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Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife, 10-Inch Blade

  • Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife, 10-Inch Blade

Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife, 10-Inch Blade

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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Customer Reviews

Love these knives!I have two of these that are still in the original wrappers. Perfect size for big game and white tail deer on their larger hanks. I have 3 of the 7-inch Ontario Old Hickory knives, one LIVES on my hiking belt, another in my kitchen and the other is yet unboxed...I am expecting the prices to rise so I stocked up on what I knew that I loved. I also have two of the Old Hickory 5-inch parring knives and one is in my kitchen and the other LIVES with my camping/kitchen knives. Along with a moderate sized Mora I can handle any task in the wilds...or the wilds of my kitchen :)) 5Excellent Knife, Just Learn How To Take Care Of It ProperlyThis is a great knife, but people leaving bad reviews don't seem to know how to take care of it. It's carbon steel and will rust if it isn't maintained properly. However, if you do some research and learn how to take care of it, it will serve you very well. I purchased mine over a year ago and I still love it.I put a patina on my knife by soaking the blade in vinegar until it turned black. After that, I polished it with baking soda and rubbed linseed oil into the handle for several coatings. It hasn't rusted a bit, even after multiple camping trips. Keep it dry and hand wash it, and it will remain perfect. 5A classic design, but obviously theres better out there.Full time meat cutter here, I was looking for something better than the tin crap they supply me with at work. For these, the price is good, temper and hardness were... ehhhh, okay for the price.The knife is just a little too thick, if this was just a longer version of the smaller butchers knife it would have been perfect. As it is, its not bad, I just have to keep it razor sharp (hard to do while working) otherwise its a real pain and takes a lot of effort to push through what I'm cutting. Even when its hair shaving sharp, If you try to use this knife to cut through pork belly or something with a lot of fat or with any silver skin you'll give yourself carpel tunnel That said, its still pretty much the only old hickory knife thats could be much regular use to an actual butcher, all the other knives are just too small for cutting anything other than chicken. I like the smaller butchers knife, the tiny cleaver they sell is nearly useless but adorable, and the original fillet knife (not the stainless one) is sometimes useful, but the small butcher is mostly a chicken knife, although I've found it peels tenderloin pretty good, the cleaver has only come in handy hacking through turkeys left over from thanksgiving, and the fillet knife does an okay job trimming skirt and flank steak.Long story short these old hickory knives make for an okay first knife set to practice sharpening, maybe a decent field knife set for a hunter, or as a throwaway set to bring to work, but only if you sharpen them constantly.Last note, for occasional use they'll rust on you like crazy if you don't rub them down with hot vinegar. 3If you are not into taking care of carbon steel don't waste your moneyExceeded expectations especially for the price point. If you are not into taking care of carbon steel don't waste your money, if you are into taking care of this metal this thing is worth its weight in gold and will last generations. Came out of the box paper sharp, I did refine the edge added a light patina and choke notch with Dremel. The handle fits my hand perfect, I had read reviews of it being too square or too large, for me it was perfect and I did not want to touch it up with sandpaper. Holding this knife does not feel like a cheap knife, and am fully satisfied with this purchase. 5Few pointers.Few things about these knives1) high carbon steel will rust if left wet, run through a dishwasher, or put away un-oiled. Treat these like a cast iron pan.2) the bronze and dark bluish black colors you see develop are NOT rust in the normal sense. It s a patina oxide layer that forms, particularly if you cut high acidity foods like lemons, limes, onions or tomatoes. This isn t destructive rust, it won t harm you, and the knife isn t ruined. In fact this patina helps protect against destructive rust from forming. Just leave it be, it s fine. The only bad rust is if you see the orangish red flaking kind. Wash with soap and water, dry with a towel, then put a few spritzs of any food grade oil on. Pam cooking spray works fine. Quick spray on the blade and handle than wipe the excess off with a paper towel. Make sure to oil the handle too or the tang will rust.3) this is a butchers or breaking knife. It s not a chefs knife. Don t expect to finely dice vegetables with this thing. It s designed to break down large pieces of meat into smaller pieces. Like a whole pork tenderloin. It s also not a machete, so don t be hacking away at steaks like you re trying to blaze a trail through the Amazon.4). The blade can be honed to a shaving sharp edge, sharper than you can ever get a stainless steel blade too. Down side is that edge isn t retained as long as the edge on a stainless knife is. You will have to invest in a knife steel/hone and learn how to properly hone a knife. Every 20-30 minutes of continuous cutting you ll have to touch up the edge. Takes about 10-20 seconds. Things that will quickly dull the knife are running it into bones, and using unsuitable cutting boards like metal, glass or stone. Use either a plastic or wooden board.Gave it 4 stars because the primary bevel wasn t ground even on both sides of the knife, and was disappointed that the emblem was just stamped and dyed in rather than burned into the wood. The black dye came off after 1 wash. 4This knife is awesome. Buy it nowAhhh Old Hickory. This knife is awesome. Buy it now.I admit, I was concerned about the rusting issue that other's have mentioned, but it's not been an issue for me. I use it and wipe it off and throw it back in the drawer. I've oiled it a few times, but most of the time I just clean it off and put it away. It's got a bit of a patina on it, but nothing more. I think if you put this thing in the dishwasher and let it sit over night than you'd probably end up with a rusty blade, but this knife isn't for the type of guy that puts his knives in the dishwasher! It's also not for the guy that has a $1000 set of German blades on his kitchen island. This is just a solid piece of knife that does what you need it to do. 5Super knifeThe Old Hickory brand is legendary... These knives are nice, but not at the same level of the ones my grandmother had. The handle is a bit off, but the blade was nice and sharp right out of the box. I used it to process 2 deer, and only had to pass it over the steel a few times about 2/3 of the way through processing to get the edge back. The cuts were smooth and no tearing of the meat. A simple wash and a touch of oil on afterwards and it is ready to use again. I love this knife and would buy it again, but this one will last for a couple of generations. FYI, I also bought the 14 inch blade to use when cooking out on the smoker. It also arrived very sharp and ready to go. 5Used knife perhaps???I absolutely love these old hickory knives, the problem that I have with this knife is that it looks like it is a used knife. The blade is heavily rusted, the cutting edge was rolled and the handle was very rough to the feel, stained and dark in color. Nowhere near the quality of blade compared to the other old hickory blades that was ordered and received at the same time. 1Great, affordable knife that needs TLCI really like these knives -- they are easy to sharpen and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. I currently have three or four (including this one) in the regular kitchen rotation. This large one is great for hacking away at chickens, carving up watermelons, shredding lettuce, and most butcher-knife and chefs-knife jobs. It also seems a little more robust than the smaller knives from Old Hickory, which it should.I did take some sandpaper to the handle for a little nicer feel in the hand, and everyone who says these knives rust really easy is correct. You cannot ever take them for granted like a stainless steel knife. Leave it on a wet counter top or in the kitchen sink over night and you will have some work to do to get it back in shape. Think of it as the knife equivalent of a cast iron pan. If that appeals to you, then the knife will appeal to you. If it doesn't. you will want something else. 5Sharpest blade I have purchasedI read the product reviews before purchasing. The major complaint seems to be that it rusts too easily. It definitely can rust very easy. However, other commenters described proper care. I have to say that it is the sharpest knife I have ever purchased. I only use it for difficult jobs like carving up meat. As long as you buy it for something like that you will not be disappointed. If you just need to chop some onions than maybe the necessary care is not worth it for your needs. I definitely see the difference between carbon steel and stainless steel now. 5
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