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Pegboard Organizer Wall Control 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Galvanized Toolboard and Black Accessories

  • Pegboard Organizer Wall Control 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Galvanized Toolboard and Black Accessories
  • Pegboard Organizer Wall Control 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Galvanized Toolboard and Black Accessories
  • Pegboard Organizer Wall Control 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Galvanized Toolboard and Black Accessories
  • Pegboard Organizer Wall Control 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Galvanized Toolboard and Black Accessories
  • Pegboard Organizer Wall Control 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Galvanized Toolboard and Black Accessories
  • Pegboard Organizer Wall Control 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Galvanized Toolboard and Black Accessories

Pegboard Organizer Wall Control 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Galvanized Toolboard and Black Accessories

SG$ 854.00 SG$ 513.00 Save: SG$ 341.00
SG$ 513.00 SG$ 854.00 You save: SG$ 341.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • Wall Control metal pegboard is more than 10 times stronger than conventional pegboard
  • Pegboard accepts conventional 1/4in pegboard pegs and accessories
  • Pegboard accepts Wall Control slotted tool board pegs and accessories
  • Pegboard tool boards mount directly into studs or sheet rock with no framework required
  • Pegboard features an attractive, magnetic, and durable galvanized finish
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Customer Reviews

Excellent product and easy to install Nice quality pegboard! I ordered a total of 12 panels (some in kits with peg accessories, some just as panels alone directly from Wall Control). My first 3 panel set came from Amazon in perfect condition. The second 3 panel sets from Amazon must have been dropped on its corner because every one corner of every panel was bent (see photo). I had very limited time set a side to complete my project so I had to use the damaged panels. These were not inexpensive so I was none too happy about the damage. Also, you might want to be aware that if you plan to group vertical panels with horizontal panels, for some reason the manufacturer decided to not align the slots and holes in the verticals panels consistently with the horizontal panels...There is also a photo to better explain what I mean. The slots from the vertical panels become holes in the horizontal panels...Little things like that really bug me but does not affect the quality unless you plan to hang something between the panels...it won't work.As far as installation goes, I received all necessary parts and screws with my panels (missing parts seem to be the norm these days..but happily not with this product). Installation was simple and straightforward . I wish I had more wall space so I could use more of the product! 5The Best Pegboard on the Market Organizing the garage - It's a Navy Tool Control thing. If it's not on the board, it's missing. Installed the Pigboard for the tools. Went with the stainless steel slat style pegboard slots that also works with the old style pegs on the round holes. Got four panels 36" x 16" Black panels with Black accessories. The whole board measures 36" high x 64" wide. Tools look like they are floating. This is heavy duty and not cheap. Comes in different colors (white, orange, yellow, galvined, red, blue, and black). Scratch resistant and easy to clean. You can mix and match colors for accessories. Easy to install and looks great. Wife loves it. Awesome product. 5Great product ! Great product solid very happy with it. I was glad that I could buy this kit and I had to buy three more panels. In the picture attached I used 6 panels. 5Great price for a package deal, not individual pieces. The box used for packaging the kit plus the paper towel rack and basket set was way to big. Arrived smashed and already opened, luckily nothing missing but all of the outer mounting edges on the main boards were bent upwards out of shape like someone sat on the middle of the box. Was able to bend them back into shape with only a minor crease on two panels barely noticeable, whoever runs the packaging department needs a different job they can be lazy at elsewhere. That being said, let s review the product itself:Instructions were thorough for drywall or stud, but missing one thing, installation for cinderblock wall. I installed mine on a cinder block wall in my garage and it works great over my deep sink. The only issue I ran into was the size of the outer hole on the mounting locations, it just barely allows enough room for a nut driver bit. This hole could be enlarged even just another 1/8in to accommodate easier install in this case.The panels themselves hold a great deal of weight with plenty of space to spare on a 3 panel setup. I would however like to see an option to purchase a setup package with more shelves and less of the little hanger attachments. Most people have tool boxes for this and have less use for tool hangers. Those that use more of the tiny tool hangers more than likely use their area for show than heavy mechanical use.These style metal pegboards are absolutely great for a mechanic shop since you can put heavier air tools and even power tools on it, which now enabled much more cabinet and shelving area around my shop.I ll definitely be replacing the rest of my fiber pegboards with these over time, but only the boards and no extra attachments beyond what comes with the set (see costs below).The only downside I have found is that the slotted style mounting brackets are a pain to remove once installed if you wish to change location. They must be moved/wiggled up and down just right to get them out of the slots.As for the purchase options, buying a complete 3 panel package for $100 is about the only cost effective option. Individual shelves are $20-30 each for med/large, which is just terrible. If you offer a great all inclusive package price it would make sense to make the attachments more affordable or at least offer a shelving package for a discount. Due to this I can see the customer buying the main package and then just buying regular cheap Chinese pegboard shelves much cheaper and just as effective. 