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Maxxima MLN-21 LED Night Light, Emergency Light, Flashlight (Pack of 2)

  • Maxxima MLN-21 LED Night Light, Emergency Light, Flashlight (Pack of 2)
  • Maxxima MLN-21 LED Night Light, Emergency Light, Flashlight (Pack of 2)
  • Maxxima MLN-21 LED Night Light, Emergency Light, Flashlight (Pack of 2)
  • Maxxima MLN-21 LED Night Light, Emergency Light, Flashlight (Pack of 2)
  • Maxxima MLN-21 LED Night Light, Emergency Light, Flashlight (Pack of 2)

Maxxima MLN-21 LED Night Light, Emergency Light, Flashlight (Pack of 2)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 3 in 1 - Plug in LED Night Light, LED Emergency Light and LED Flashlight
  • Night Light Dusk to Dawn Sensor
  • On/Off Switch to operate Emergency Flashlight
  • Emergency Light Up to 10 Hours On Internal Battery - Battery self charges when plugged into wall
  • 1 Year Warranty, UL Approved
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Customer Reviews

Frequent power outages I bought these because our subdivision has frequent power outages. Typically not for more than an hour or two, but during nearly every storm. This most recent one at night I found myself without my phone in complete darkness. I decided at that point I needed a new plan. I have these lights set up in various parts of the house now. They provide a night light feature and lighting in an outage. You must switch the unit flashlight button "on" before you plug them in to get the emergency light feature. Otherwise it's just a night light. When the power dies and the switch is "on" it automatically goes into emergency flashlight mode. You can unplug them at that point and use as a flashlight if needed. 4Different in a couple of ways from the previous version of this productThis model is the successor to the MLN-20 product, and there are a few differences. First I'll review the newer MLN-21.This functions as a light-sensitive night light, turning on when it's dark and turning off when there is light. This function cannot be turned off. It is pretty bright, but that can be obscured if it bothers you. If you turn the switch to ON, it also functions as an emergency light--a builtin LED flashlight turns on when there is a power failure. These functions work OK for me in all four units (two 2-packs) that I bought. The device uses three AAA NiCad rechargeable batteries, which can be replaced--the easy-off-on cover gives access to the batteries; but they are not sold everywhere. I have no information about long-term reliability yet.People complain about three things. 1.The flip-out plug is flimsy and seems to fail for some people. I can see how that could happen. Click the plug into position, and carefully press it into the receptacle straight-in. 2. The device won't stay plugged in. Bend the prongs closer or farther apart a bit for a better grip. 3. The device partially obscures the other plug in a two-plug receptacle, making it unusable to plug some other things in. Yes it does. These are not deal-breakers for me.The previous model, MLN-20 (I have a few of these too) is no longer available, and is a little different. A three-position switch (OFF-LED-AUTO) controls how it works. OFF=it does nothing. LED=it operates only as an emergency light--the flashlight comes on at a power failure. AUTO=both the light-sensitive night light and power-sensitive emergency light functions work. Since my wife insists on dark to sleep, the one in the MB off the MBR is in LED mode. The plug is fixed and sturdy, unlike the MLN-21. But like the MLN-21 it partially blocks the other plug in a two-plug receptacle. There is no easy-off-on cover to access batteries, it comes apart with four screws, so I don't know if the batteries are replaceable. I think one of these older units failed sometime in the past--should have dismantled it to see what's inside.4Update: these are awsomeUpdate 2: it s been almost a year and a half since I bought these. I unplugged one and put it in my closet and checked it the next day and it was still going strong, roughly 18 hours later. I left it again for another day and it was still shining, although dimmer (appx 28 hours later). By day 2 it was only good for a nighttime glow. Nothing you could read with, but good for sleeping with. These really are good. The only issue I ve had is one of the lights turns on even when plugged in. So the normal light and the emergency light are on. I ve messed with it and cant fix it. When unplugged the emergency light stays on, so I m not too bothered by it.Update: these are better than I expected. For the sake of science I unplugged one of these. I unplugged it at 10:50 am on Saturday and checked 1:00 pm Saturday and it was going strong. Then I forgot about it. Sunday morning at 8:00 am I accidentally