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Norpro 18-Inch Magnetic Knife Tool Bar

  • Norpro 18-Inch Magnetic Knife Tool Bar
  • Norpro 18-Inch Magnetic Knife Tool Bar
  • Norpro 18-Inch Magnetic Knife Tool Bar

Norpro 18-Inch Magnetic Knife Tool Bar

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • A simple and practical organizing tool that allows you to store knives and utensils within your reach while also saving space!
  • A great alternative to storing knives in drawers or knife blocks and protects blades from damage and dulling.
  • Features 2-extra strength magnetic strips that grip cutlery securely to the strip, yet easily releases them. Perfect for knives, kitchen gadgets and tools. Also ideal for hanging keys, scissors, office and craft supplies, a magnetic spice rack or metal tools.
  • Perfect for the kitchen, office, workshop or garage.
  • Installs easily with screws provided.
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Customer Reviews

Great solution for knife storage and keeping them away from children!! I bought this knife bar with the main purpose of getting my knives out of the reach of my 3 year old autistic son, but I also had just bought some new knives and wanted to keep them sharp and nice without having to sheath them all the time. This was a great solution! I attached this bar to the inside of the highest cupboard in the kitchen (above the microwave) and it works great! It holds a lot of knives VERY strongly and securely with just the perfect amount of magnetic grip. I don't have to worry about knives EVER falling off (even the big ones) no matter how hard I slam the cupboard door shut, but it's also very easy to take a knife off with one hand. It looks great as well and keeps all my favorite knives handy at a glance! The only reason I took off a star is barely a reason at all. The screws that came with this bar are quite long. They barely worked with my cabinet door without piercing through the other side. I would worry about them being too long for certain types or thicknesses of doors, though it's an easy enough fix to go get some shorter screws at the hardware store. I would definitely recommend this knife bar!And for the record, I did NOT receive this product free or at a discount. I paid full price for it and am writing this review just to help other people who pay full price for stuff too! 4Love it, the rack is a good size to ... Love it, the rack is a good size to hold my knives, scissors, and a few other tools. The magnet is really strong so I feel totally confident nothing is going to fall off. Install is easy but I would recommend using longer screws and trying to mount into a stud if possible. Mine is just screwed into the drywall and I haven't had any problems yet but can feel the bar rock a little each time I take my big chef's knife off and would feel more comfortable knowing it was in a stud. 5Love this! This magnet is an amazing. I was able to hang it and store all of my knives in less than 15 minutes. Previously I had an all metal one with the hangers on the back (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XD751TX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). I had a horrible time hanging it and nearly destroyed my wall trying to match the holes evenly. In addition I had ended up with a large gash because the metal side was unfinished and cut my hand as I was hanging it. This magnet solved all of that. It has great strength, has two easy to see front side drill holes so I can line it up and level it without having to mess with a template and/or measuring tape. The wood is sturdy and nicely finished. All in all this is an affordable well made piece. 5WEAK! Have to send this back. While it arrived on "prime time", there is no question it was a "poor retread" version and not at all new! The plating is chipped off across the strip in too many places to count, and it is basically dirty looking. like it had been in someone's kitchen for years. However it may even be worse. I have had the exact same model on my wall now for 8+ years, and was looking forward to adding a second for my nice knife collection. However the one on my wall already, is in way better shape than the " new" one just sent to me. Screws also were "not included" as advertised either. It is simply all used and beat up. What a shame!! I expect better from Amazon if I am to pay for prime, yet put up with all the sustainability, computer mind-reading, forced marketing bulls#$! constantly going on.DO BETTER for your billions of dollar profit! 1Very nice quality and construction I have almost every knife I own mounted to this strip after tiring of being able to fit only a few most-used knives in a countertop block-type unit (with the overflow in a drawer).This mounted easily (in drywall, no less), is perfectly within reach of my prep area and has extremely strong magnets. My two largest Wusthof knives aren't going anywhere unless I pull them off the strip to use them. Ten points! 5Very happy with purchase! Does exactly what it needs to, looks great, and holds well. I love it! The photos are to show how many knives I managed to fit on my 18" bar. My handles are slightly lighter than some other knives, but I don't feel that would make much difference. They come off easily and go back just fine. The second photo shows you exactly what the magnetic piece is, because people are thinking it's the black rubber pieces and it's not (it's the thin metal strips running along the top and bottom of the rubber). But do not let this discourage you because they still do a fantastic job, and I'm even able to hang my keys on the side (not that I would, but you understand the strength). 5Just what I needed I'm a woodcarver.I can get 18 inch magnet bars, via Harbor freight etc. but what I needed was a 12 inch one that was portable when I'm at places to demonstrate my craft,.... 18/24 inches was just too much,.. I need to keep the tools I'm using in box enclosed on all sides but one, facing me. (some years back at a show,.. a child about 9 or 10, shot a hand out and grabbed one of my tools while I was working,... My tools are VERY SHARP,.... and the child was just lucky she didn't wind up with her hand gashed open,..... I've had one trip to the ER myself from my tools,... I got the tool back, but realized then, that I needed an enclosed box and a short magnetic strip)I went ahead and ordered 2 while I was at it,... one for my home studio and one for my travel bag.I may get a third, for my kitchen knives :D 5Great knife holder Couldn't use nails to hold this up, so I used six command strips and it still works.Knife rack itself is great and easy on the eyes. Knives come off easily; it's also easy to put knives back on without too much magnetic force. Holds up three chef's knives and a paring knife with plenty of space in between. I tried five knives but it felt crowded. 5Magnets are weak This is NOT an adequate rack for most semi-professional or professional knives, like Henckels, Sabatier, Shun, etc. Ok for lighter knives, like Kershaw.First, the magnets are definitely NOT powerful at all. Second, they are sloppily assembled, so that the (horizontal) magnets are not vertically aligned, preventing the knife from lying flat: it can only touch one magnetic surface at a time. (There are two double bars with one "pulling" bar in each.)I bought two units, and they're both this way. Unfortunately, before testing I had hastily cut a quarter-inch off them so they'd fit exactly where I wanted them - so I can't return them.I'm using the racks for now, but have to put up with knives falling off the rack after the lightest bump. A frustrating product. 2Not for large heavy knives This is a pretty decent knife holder. The magnet is not strong enough that I would trust my large kitchen knives on it but it works well 4 steak knives. I had bought magnetic tool holder from Lowe's that has a very strong magnet that I use for my large knives I just couldn't imagine them slipping off or if I accidentally bumped it and it fell off and cut me. Having kids I would never put anything big on this magnetic strip. I have ordered a second one though saying the scissors and small things like that in my kids room above their desk the quality is good I just would not trust with large heavy knives. 4
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