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OXO Good Grips Measuring Spoons with Magnetic Snaps, Stainless Steel

  • OXO Good Grips Measuring Spoons with Magnetic Snaps, Stainless Steel
  • OXO Good Grips Measuring Spoons with Magnetic Snaps, Stainless Steel
  • OXO Good Grips Measuring Spoons with Magnetic Snaps, Stainless Steel
  • OXO Good Grips Measuring Spoons with Magnetic Snaps, Stainless Steel
  • OXO Good Grips Measuring Spoons with Magnetic Snaps, Stainless Steel
  • OXO Good Grips Measuring Spoons with Magnetic Snaps, Stainless Steel
  • OXO Good Grips Measuring Spoons with Magnetic Snaps, Stainless Steel

OXO Good Grips Measuring Spoons with Magnetic Snaps, Stainless Steel

SG$ 86.00 SG$ 52.00 Save: SG$ 34.00
SG$ 52.00 SG$ 86.00 You save: SG$ 34.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Magnetic handles keep Spoons together for storage and allow for removing one Spoon at a time
  • Designed to make leveling ingredients easy for greater accuracy
  • Handles feature permanent, etched measurement markings
  • Set includes: 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp and 1 T Spoons
  • Sturdy, stainless steel construction, soft non-slip grip, dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

