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Messermeister Stainless Steel Culinary Scissors, 6.5 Inch, Green

  • Messermeister Stainless Steel Culinary Scissors, 6.5 Inch, Green
  • Messermeister Stainless Steel Culinary Scissors, 6.5 Inch, Green
  • Messermeister Stainless Steel Culinary Scissors, 6.5 Inch, Green

Messermeister Stainless Steel Culinary Scissors, 6.5 Inch, Green

SG$ 134.00 SG$ 81.00 Save: SG$ 53.00
SG$ 81.00 SG$ 134.00 You save: SG$ 53.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Durable stainless steel blades.
  • Soft-flexible grip
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100-Percent Messermeister quality
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Customer Reviews

Made in China, came with spots of rust These shears are really made in China even though you get the feeling they are supposed to be German, when I had first received them and looked closely, I had noticed spots of rust here and there as well as dings in the edge of the blades.I compared these side by side to the Wusthof shears I bought at the same time which are a similar price.Wusthof seems to be better material as it had no rust on arrival or after use as well no dings on the edges.Wusthof had great cutting power behind it but Messermeister was easier to maneuver.Messermeister was not as sharp as the Wusthoff, running my finger along the blades of both caused the skin to be slighty cut by the Wusthoff, it is very sharp out of the box.These open farther more easily than the Wusthof but causes it to fall apart alot.Overall, I prefer the Wusthoff but for some tasks where you need to get in tricky spots, these are better. 3Can't recommend these enough. After breaking my wife's kitchen shears trying to spatchcock a turkey, I decided to get a heavy duty set that was all steel, no plastic handles. The heavy duty set I bought at the kitchen supply store were a huge disappointment. The handle was way too slippery when wet with poultry juices causing sliding, twisting, and the shears literally didn't survive the first use.So I went to Amazon and started checking reviews...the Messermeister seemed to be the most popular, but didn't look as beefy as the commercial ones I already destroyed, but I figured I'd give it a try.Turns out the reviews are correct. These shears cut through chicken bones like paper. I can cut the spine out of a whole chicken in about 10 seconds, rather than several minutes of stabbing and sawing with a knife. Separating for washing is a huge bonus too. 5look for a better one, this is junk I was excited to have some "quality" poultry shears after years of preparing raw food for my cats with "cheapo" ones. When the metal spring thing flew off immediately and I had to paw around on the floor for it, I knew these were junk. The spring thing is not secured on in any meaningful way, and if you attempt to open these far enough to use the bone-cutting notch, it will fly off. Also, there is little texture on the handles, so they quickly become slick with gore. These can't handle shin or tendons well, they just slide between the blades sideways and you have to tear them with brute force, as they won't be cut. Don't expect to be able to cut bone, tendons, or skin easily. It can sort of cut between bones, but so can anything. Likewise, it can cut skinless, boneless chicken breasts okay, but then, so can grandma's butter knife. Very disappointed. I was hoping these would make things easier, but they performed even worse than $25 sheers...and that's brand-new. I shudder to think how poorly they would cut after they get dull. In all honesty, the flying spring thing alone is a deal-breaker, its numerous other traits just drive the point home. You don't want these. 1Looks used, pitting and rough quality Mine came looking like it was a used product which was repackaged. Pitts in the metal, rough construction. Made in CHINA. Wish Amazon would require sellers to post country of origin. For the price, could have bought other made in China shears for half the price. Can't be bothered to return it though. Just cleaned with a little bleach solution and will be good enough I guess. 