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Magnetic Spice Jars- Shake or Pour Containers Attach to Most Refrigerator Doors- Set of 24 Dispensers- Easy Open Window Top Shakers

  • Magnetic Spice Jars- Shake or Pour Containers Attach to Most Refrigerator Doors- Set of 24 Dispensers- Easy Open Window Top Shakers

Magnetic Spice Jars- Shake or Pour Containers Attach to Most Refrigerator Doors- Set of 24 Dispensers- Easy Open Window Top Shakers

SG$ 220.00 SG$ 132.00 Save: SG$ 88.00
SG$ 132.00 SG$ 220.00 You save: SG$ 88.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Extra strong magnets allow you to keep your dispensers right at hand
  • Tight fit lids will not pop off
  • Mounts easily to most refrigerator and appliance doors
  • Lightweight but durable and easy to clean
  • Features see through lid with openings for pouring or shaking
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Customer Reviews

Very impressed for the price. Just got these today. All came with zero damage. Hold a decent amount of spices. The magnets seem pretty strong but I'm not sure if I feel comfortable enough filling heavy seasons all the way to the top. I have seen others have issues will sliding down off the fridge. So I'm keeping mine on the range top in hopes that avoiding vertical will reduce the risk of falling. Lids feel like they secure well. I love how they have a poor and shake option. I though 12 would be a good start but hardly made a dent in my spice cupboard. So I'm back buying another set of 12 (because that's how impressed I am with these) and figured I would stop by to leave this review 5Where have these been all my life? These are perfect. So happy to have my spices off the shelf, and up on the door where I can see them ALL (and they're even organized alphabetically). One tip, if you're putting labels on, turn the container so the 'sprinkle' lid is in the upper right hand corner. This will keep very fine spices (baking soda, for example) from leaking out when on the steel base. Unfortunately, I discovered this after the fact - I just had to turn the culprits over, so the label now reads upside down, not a big deal. 5Avoid the 12 pack..... Spend a few dollars more and by two 6pks if needed I really like these but....Avoid the 12 pack..... Spend a few dollars more and by two 6pks if you need a large number. They seem to be quality checked and packaged better.Update 3/27/17I've now received the second 6 pk and my initial assessment still stands. The 6pks are nicely packaged with no loose flaps, no dents. I even noticed that the clear windows have a thin layer of protective plastic covering them. The 12 pk didn't have this. I must say, one out of the 6 did slide too easily on my fridge. After close inspection it seemed the bottom was pushed in a little bit. Must have something to do with how they are manufactured. They are probably pressed in and sometimes go a little too far. All I had to do was take off the cover and push down on the inside bottom so the magnet was more flush w/ the outer bottom edges. Then it stuck just as well as the others.Orig review 3/25/17At the moment, I'm going to suggest avoiding the 12pk. I purchased the 6pk as a trial run and really like them. Since I needed more, I figured I'd buy the 12pk to save a few bucks. Th 6pk came properly packaged in a nice branded box. They all stuck well to my fridge. The lids and flaps closed nice and tight. Well the 12pk seemed to be rejects. It comes wrapped in cellophane (see the photos for the 12pk listing), some were dented, others had flaps that closed loosely and some had very little magnetic strength when placed on the fridge. I'm taking another shot at getting a 6pk and we'll see how that goes. Maybe quality control isn't very good all around and I just got lucky on the first 6pk. We'll see. If all goes well, I'll update this as I really do like them. I actually replaced a different magnetic spice tin that was far inferior to these. Well the ones without defects at least. 4Beware, not all fridges are created equal! (ability for magnets to stick) As spice jars, they work fine, as "magnetic" spice jars they don't really work unless they are half empty or you don't have a coating on your fridge (see the videos for a comparison on three different fridge surfaces).Cons- Magnet is not strong enough when the jar is full (will only stay on the fridge if it is half empty)- Fine spices will come out if you shake the jar, not leak proof- 1/12 of the jars had some rustPros- Shape: square, really space efficient- Easy to pour or sprinkle the spices, big point because I don't want to have to unscrew a lid- Can fit the contents of a regular store spice jar (just might not stay on the fridge)The main reason I got them is because of their 'magnetic' functionality. I was expecting to be able to fill up the whole container so I could get rid of the original jars my spices came in and then stick them on my fridge. I guess I will be storing these in my drawer, right side up (since they leak a bit). 