4Absolutely Outstanding! This American-made product is superior in every way that I can think of. It arrived superbly packaged with all parts well-wrapped or bagged and clearly labeled with text and drawings. The assembly instructions and other technical documentations and drawings are outstanding (N.B. I was a technical writer prior to my retirement). The product is extremely well-engineered and manufactured and very attractive. You can't help being impressed by the variety of color options (I got the green board with black accessories). It's solid and well-constructed and should last forever.The accessories that come with the organizer are great, and you can always order more. I much prefer the proprietary hooks to the older conventional hooks, but if you have those on hand you can still use them with this product. The only one that I am slightly disappointed with is the screwdriver holder, which consists of two parts; a rail that attaches securely to the board and a rack that slides over the rail. The rack does not seat very securely on the rail and would be easy to knock off the rail when you reach up to grab a tool. I plan to add some kind of tape or adhesive inside the securing lip that rests on the rail to prevent this, which should be a quick, easy, and effective remedy.The price for this item varies (unaccountably) by one's color choices, but hovers around $100, which I consider more than reasonable. It's made with obvious quality control and pride in the USA. A hearty pat on the back to Wall Control! 5Strong, Functional and Really Looks Good on the Wall I needed something much stronger than a normal peg board to hold all my tools without the whole thing falling off the wall from the weight. I installed 10 of the Wall Control single metal organizers in about 1 1/2 hours directly to the wall studs.....5 panels across and 2 panels down in a 68" high 84" wide space. That left 2 1/2" on each side that I painted black to match the panels. A foot away you can't tell where the panels end and the paint starts. The metal panels hold the weight of all my tools to include my power tools without sagging or buckling. Agree with others that some accessories will come bent...just a nucience. In hindsight I would have waited to buy additional accessories until after I had hung the panels.....I bought more accessories than I needed...the three panel system already comes with a great assortment of hooks and shelves. If you want something that will last a lifetime then I highly recommend Wall Control boards....if you are looking for a temporary solution buy something cheaper.....this would be an overkill. 5Absolutely fantastic wall organization system! I'm a bit OCD when it comes to organizing tools. I used to have an entire wall dedicated to peg board. For a few years it looks nice, but it'll eventually look worn and you'll damage some holes. When we moved to a new house, I decided to upgrade my wall storage. After some research, I found the wall control system and it's everything you want in organization and then some.Pros: Everything. Easy to install. Looks amazing. It's infinitely expandable. I started with two panels, now I'm up to five because it's that amazing. I hang stuff on it simply because I can.Cons: NothingOverall: Bottom line, if you have more than two tools you need this. Order it now, stop asking if it's worth the extra money compared to other plastic or peg board systems. There is no doubt that this is the best wall organization system you can put in your garage. But when you do buy this, buy at least one more panel than you think you'll need because you're going to want to hang other stuff on it. I guarantee it. 5A little disappointed. Wall Control need better quality control in the ... A little disappointed. Wall Control need better quality control in the warehouse area. All three panels came damaged on multiple corners(Please see Pics) The Box came without a mark so I doubt it occurred in transit. The damage occurred after painting because the paint is chipped on the cracks. What is most upsetting is that someone packed these and shipped a damaged product. The product itself is good and after spending an hour with a rubber mallet and wood blocks I was able to straighten out the panels enough to mate on installation. 3Great Looking, Easy to Mount, Pegboard System Summary: Overall a good system that looks good and easy to mount.Pros: * Easy to mount on drywall. * Relatively easy to mount on concrete. Need to use concrete anchors (Tapcon) and a good rotary hammer drill. * A good variety of accessories, shelves, and bins. * Can use regular pegboard hooks and accessories. * Comes in many color choices. From the picture I thought this was the galvanized steel panels, but they were white.Cons: * Accessories are expensive. * Some accessories are harder to mount / remove from the Wall Control Pegboard.Conclusion: I really liked the Wall Control concept. It made my small workbench area in the basement look good and utilize space efficiently. I would purchase again and recommend the system. 5Really nice for organizing tools in an artist studio I am a glass mosaic artist and needed a nice looking way to organize my art tools so that everything's right at hand... but also looks nice in an artist's studio (rather than a man's garage). I DO wish there were more accessories, especially for larger handle tools. But it's a good start for organizing your tools if you want something on your wall. The black color is really nice looking. My one real complaint? Some of the accessories arrived with the insert tabs crooked or bent. Not a big deal, I fixed them with a hammer. But hammering the pieces removes the black paint, so it's not ideal. 5
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