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Rayovac Pen Flashlight, Value Bright Aluminum Pen Flash light - High Mode LED Flashlight for Pockets, Purses and Desks (BEPN1AAA-BTA)

  • Rayovac Pen Flashlight, Value Bright Aluminum Pen Flash light - High Mode LED Flashlight for Pockets, Purses and Desks (BEPN1AAA-BTA)

Rayovac Pen Flashlight, Value Bright Aluminum Pen Flash light - High Mode LED Flashlight for Pockets, Purses and Desks (BEPN1AAA-BTA)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • SUPER BRIGHT: Get bright light in tight spaces with this handy pen-shaped flashlight that clips into pockets or purses
  • SLIM DESIGN: Aluminum and rubber makes this flash light comfortable to hold while remaining durable
  • LONG LASTING: Runs for 5 and a half hours on the included battery and the flashlight LED never needs replacing
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: 1 Rayovac AAA battery powers the pen flashlight and is included with your purchase
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Customer Reviews

Good penlight for the price.For $3, which includes a battery, you can't complain. The light isn't too bright, that can be a good thing. Perfect to see around in a dark area, like on an airplane, movie theater or a dark hallway, when all the lights are out. Nobody should complain that the light is too bright. If you need something brighter, for inspecting, reading, or for shining light for more than a short distance, buy something else, but this suits the purpose. Amazon doesn't let you choose the color of your penlight, so you'll be randomly sent one of any color. I've received blue, orange and a dark silver. There are probably other colors. 5Fails quicklyOf the last 5 of these that I've had, 3 broke within 2 uses, 1 lasted about 6 months and the latest broke after 2 months. They get used twice a week, several times during each shift. They all fail where you unscrew the top part to put in new batteries - plastic parts. None failed while I was trying to unscrew it, but when I was pushing the button to turn the light on, the plastic threads just crumbled. Several years ago, I had a few of these and each lasted about a year or two. They seem cheaper now, and are totally unreliable, even dangerous. The 3 that broke within 2 uses all failed violently, sending little bits of plastic and metal all over the place. I would never recommend these again. I will be finally switching to another brand. They may be inexpensive, but they aren't worth the hassle or the danger. 1This is a great penlight for medical professionalsThis is a great penlight for medical professionals. I use this daily in the ER. Just don't shine it directly into the eye - it has a wide enough beam of light that you can just shine it at the cheekbones and illicit a pupillary reflex. This penlight also illuminates throats very well. Some lights are too dim or obscure the color. With this light, even when a toddler is screaming and kicking and there is a fraction of a second to catch a glimpse of that posterior pharynx, a view may be obtained that actually changes management decisions over other lights. This pen also clips securely into my white coat pocket. If it sounds like you need it for similar uses, just get this light. Have been using this almost on a daily basis and the battery is still going strong after a year of use. Recommended. 5Inexpensive little pen light with surprisingly good regulationI have tested several LED flashlights before, including the MAGLITE 2-AA Mini LED,Rayovac BRSLED2AA-B Bright Solutions,Energizer Aluminum 2xAAA Pen light (PLED23AE), and Dorcy 41-1218 2AAA Pen Light. They all share a common problem: the LED brightness is strongly dependent on the battery voltage. Full brightness is only achieved when using a fresh set of alkaline cells. As the battery voltage drops, brightness also falls rapidly. This is very disappointing because I prefer to use rechargeable NiMH cells instead of disposable alkaline cells, but not if I can only get 50% brightness.This Rayovac BRSLEDPEN-B LED Pen Light is cheaper and smaller than all the other LED flashlights above. It uses only one AAA cell instead of two. Yet surprisingly, it gives out the same brightness whether I'm using alkaline or NiMH cell. I measured its input power and found that it consumes nearly the same power as the battery voltage drops from 1.8V down to 1.1V (see my Customer Image for charts).When powered by a NiMH AAA cell (1.25V), this pen light consumes about 120mA. I have tested the run time using an 800mAh cell. The light output is consistent for the first 6 hours. Only after 6.5 hours the light becomes noticeably dimmer. This run time is very reasonable for a 1xAAA pen light. Note that other LED flashlights may claim some outrageous run time such as '100 hours', but that number is misleading because the light becomes barely visible towards