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Pentel Twist Erase EXPRESS Automatic Pencil, 0.7mm Lead Size, Blue Barrel, Box of 12 (QE417C)

  • Pentel Twist Erase EXPRESS Automatic Pencil, 0.7mm Lead Size, Blue Barrel, Box of 12 (QE417C)
  • Pentel Twist Erase EXPRESS Automatic Pencil, 0.7mm Lead Size, Blue Barrel, Box of 12 (QE417C)
  • Pentel Twist Erase EXPRESS Automatic Pencil, 0.7mm Lead Size, Blue Barrel, Box of 12 (QE417C)

Pentel Twist Erase EXPRESS Automatic Pencil, 0.7mm Lead Size, Blue Barrel, Box of 12 (QE417C)

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SG$ 71.00 SG$ 118.00 You save: SG$ 47.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Contemporary look and feel.
  • Latex-free grip with extended barrel coverage..
  • Long-lasting, 1 1/4" twist-up eraser.
  • Lightweight barrel.
  • Pack of 12 Pencils
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Customer Reviews

Great product but not the colors shown.Well, I feel stupid and duped. First of all though, i love these mechanical pencils. They re all I write with unless I m forced to use a black pen! Smooth writing, good grip, jumbo erasers that really last a long time. So this review is more about this advertising I guess. I bought this 4 pack instead of a 5 pack for the same/similar price because the colors looked brighter and because of the colors shown. I know...dumb. So disappointed when I opened them that they re not the colors shown but the usual black, red, green and blue. But I ll learn to accept them and life on life s terms! 5Some of these are dudsI loved the original twist erase pencils but these break easily. I have some cheap Bic Velocity pencils that worked better than these. The leads break too soon, slip back up inside, and one pencil quit working completely new leads wouldn t advance. Apparently, some people are getting good quality and some people are getting duds. 1Best-designed mechanical pencilsI've been a fan of Pentel Twist-erase pencils for over a decade. For me, the design is just right as far as functionality goes: the eraser is always available, and is easy to adjust with a simple twist of the pencil body halves. There's no cap blocking access, so it's quick and easy to correct mistakes - and I make a lot.There's a rubbery grip near the tip to keep my fingers from slipping off the pencil, and the lead adjustment is straightforward with a couple of clicks on the eraser to extend or retract.Specifics about this particular model: Twist-Erase EXPRESS 0.9mm Fashin Color Orange - - 0.9mm lead is great for bold, easy writing (other thicknesses available: 0.1mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm) - Orange color (transparent) makes it stand out on a cluttered desktop (other colors could be used for other thicknesses to make swapping between them easy.) - durable and reliable - Twist-Erase EXPRESS body is substantially thinner than Twist-Erase III version which I had been using for years. 5Getting to the point about this pencilWithout a doubt, Pentel Twist-Erase Mechanical Pencils are the ultimate mechanical pencils.Here is what you get: a dozen mechanical pencils with 0.9mm HB refills (equivalent to a number 2 pencil), that always stay sharp and NEVER break, a white polymer eraser that doesn't tear pages, doesn't leave ghost images, and lasts for what seems like an eternity. The silicone grip is comfortable without being too bulky. These pencils are durable and virtually maintenance-free and will last many years if they don't grow legs and walk away. The fact that they are green simply makes me smile!I have used the Pentel Twist-Erase pencils for years. In fact, I have some that are "ancient" and still work as well as if I had purchased them yesterday. In earlier years, there weren't color choices, they didn't have a soft grip, and I felt grateful just to find one of these pencils with a 0.9mm refill.Pentel also makes options available if you prefer a 0.5mm lead (which I break very often) and 0.7mm lead (which are okay if that's your preference). Even at 0.9mm, which is considered a bold/wide/broad refill, the refill still maintains an excellent point as if it were just recently sharpened. In fact, I have passed along all my mechanical pencils that have anything except 0.9mm refills because that is the size for me.I can with complete confidence recommend these pencils. In my opinion, there are none better. 5Wow!When my son came home from school asking for these pencils, I though he just liked being able to twist up the erasers. In all fairness, that is the feature that excited him the most, but he kept saying they were easy to write with and his hand wasn't as tired after using it. I do my best to get my kids school supplies that they enjoy using because I know how much more I enjoy my own work when I have tools and supplies that work well or I like for whatever reason. So while a pencil choice might sound a bit silly, I see it as a way of encouraging my kids at school.Compared to other pencils, these aren't exactly cheap, so I initially picked up a 2 pack at a local store, hoping my son would get his fascination with the twist eraser out of his system and this would be the end of it. But when I actually used the pencil? Well let's just say