. Or if it ever "worked". The temperature in the room is set to 70, and there aren't any electronics or anything else near this that might cause it to read at a higher temperature. It also seems strange that the color changes literally once a minute - a warmer breeze or draft isn't happening cyclically like that.The red glow is soft but provides enough light to walk around without waking up the baby, and the warm yellow light is the perfect color and brightness to change the baby without disturbing their sleep, so I kind of wish this were just a hygrometer and nothing else. Or a nightlight alone.3Accurate, modern, and of has Very nice and useful product. I use it to make sure baby s room temperature and humidity is at good level. I am actually going to buy another one and keep one in my bedroom because I have chronic dry eye and would like to check up on humidity. I don t really use the bright light option but I like the overall dimmed lighting and the modern look :) Also this is by far more accurate than a baby monitor thermometer. 5Clear and easy indication of room temperature Our son was born a little over a week ago and this little thermostat has given us peace of mind with all regards to the room temperature. Our house runs a little cool so we're using the heater to make it much warmer for baby, but at the same time you done want to go too much, so that's where the Kelvin color changing night light comes into play! This is very easy to use as it clearly indicates whether the room is too hot, too cold, or just right. There is also a humidity gauge for anyone who wants to know the moisture levels in the room. The light itself is not too bright, but enough to see the baby in a dark room, so you can feel safe while getting some necessary shut-eye. Overall, great product. Will very likely buy another one for the living room as well! 5Perfect (and Cute!) Temp/Humidty ReaderSo, I don't have a child.. but I do have an office that's ice cold. I'd finally had enough of it being so cold and them telling me "the temp is set to 70, there's nothing we can do or people will be too hot".. SOOOO here came THIS unit!(For the record, I'd searched for other indoor thermometers and saw good reviews but also some Not so good reviews, even for the expensive ones. Because I just wanted one that simply Tells the Temp (and humidity) I decided on this adorable little unit.)Once received, all you do is Plug it in and it works, immediately. You don't have to get it set to the area or room or anything of the like, it simply works. Which I loved about that. It also shows the temp.. and changes colors Immediately, once it gets to the "comfortable" range!Because of this unit, when I first get in, in the morning.. it's still icy... BUT.. my office has began to turn up the temps for the day so my Kelvin just keeps on rising and getting to the "comfortable" range! (As shown in photos.)So of course, this would be ADORABLE for a Baby/Childs room.. equally as adorable for a desktop thermometer in an office!Would definitely purchase again and is now going to be my new "gift" to give for all of my friends that are having babies!!5Easy to read temperatureMakes me feel secure that my baby's room is the right temperatureUpdate: I had order 2 one for the nursery and one for the living room. I started noticing that the one in the nursery was blue the temp reading was 66F. When I walked in to the room I was like no it does not feel like 66F. So I upped the heat and walked away, an hour later the reading still said 66F. The room felt warm to me. The nursery is not a huge room, nor is it a small room; so the heater should have kicked in and heated the room to at least 69F. So I unplugged it let it sit for a minute and plugged it back in. Now the reading said 71F. Throughout the night I watched as it went up to 72 and all of a sudden went up to 75F. So I was tired of unplugging it and replugging it now it's 4am, my baby has a cold so I want to maintain the room comfortable for her. So I switched the Kelvins. Before I switched the Kelvins, the living room read out said 71F and after I switched them it said 73F. The living room is definitely not 73F. I bought the other one to the nursery and it says 72F again. I don't know if it really ever worked to be honest since I got the Kelvin I have been adjusting the temps back and forth. What I once thought was comfort has now become a obsessive burden and worry.On another note, the light is self is perfect and subtle. I love how from a distance the color changing Kelvin could tell you if it was too cold or hot or just right. Very cute. Wish I knew if it is truly accurate. Will be buying another type of thermometer for the nursery.2Better than a regular night lightThis is a great night light. Here are my thoughts:First impressions:- Good size (fits in my hand)- Nice packaging- Who knew that two eyes could look so cute?