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Performance Tool - Folding Metal Sawhorse (W54035) Workbenches & Stands

  • Performance Tool - Folding Metal Sawhorse (W54035) Workbenches & Stands
  • Performance Tool - Folding Metal Sawhorse (W54035) Workbenches & Stands
  • Performance Tool - Folding Metal Sawhorse (W54035) Workbenches & Stands

Performance Tool - Folding Metal Sawhorse (W54035) Workbenches & Stands

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Wilmar Corporation was founded in 1971. Based in Renton Washington, Wilmar supplies major retailers as well as distributors throughout North America. By providing quality tools, great service, and innovative packaging and product support, Wilmar has become one of the leading distributors of professional tools in North America. Trading under the brand names of AirTIGHTTM, Performance ToolTM, Performance TechTM, MechanicsTM, Project ProTM and Northwest TrailTM, Wilmar focuses on providing a superior level of service and quality products that meet our customers expectations of product that carries our - of Satisfaction.
  • Proven and Tested for durabilty and function in real world conditions
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  • Made to withstand the most challenging jobs
  • All our products have been designed with the user in mind
  • 250 lb capacity each
  • Durable powder coated steel construction.
  • Padded top to protect work.
  • Convenient steel carrying handle.
  • Simple and compact design, for easy transportation and convenient storage
  • Assembled size: 19 1/4" x 39" x 30 3/4". Folded size: 2 1/2" x 4" x 39".
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Customer Reviews