the end.This LED pen light uses a magnifying lens to concentrate the beam. The circular bright spot it creates is well-defined, but has a 'halo' effect (look at my Customer Image and you'll see what I mean). This is a common problem with most flashlights using the same design.One 'shortcoming' of this Rayovoc pen light is that: since it is so tiny, it can be easily misplaced. At the present price (around $5), I intend to pick up another one or two just in case. I will do it when I need to stuff my Amazon shopping cart to $25 - to qualify for super saver shipping. That way, I can tell myself that the light is FREE![Update on June 23, 2010]I received my second Rayovac pen light and its case is blue (the old one is grey as pictured). The light beam from the new one is whiter and brighter. So I guess there is an element of luck involved. 5Less power than the Energizer pen light, but I still prefer this Rayovac optionWhen I travel, I pack pen lights because they can clip into back packs and take up little space. For years, I've used Rayovac pen lights (Rayovac Value Bright 3 Lumen LED Pen Light with Battery (BRSLEDPEN-B). I wanted to buy a couple of pen lights for my parents who were going to be traveling and so I bought two of the Rayovac lights and an Energizer LED pen light (ENERGIZER PLED23AEH LED PENLIGHT); I'd never used the Energizer option. Both lights have pros and cons, and many of the pros are the same.Energizer LED pen light (ENERGIZER PLED23AEH LED PENLIGHT):Pros: 1) Has a small footprint, 2) has a clip so that it can be affixed on to a loop in a pursue or backpack, 3) has 15 hours of battery life, and 4) the light is 21 lumens and extends far out in front of the user (the box says 23 meters).Cons: 1) Uses two AAA batteries rather than one battery, 2) the cap is more prone to harder to screw on correctly, 3) the unit is more expensive than other pen lights, and 4) the cap sometimes spontaneously unscrew. 5) The biggest issue for traveling? At the end of the pen light, a bit of glass extends beyond the light's body. I haven't tried dropping the light on concrete, but I would hazard to guess that glass impacting concrete, cobblestone, or brick wouldn't be a good thing.Rayovac (Rayovac Value Bright 3 Lumen LED Pen Light with Battery (BRSLEDPEN-B)Pros: 1) compact, 2) has a clip so it can be affixed to a loop, 3) uses one AAA battery, 4) cap is easy to screw on and off, 5) cap stays securely affixed even during movement, 6) the 3 lumen option is one of the most economical pen light units available, and 7) all glass/light components are safely surrounded by the pen light's body.Cons: 1) Short battery life (5.5 hours according to the box) and 2) the light is 3 lumens and more suitable to illuminating the space immediately around a user rather than far in front of a user.When I travel, I care more about not falling on my face. The Rayovac fulfills that purpose and I don't have to worry about a glass tip breaking in my back pack or luggage or cracking if it falls on a hard surface. I like the screw top cap better on the Rayovac as well - it is easier to secure and stays affixed. The short battery life on the Rayovac is a bummer. The Energizer's power is great when compared to its size, but I really hate that glass extends beyond the unit, which admittedly does allow light to dissipate. I do love the longer battery life on the Energizer as well. However, for my purposes, the Rayovac pen light is the option I will continue to use unless I have a need for a light that extends far in front of me during travel. 4Handy MacGyyver pocket accessarySome 30 years ago, I worked as a technician in "the field". We used to carry throw-away pen lights that used a conventional lens bulb and batteries wrapped in plastic. They only lasted a short while and then had to be discarded - still, they were very handy. When I saw these a few years ago, I began carrying them in my shirt pocket again. They are much brighter than the old ones, last a very long time and then you put in a new battery. The only problem is that my grandchildren like to play with them and so I don't always get them back or I set it down somewhere and can't remember where. I bought several and keep them in each of my tool kits as well as my pocket now. That way, when I go to fix something, I always have one handy. 