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Officemate Bookends, Heavy Weighted 10" Steel, Black (93182)

  • Officemate Bookends, Heavy Weighted 10" Steel, Black (93182)
  • Officemate Bookends, Heavy Weighted 10" Steel, Black (93182)
  • Officemate Bookends, Heavy Weighted 10" Steel, Black (93182)
  • Officemate Bookends, Heavy Weighted 10" Steel, Black (93182)
  • Officemate Bookends, Heavy Weighted 10" Steel, Black (93182)

Officemate Bookends, Heavy Weighted 10" Steel, Black (93182)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 inch tall and 25% stronger than ordinary bookends
  • Strong enough to handle the Biggest books, directories, and binders
  • Padded non-skid base will not slip or mar furniture
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Customer Reviews

The best!I was more than pleasantly surprised by these bookends. They are extremely sturdy, and the rubber bottom is great.I have struggled with my cookbooks falling over on a shelf for years. I put one of these bookends midway on the shelf, and now I have no more struggles with this.I used the other one for books on another shelf. The books were supposed to be held up by a previously purchased, pretty bookend, but the books and the bookend regularly slid over into the other items on the shelf. That won't happen with this bookend.I highly recommend these, and I will be purchasing more. Keep the measurements in mind; these may be too big for small books.5These are great, but be careful of one thing These are great, but be careful of one minor user error After moving into a cabin with limited space to store books and kitchen items, I maximized usage of an 8-ft long bar separating the kitchen from the rest of the cabin. The bar is too high to use with stools, so I divided it lengthwise: the side toward the kitchen holds spices and cooking items; the other side for 12 Officemate Heavy-Duty Bookends to provide a place for my largest and heaviest books which never shift, lean, or fall over.One small problem: While setting the bookends into place, the front edge of the rubber non-skid backing on one peeled off. It flattened nicely, and weight of the books will keep it from causing any problems.I give Officemate Heavy-Duty Bookends a 5-Star Rating.510 inches tall, rubberized bottoms, won't scratch shelf.I have ordered three different low-profile style bookends from Amazon, and this set is the best. Well worth the price, they're heavy--I didn't throw them on the scale, but I'm thinking at least 1.5 lbs each end. Nonbendable metal, well painted, with an excellent rubberized bottom: you need not do a thing to them (e.g add felt, etc.). Just pop them right onto your favorite shelf, and they won't mar the surface at all.Note that the bottoms--the part that goes under the books--on each end is about 6 inches. Together, the undersides are thus, 12 inches. So, you'd have to have at least 12 inches of books to fill these out. You could have less, and have them tilt diagonally between the bookends, and you could space these out infinitely. But, if you want your books straight upright, because the undersides cannot well overlap, you will need 12 inches of books (if that makes sense).I am delighted with the non-bendable, strong nature of these satin black bookends. Much more slender and useful than larger, more cumbersome bookends--you know, the ones with Rodan's "The Thinker" on each end, hogging up valued shelf space.I loved these so much after one set, I bought two more from Amazon.These are winners. A++++ And, thank you. Happy reading, friends.5Does the job wellI got these to help organize my desk at work, which is an open office environment. These look quite large but blend in well and are easy to forget about, which is exactly what I wanted. They re sturdy and don t slip, unless you have a heavy object tilted at an angle. My desk has a pretty slick surface. I stash a weekly planner, budget notebook, my current library book, and my MacBook Air (in a sleeve) between these bookends. If the Air is tilted, it can be enough to push the bookend. If I keep my laptop upright properly, it s snug and safe.5Sturdy metal bookends used to hold LP records in place. If you have large books or lots of LP records like I do and want to stand them up without being in a book case, these are the bookends to use. Strongest I have seen and they hold my LPs up very well. No sliding or tipping over. Highly recommended. 5Strong, sturdy, padded, non-scratching, and they stay putIf you are trying to be as efficient with space as possible and in doing so are trying to keep some books on your desk, these are GREAT. I love them for a few reasons: they truly are free-standing. They're padded with rubber on the bottom and are heavy duty, so if you stack books between them (or even just against one of them), they don't bend or slide. Secondly, I'm a college professor and have a metric ton of books all over my desk, chair, shelves, floor, and even the cat if she sits still long enough. My books are TEXTBOOKS. They're HUGE. I can lean the AMA Manual of Style and the DSM-5 and 3 biology textbooks up against one of them and it's rock-solid. Finally, the desk I have is one of those U-Build-It particleboard thingies that has only the thinnest of veneers. You can scratch the veneer of my desk with a fingernail, no lie. These bookends don't scratch. Soft, padded rubber. I feel foolish waxing eloquent about a bunch of freakin' bookends, but in my line of work, they're a real treat! I am planning on ordering more.5Super heavy-duty, scratch resistant, and great styled bookends. I'm sold on them!6/5 Stars! These bookends are heavenly. I searched far and wide for minimalist but not industrial looking bookends. What I wanted were ones that blend in but if they do happen to be seen they have some style to them. I never knew there would be so many terrible designs to wade through!In addition to looking for a specific style, I was also looking for something very heavy duty / sturdy to keep books from hurling themselves high off of some floating shelves. I was sick of one book in