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Neiko 10072A 3/8" Drive Extra Long Allen Hex Bit Socket Set, SAE, 1/8" - 3/8" | S2 & CR-V Steel, 7Piece Set, Clear

  • Neiko 10072A 3/8" Drive Extra Long Allen Hex Bit Socket Set, SAE, 1/8" - 3/8" | S2 & CR-V Steel, 7Piece Set, Clear
  • Neiko 10072A 3/8" Drive Extra Long Allen Hex Bit Socket Set, SAE, 1/8" - 3/8" | S2 & CR-V Steel, 7Piece Set, Clear
  • Neiko 10072A 3/8" Drive Extra Long Allen Hex Bit Socket Set, SAE, 1/8" - 3/8" | S2 & CR-V Steel, 7Piece Set, Clear
  • Neiko 10072A 3/8" Drive Extra Long Allen Hex Bit Socket Set, SAE, 1/8" - 3/8" | S2 & CR-V Steel, 7Piece Set, Clear
  • Neiko 10072A 3/8" Drive Extra Long Allen Hex Bit Socket Set, SAE, 1/8" - 3/8" | S2 & CR-V Steel, 7Piece Set, Clear

Neiko 10072A 3/8" Drive Extra Long Allen Hex Bit Socket Set, SAE, 1/8" - 3/8" | S2 & CR-V Steel, 7Piece Set, Clear

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Full range Allen hex set: a complete set of extra-long SAE Allen and hex bit socket Set for home, construction and automotive use
  • Tough at half the price: combination of high-grade S2 steel and chrome-vanadium alloy steel with a chrome-mirror polished finish
  • More torque: extra-long shank provides more torque than the typical Allen set can provide
  • Common SAE sizes: includes 3/8-inch drive socket sizes (1/8, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 9/32, 5/16, and 3/8 inch)
  • Organizing case: set includes a hard plastic storage case
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Customer Reviews

Handy to have! I bought this inexpensive set of metric hex sockets just to have handy in my toolbox. Little did I know, I stumbled into a job two days after getting them that required their use. Great timing, if nothing but by accident.As far as the sockets go - they great. Extra long, which is often needed, and durable. If you don't have a set already, I recommend this set. 5Excellent tools for car and bike repair/maintence I needed an 8mm socket to work on my bicycle. After researching, I found a single 8mm for $6, then found this set of 7-pieces that included the needed 8mm for the price of two 8mm at $6. So instead of having 2 sockets for the same price, I have 7 pieces for the same price. This was a much better buy. This kit is very well put together and so far has done everything I can throw at it including being torqued to over 320in-lbs. The closeable case that comes with this set is very nice and holds each socket secure and does not rattle and appears sturdy. This is a great buy for the money. The longer length really allows me to use the set with ease. I just used the 6mm socket to adjust my wife's headlight which required a longer hex socket to reach down behind the headlight. I highly recommend this set. 5Five Stars Good Good ~ 5I am an electrician and I support this message these are great for service equipment installs Aren t durability and sturdiness pretty much the same thing? Lol anyway I digress.I am an electrician and purchased this kit for use when installing service wire between the meter bases and the main breakers / main lugs of panels. These work amazing in my M18 impact gun from Milwaukee. (Also a great and worthwhile purchase) they don t strip out and are easy to use. The case is super handy I can store a 1/4 socket adapter for my drill in the case along with all the bits. And it s large enough of a case to not get lost. The blue stands out well among most other cases I have tool in so I find it quickly and since it s in a nice dedicated case the bits don t go wandering to the bottom of the tool box. 5Good quality, but beware of one problem. Look to be good quality and nicely finished. Pretty fair plastic case. All in all worth the money.NOTE: One major problem I didn't anticipate with these is that the shanks of the 3, 4 and 5mm are the same size as the shanks on the 6 mm. I am certain I won't be able to use the 3mm, and possibly the 4mm in deep set screw holes. That is my primary use of these. Bummer. I'm not going to ding them a star because I should have seen it. 4Not a SnapOn tool set - great deal for the price Neiko makes some very inexpensive tools. I've previously ordered and used their impact versions of hex and star bits, so was reasonably sure what I was buying into. These are not $100 Snap-On tools. These are perfect for the DIY'er or non- high torque bolts. I bought these specifically because they didn't have ball ends (I have some shallow head hex bolts I need to use these on).As another review mentioned, the shaft is not the same size as the hex end so there may be situations where these won't work. For me, I wanted a full 3/8" drive across the board and most of the ones that have the shaft the same as the hex end drop to 1/4" drive for half the set.The one drawback is that I've yet to find individual sockets for those times when you break one or round it off (it will happen eventually). I will buy again. It's a good bargain. 4Overdue Purchase I should have gotten one of these sets ages ago for working on my motorcycle. This is a far cheaper and equally effective option over getting pro-grade t-handle wrenches. It's also way better than cranking on an hex head/allen key with Channellock pliers. The plastic case is ok with cheapie clip fasteners. I've used a few of these wrenches already, and my admittedly subjective opinion is that the tool quality is somewhere between Harbor Freight and Craftsman. Excellent value. 5Really good little set Really good little set. Much cheaper than going to advanced auto and paying $40 for the same tools. Now these aren't Craftsman quality but they should get the job done. I used them for a counter hold to get some stubborn rear shocks off a 2010 Volvo XC90. I think a lot of these European vehicles shocks for the top bolt are the same (they use a standard bolt with a hex counter hold which is tough to get to without an extension socket). For anyone using on a Volvo XC90 use a size 18 wrench to turn the bolt, while counter holding the shock with the Hex bit and you will get it. WD40 or PB blaster or equivalent doesn't hurt either. 4They have not bent or stripped in the worst of circumstances I am a professional mechanic... I have used these to tighten set screw that need to be really tight on machinery. They have not bent or stripped in the worst of circumstances.. Believe me I have snapped a lot shorter ones which should allowed me more torque.I do not write many reviews but this is on worth it!! 5Great Quality, Great Price You can tell a lot about suspiciously cheap socket set by the finish. If a company doesn't take the time to make the finish and lettering look good then their sockets probably won't be good. But, these are beautifully finished with good attention to detail, and the machining is comparable to any of the higher priced domestic brands. Even the constrction of the blue plastic box exceeded my expectations. I will actually be able to keep the sockets in this box at work, it was constructed for regular use instead of just making sure it lasts until you get them.I used to be a loyal customer to the higher-end brand-named tools. But, it is purchases like these that make me happy I gave "cheap tools" a try. My job in an industrial setting results in a lot of lost tools. With this set I get a good quality product that has already proved it can stand up to being used daily...and...if I lose them it won't result in a significant financial and emotional event to replace.Highly recommend. 5
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