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RSVP Stainless Steel 49mm Espresso Tamper, Blue

  • RSVP Stainless Steel 49mm Espresso Tamper, Blue
  • RSVP Stainless Steel 49mm Espresso Tamper, Blue

RSVP Stainless Steel 49mm Espresso Tamper, Blue

SG$ 134.00 SG$ 81.00 Save: SG$ 53.00
SG$ 81.00 SG$ 134.00 You save: SG$ 53.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • A staple for every barista to tamp each shot of espresso
  • Made of 18/8 stainless steel with acrylic accents
  • Measures 49 mm in diameter with a convex bottom
  • Hand wash
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Customer Reviews

Works great in ROK portafilterI needed a 49MM tamp for my ROK espresso machine portafitlter. The blue Tamper attracted me for it's looks, size, and price. The tamper is well made. I press from the top so have no issues with the narrower top or holding it to tamp. It fits perfectly and I have a firm puck after the espresso is made. The blue on top is also very attractive.5Appeared used with scuff marks, hairline cuts, crack, and dent. Ok. The cost was very attractive, but the item that I received, like another reviewer mentioned, appeared to be used item or just horrible quality control. There were actual scuff marks and other scratches of use marks. A 1/2" long hairline crack on the side. A 1/2" long scratch on the top plastic. There was also a small 1mm dent on the edge of the bottom. There was a 5mm noticeable molding imperfection near the top from sealing the material inside with stainless steel. Now, this may all sound picky, but I ordered a new item and I want my item to look attractive. If i wanted a scratched up cracked tamper, i would have just bought that $6 cheap tamper. Anyhow, no biggie thx to Amazon's awesome return policy. I love Amazon service.Another thing to mention, is that you can smell the impurity of the stainless steel coating. The tamper is obviously not stainless steel inside out as u can see the crack and plating warps. When a stainless steel is well made and free of impurity, u should smell nothing from metal. However, a "stainless steel" that has alot of impurities, u can smell the steel/metal odor. The item was made in China. No wonder. Also if the metal was not very pure and water was left to dry on the tamper, it will likely eventually form rust over time and make it unusable. A reviewer below actually mentioned rust, which is no surprise. 1Works well, but could be improvedI received the tamper in a timely manner. It is well made and has an appropriate weight for pressing coffee. It feels good in my hand and allows me to obtain a proper press and twist. As a matter of preference, I found that I do not like that the edges of the main press plate are rounded. This leaves a bit of a "high" edge in the espresso cup. My preference would be to have the bottom a bit flatter so that I get a more even press. Also, if the surface were flatter it would fit my 49mm cup a little tighter. All-in-all, I am pleased with it.4Perfect tool for an essential task in the espresso processA good press is essential to making good espresso. If you don't get the grounds packed enough, the steam will go through too quickly to get all the oils extracted; if you pack the grounds too tightly, the steam won't be able to get through the grounds quickly enough and you'll have a burnt, bitter taste (a la $tarbucks). The perfect method is to use a flat-bottomed tamper, press down with about 50 lbs of force and twist. This is a substantial, ergonomic tamper that will let you do just that. It feels nice and firm in the hand, the rounded "jewel" on top lets you push hard without any discomfort, and it's solid metal (not cladding over softer metal as some of the other tampers are made these days) so you don't have to worry about the dishwasher turning it gray or getting heavy metals in your drink.I spend a lot of time researching products before I spend my hard-earned dollars and this was no exception. After comparing the reviews of products and comparing the specs to what professional baristas in Italy say is the perfect tamper, this one is the hands-down winner.5GreatPerfect for home5OK, but not great.This tamper is "acceptable", but not great. It arrived with a small crack/chip in the red colored plastic insert, but that's no big deal. The large issue is that the radius on the outside is too "soft" and somehow allows/encourages coffee to stick to the surface of the tamper in a way that my other tampers do not. Perhaps it is too polished, but I think it has something to do with the "curved" nature of the tamping surface's corners3A lot of bang for the buck! This is the cheapest of all the items I bought to get a good morning coffee. It cost me only $15 and I think it did more to get the perfect crema than anything else I did. Like a previous reviewer, I found it fits the hand perfectly and gives a nice tight smooth surface to the coffee in the portafilter. The red glass top even matches the color of my eyes as I try to wake up in the morning. I can easily give this five stars and now that the price seems to have dropped to half what I paid, it makes even a better buy. 5Shiny and NEWMy 49mm Stainless Steel Tamper came well packaged and for all you ROK or Presso human powered Espresso machine owners it is a perfect fit for the portafilter that came with your machine. It works perfectly but sadly it has been decommissioned for now because I found a $1800.00 fully automatic Jura Capresso F9- Espresso Machine at a thrift store for $49.95 that is in pristine condition and functions perfectly. I have plans for the Tamper and my ROK though... now I can have a perfectly delicious cup of Espresso while camping...now I just need to wait for it to rain... Fire restrictions in all the New Mexico National Forests right now..damn drought.5Not Sure About the Rounded EdgesI'm not excited about the word CHINA printed really large on the side of this tamper, nor am I thrilled about the very rounded edges on the bottom, but it works so for the price I'm giving it 3-stars, with reservations (should probably be 2).However, I wish I had just shelled a little extra cash and bought one that looks nicer and is designed better; and preferably not made in China.(Note: For those with a pre-millinium La Pavoni: It fits the portafilter but has quite a bit of wiggle room.)3Does job whimpy tamper that came with machine did not.I bought inexpensive expresso/latte machine ($160) which mostly I like a lot. However, their coffee measure/tamper tool does not press down with the 40 lbs Alton Brown reccomends. I tamp lightly with the plastic tamper, then really press down and turn with this one. Now steam is not forced through to fast, and get nice crema? on surface. Better taste.Very attractive and nice feel to tamper. Is slightly too small in diameter, but with using other tamper first, no problem with grounds escaping up sides. Definately reccomend!5The stainless steel tamper works perfectly and looks very nice when left out on my shelf.My stainless steel tamper is very nice looking and functional. We are renovating our home, that meant an espresso machine and coffee bar being added into my kitchen. I was so tired of my lame old plastic tamper. Now I don't have to hide one in the drawer. This beauty sits right out on the shelf with the little espresso cups on display. The tamper fits perfectly to press down the grounds. My house is all shades of blue and green and this fits in perfectly. The weight is great and makes it so easy to use. We love it and I would happily buy another if I ever needed one or one for a gift.5Well made, but it should be heavierWhy I bought this: To tamper my coffee beansVerdict: It works! haha!Extra Details: The design of this Tamper is quite nice. It looks like this will last me for several years.Cons: I expected it to have more weight to it. I've held other Tampers in my hands before. This Tamper is pretty light compared to higher quality ones. If that is a big issue for you, keep searching for your Tamper needs elsewhere.Do I recommend this for you to buy: 50/50... If you've never used a Tamper before and your new to Espresso making, this would be a great starter. If you are not new to the idea of a Tamper, chances are you won't be pleased with this.4
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