stubbled across it and it was still going (21 hours later). I came back Sunday at 11:00 am (24 hours later) and it was still going, although dimmer than before. It is now 7:00 pm on Sunday and it's till going, again dimmer than it started but still going. I took pictures so you could see it. This means it lasts 32 hours. I was expecting 3 or 4, not 32. I wouldn't bet the light will be worth much going forward, but it's on and useable after 32 hours.So far I like these. I think it's too bright (i like dark) and my wife thinks they are Fine (she likes light). It's a good compromise if I put it behind the dresser or in the master bath. There is good ambient light that way. I also have one in the infants room and I can change him with the light from one of these in the corner. When the power goes out the flashlight (other side) kicks on. It's more direct light, but still provides enough ambient to see. its enough of a difference that after awhile you recognize the shape/pattern difference to know whether there is power or not. With phones having flashlights I've never pulled one off the wall and used it for light. I like them more as a way to (a) provide light for me to get better light and (b) provide enough light that my kids won't cry when the power is out, in fact they hardly notice or wake up anymore. If I could change one thing it would be that the same light just stayed on when the power went out instead of switching to the flashlight. Btw, I can still fit other plugs under/ over this when plugged in (regular, not the big boxes like with phones, iPhone plugs will fit)5One came broken, and no way to get a replacement without returning unbroken ones.I ordered 4 sets of these lights. One of the 8 arrived cracked and broken. There doesn't seem to be a way to get a replacement for the one that arrived broken without going through the hassle of returning at least two of them (the come 2 to a pack), and then reordering them. This creates a ton of work on me and no work for the supplier. It's a shame too...the last one I went to install was the broken one...at that point, I was already planning on ordering another 8 of these things. The first 7 seemed to work great and was a solution to the frequent "brown outs" we've been having with kids that panic when the whole house goes dark.BTW, the box was in perfect condition...this set of lights appeared to have been dropped (cracked on one corner, and the only one damaged), then picked up and mailed to a customer. Would have been great if the supplier had people who reported accidents rather than sending out broken merchandise.1Leave It Plugged in on Flashlight Mode for Emergency LightIt doesn't come with instructions, and the packaging doesn't give good information. I say this because the Amazon listing says it has three modes: nightlight, emergency LED, and flashlight. But it didn't turn on when I flipped off the surge protector, as advertised. I was ready to return it and rate it one or two stars because it didn't function as I expected, but I saw another critical review and found out that if you leave the flashlight on while it's plugged into a wall it will function as an emergency LED in a power failure. When you buy a product you buy the whole thing, including instructions and packaging design. A two-sentence instruction line would have gone a long way.3One flaw.... I love these little lights, if you leave the flashlight part of it in the "on" position it will light up when the power goes out. My only problem with this light is that it does not allow enough room for another item to be plugged in above or underneath it unless that plug is a small plug. But the phone charger type plugs will not fit next to these because the design takes up too much of that space The design on these is flawed and they really should be listed at a much lower price for that reason. If it will let me I will try to post some photos. 5Rubbish.If they worked they would be great. I put these in a hallway with stairs. In order to make them work I have to tap on them when they are plugged in, and when there is a power interruption they do not work at all. I'm not saying they don't last a long time, they don't light up at all. If it were one I would assume a faulty unit, but both of them nothing and only 4 weeks old. The fact I have to tap them to get them to light up as a powered nightlight makes me pretty nervous about the safety of these units. I would not use these in a home with children.1There is only one fault: Each night light uses 3 AAA NiCadAfter purchasing two sets(Two sets of 2 Packs), I am writing a review. This is a good product, if you get a package that has not been sitting on the shelf.Each night light uses 3 AAA NiCad batteries. I am highlighting the use of NiCad batteries for two