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Portuguese Double Lever Corker

  • Portuguese Double Lever Corker
  • Portuguese Double Lever Corker

Portuguese Double Lever Corker

SG$ 120.00 SG$ 72.00 Save: SG$ 48.00
SG$ 72.00 SG$ 120.00 You save: SG$ 48.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • Easy to Use
  • Durable
  • Double levered for good leverage
  • Will work on #9 size corks, but works best on #8 corks
  • Made in Portugal
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Customer Reviews

Worked WellI bottled 16 bottles of wine the other day with it and it worked well. I used #9 corks, and recycled bottles with every variance in neck shape you could imagine.The corks were, as stated, #9 synthetic from Ohio Brew Supply. I tossed them in a bowl of sanitized water and pulled one at at time as needed. They went in with little effort.The cork depth wasn't consistent, and they were all dimpled pretty deeply, but honestly, I just don't care that much. The bottles are corked and it was very simple and low effort - even though the world kept saying #9's would be sssoooo hard to do by hand....whatever, hit it with your purse if this is too much effort.5I didn't want to spend too much money in case I didn't like it. Hence my purchase of this corkerWhen I first decided to start making wine at home, I didn't want to spend too much money in case I didn't like it. Hence my purchase of this corker. You really can't beat the price and it works well. That being said, I had to take off a star since it comes with no directions and this caused some confusion as to how it actually works.(In case you're wondering, you insert the cork into the opening in the middle, place over bottle, then depress side levers... which is simple enough, once you figure that out)4Do not buyI purchased these to cork homebrewed mead. I immediately noticed seeping from the corks about 3 days after bottling a batch of mead that was over four months in a secondary (and cold crashed for 5 days) with a stable specific gravity reading over a month. In other words, there was no reason for any pressure to be in the bottle as the yeast were either dead or there was nothing left to create gas. I was concerned and decided to open a bottle up and much to my surprise I was unable to remove the cork! It was wedged inside and I even chipped the bottle top trying to get the cork out it was so difficult. I was only able to remove it in pieces. What an enormous mistake. I now have 2 gallons of mead trapped behind these substandard corks. Please don't make the same mistake as me and avoid this item.1Works Great for Me I received this and the same day bottled 30 bottles of mead and cider in wine bottles. I was pretty leery after I bought it due to all the problems other reviewers have had with it breaking, bad seals from the corks, the bottle grabber covers breaking, etc... I had literally none of these problems with the exception of the corks not all being perfectly level with one another. I had one that did not go down far enough. This was fixed easily by adjusting the speed at which I was doing the corking. 5Watch the youtube videos! I couldn't figure out how to use this thing!Fortunately my wife, who's more observant then me, noticed the hole in the side where the cork was to be inserted -- I had missed this completely.I still couldn't get it to work with a #9 cork.My wife, also smarter than me, tracked down a couple of youtube videos on how to use it -- it worked.This product arrived with no invoice, and! no instructions.The least they could do is point you to the youtube videos -- not every guy has a wife like mine.Paul 4Tricky to get the hang of.Difficult to get the hang of and no way really to practice. Figured out to soak corks (even the waxy ones) and insert them into the corker and push down as far into the bottle with your thumb as you can. Then in one swift motion push down. Do it on a sturdy surface and maybe have someone hold the bottle so there is no movement. Took us about 10 bottles to figure out how to get the cork ALL the way in the bottle. Oh well! If I continue this hobby I will get a better corker, but for occasional use, this one will do.4Works but needs some changesThis does what it promises. It will insert a cork into a bottle. There is no way to tell how far your cork is inserted and it's almost impossible to get it to insert without leaving about 1/4" of bottle above the cork. It inserts the cork about 1/4" too deep and creates a dimple in the cork from the shaft inserting the cork. I agree with the suggestions to wet the cork first. I didn't try it without wetting the cork but I didn't have any issues inserting the cork while wet so, wet your cork. Nevertheless, if you want to easily insert a cork into a bottle this will do the job. It feels sturdy and well made. I've corked about 6 bottles so far with no issues.4No Depth Adjustment - UpdatedI don't like this corker and I really wanted to. The cork isn't pushed far enough into the bottle (see pic 1). Others have said it pushed theirs in too far. Regardless, there's no adjustment. Given how easy it is to use, I'll buy another double lever corker instead of a floor one, but I'll buy one that can be adjusted. This one's going back.UPDATE: 9/19/15 - I watched several YouTube videos and ran across one that said you should put your corks in water for 1-2 minutes. This wasn't to soften them up, but to provide LUBRICATION for bottle insertion. I tried it and lo & behold, the cork went in perfectly (see second picture). I'll be keeping this corker now, but am still docking 1 star for lack of instructions which prompted me to start the return process. After reading many comments on this corker, I have a feeling this is the missing key for many people.4For the price? Can't beat it...Again, for the price, this can't be beat. Please understand, this is not the easiest device to use. Most men will not have a problem, however I had my wife attempt this once and there was just no chance. It does NOT take two people to operate this, and once you get the hang of it in my opinion, very cool to use. A few points:1. Make sure you wet the corks first, then press them firmly into the cork chamber, don't just place them. This will help the corks set further into the bottle.2. When corking, DO NOT use your body weight to drive the cork in. Rest the corker on top of the bottle, meet the two side bracket as it you're trying to touch your thumbs, and then break a stick.Once you get the hang of it you will want to bottle more often. Again, not THAT easy to use, and i'm sure you could get a lot better and easier, but for the price? Can't be beat....highly recommend.5For home brewersFor the price, this corker works perfectly over more expensive options (floor corkers, automated machines, etc)Pros:- Cheap- Effective- Reliable cork depth placement- No slippage when corkingCons:- Requires a bit more upper body strength to press each corkFor an average home brewer (I'm talking less than 100-200 bottles a year) this actually works quite well. It does require a bit more upper body strength that when using a floor corker, but you'll have to determine if the price difference is worth it to you. Each #8 cork was placed almost identical each time it was pressed. I definitely recommend soaking the corks in water before pressing so it's easier to slide into the bottle, otherwise you may find yourself on the verge of breaking a vein in your forehead. Overall you can't go wrong with the corker and I highly recommend it for home brewers who generally brew only a few batches a year.4Plastic Gripper Broke After 8 BottlesLike the headline said, the plastic part that grips the bottle neck split open after corking 8 bottles of mead. I've already started the return process.I did like that it was inexpensive and easy to use. After reading some of the reviews I was afraid I might not have the strength to work it. I'm a 62 year old female and I had no problems. It did leave an indent in the cork and was inconsistent in the cork depth. Sometimes it went in too far, sometimes not all the way past the lip. That didn't worry me too much because the bottles are for my personal consumption. I can live with it.If there had been an option to have them replace the gripper I would have chosen that. They just slide on and off. Instead they're having to pay for the return shipping. Something they might think about since I'm not the 1st to report this problem.3Best purchase ever!!I was under the impression it was going to be hard to cork my wine using this corker. I couldn't of been more wrong. I started off soaking my corks in sterilized water for 5 minuets. I'm not sure if this made the difference or not.. I then pushed the corks into the corker (as hard as I could) and just pushed down... the corks easily went into the bottles! It required absolutely no extra strength from me. I was very seriously considering buying a floor corker, and I'm so glad I didn't waste my money on it!! I could've very easily done this all on my own as a female. I didn't require any help from my husband (except for cleaning up my mess). Don't waste your money on the floor corker! Buy this one!!!!!!5
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