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Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

  • Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit
  • Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit
  • Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit
  • Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Everything you need to start your smart home
  • Control, automate and monitor your home from anywhere using the SmartThings app. Range 50 100 feet
  • Connect compatible appliances, lights, speakers, locks, cameras, thermostats, sensors, appliances and more
  • SmartThings works with products from Samsung, Amazon, Bose, Schlage, Yale, Cree, Osram Lightify, Honeywell, First Alert, and more. Look for the Works With SmartThings logo or visit smartthings.com for a look at the full list of compatible devices
  • The Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit contains: one Samsung SmartThings Hub, two Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors, one Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor, and one Samsung SmartThings Outlet
  • Get immediate alerts on your smartphone if there's unexpected entry or motion in your home
  • Secure dangerous, valuable or off limit areas of your home
  • Control lamps, electronics or small appliances
  • Trigger lights to automatically turn on when there's motion and turn off when people leave
  • Pair the included video ready Samsung SmartThings Hub with a compatible camera to keep an eye on things
  • Z Wave Certification ID: ZC10 15090005
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Customer Reviews

SmartThings is just awesome. Works amazing with my Amazon Echo SmartThings is just awesome. Works amazing with my Amazon Echo, my Nest, my Harmony hub, all my lights, even my Sonos Playbar. It just works. Never had a problem with anything except the god awful Samsung Smartcam (don't buy the Smartcam, go with a different camera). 5Good PotentialI bought this system to act as security system in my home. Also wanted some lighting and outlet automation. This kit has a ton of potential but I keep running into problems and very frustrated with system.My ApplicationRun Door/Window Sensors, a couple web cams and a couple Switches/OutletsProblems1) The range to the connected devices is horrible. I have a have a 2800 sq ft home and some areas of house are not covered due to short range. I have read about some solutions to this. See #4 below.2) When syncing most devices they must be right in front of hub for the first initial sync.3) Cannot set user permissions on the app. So family members and children in home get full access to system when only need access to certain area.4) So I read if you install other "wired" Z-Wave devices in home you can extend range of system to unreachable areas. So I purchased 2 GE Paddle Switches and installed in half way points over the weekend. Unfortunately, ran into issue with this. Cannot sync to HUB because the devices are too far away from HUB. They need to be 5-10 feet away according to device instructions. Devices are hardwired to wall so how can they be brought to HUB location? So now I have to bring the HUB to the device location. But HUB must be hardwired to network router. So that means making a 75ft data cable to be able to temporarily move the HUB to switch locations. Hopefully this works. Will update my review once I try it.5) Device malfunctions - Periodically my devices malfunction. Was woken up last night because my front door system decided to phantom open and then close even though the door was never opened. This device is mounted about 12 feet right in front of the HUB. Had another door sensor go open and close for hours one night as well. Finally has to disable it to shut it up.At this point, I love the possibilities with this system but feel it's starting to turn into money pit since you need devices to control devices..etc. With the size of my house it may be too much for this system.3It went from good, to bad, to what the &^%$. Tech support for big issues is only through e-mailI've been working with Tech support for 7 months, they asked for tons of information which I supplied to them and nothing has even been fixed, in fact its gotten worse with time. The devices functioned correctly for a time, them their was a software update that would not go through on the phone app. After that my devices start to report false positives. Working with tech support they reset the hubs and now the devices I have are not being detected on the system even after completing the exclusion process. Tech support for a communications company that sells phones..... is only able to be reached through e-mail? So a whole week can go by with 1 question a day being answered instead of just working with a live person to get some actually troubleshooting completed.1Not worth your time and moneyLast Update (September 2017)This is now being downgraded to 1 star. It is just one problem after another. The multipurpose sensors stopped working after a system upgrade in June and the batteries wore off. After purchasing new ones, resetting the sensors, they just report "Open" regardless of what happens. Also, I keep receiving false alarms from the motion detector, and a presence sensor also stopped working. Just too many issues one after another. Not reliable at all. I have been working with customer service and they have asked me to reset the hub and try re-enrolling devices but I am just tired of this. Who has all the time to continuously have to troubleshoot? I'm Done!Update (January 23, 2017):I am downgrading it to 2 stars because after not even a couple of months the motion sensor stopped working. It froze a few days back indicating 89% battery and no more motion detection even though I have been in and out of that room several times a day. I then spent an hour resetting it, - several times - and finally, just before I was going to contact customer service I tried it one last time and it started working. Now it states battery at 67% and is reporting motion normally.*So, my question is, can you rely on this product for alerting you about security issues? I would say no.Previously (December 2016):I rate it only three stars because it fails in one important aspect: to allow other members of the family to be detected by their mobile phones. In other words, their presence cannot be detected unless you purchase separate Arrival Sensors for each person, at a cost of $30 each. Plus, why have to carry additional sensors when the phone could be used for this in the same way it works for me?I think this product has much promise and I do like the way one can configure automatic events and alarms. But I also worry about the battery life of some of the sensors.I hope Samsung does something to make this product all that it can be.1SmarttThings Hub saves my house from water leaks and flooodingLove my Samsung SmartThings hub. It works 24x7 monitoring and protecting my home from operating video cameras, leak detection, and intrusion detection. I also use it to monitor and operate my Samsung Vacuum Cleaner. For leak detection I use a Dome actuator that I operate locally or from any place in the world to turn my water main on and off. The Dome is shown in the picture sitting on my water main lever handle. If I leave home and forget to turn the water main off, no problem I just use Samsung SmartThings to operate the Dome. The reason I do all of this is because my house flooded from a toilet hose bust, we lost 7 rooms to water damage and it took almost a year