reasons. The first reason is these batteries have a limited lifetime and they are almost impossible to find in stock at a retail store (you local Battery+ may carry it but otherwise you will need to buy them online). NiCad batteries should not be drained below a certain voltage. NiCad batteries have a self-discharge rate that will unbalance the chemistry if they are not used on a regular basis. Although you can use NiMH as a replacement, the night light's charging circuit is not designed for NiMH. NiMH will work(for a short time).The other issue I have with this product is that it comes on during the day when I walk past the night light. I am thinking of opening the night light up and modifying the circuit. The ability to adjustment the sensitivity of the dawn/dusk sensor would be a useful feature.I bought two sets. The first set was bought before "Prime Day". The first set worked right out of the box. The second set was bought on "Prime Day"; the second set did not work. The batteries from the "Prime Day" purchase had leaked. My conclusion is that the package had been sitting on the shelf for a considerable amount of time, and the NiCad batteries self-discharged to the point the chemistry was damaged(or the batteries were very poorly made).At the time I started the return process, Amazon was out of stock of this product, so a replacement was not offered during the return process.4Not and Emergency LightThis item was advertised as an "LED Night Light, Emergency Light. Flashlight" This leads people to think that it does all three parameters, it does not. It is a bright night light, and a working flashlight, but it is NOT an emergency light. Emergency Light implies that when the power goes off, the light comes on, it does NOT. They even make this ad to say, "Emergency Light Up to 10 Hours On Internal Battery - Battery self charges when plugged into wall" It does not give you up to 10 hours of emergency light, it gives you a rechargeable flashlight what will function up to 10 hours. I will not purchase any more of these items as their Ad is mis-representing what it does.1Kinda missleading...Conditionally works, sorta...I thought mine were broken. The power goes out here a lot. The power just went out and so did this night light???-- Apparently, your suppose to turn on the flashlight function, then plug it in. When, there is AC (and its plugged in) the one LED (the flashlight function) goes out. When AC fails, the ONE LED goes on. Not the regular large LED light. THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED, not what wanted!!!-- Its kinda bright. But not too bright (its very white light, but not blue-white).-- I was able to plug it in, and still use the other plug outlet. However, not if the other thing, is a wall-wort power supply.-- Can be plugged in as pictured, or upside down (not a polarize plug).2Love the Replaceable BatteriesLooked at many different power failure lights on Amazon. If you are worried about extended power outages (several days), this has a great feature in that you can put in regular AAA batteries if they go dead before the power comes on. They worked perfectly for me and lasted through the night when fully charged. It's the right combination of an always-on night light plus a brighter, but not too bright power failure light that comes on. The not too bright is important because it means in a power outage, the light will last a long time before running out of power.CAUTION: It is dangerous to charge non-rechargeable batteries so use my suggestion of using regular batteries in place of the rechargeable ones in an extended power outage with caution. When power comes back on, you MUST remove the regular batteries.I'm not an expert but Wordsmith in his 7/25/15 review says you can use NIMH batteries in place of the NiCad batteries, but again I would use them with caution. Of course, you can also keep spare chagred NiCad batteries on hand, but that is now going to a lot of extra trouble.5AMAZING PRODUCT - REPLACEMENT BATTERIES ARE AVAILABLE!I bought 4 of these lights (two 2-packs) and will definitely be buying more. They are amazing and very inexpensive! However, there were NO instructions included with this product when received. When plugged in, the switch must be turned ON in order for the EMERGENCY light to work in the event of a power failure. One product review said replacement batteries were not available. REPLACEMENT BATTERIES ARE READILY AVAILABLE. The Amazon Basic battery charger and AAA batteries work fine with this product. Other emergency lights that I used in the past used an INTERNAL rechargeable power source and they had a limited life. These should last indefinitely. LED lights are fantastic and this unit has replaceable batteries.5
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