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Perky-Pet 780 Water Cooler Bird Waterer

  • Perky-Pet 780 Water Cooler Bird Waterer
  • Perky-Pet 780 Water Cooler Bird Waterer
  • Perky-Pet 780 Water Cooler Bird Waterer
  • Perky-Pet 780 Water Cooler Bird Waterer
  • Perky-Pet 780 Water Cooler Bird Waterer
  • Perky-Pet 780 Water Cooler Bird Waterer
  • Perky-Pet 780 Water Cooler Bird Waterer
  • Perky-Pet 780 Water Cooler Bird Waterer
  • Perky-Pet 780 Water Cooler Bird Waterer

Perky-Pet 780 Water Cooler Bird Waterer

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Watch as birds gather around the water cooler for a drink
  • Attract more birds by offering water
  • Water stays clean and fresh inside inverted water reservoir
  • Holds 48 oz of water
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Customer Reviews

Also an excellent Oriole feederI purchased this to use as an Oriole feeder. I have a home made Oriole feeder which is basically a quart Mason jar attached to a poultry watering dish. The Orioles and hummingbirds prefer this over all of my other Oriole feeders. I wanted something similar to my current feeder.The Perky-Pet Water Cooler Bird Waterer has a similar design. It has a large mouth which makes it easy to fill and clean. It also has a side handle which is very convenient. I had a bumper crop of Orioles this year - 7 pairs - and they took to it immediately. I found myself going through almost 2 quarts daily during their peak feeding/nesting period.I cannot attest to the watering aspect of this container, but it certainly works as an Oriole and Hummingbird feeder! 5The Birds Aren't Impressed (see edit)I like this and I like the idea of a bird waterer that doesn't have to be refilled often because of heat and evaporation like a birdbath, but I honestly don't see the birds using these at all (I have two of them). I think the bottom (the blue part) needs to be larger. I'm going to find one of these with a larger bottom, or maybe I'll figure out how to make one myself. Shouldn't be too hard.Edit: I ve had these for a while now and the small birds like chickadees seem to use them quite a bit. So I m upgrading my review to 4 stars instead of three. Also, these are made in the USA, which I love. 4Tolerates AZ HeatBirds enjoy and accepted it immediately 5Would be happier with something elseI bought one of these due to the inavailability of the larger globe model I had been using, and it is just okay based on a few months use. The low water capacity and subsequent lower weight increases the emptying effect of blowing in Oklahoma winds. Its narrow neck makes it very much harder to clean. Only the smallest birds can use its shallow bottom tray. I do really like the side handle. If this was available in a significantly larger size, I might reconsider this design. As it is, I am shopping for a replacement when the product is still in very good shape. 3So Glad Someone Thought of ThisI love wildlife and hate that we (people in general) destroy lakes and even small ponds, as quickly as we do. In the summertime, everything needs water. For birds, squirrels and other wildlife, water is not always easy to find. I have a birdbath but really liked the idea of providing another source of water.This looked like a good idea but I was a little skeptical because it looked to simple. Well, this is exactly what I was looking for. More importantly, the wildlife really like it.I hang this on a duel bird feeder pole. It is a great way for the birds to be able to get a drink anytime they want it. I purchased a second one along with https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071F41P9P/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_29 so that I could hang one of these just a few inches above the ground. This way the squirrels could also easily use this. In addition, non-hovering birds (like Morning Doves) are also able to use this with ease. I also catch a variety of other birds drinking from both the low and higher one.The screw on base is very well designed because you can fill the bottle, screw on the base, turn it over and it will only fill the base with a certain amount of water. As wildlife drinks from it, it will continue to fill but will not empty out all of the water.The base is large enough that you can put a few ice cubes in to the bottle on really hot days to keep the water cool for a longer amount of time.Another thing I really like about this is that it is not too large. It is easy to keep this in a shady area.Just make sure you change the water regularly. This is plastic and I don't let the water just sit in this for more than a couple of days.Overall, I'm very happy with this and am glad someone thought of it.If you find this review helpful, please click Yes. Thank you. 5I bought this to hang in my chicken coop for ...I bought this to hang in my chicken coop for my four hens. It is very rugged and appears that it will last a long time. It dispenses water into such a shallow tray that my birds will have a harder time making a mess. It is rather small and will need to be refilled at least once a day, but the convenient side handle makes filling it a breeze. 5Does attract birds but difficult to clean.This is my second set of these. In time, in the hot Arizona sun, the lower loop where the birds stand, gets week and cracks. Also, due to its design it's difficult to keep the internal lip clean just inside the opening for filling. So in time these become dirty and difficult to clean easily. A curved cleaning brush may be needed. I like them just the same, and they hold a lot of water. It took the birds a few days to discover it, be patient. Reasonably priced and first set last me 3 years. 4Chickadees love itI have used this waterer since June (6 months total).It is well constructed, easy to clean, and has the right capacity as it weighs little over 3lb when filled - no point in going for a bigger one because you still have to clean and refill every few days as the water gets contaminated with birds' poop.The dish is small but chickadees have no problem drinking from it (even attempt to bath on hot days), and finches come to drink by perching sideways.If any drawbacks, it tilts slightly when hung due to the unsymmetrical shape, and, maybe because of that, water spills when a bird fly in and out. I suspect that half the content was fed to the ground until I added a weight on the handle side. Also, I was initially annoyed with the build-in hook that prevented me from leaving the container on a flat surface while filling, but I now simply rest it on a mug.It was a good buy for me at $10 to provide backyard birds with water (in non-freezing months). 4Fun made easy and well done! Likes............birds love it!! How cool is that?The birds happily sit around the cooler to talk about days events. We get to watch some pretty cool bird and take some awesome photos. Complements our bird feeders and bird bath. Lots of fun! Relaxing Be sure to wash it out when new whith a couple drops of Dawn dish soap. We don't know what evil may be liking in the bottles to do harm to our little friends so take the time and wash it. Those birds trust you to keep em safe. Every week after follow the instructions and rinse out with a weak Clorox and warm water mixture as an antifungicide. 5Total failThis product was a disappointment in every sense of the word. Poor design, poor quality. It was a complete waste of money. Birds could not use it because there s isn t enough space or lip for them to perch on and duck their heads down for a drink. They would fly up to it and leave immediately. The water turned green in a few days, even after boiling the water and cooling like I have done for other waterers. This cannot be cleaned effectively. The hanging hook it came with doesn t even fit through the loop. 1
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