- Simple set up (just plug it in and it works right away)After using it a few nights:- Gives off sufficient and soothing light in the bedroom- Really glad I can program the temperature ranges so I can trick it to being the color that I want (I know that not everyone will want to do this but it s cool to have the option)- Easy to turn the light on and off (just a button I press every morning so I don t keep the light running all day/night)5Calms this first time mom's anxietyI bought this product just a few nights after bringing our little guy home from the hospital. Even though he was sleeping like a champ, I wasn't because I kept waking up worrying if he was too hot or cold since we don't have central A/C and its August. By having this on my nightstand (he sleeps in our room) I'm able to quickly glance at it in the middle of the night to make sure that the temp is okay. Its bright enough that it can be used instead of a night light, yet the colors are warm enough that they don't hurt your eyes in the dark. I think the only thing I would add to this is a time display on the screen that shows the temp and humidity. Although thats not what the product was designed for, it would be a nice addition. Super cute product - have only been using it for 2 weeks but love it so far!5Adorable, easy to use, works wellReally great night light for a kid's room. We originally had the gro-egg, but decided to give this one a try for our newest born.The KELVIN is so much better in many ways: 1) it's cheaper, 2) you can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius (which is great since we use F in the US and gro-egg only comes in Celsius), 3) comes with a US plug, 4) you can actually choose your temperature ranges, 5) and it even displays humidity.I did a test to see if the product had accurate reading levels. Temperature showed 1 degree difference compared to my thermostat. Humidity level seems right given that we use a humidifier, although humidity levels can have a much bigger variance than temperature. But as long as it's within 5%, it's probably okay.It is more expensive than a regular night light but you're getting a lot of features, so in my opinion, it's worth it.5I ll be keeping it because is a great way to check temperature and humidity but not for ...I actually don t think this can be considered a night light, I can t see anything in the room when I use it.I ll be keeping it because is a great way to check temperature and humidity but not for the night light feature.This is a photo comparing this one to the other night light I already had. Huge difference.Update: after posting my review the company contacted me right away to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. They explained that they didn t want to make this night light too bright to not disturb the babies which is understandable. I m giving them 5 stars because of their customer service.5We like itWe are people that love it freezing cold in the house. So when we found out we were having a baby, we knew things would have to change. This helps us to make sure we are keeping the rooms at appropriate temperatures. Sure there is a thermostat, but A) it doesn t constantly monitor and make you aware of the changing temperature and B) the rooms in our house can be drastically different based on the sun or simply having a door closed. I like that this device keeps us aware of how hot or cold it is getting in order to keep our newborn comfortable. We ended up getting 2 addition devices. We now have one in each room that we spend a significant amount of time in.5Almost perfect!Almost perfect! It s adorable and wonderfully functional. Having quick read of both temp and humidity (especially when running humidifiers for cold season) is wonderful.Only ask would be adding a battery for the option of some portability, and allowing a user to expand the 5 degree yellow good zone (user can change what temperature the five degree zone is at, but you cannot set the acceptable zone to six or seven degree swing. We live in a 120yo building with steam radiator heat that is manually adjusted in every room, so five degree swings are pretty unavoidable throughout the day and night.Overall though it is wonderful for our needs - as one parent runs hot the other cold it stops us debating whether the room temperature is good for baby!Would also be fabulous if this was offered in a two-pack (we are ordering a second so we have one in our main living room and then in bedroom).5Safety, nightlight, and peace of mind!At first, I was unsure whether this product worked. It showed the same temperature day in, day out: 76.Well, one cold, rainy day the temperature ducked down to 69. I knew it was working! Especially when it bounced back up to 73 shortly thereafter.I've used a humidifier in the room and watched the hygrometer move up as well.The colors are a great asset if you don't want to walk over to see the temperature, but I'm very visual and just walk over to read it constantly. The "nightlight" aspect is excellent as well. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with my purchase.I can feel confident that my little girl is in a room that's not too hot, not too cold, and just right. Thank you, LittleHippo!5
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