1Sharp and easy to clean! UPDATE: Downgrading my original review for two reasons. First, these scissors come apart way too easily... I have hardly ever used them without them separating when I don't want them to. Over time this feature has become quite irritating. Second, the metal handles under the black finger guards are not solid all the way around; there's a gap in the middle that you can't see in the picture. As a result if you are cutting something difficult (chicken being an excellent example) the finger guards will bow inward and you'll lose a lot of your cutting power. So, I still think they are good as kitchen scissors (and that's how they are advertised after all) but not as a miracle tool.Original review, for reference:I just bought my third pair of these which will be intended primarily for office use. But how can you go wrong when you get all this functionality for the price of a pair of regular scissors? My first pair was purchased because of a recommendation in Cook's Illustrated, then I bought a second pair for my daughter who is left handed. My son-in-law had a trip to the emergency room as a result of too aggressive hand washing... as the other reviewer said, these puppies are SHARP.Only potential complaint is that they come apart sometimes when you don't really want them to. But that's ok... it's nice to be about to do a good scrubbing after the scissors have been used on chicken or other nasty bits. 4Just...Wow! I bought these specifically for spatchcoking turkeys for Thanksgiving. When they showed up, I was impressed at the professional look of these, as well as how sturdy they are. When it came to use, they worked really well! The curved notch in the blad helped with getting through the bones, and they were sturdy enough to make it through the entire back of the bird and get it done right. Great product and I will definitely look to Messermeister for further culinary needs. 54 1/2 Stars! These definitely fit my hand better than the 8.5" model, being I am left handed, but the shorter blade and the non curved blade area of these make them not as worthy or useful as the 8.5" overall. Not so much a complaint as it is an observation I am glad I purchased both types and hope they come out with a 9.5-10" model also, that would complete my shear collection!Both will cut/glide through a piece of notebook paper like butter, which my upholstery shears will also do. A glide cut is one where you open the scissors around 2-3" and without moving the blades push them through what your cutting while holding taught. With most fabrics this is no problem, but with thin paper you have to use your fingers to hold the paper from moving/slipping. If "really" sharp, it will slice through like butter. Both of mine have sweet spots that perform this well. Seeing my main use for these is for fowl or meat, it's not that necessary, just an indicator of sharpness. Compared to a new pair of Wiss upholstery shears which rate a 10 in my book, these weigh in at a 8.5-9 in comparison.My only real concern and why I don't give a 5 star rating is the handles being plastic, time will tell if they become problematic and up dates will follow, one way or the other , also how useful the non cutting features are or turn out to be may keep them from a 5 star upgrade .Stay tuned for future updates 4High quality and yes they are "take-apart". Take-apart is a good feature. These are well made, high quality shears. Saw complaint about coming apart too easily. They are called "take-apart".This makes them easy to clean. Would advise to not clean in dishwasher. Also make sure to dry thoroughly. Saw a comment about rusting. This will happen to any stainless product that is not dried properly. If rust does occur. Take them apart and soak in vinegar for 5 minutes.The rust will scrub right off. Still trying to have the beer cap stay on the bottle as in the video. Will keep on practicing. 5Okay so far .......... I have had these a few days and so far they seem to work well. One think that surprised me was that the handles are half hollow. In other words, it is not a soft cover over sturdy handles. The outer loop of the shears is rubber/silicone and completely hollow. Not sure how that will hold up in the long run. 4Very good but Wusthof better I bought two shears, three years ago, that were highest rated in their price range; used this Messermeister for raw chicken, and the Wusthof 5558-1 for cooked chicken. Granted, the Messermeister got heavier use esp cutting bones, and raw bones are harder than cooked. Both started out incredibly good, cutting bones easily. The Messermeister eventually (after more than two years) was as good as ever cutting bones, but had loosened up, so that the two parts come apart a bit too easily, e.g. when dropped on the floor, and rarely even during normal use when opening the shears fairly wide. That can be pretty bad, raw chicken and blades flying around. The Wusthof, albeit used only for cooked chicken, is still running strong.Beside that, I found the Wusthof much easier to put together after each cleaning. For some reason, with the Messermeiser, putting them together was like a puzzle where I would always have to give it a couple tries before I got them in the correct orientation, whereas rhe Wusthof, with a virtually identical locking system, I always seem to get on my first try! Go figure.In any case, I would suggest buying two different-looking shears, and use one for raw, one for cooked chicken, and make one the TWusthof 5558-1. 3
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