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Purdy 144152130 Clearcut Series Glide Angular Trim Paint Brush, 3 inch

  • Purdy 144152130 Clearcut Series Glide Angular Trim Paint Brush, 3 inch
  • Purdy 144152130 Clearcut Series Glide Angular Trim Paint Brush, 3 inch
  • Purdy 144152130 Clearcut Series Glide Angular Trim Paint Brush, 3 inch

Purdy 144152130 Clearcut Series Glide Angular Trim Paint Brush, 3 inch

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 3", clear-cut glide angular trim paint Brush, tipped only nylon polyester Brush
  • Adds extra shine to your product
  • Manufactured in United States
  • Use with all paints
  • Angular trim and fluted, natural hardwood handle
  • Round edge, stainless steel ferrule
  • Superior cutting-in capability and quick, easy clean up
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Use with all paints
  • Angular trim and fluted, natural hardwood handle
  • Round edge, stainless steel ferrule
  • Superior cutting-in capability and quick, easy clean up
  • Handcrafted in the USA
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Customer Reviews

im no expert but......i dont paint much so maybe its been somewhat of a curse that i have always taken pretty good care of my crappy el cheapo brushes and used them every few years when i need them but thank gawd i finally decided to buy this brush for cutting in after struggling with a cheap brush for doing half the interior painting of my house and let me tell you this brush is worlds better than the cheap brushes ive always used i wont go into details but the sections painted with my new brush look better and it made the task of cutting in so much less frustrating and laborious! i cant say how it compares to other brushes in this price range but i can say without a doubt this brush is well worth the money spent compared to a lifetime of cheap brushes!5Best in ClassI have been using Purdy brushes for many years. I still have and use brushes I have had for over 20 years. I was waiting for this in order to apply the finish coat on kitchen cabinet doors. Smooth. No streaks.Update: This is the easiest brush to clean. The latex paint simply washes away. No need to add dish soap and comb it with a metal comb. The paint just slides off.The material that the brush is made of must be something new because the older brushes take some time and effort to clean.5Excellent qualityNow I get why people buy pricier brushes! I wasn t intending to use this to paint a wall (was intending to use it for a wooden door) but I grabbed it because I didn t have any other brushes on hand at the last minute. Paint went on like a dream and the angled bristles were perfect for precise cutting in. It was super easy to wash too, and after drying the state of the bristles are exactly as when I first bought the the brush. I ve since used this to paint another wall and it s held up well. I get a feeling this will last and last and I m never going back to cheapie brushes again.5Works great!I needed a paint brush to help me paint over what used to be a large hole in our wall. Now, I am not a professional painter by any means. The spot I painted over was as large as my hand. I don't know if it was me, or the brush, or both but wow! I am amazed at how smoothly this glided on. It paints so well. After painting up the patch I ran some water over it to clean it off, and combed out the remaining paint. It cleaned up very nicely and will be stored away for future use. I'm so happy with this purchase. Why go cheap for disposable when you can buy this high quality one to re-use?5I think my search has ended for a stiff cut in brushThe best cut in brush yet, and I've tried dozens from cheap to expensive.As a result of painting my whole house, I've tried a ton of brushes. I wanted to cut in without taping since it's extremely time consuming and tiring. I went on a spending spree and purchased a variety of brushes that the pros use. Some were over $30 per brush. Many were excellent especially the Corona Excaliber. I now realize the ones I purchased were not stiff enough to give me that really straight paint line. Since I have textured walls and ceilings, I'm guessing that a stiff brush is really the only way to cut in around the varying surface texture.I purchased this brush in March of 2017 and hadn't used it. Decided to give it a try and I'm glad that I did. So there is no question about it, this is a stiff brush. But regardless, stiff or soft, I obtained outstanding results.I had a few boo boo's after rolling walls and got too close to the ceiling. Not wanting to tape, I used this brush and got to within a 1/16 of an inch of the wall and completed my touch up. It ended up being a razor sharp line. I was convinced I had to go expensive on brushes since I had tried previous Purdy brushes and couldn't get that razor sharp line. I can with these.Since I have so much to paint, and know I can get that sharp line without taping. I'm back to using Purdy brushes again.5No more cheap brushes for me!I'm not a painter by trade, but I've painted almost every wall and ceiling in our home since we bought it about 5 years ago -- some of them 3 or 4 times after questionable color choices (they looked good in the paint store! Don't judge!). I'm AWFUL with maintaining brushes -- with a particular penchant for putting down the brush to use a roller for a while and totally forgetting about the brush until it's dried into a clump of colored latex and bristles -- so I always bought the cheapest available figuring I'd probably only get one or two uses out of them until I destroy them with my neglect.After years of trying to cut in with cheap-o brushes and with varying results, I thought maybe my technique was wrong, so I looked up a few tutorials on YouTube. One of them mentioned this brush in particular, and the ease of which he seemed to use it looked intriguing, so I finally decided to invest in a good quality brush. What a difference it's made! This brush offers so much more control and holds a lot of paint. Since I've vowed to do my best in keeping it for a while, I've also noticed that it cleans up FAR easier than inexpensive brushes. Even towards the handle where paint seems to accumulate and dry up deep in the bristles, with some soap and warm water it all seems to come out pretty cleanly.I recommend following the instructions to put it back inside its sleeve and hang upright to dry. I made the mistake of laying it flat out in the sun to dry quicker, and I noticed that many of the bristles bent down towards the pavement as they dried and stayed that way which seemed to ruin the shape of the brush. But after washing it again, it seemed to snap back into shape and I immediately put it back into it's sleeve to keep it that way.5Strictly for cutting in I don't think you can find a better brush, but there are more durable choices for ... Cuts in really, really sharp as advertised, but not it is as durable as some other Purdy brushes I have used. I started noticing broken bristles after a relatively few days of use. Strictly for cutting in I don't think you can find a better brush, but there are more durable choices for general painting. 4Won't Use Any Other Brush I have been painting for about 10+ years professionally and I will not use any other brush. I prefer the 2" for most applications such as trim and cutting in but for larger jobs such as cutting in cedar shake this 2.5" is perfect. Wooster makes great roller products, but I still prefer Purdy for brushes. 5Purdy great brush!I must say, Purdy delivers time & time again. In the world of painting, you get what you pay for. Purdy brushes may cost a bit more, but you get a professional level brush that could last you for years if cleaned & stored properly. This long handled, 3" stiff angled brush is my go to brush for about 95% of my painting needs, & dare I say you simply won't find a better brush to cut in with than this Purdy beauty. You can do no wrong with this brush!5Great Brush but the packaging came Ruined!The package came ripped and ruined! Anyone who knows brushes knows that the packaging is part of the brush if you ever want to use it again! Mine is useless came like someone had used it before!On to the Paintbrush.... I have 40 year old Purdy brushes that still paint like the first day! I am a little OCD keeping them clean and in the original packaging. This Clear cut series is BY FAR the best cut in brush I own and I have a few of them! the professional paint store does not even carry them! Great Brush but I am very disappointed they sold it to me half Broken :<(2Works great!Great brush to cut in / edge with. If your not a professional painter and are confused on what brush you should get for edging get this. It makes a nice thick boarder line so you don t hit your ceiling or boarder. Saved a ton of time.5Excellent painting toolThe shape and size are perfect for trim work and ergonomic in my smaller hands, acting as a comfortable extension. The bristles are well-fastened and do not loosen and fall out while giving an overall firm resistance that is just right for me. I get much more accuracy and fewer mistakes with the angular cut. After clean-up, it is ready to go again for continued fine performance.5
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