to restore our home. That will not happen ever again. I can say since installing the water leak detection system I have save my home from damage twice now from vanity sink leaks. Just as soon as the water sensor detected a leak, it notified the SmartThings Hub which in turn notified the Dome and cut the water main OFF! Works great!!! I would recommend this to all. The insurance companies should offer these systems to their customers just to avoid the cost of flood repair.5This produce has both complicated my life and simplified it in so many waysThis produce has both complicated my life and simplified it in so many ways. Sure that light switch will turn on the outside lights at night. That would require me to remember to do that though and that never happened. Now I don't have to. I have WebCore piston that turns them on automatically 45 minutes before sunset and off 45 minutes after sunrise. Those bathroom and closet lights are never left on as soon as motions stops they turn off automatically. The feature I use the most though is to check if the garage door is closed. Where it complicates my life and by the way empties my wallet is where I started looking around my house for things to automate just because I could. I now spend time making WebCore routines way more complicated than they need to be.WebCore is a must have smart app for anyone that uses smartthings.5the amount of aftermarket code being written for this hub is astounding and the ease of implementation with a little know-how isBought this to get started in some home automation. Was trying to decide between this and the wink hub. Ultimately, the fact that this had battery back-up and would function even if Internet service went down is what sold me on it. Paired well with my hue hub and echo without any issues. Bought a full set of osram lightify products to use with it as well and the system has functioned flawlessly to date. The support from the forums is impressive. Also, the amount of aftermarket code being written for this hub is astounding and the ease of implementation with a little know-how isn't bad at all. I can see its capabilities being larger than originally expected. Given time, the sky's the limit.5Critical missing feature - No way to back up your device entries or automationsI would give the SmartThings system at least 4 stars except for two things, Back Up and Support.After you spend oodles of time getting your devices recognized by the hub, and create automations to control those devices, there is no way to back up this information. I didn t even think about needing this feature, until after about a year of use, one of my two hubs quit working. The light code on the hub says it is connected to a SmartThings server, but the app says it is not. I have lost all ability to remotely access any of my devices connected to this hub.It took almost a month to get Support to respond to an email ticket, and that didn t help because I was out of the country for a month. Then, when I returned, it took almost another month for them to respond again. So now I have exchanged emails with a SmartThngs Support rep 5 times with no improvement.It now appears that the only action left for me is to do a factory reset, and lose all the device linkages and the automations I created, and I m not even sure if that will work.1Very disapponted - System ok, support for Samsung HD dropped, lack of notification.I would not recommend this product. They will drop support for equipment and not inform clients. I expect reliability from a company which sells security equipment.After 1 1/2 years my 3 Samsung HD cameras - which were supported don't work.Support staff gave me the runaround. Sent me to Wisenet - who informed me they don't support the product.Management for Smartthings decided to drop support for a previously supported Samsung Camera without any care or concern about current customers.Very disappointed and wondering what else they will decide to drop support on and whenJust spent 2 hours trying to get a straight answer from Smart Things support and finally had to get a hold of a supervisor to get a straight answer.That's my experience. If it's cheap enough and you're ok rolling the dice - go for it.It's the lack of honesty and notice that really bother me.1Terrible as an alarm After 2 years with this the sensors are awful. 0% reliability as an alarm. False alarms are often more than a few a week. I would look at a different brand if I got to do it over again. Samsung customer service is terrible. I've had the pleasure of quite a few encounters. They make you jump through hoops for weeks until you get nowhere or just give up. 1Works occasionally, always annoyingSmartThings has a lot of potential; but Samsung REALLY needs to work out the bugs and annoyances. Since an update, the motion sensors and multi-purpose sensors go offline about once every five or six days. The only (reliable) way to get them back online is to delete the SmartThing from the list, remove the battery, replace it, then reconnect it to your hub. Keeping up with them is more work than it's worth. The light bulbs, smart plugs and water detectors work fine; but the things that I use for home security are nearly worthless.But by FAR, the worst thing about SmartThings is its laughably bad notification system. I use an Android phone and notifications are (or should be) simple. Whether they're programmed by an uber-corporation or a group of garage band programmers, EVERY app that I use allows me to simply swipe away notifications from the notification shade. SmartThings doesn't agree with that simple user experience. Instead, in order to dismiss a notification I have to open the app, tap on "notifications," tap on dismiss and then tap again on an "Are You Sure?" prompt (apparently Samsung thinks the user would accidentally go through that multi-step process by accident).If you don't dismiss the notifications from the app, SmartThings will send you an hourly reminder until you do. There's no way to turn this off. What Samsung/SmartThings doesn't understand is that it's not always polite or safe to unlock your phone and go through the multistep process to dismiss the notifications from their pathetic app (like, if you're in a meeting, on a date, driving, etc). They did a major update a while back and I hoped they listened to their users and fixed this issue; but they didn't because they're either very, very stupid or just plain apathetic.Having to reconnect the sensors every week is bad and combine that with their awful notification system and I recommend that you look elsewhere for your smart home solution instead of DumbThings. Seriously, you don't need this aggravation in your life.2Does not arm or disarm the system with phone presence. Programming error on their end.The Smartthings application is one the coolest products on the market along with all the other smart-house technologies. Each "thing" in the Smartthings ecosystem works very well. I have yet to have a real issue with any of the individual "things."However, I have a great issue with the Home Monitoring logic that runs the rule-system. The system is supposed to activate or disarm the "intruder alerts" when your phone enters or leaves a zone around round your house by GPS coordinates. While my phone will be listed as "present" or "away" correctly, the Samsung routines are not updating my security preferences with my phone position! It is quite annoying. This needs to be fixed, it is the whole point of the this product.3
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