it's the first time in my life I've said 'Wow' after writing with a pencil. It's so incredibly smooth! It actually writes smoother than many pens I've used. And it does not break nearly as easily as most other pencils we've used, mechanical or wooden. So off to Amazon I went to purchase more at a better price, because mom wants a few of these pencils now, too.Now, personally, I'm not super jazzed about the twist eraser as the eraser likes to twist itself out while in my purse (not all the way out, but out enough that I have to twist it back in before each use). This is probably because I don't use pencils often so it sits in my purse getting jostled around for quite a while before it gets pulled out. My son does not have this issue with the ones in his backpack, as he uses them every day at school. He also uses the eraser a lot, so having an extra long eraser is not only 'cool', it's practical for him.One could just buy the strong-yet-buttery-smooth lead refills and put them in a cheaper pencil, if you don't have need or desire for the extra eraser. But this pencil is also very comfortable in my hand, lightweight and balanced well, so I haven't bothered to do that personally. Still, it's an option if you prefer a different pencil design. 5Alright productThese are by far not my favorite pencils to use but they do their job. They are not very comfortable to hold/use for any long period of time. The eraser is good but doesn't last very long. I did not like how when a single led got low I had to get a tool or use my teeth to help pull the lead out enough to throw away because it always got stuck at the tip of the pencil and would not come out far enough to grab onto to allow another led to be used. Will not buy again. 2LEAD REPEATEDLY BREAKSBUYER BEWARE! I have used this brand in the past with no problem, but the entire package of pencils was defective. The lead breaks repeatedly. It will work for about an hour or two of use then the lead would break at the point were you need to pull the lead out and start a new piece. (if you use mechanical pencils you know when the lead is too short to feed thru -- it just goes back into the pencil when you press down). Tried a new package of lead -- no different. I've used mechanical pencils daily at work for more than 25 years. These are the worst I have every bought. Don't waste your money. 1Incorrect color depiction, but otherwise a great pencilThese are very nice, just not quite as nice as the more expensive Twist-Erase III. For the price, this will be a great everyday pencil. Note that the 0.9mm lead size comes in Dark Green, not the Light Green that is pictured. I prefer the darker green myself, but I wish the correct color had been pictured (if you have young children, you'll understand why). All of the pencils I received came pre-loaded with 2 sticks of lead each. All pencils had one eraser, though in some instances the erasers were loose and needed to be pushed down all the way before the twist-erase would function. 4Excellent pencils at a great priceAfter breaking several $10 fancy drafting pencils, I decided to go for these and get a whole box for the price of one of the more expensive brands. This is everything I want in a mechanical pencil, nice long eraser that twists out, rubber grip, .9mm leads. I have not broke one of these yet. The clip is nice, and although the whole pencil is plastic, the rubber grip gives it a great feel. I also like it's simplicity with no extra moving parts other than just what you need. 5Absolutely fantastic pencil!!!I never dreamed that a simple pencil could have such an effect on life. I know this may sound stupid for a simple pencil, but bear with me.I originally ordered this because I have Parkinson's and had been using .7mm pencils for years but was having a great deal of problems with the leads breaking when I had a spasm. I decided to try this pencil because it had a .9mm lead and I thought that it just MIGHT help with the lead breaking problem so I ordered one. Well, it worked very well for the breakage problem. I haven't broken a lead since I started using this pencil. However, I have discovered other great benefits. The new retracting eraser smooths the whole erasing thing out nicely and makes eraser longevity and changing much less of a problem. The larger soft rubber grip also makes the pencil a LOT easier to hang on to, especially for those with my condition.One improvement I have learned to make on the grip: The fattest part of the grip, as it comes, is at the top and doesn't add to the ergonomics of holding the pencil much. I have found that if you simply unscrew and remove the bottom of the pencil where the lead comes out, the rubber grip can simply be slipped off, turned around and reinstalled. Now the fat part of the grip is at the bottom and keeps the fingers in a more sure and comfortable position. The way the manufacturer delivers them doesn't make sense in this respect.However, this pencil is a quantum leap in usability over every other pencil I have ever used and I have since thrown out every other pencil in the house and replaced them with this one.Thank you Pentel for making a better product to simplify our lives. 5
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