Works For Me I ordered this workbench about 2 weeks ago for use in my home-based workshop. While setting up shop in a cramped space, the need for compact/portable equipment becomes a must. After looking at all the other workbenches on Amazon, I decided to go with this one because of the price and overall customer satisfaction. Like many others, I'm not using this for commercial or professional use. This bench is designed for occasional use for small to medium scale projects around the house, and that's typically what I'm up against.Assembly of this workbench wasn't as troublesome as some consumers made it out to be. Although I do agree with many; the pictures on the box are probably more helpful than the page of instructions included in the packaging. While piecing things together, I found myself using both the box and instruction manual as references. Once assembled, it feels really solid and stable.After using this a couple times, I can tell the printed measuring instruments on the top of the workbench aren't going to last very long. Not a huge drawback for me though because I didn't plan on utilizing them anyway. I suppose if one really wanted to preserve the printed surface, one could apply some sort of clear coating to prevent scuffs and scratches, but that's an after-market detail.Overall, I'm really pleased with this workbench, and I intend to purchase two more to expand my portable work area. This will definitely come into play when doing jobs, for example, that require the support of 4' X 8' sheets of plywood. 4As long as your expectations aren't very high, this is an adequate workbench.This is exactly what I expected it to be; a cheaply made "work bench" that does the job as long as you don't expect too much of it. But it serves it's purpose perfectly; it was cheap, it was easy to assemble, it's lightweight, and it's sturdy enough for what I need it to do. I have a couple of Workmates back home, but there was no way I was going to spend that much for my current situation (military base overseas). So, I had this shipped to have something better than a stack of tires to work little projects on.Pros: It was cheap enough that I won't shed a tear leaving it behind at the end of this tour; assembly was very straight forward (even included "tools" to assemble itself); it folds up sufficiently to make it somewhat store-able, and is easy to carry due to it's minimal weight; and it's strong enough for "sawhorse" work, up to 200 lbs, or so it says. The paint job was nicely applied, so it should remain rust-free for some time.Cons: As I've said, it's cheap; stamped metal, particle board, plastic parts. It certainly doesn't have the "overbuilt" qualities of my Workmate benches, as material and design is the minimum required to achieve function. The work surface is small, even when you expand the tabletop to max opening. And about the opening mechanics; unlike my Workbench, each side cranks independently, and don't have very much clamping power. The "bench dogs", the little plastic thingys, really aren't strong enough or large enough to provide sufficient grip; they'll hold a board down to cut it, but they won't hold material solidly enough so you can work on it (like a door so you can put a hinge on it).Having said all that, I'm still satisfied with the purchase. It's exactly for what I expected it would be and sufficient for the type of work it's being used for over here. I'd even consider buying a couple for home as upgraded sawhorses. Sure, they won't replace my Black & Decker Workmates or my Keter folding worktable, but at less than half the price for the cheapest of either of these certainly makes up for the shortfalls.3Good Lightweight portable bench!!! BARGAIN!Oh this is a sweet portable work bench and you get what you pay for like particle boards tops... I am not a fan of particle boards, and I will probably make a couple of new top boards when these wear out. The reason I got this bench was while at a jobsite, I just need to clamp and hold on to a pipe and screw on fittings. If I can get 20-25 uses for this bench, ill take it.Update: Bench is holding up, its really easy and portable to lug around. I have treated it with hard tasks and it has come through. For what I put it through it held up fine. I think I will get at least 25 uses out of the particle board tops, however, I am impressed with the frame, it appears that it will hold up for quite awhile.5Good for what it isThis portable workbench is good for my purposes. I have a Black and Decker workmate which I have used and enjoyed for many years. It is still going strong. I wanted a light duty folding workbench for small projects like potting plants that I can keep in the backyard shed for such tasks. This means that I do not have to go around the front to get my heavy workmate out of the garage for these activities.This workbench is very light. It is passable for things like my potted plants or sawing light wood, but not sturdy enough for heavier work. For my purposes, this is great for the low price.4First off, the bends are intentional...I dont like giving lower review scores, but I need to be honest. Once it's out together this item serves as exactly what it's supposed to be - a basic, rather cheap, portable folding workbench. My issues are in two areas.First, the "bends" or "dents" in the legs are intentionally part of the design. However this is not necessarily clear at first, especially since I received a damaged box (the outer Amazon packing was intact - it was the product packaging inside that was as shown in the photos) and the small spanner wrench included was "damaged" bent too. The leg bends are deep and symmetrical on all four legs, but the schematics in the Instructions are extremely Tiny and none of the photo angles on the box show the inner legs. So I want sure if if it had a damaged item until it was fully assembled and I could see the angles.Second, there were missing parts. There were dozens of small spare washers, but the 16 (3/4") wood screws necessary to secure the top of the bench to the metal vice / frame were missing. Luckily I had a box of screws around the house...Overall,the structural quality is exactly what I expected it to be and I expect it will do its intended job (I will post otherwise if it doesn't) and I will chalk it up to a damaged box with missing pieces. But I don't know whether the damage and missing parts occurred at the level of Amazon, the manufacturer or the distributor. I just expected better product QC. That's all.3Perfect for the moneyThis workbench is great for being a compact, easily stowed away place to work. It's cheap enough that you're not worried about it getting stained or cut into but it's sturdy enough to put a 10' board on. I bought a second one which I use as a sawhorse and it's fantastic. Way more useful than a standard sawhorse and unbelieveably cheaper than most sturdy sawhorses. Only downside is I had one foot crack when I tried to put it on so it falls off sometimes but I'll take that any day for the price, durability and storability of these guys.5Good for a child or beginner learning woodworking or lightweight projects.I am not handy with tools, and my choice of this work table reflects that. This is more of a toy than something serious. Although it is rated to hold 200 lbs, fully assembled, the metal legs are flimsy, and can be bent easily. For comparison, they are about as tough as the downspouts on my gutters. The top is made of particle board so do not try to use a circular saw to cut wood unless its hanging over the edges. You'll chop right though it. Lastly, no joke, unless your project involves origami, or balsa wood I would not think about weighing this table down with a hefty item. It will, however, provide a good vise grip since the top winds open and shut via the handles on the front end. BTW, the entire table rocks when turning the handles. Well I got what I paid for and I should've known it wouldn't be as hefty as I thought. I passed on the B&D work table, and sorry that I did.3What. A. Joke.I purchased this item as a cheap, accessible bench to use for the odd diy project. Already I'm not impressed.When I opened up the box, there was a label pasted on the original packaging indicating a return from a previous customer. So... Great - I got a used product that I paid for as if it was new.Also, the instructions are incredibly vague and they provide NO extra parts in the event of something being defective. Unfortunately for me, one of the nuts was defective, and I was unable to install one of the screws.I would suggest looking elsewhere. Sure... The product EXISTS and provides the physical items it describes. But, there is certainly something sketchy involved as well.2Very stable for light material and low cost.I actually give this 4.5 stars. Just received and assembled this workbench. Initially I was very concerned with the very thin sheet metal, but after assembly, even without the boards attached, it is very stable. What flexibility there is, allows it to sit flat and stable on the floor, even when putting a rug under 1 leg it still sits flat without need for adjustment screws.My purpose is not as a clamping workbench but as a folding workbench. I will be removing the clamps, screwing on a 24" x 24" top and adding a drop-in shelf across the cross braces. Biggest complaints are:Rear legs are short so I will need to cut the front legs down by 11/16" for true level. No problem as I intend to shorten the overall height by 4".Rubber feet do not fit flush to the floor. Will I be able to get replacement feet when the metal cuts thru?The tubes are too thin of metal so don't tighten the bolts too tight. I will likely cut some pipe to fit fit over the upper bolts inside the tubes and spot weld the cross braces in place.It could fold up a bit flatter but is acceptable.4Good Work-Bench for the PriceHandy folding work-bench - decent quality. Assembly takes some time, but fairly straight forward. You can improve this bench using 1/4" LOCK-washers in most locations, instead of the flat-washers provided. Make it more durable for power-tools. Bench is pretty strong - advertised '200-lb load' seems true. And the rubber-feet are well designed - good grab. Fairly light & compact.Weight: 13 pounds (assembled)Standing Work-Bench -_ Height: 30.75"_ Width: 24"_ Depth: 25"Folded Dimensions -_ Height: 39"_ Width: 24"_ Depth: 8"5Good value for the money. Easy assembly.Really nice little workbench for the money. Easy to assemble and heavy enough to hold down a 2x4 to cut. Assembly instructions were very small and incomprehensible so I just followed the picture on the box. Worked!!! The Phillips screws holding the top to the legs were weak at best (impossible to drive all the way in, the heads stripped). I replaced them with 3/4 inch self tapping sheet metal screws. If those loosen up then pan head torx with a lock washer and end nut is next. I'll never figure up why they take a basically good product and cripple it with weak fasteners.4
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