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Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Iron Cover, Pre-Seasoned, 7-Quart

  • Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Iron Cover, Pre-Seasoned, 7-Quart
  • Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Iron Cover, Pre-Seasoned, 7-Quart
  • Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Iron Cover, Pre-Seasoned, 7-Quart
  • Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Iron Cover, Pre-Seasoned, 7-Quart

Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Iron Cover, Pre-Seasoned, 7-Quart

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SG$ 344.00 SG$ 572.00 You save: SG$ 228.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Brutally tough for decades of cooking
  • Pre-seasoned and ready for use
  • Heats slowly and evenly
  • Superior heat retention and distribution
  • Great for camping and outdoor cooking
  • 7-quart Dutch oven with cast-iron lid ideal for slow-cooking foods
  • Rugged cast-iron construction heats slowly and evenly
  • Pre-seasoned with vegetable oil formula and ready for immediate use
  • Self-basting domed lid preserves moisture; traditional wire ball handle
  • Measures 12 inches in diameter and 4-3/4 inches deep; hand wash; lifetime warranty
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Customer Reviews

Great product Great product! Sturdy and will last. 5GREAT PRODUCT!! Great Company!!! Lodge lives up to all expectations! I got this to replace my Grandmother's Dutch oven ( it's lid got lost in moving). That pot was at least 100 years old. This did not disappoint!! Still the same great manufacturing, same attention to detail. Love the self basting lid. It truly is pre-seasoned, made a great pot roast first night. It is heavy, but not to heavy. Nothing stuck at all, I did use my Lodge trivet under my roast. Clean up is a breeze, just hot water and a metal scrubbie. I dry mine on the stove top at low heat (the way Gramma always did) and wipe it down LIGHTLY with vegetable oil (or left over cooking grease). I keep an old nylon scrapper as a spacer between the lid and the pot to allow for air flow (if the lid is seated tightly it may allow moisture to cause rust to start). Always remember to use your POT HOLDERS! This is a cast iron pot and it does get HOT! I have not had any issues with the bail handle as some have stated, but I am used to that type of handle on my Dutch oven. I will still use my Gramma's pot, it still has lots of life left in it. Lodge is made in the USA and I love that fact. I did try another type (it was a gift) that was not Lodge and made out of the country....it was horrible. I pre-seasoned it, (it was supposed to be pre-seasoned) and everything stuck terribly. The quality was poor, very rough surface, and I could see where the iron thickness varied on the bottom. I'll stick with Lodge!! 5She demands space and attention like any large cast iron but in return I call my 9 quart Lodge Dutch Oven, Bertha cause she ain't no Cindy or Diana or a Susie. She demands space and attention like any large cast iron but in return, she will help you prepare the crispest fried chicken, the most succulent braised beef, the spiciest gumbo... Treat a 4 like a 6 and she will love you forever! I've had Bertha for a little over a year and it is one of my favorite cooking buys next to my Joule sous vide and my electric knife sharpener. She will not disappoint, the larger size will accommodate most dinner parties and as long as it's seasoned, it will last for decades. Perhaps an inheritance gift to my first born -sike, Bertha is going with me to my grave. 5Big durable well-seasoned built-to-last beast I really love this. It's rock solid, huge, heavy, well made. I find frequently that "pre-seasoned" cast iron needs to be seasoned again, as the factory seasoning is insufficient, but this was fine from the first use, never a problem with sticking, cleaning is a breeze. It also creates as good a consistent heat on bottom and sides as you'd get with a ceramic Creuset at five times the price, easy to maintain a perfect simmer. I have a high-quality ceramic Dutch oven which I also use a lot, but the size of this provides a lot of flexibility. If it's a really big roaster....if you are serving an autumn hunter's medley of two pheasants and four quail....if it's a whole rabbit....or if you suddenly learn that there'll be 6 more people showing for the party, and you need to bulk up the chili -- it's terrifically handy to have this behemoth around. That is also the one downside -- if you live in an urban apartment, this is a big piece; we store it in the garage, next to the smoker and the jerky dehydrator and the 17-inch cast iron skillet and the deep-fryer. So you need either a garage or some pretty fair cabinet/pantry closet space. 5Great to have but a bit overkill To start this thing is a BEAST! I was actually a little worried throwing this thing in the oven because the oven racks started to sag a bit from the weight. Completely full its a pain to get in and out of an oven but as long as you're careful you should be ok. I honestly haven't been able to use this too often due to the size but when I do break it out it I can fit a ton of food in it. Cast iron is the way to go for an even cooking surface. Once it heats up it'll stay hot for a while. If you're looking for something for larger meals keep in mind this is a bit more shallow than it appears in the image so height of what you're cooking may come into play. Unless your cooking for more than 5 people Id suggest buying something a bit smaller as this tends to be overkill. 5Avoid tomato bases and its great. Use flaxseed oil. I have used dutch ovens for years. I have learned to avoid tomato based recipes, because the seasoning layer will wear off rapidly. However... strip it when you get it and use the high temperature flaxseed treatment (bake at 550 F for over an hour, then let it cool. Do this 6 times and it will be indestructable. MUCH better designed lids now. Excellent go to pot. Just avoid chili or tomato sauces and its flawless. 4Nice except for the awful pre-seasoning. Why do you do that, Lodge? I have many, many Lodge pots and pans, and love everything about them except the pre-seasoning they are now adding. For many years, their products didn't come pre-seasoned, and I liked that. Then they offered it as an option which I tried once and didn't like..at all. Now everything they sell has this awful goop on it. I took off a star for the effort it takes to clean the stuff off and season it myself. 4Rust!? Pfft... Easy Fix I have made some of the best soups with this wonderful thing. The even heating makes cooking a bit less worrisome. Fresh tomato soup was absolutely fantastic, but because of the acid the lid began to rust pretty fast. However, rust is a relatively easy fix with cast iron. Scrub the rust real good with a cut potato, rinse, hand dry, wipe down with some cooking oil and lid it into a 300 degree oven for an hour, turn off the heat let it cool a bit and wipe it down with a paper towel or dry cloth to get any excess oil off. 5This lid also fits the 13.25" skillet I bought this dutch oven because I wanted a cast iron lid for my 13.25" Lodge cast iron skillet. The dutch oven and lid together only cost $10 more than just the lid alone, and I now have the dutch oven as an added bonus! The lid for this dutch oven fits the 13.25" Lodge cast iron skillet perfectly, in case anyone was wondering. 5The pre-seasoning works adequately to prevent initial sticking of anything cooked in it and gets better as the dutch oven gets m Exactly what I wanted in my kitchen; a versatile cooking vessel that I can fry an egg in, or even deep-fry a whole chicken in, low-slow cooking for beans, stews, and roast, and the oven wall is deep enough for when I sear a steak in it that it prevents splattering all over the stove top. Hell, you can even bake in it. This dutch oven does it all. If I could only have one pan for cooking/survival, this would be it!The pre-seasoning works adequately to prevent initial sticking of anything cooked in it and gets better as the dutch oven gets more use. Once the oven is fully seasoned it became the best non-stick pan I own. Even better than some of those hi-tech non-stick bonded teflon/ceramic pans.The one disadvantage though is it's weight, but that I can live with as a trade-off for making some of the most delicious dishes you'll ever cook and the joy and satisfaction it brings to your family meals. 5
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