2Great for camping or home kitchen (updated 6 mos later) The magnets are quite strong.I quite like the brushed nickle finish, but we're using these for camping so the thick plastic tops and sturdy metal containers are very nice for that.It does not have an opening large enough to stick a spoon in, like some do, but that doesn't bother me.The 'pour' opening is too small to handle rubbed sage, but it doesn't bother me cuz I don't use any other spices that act like rubbed sage does. If you used rubbed sage, you'll know what I mean - it's just too 'poofy' and light ;) Since they're so handy and useful, I'll live with popping the lid off when I want to use the sage ;)The lids were very hard to get off by hand. I consider this a good thing, while camping/traveling, but even in a kitchen I would, too, if these were hangin out sideways on my fridge. I simply use a thin table knife to start a wedge, then they will come off the rest of the way by hand.I really like that they're metal, since spices should not be exposed to light after harvesting. With the small view window on top, you get the best of both options - mostly dark to keep fresher longer, but also can see when you're low & identify with a glance (I detest using stickers on spice jars - they eventually yellow or get ground spice around edges and look terrible).The thing that I actually gave it 4 stars on is because of the plastic ring along the top of the lid. 2 corners have pokey knobs that stick into holes to secure the ring, the other 2 corners are the shake or pour, respectively. On one container out of the 6 set the ring is not staying put. 1 of the corners that are supposed to hold it on simply doesn't. Amazon offered me only the full return/refund or ignore it, so I'm stuck since I don't wanna fuss with sending them all back (especially when I really like the rest). I believe that I can super glue it down and it will be fine.Edit: Changing from 4 to 5 stars - The 2nd set I had ordered arrived today and there are no issues with it.The one with the borked lid from the first set, the super glue worked perfect and you can't see or tell any difference from the others.Originally I wanted these only for camping, but I think I'm going to go with more sets for home use as well. I don't know why spices are sold in glass jars mostly, but they shouldn't be and it's always bugged me, and I don't like having a bunch of small containers to sort thru in the cabinet. I want a couple sets of these for the side of the fridge.----------UPDATE: about 6 mos later and I'm still loving these. No problems at all, and the glued one has stayed glued and works as well as the rest. They've gone thru several trips well. 5They LEAK! They leak!! A few even arrived crushed. I transferred ALL of my spices to these containers to use on a magnetic board on my cupboard door. Every time I'd open the door, I'd get a light coating of cumin, smoked paprika, and ground mustard. It made a tremendous mess and I'm sure would have made my spices go stale very quickly. I ended up buying all new spices to start over with which was very expensive and very frustrating! 1Great spice option! I bought these about a year ago and have loved them. A while standard sized spice container fits in one and they are super magnetic! I did open one tonight and the rubbery part inside has kind of melted to the metal and got stuck.. but I don't mind, its not a spice I use often! However, I did just buy them again recently to add more and I've noticed the strength of the magnet is much weaker than the old ones. They totally still work and the magnet on the older ones is seriously so strong! But I'm wondering why these ones feel less magnetic... love this product!!! 4Not a good buy The product arrived in the most disgusting fashion. One of the two box of six contained jars that were obviously a returned item with significant degradation on the clear plastic. There was also a note from the previous buyer within the box. From the jars in the first boxes that looked brand new, the lids showed varying degree of tolerance. The jars were hard to wash and dry with all the crevasses from the way the metal containers were manufactured. Not recommend buying from "River Colony Trading" 1Compact, easy to use We have lined the inside of our cabinet doors with spice containers, the round ones from ikea. They were great initially, but overtime they became impossible to open. Additionally, they were bulky - which is something we thought we could live with as we cook frequently and go through a lot of spices.Space has become an issue, and fighting to open the twist caps has become too much. I purchased one set of these containers to test with, and will be buying several more sets!The lids are a little difficult to remove for the initial filling, and the corners are fairly rigid as well. They do relax over time, and become much easier to open and close - without compromising the seal process.They hold quite a bit, about 1/4 cup of ground spice. 5Oven hood spices I didn't like these on the fridge, felt like they were too deep. An inch deep, 2" wide would be great. Was going to return, then hubby put a few on the oven hood. Perfect place for all 12! Looks good, and they shouldn't leak. Great space saver for tiny living. **Update** Nothing like Thanksgiving to test the kitchen. While doing some serious stovetop and oven cooking today, I realized the spice containers on the oven hood were getting really warm. I haven't filled them yet, so no spice damage. We moved them back to the fridge for now. May purchase a magnetic plate to wall mount somewhere, or just leave them on the fridge.... 5
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