particular starting to get ruined from high diving and the adjacent walls also taking collateral damage. Since some of my books are really heavy, the ends themselves had to be tough.This set of bookends is perfect. I tested them out with a huge stack of heavy books and the ends didn't budge or bend. Even better, they have a nice foam backing on the bottom protecting the wood of my shelves from being scratched. They don't slide around either.The best part of all about them is that even though they're sturdy, they're very thin. When you stick books on them, there isn't a gap underneath them making it obvious that there's something holding the books up. The bookend are 6.5" each in width. On one of my top shelves, I have just two books on top of one of these bookends. The two books together are less than 6.5" but since I have the bookend pushed back a bit on the shelf, you can't see part of the empty bookend sticking out. You don't even know that the bookend is there unless you view it from the side (see pictures of side and front angles). Let me say that after seeing these in person, I wouldn't mind using them in other places where they could be seen.The packaging was good. Surprisingly, there was tissue paper between the bookends to keep them from scratching against each other and rubbing off finishing. They were wire-tied together and came in perfect condition.The only negative I found was the price. Ended up costing almost $9 for each bookend. I wondered if I was crazy spending that much on ends that people won't even see? But considering that I won't have books committing leap of faith jumps anymore, I've made peace with the cost.5Very sturdy for large items and don't slip! I bought one set of these to hold up large amounts of piano music that I have accumulated. Since most of my piano books are large but thin, and pretty much all paperback, they tend to bend a bit unless the book end is super firm (doesn't slide). These work perfectly to not slide down if I want to leave a little "breathing" room between my books so I can slide another book in/out when needed, and yet they are also wide enough that they can fully support the piano books on the end of the row.I loved them so much I almost immediately went back on Amazon and bought another set to hold up sheet music in the multiple 3-inch binders that I have sitting on a different shelf -- the binders are very large and again, with every other book end I've used, it slowly slides away as I repeatedly put books in and take them out. These book ends are amazing and well worth the price! Highly recommend! 5STRONG AND BEAUTIFULI was looking for something that could hold up to my heavy art books, and looked attractive, and for a reasonable price.I wanted to put them on the top of one of my bookcases. The moment I took it out of the Box, I knew this was a winner! It is so sleek looking, and extremely well made. The fact that the piece that is underneath is quite deep. is very reassuring. I intend to buy more of these, and am not surprised that most of the reviews are glowing. (Oh, and some of my art books are 14 inches and higher and thick) Definitely Not Flimsy!! A++++5Very large and sturdy!I had two small metal bookends I had purchased from OfficeMax for many years. They were always frustrating because when I picked up a big book from the shelf, the bookends would occasionally flip over. Then they eventually bent from the weight.I've had no problems with these. They are very sturdy and the base that slides under the books is long, so several books are always weighing it down. I bought a second pair of these, I love them so much. (Who would have known bookends could bring so much joy.)5The strongest metal bookends I have ever seenI was stumped on where to find bookends for some of my larger and heavier books. I didn't need anything decorative or fancy, but those standard black metal bookends you find at the office supply stores are weak and bend too easily when they are used with heavy books. This was a quandary, to be sure.Then I discovered this pair of bookends by Officemate. These are the first "black metal bookends" I have ever seen that are TRULY heavy duty. These aren't the wimpy metallic jobs that cower when confronted with Shakespeare's unabridged works; no, these are game changers that define a new category in literature support.What makes these so awesome?1) They are heavy, thick, substantial pieces of metal. The difference in heft between these and "standard" metal bookends is like night and day. You could probably commit a felony with these, but I'd advise against it.2) They are rigid. Yes, if you really push hard you can bend them a bit, but they will don't give in easily.3) The bottoms are lined with foam to prevent them from scratching your shelves. Not thin, flimsy foam that is already starting to peel off before you finish unwrapping them, but good thick foam (see my photo).4) Unlike most metal bookends, these don't have that annoying horizontal piece that extends out away from the books taking away a few inches of shelf space.Go ahead, challenge these with a few volumes of Dostoevsky. Entrust them with your heaviest art history books. Heck, throw a full-color world atlas in there while you're at it. These bookends can take it, and I will definitely be purchasing more of them.5More Praise for These Super-Sturdy BookendsBook Fanatics, I can only echo what the older reviews say -- if you need heavy-duty bookends which will stand up to the job of supporting a long row of tall heavy books, you'll fall in love with these. I have other "heavy duty" bookends that bent under the stress of holding books on open-ended shelves, but not these powerhouses. Amazon wisely shipped my order in three separate packages making it easy for me to handle the boxes -- yep, they're really THAT heavy. Note that they are wider than the bookends you normally see in an office-supply store, so check the dimensions on the product listing against the space you have before you order. I'm ordering another shipment today.5
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