5OUTSTANDING value, quality & utility! Probably not a good choice for gear snobs......I needed a small flashlight for a medical kit I was putting together. My bag- a Condor Deployment Bag- has two slots for pens/flashlight so I wanted something that would fit there. I was going to get something a bit more expensive but after reading some reviews of this light, I figured I'd give it a try. What the heck- less than three bucks. So I got the light in a couple of days and I'm really tickled. It screws together very nicely- the threads aren't all cheesy like a lot of inexpensive lights I've handled. The lens is recessed, so little chance of breakage. The switch is perfect- it takes a really firm punch to turn it on and off so there's little to no chance of accidentally turning it on. The LED itself isn't like a "tactical" light as far as focus or intensity, but it's plenty bright for my purposes. I can't speak for its durability, but other reviewers have that covered. The only issue I see in the future is the clip which is plastic and could snap off at some point I suppose. So all in all it's perfect for times when you want a decent inexpensive light. I'm thinking of getting another one for an EDC pocket light, simply because it's so lightweight and the switch is so positive. It seems to come in different colors with no choice available which doesn't bother me a bit....mine is a metallic orange. Don't hesitate to get one now- Rayovac might wise up and start making this in matte black and selling them to the "tacticool" crowd for fifty bucks..... 5Great penlight, Good for Pupil responsesI work ICU and do a ton of neuro checks and pupil responses and needed a good light that didn't die or malfunction like the cheap penlights made for such things. This penlight works well for the job. Other reviews note that it is too bright, and it is bright to an extent, also the light is on the white end of the spectrum, but none of my pts have stated its too uncomfortable for them. The key is that it doesn't need to be shined directly into the pupil, a near peripheral shine is sufficient to get a brisk response if everything is intact.Now the best part about this pen is that it is a beast (a least mine is, mileage may vary ;) This light falls out of my shirt pocket at least twice a shift when I bend down. In fact, the reason why I thought to write this review is because I took off my shirt when i got home and the thing flew across the room smacked into the wall and landed on my tile floor... still tickin! even after 4 months of abuse. I could barely get a few weeks out of other lights before they died or the bulb went all wonkey.Durable aluminum body, replaceable battery, good solid clicker switch, plays nice with bleach/cavi wipes. Fantastic utility light in any application. If it is bright for your liking i'd say just leave it on for awhile and run the battery down a bit. In any case $5 for a light isn't bad and it can be used for all sorts of applications. 5Best pocket penlight of allI have tried many penlights over the past years and all of them, save one, proved to disappoint. Usually they failed because of poor construction, or the switch quit working, not mention that the light beam usually was poorly defined, and just scatterd the beam. I recently tried the Rayovac LED pen and have used one of them extensively for about two months without any problem at all. It is well made (which proves that things made in China can be of high quality). On close examination it is obvious that some real design effort went into this light. For example the heavy duty plastic cap which unscrews to change the battery has thick threads so it is almost impossible to cross-thread it. Other penlights have fine threads, making them difficult to close without cross-threading thereby seriously damaging the security and integrity of the light. Also the beam from the LED bulb is round with a clearly defined edge and gives quite a bit of illumination for such a small light. Battery life is also excellent; while I didn't time mine with a stop watch, I feel that it provided good light for over the time specified on the package of 5.5 hours on one AAA. Another nice touch is a rubberized grip around the barrel 5/16" wide which helps with your grip if hands are wet or sweaty. I accidentally dropped this light on a tile floor from about 5 feet, and it didn't harm it at all which is a quite different result than I have had with other penlights. Rayovac is an old American company that makes lights, batteries and the like, and that gives me comfort that their products are going to hold up and satisfy. Not to be overlooked is the lifetime warranty provided. Highly recommended product. 5DEFECTIVE ITEM: 'On' button useless after only a dozen uses.Initially I liked the brightness, portability, and single-battery functionality...then came the quality flop. The button actuator on one end of the Pen Light would only turn the light 'on' about one out of every 8 clicks. Not something a user can fix either -- since the button mechanism is sealed and I imagine defective mechanically even if I cracked it open. Hey, Ray-O-Vac -- got a replacement to send? [UPDATE: I emailed Ray-O-Vac asking for a Replacement several weeks ago, and got NO RESPONSE, so obviously they are not standing behind their DEFECTIVE product (I had even bought TWO of them, and BOTH were Defective/Not Working within one month)] 1
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