I thought the magnets sounded like a good idea butMy fault, I thought the magnets sounded like a good idea but. once you put them in a drawer with the rest of your items they do not stay together. I am going to remove the magnets and going to use a nylon tie to keep them together. 3Disappointed in this setI have liked all my other OXO products very much, but this one is a big disappointment. The measuring cups don t fit together efficiently without the plastic spacers that I can t imagine anyone would use after opening the package, and the handles are so thick that the stack up cups take up more room than they should, in my opinion. I realized that there would be no 3/4 cup in the set, but I miss it because it makes measuring take up an extra step. I ordered because this was the highest rated in the equipment review by America s Test Kitchen, but I would not order them again. 3Won't bend when you scoop brown sugar!These are heavy duty measuring cups, without being heavy! They can scoop out packed or hard brown sugar easily, and won't bend. They don't topple over when empty. The measurements on the cups will probably wear off over time, or if you use any dishwasher additives to clean your dishes, but you'll have had them long enough to know what each cup size is. You can use a flat edge to level them easily, and the handles have magnets to keep them aligned for storage. A great product at a great price that will last a long time! 5Weak Magnets - But ExcellentI like these measuring cups except for the magnets. The magnets are very weak and are not strong enough for the intended purpose. If this is an important feature for you, you probably will be disappointed. I was also disappointed in the fact that the measurement markings (meaning 1, 1/2, 1/3,1/4) aren't engraved. These are overpriced for these reasons and I wouldn't recommend them.***REVISION***After using these a for about a month, I DO recommend. These are good weight and actually the best measuring cups I've ever owned. 5While these measuring cups have some fantastic design featuresWhile these measuring cups have some fantastic design features, other design areas have presumably been overlooked and these negatively impact the functionality & convenience of this product. I have only used these for a short period of time, but in that time I have encountered functional issues of such severity that I cannot recommend this product.PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThis OXO set is from the Good Grips line, which places silicone inserts on common kitchen tools to give more comfort and less slip (as well as heat shielding, depending upon the specific tool.) As a general rule, OXO Good Grips products are well-made, reasonably-priced, and make functional performances over other products. Sold in a quantity of 4 measuring cups, the sizes you get are 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 cup, respectively. The body is made from a relatively thick gauge stainless steel, with silicone inserts on the top, and hard plastic inserts on the bottom. The markings are done using laser-engraving (which is less durable than hard engraving) and each cup has only one marking. There are no internal half markers like many other products have. Unlike other measuring cups that are held together using a ring or chain, these are designed to stay together with the use of small magnets located in the tip of each handle.THE GOODThe fit and finish of these are excellent, as are the ergonomics. They are comfortable to hold, and like other OXO Good Grips products, they give a heckuva good grip even if covered in slippery oil. The flared lip at the top makes these easy to get a consistent leveling without excessive mess, and all of the edges have been machined consistently so there are no sharp angles remaining to cut skin on. The use of magnets to bind these over the standard O-ring or chain is ingenious in design since it is theoretically far more convenient (and therefore, time-saving.)THE BADThe MSRP on these is abut $20, but only 4 sizes are included. This is a BIG problem because the Bellemain and KitchenMade sets come with 6 pieces, are of the finest quality in their respective class, and yet they cost about the same. Further, many products in this price range use the more durable hard-engraving and have multiple markers (including internal half-way markers), and if only 4 sizes are included, the importance of these middle internal markers seems even more important! Given the nicer grips and the magnetic design, I could look past this if the magnetic design worked better than it did. But the magnets used are extremely weak. They do not generate enough force to hold these together, let alone stick to a metal object like a fridge, and I have included a video to show just how weak these magnets are. This issue is made worse because these measuring cups do not sit deeply inside of each other, and the only area of contact when stacked is the handle area, of which only about 10% of that is making contact, and by nature this makes the entire deal very unstable. Further, OXO did NOT drill loop holes into these in the event one wanted to use a ring with these, which makes these less flexible. Finally, the 1/4 and 1/3 cup sizes are unstable...the handle is too heavy relative to the body and if you are measuring some lighter ingredients, these will not lay flat on a flat surface. This can get frustrating fast.IN CONCLUSIONSo while I think many of the design ideas in this OXO Measuring Cup Set offer potential improvements over conventional designs, there are a couple pretty significant issues that prevent this set from reaching its full potential. The weak magnets is the single biggest problem since it is the only possible method you can use for binding these when stacked, and that's a pretty critical element. With there being so many high-quality measuring cup sets available at this price (not to mention how many of these other brands include two or three extra sizes, plus more detailed markings in a more durable engraving), I cannot recommend this OXO Good Grips set.---------------------------------------------------------------------===CUSTOMER FEEDBACK NOTE TO OXO...===If OXO reads Amazon Reviews to get customer feedback, I hope you consider making some minor revisions to this product and releasing it as an updated generation. This has the potential to be one of the finest measuring cup sets on the market, but only if the above-stated issues are addressed.. 3High quality but a bit gimmickyI'm not going to lie, I purchased this product primarily because it is an OXO product and I have not been disappointed with all of my purchases through them. That being said, this is a GOOD product. It's sturdy, hefty, but also bulky, the magnets a bit gimmicky, and above all, a bit overpriced for what it is. I mean, $40 for a set of measuring cups and spoons that simply have a magnet attached to them? Oh the price we pay for the "brand name" that we so adore and trust. 3Stainless steel precision!!! Exact measurements. Durability, their stainless steel!!!The stainless steel construction married with the precision and accuracy of measurement ALONG WITH MAGNETIC ATTACHING make for the BEST MEASURING SPOONS EVE manufactured. I do however, recommend to consider and research selling them as individual pieces for reasons: people just want certain sizes for their dry goods storage containers, like me. Most people now have over 6 dry goods containers and they would like certain measuring spoons for each dry good as they measure each dry good. (I keep my spoons in the containers. I have over 20 containers and require a different measurement for each dry good thus needing individual spoons!) Selling them as individual units will increase your sales. They are NOT JUST FOR BAKING MEASUREMENTS any more! Please consider this research sales strategy, its 2019 and thousands of people are going to dry goods (plant based nutrition) as meal supplements as well as drink mixes. Thank you. 5Wish the magnets were stronger Oxo brand has quickly become my favorite kitchen brand for just about any kind of kitchen accessories. I have not gotten anything from them that I did not absolutely love so I knew that I couldn't go wrong getting these stainless-steel measuring spoons with Magnetic snaps. They're very nice well made and sturdy, with very nice rounded wells for quarter teaspoon, half teaspoon, 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon, with nice flat edges that makes it easy for you to get a flat measure. The only thing I really don't like about them is that the magnets are not a little bit stronger. They seem to wiggle around a lot and can come apart easily, and I wish the magnets were stronger so they stuck together much better. Still I really love the set and wouldn't trade it for any of my old plastic ones.<3 Thanx 4Good, Sturdy, Useful SetWell-made, ease of use, and they're magnetized so I have them all or have lost them all but, either way, they're all together. One word of warning - there are plastic spacers between the cups, and they do NOT stand up to hot substances. So remember to remove them before use. I doubt the measuring cups will warp without that support but it can spoil the outline. Smile. As advertised it is easy to level off whatever you're measuring. I'm not a gourmet so I don't stress if I'm a few grains off one way or the other but that isn't a worry with this set. Set includes: 1/4 Cup, 1/3 Cup, 1/2 Cup and 1 Cup so you'll have to adjust for off sizes; which is why I also have a one-cup Pyrex instrument with the intermediate measurements. The advantage with the OXO set is that they won't break if I drop them. Since I no longer have tile floors they probably won't dent, either. 5Great set....great price!10/10/13 Received this set around 9/18/13. I've used them quite a bit and just love them. I can see no down side to these whatsoever.I don't understand why anyone would say they are flimsy...this makes no sense. These are small measuring spoons...how thick and heavy can they be...my goodness...they are as thick and sturdy as they can be for their size and at an excellent price. You can find heavier measuring spoons by All Clad for $23+-, although I am sure some people will find something to complain about them as well. I don't know what some people expect.I've read in reviews that people complained about the ink/paint marking the sizes coming off. I would think if you put them in the dishwasher the strength of dishwasher detergent is certainly strong enough to break down the ink used for the size markings and the dishwasher detergent may discolor the black grips. I would not put these in the dishwasher. It takes two seconds to wash and dry them by hand. Usually when you put small spoons like this in the dishwasher you end up having to rinse and dry them by hand anyway because all of the water did not get out of the spoon cavity...so why bother. Some complained that the size markings were hard to read which I do not find to be the case at all. We are having no trouble reading the size markings and find them clear and easy to read.Some complained that they would not sit flat on the countertop. I'm looking at my set right now as I type this and my spoons are sitting on the counter and are perfectly balanced. I can see no reason for them to tip over other than if you bump them or have ghosts. People just want to complain...period!These are very very nice. I am going to purchase another set for myself and will no doubt buy them for gifts. I will recommend to all that they be washed by hand...what is the big deal... 5
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